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Edition #384, Published on Nov 20, 2020 - Views:249
     A Deeper Look into a Sitsongrit
     Free Agency: Jerome Winn
     SFL 27 Event Review
     Chip Nickel Interviewed by Dre Battle
     Paddy Mcgillicutty: update.
     Behind The Scenes: Pinoy Savagery
     Convicted Fight Club: State of 350K
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 22 - Event Review
     SFL 27 Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 23 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview is up in the forums (Unpublished)
     CEC 700.5 review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 23 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     HFC 47 Review (Unpublished)
     SFL 27 Recap (Unpublished)
     HFC 48 - Sitsongrit vs Repine (Unpublished)

Edition #383, Published on Nov 13, 2020 - Views:261
     GAMMA: Kostas Tsaq HOF induction
     Guide to GOATness by White Jesus
     HFC 46: Dre Battle Post-Fight Report
     Paddy reacts to newest allegations!
     Hardcore Roots
     Combate FN4 Preview
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 22 - Event Preview
     Grand Opening (Unpublished)
     Arron Nail keeping his title at the Halloween on Hilo (Unpublished)
     Randy Randleman holds his title (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 21 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     Bk mma fighrt league, grappling events in Vegas (Unpublished)

Edition #382, Published on Nov 05, 2020 - Views:255
     Interview with HFC FW Champ
     Convicted Legends: Leonidas Katsaros
     The Human Tampon "Bleeding Spanner"
     The Mexican Named Daniel
     The Ballad of Demon Monkey
     Keith Kenneth Ferkingstad Releases Hit Single
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 20 - Event Review
     Toby Keith Yrkje Wins Prestigeous Award (Unpublished)
     BFC November Outlook (Unpublished)
     Quintus Biography (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 21 - Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #381, Published on Oct 31, 2020 - Views:162
     GAMMA: Statistical Update
     Nati's Confessions
     Kings of Rio 370+
     Combate 4 Preview
     CWMMA: A New Dawn Event Review
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 19 - Event Preview
     BK MMA
     The Garcia Mafia. (Unpublished)
     Rising Star YBM (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 19 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     SPPS 20 - Fright Night Event Preview (Unpublished)
     MMA star Paddy under investigation! (Unpublished)

Edition #380, Published on Oct 23, 2020 - Views:297
     Paddy's, MMA's most controversial prospect.
     Origins of Pisswater
     SFL Twentieth Event + CK's Corona Rally
     KAUFMAN FIGHTER’S LIFE Ep. 1.2 The Deair Shaw Story
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 17 - Event Review
     Mexico's Finest
     Sergei Blumm Joins the Job Squad (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 16 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 17 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     FARTMMA reaches Unrestricted Status (Unpublished)
     Thomas Bolleke Vs Paddy Mcgillicutty (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 18 - Event Review (Unpublished)

Edition #379, Published on Oct 15, 2020 - Views:284
     A word with Rick Piano
     HFC Aftermath: Dre Battle extracts Revenge and calls out ADA
     Kilo Wins YB Sol Invitational
     GOAT says "F*** cancer."
     Tasmanian Jesus rewarded Black Belt
     GDL 62: Tyurin vs Clark
     KaufPunch - Lowblow Lowdown: Nyah Hirst
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 15 - Event Review
     BFC is Rocking!!
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 16 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     The Bastard Tyrant (Unpublished)

Edition #378, Published on Oct 09, 2020 - Views:189
     Paddy his legend continues.
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 13 - Event Review
     KAUFMAN presents FIGHTER’S LIFE Episode 1.1 The Deair Sha
     Caged Warriors MMA: A New Dawn
     Mr. Smiley Bio
     The Fightlosopher #1 – You Can't Choke Out A Giraffe
     GDL 61 Preview
     Kings Gaming (Unpublished)
     RE: Discussion (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 15 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 14 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 14 - Event Review (Unpublished)

Edition #377, Published on Oct 02, 2020 - Views:248
     GAMMA: Rodrigo Rojas HOF induction
     Rochester Returns
     Teron VS Thrawn
     Pinocchio Receives a Package
     145 Title and More
      CWMMA LIVE: Interview with Floki Magnusson
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 12 - Event Preview
     GAMMA: Rodrigo Rojas HOF induction (Unpublished)
     Ethan Serra (Unpublished)
     HFC 40 - Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 12 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     EVENT REVIEW OF SYN 720 (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 13 - Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #376, Published on Sep 25, 2020 - Views:212
     Convicted Legends: Jose "Scarface" Nabijos
     Convicted Legends: Ozzy "Insane" McKane
     CWMMA – Warrior Facts: Deair “King” Shaw
     C4 - Collision Course Combat Club
     Pinocchio "The Truth" Cruz in The Truth Detector
     CWMMA Warrior Facts: Kwawi Mumba
     The top p4p guys are a bunch of animals
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 11 - Event Review
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 10 - Event Review
     SFL 03 (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 11 - Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #375, Published on Sep 21, 2020 - Views:207
     Convicted Legends: Abraham Donowitz
     Convicted Legends: Cristian Tavares
     Vanguard Athletics
     Interview with CWMMA Founder Matty Fernandez
     CWMMA Warrior Facts: Sam "The Salt" Salter
     CWMMA Warrior Facts: Riku "The Noble" Nobunaga
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 8 - Event Review
     SPPS: Heavyweight Title Fight Interview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 9 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     So Many Titles (Unpublished)

Edition #374, Published on Sep 18, 2020 - Views:110
     GAMMA: Pablo Marcon HOF induction
     GAMMA: Arundel Vs Bolleke PREVIEW
     Snake and a Flashlight
     GDL 58 - Back to Business
     Convicted Legends: Pluto Palhares
     PREVIEW: Paddy vs Rayleigh Dragon
     GAMMA: Launching an ID restricted org
     BFC Checking In
     Convicted Legends: Patrick "Heartless" McWhiskey
     Empire X Preview (Unpublished)
     Covid, baboons and common sense. (Unpublished)
     Syn YB Sol Round 2: Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series Finals Preview (Unpublished)
     The Lair opens in St Petersburg (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series Finals Review (Unpublished)
     CMMA 21 Summers vs Oliveira review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 2 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     CMMA 22 Obaminator vs Koslov (Unpublished)
     Stoner Fight League 03 - Uprising (Unpublished)
     HFC 35 Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 2 - Cheap Shots (Unpublished)
     King to G4: Checkmate Championships Rising Talent (Unpublished)
     Empire Grand Prix Finals Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 3 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 3 - Cheap Shots Review (Unpublished)
     SFL 04 | Halli vs. Sitsongrit (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 4 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 4 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 5 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Mr. Bad day (Unpublished)
     SFL 07 | Bad Blood (Unpublished)
     Thomas Bolleke Vs Latrobe Arundel PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Empires Upcoming Big Fights And Prospects (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 5 - Cheap Shots Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 6 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 6 - Cheap Shots (Unpublished)
      Empire: GP145 Grand Finale Preview (Unpublished)
     CMMA 29 Tripple C preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 7 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     SFL 09 | Hell's Kitchen (Unpublished)
     Eagles MMA Gym (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 7 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     58 year old makes comeback! (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 8 - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HFC 37 in Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 8 - Event Review (Unpublished)
     Tonny "Flower Power" Gomez (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 9 - Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #373, Published on Aug 09, 2020 - Views:954
     Convicted Legends: "Rasta" Ziggy Cliff
     Convicted Legends: Ben "Balls of" Stone
     Hardcore Nutrition Company
     Mannetosen logic meets Alika math
     HFC 33 Preview
     Threads of YOU!
     Convicted Legends: "One Bad Man" Moses Diggs
     Goodnight Ronaldo
     SFL Profile: Jonny McFly
     When even Gamma superstars are talking about you.... (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Press Conference Gone Wrong - By Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     SFL Profile: Slugger Dunes (Unpublished)
     CMMA 20 Toure vs Penn review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 1 - Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series Finals Pre (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series Finals Rev (Unpublished)

Edition #372, Published on Aug 03, 2020 - Views:217
     GAMMA: July 2020 Recap
     Massive sponsorship opportunity!
     Empire GP SF Preview
     Thomas Bolleke: A press conference gone wrong – Part 2
     Sucker Punch Pro Series 1 - Preview
     CMMA 19 Blacksea vs Platt review
     NEW alternative newspaper ...
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series Finals Review (Unpublished)
     Brady Jean Baptiste - My journey from amateur to pro fighter (Unpublished)
     CMMA 18 Drallig vs Oluwale preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Welterweight Sorter Series Finals Review (Unpublished)

Edition #371, Published on Jul 26, 2020 - Views:262
     The 'Paddy is back' press conference.
     Stoner Fight League (SFL)
     SFL Profile: Kron Gracie
     SFL Profile: Tim Sanchez
     Challenger, LA Based Fighting Promotion
     Empire: 9 Preview
     Sucker Punch PS - Heavyweight Sorter Series Finals Review
     CMMA 17 Branca vs Long review and 1st 265lbs champion crowne
     The Fighter House
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series Finals Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #370, Published on Jul 19, 2020 - Views:297
     Paddy's debut: review
     GAMMA: Lao Shin HOF induction
     CMMA 16 De Vries vs Peieira review
     From Juvenile Detention to The Florida Fight Squad
     Empire MMA: Bonner and McWrestler with Frankie Sabatini
     Brazil's Takeover...
     BFC Fans How Are We???
     CMMA 15 Review 2 title fights
     King of Fighters Comes to the Garden
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Revi (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS -Middleweight Sorter Series Finals Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Middleweight Sorter Series Finals Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Heavyweight Sorter Series Finals (Sorta) (Unpublished)

Edition #369, Published on Jul 13, 2020 - Views:224
     Syn Manager of the Month for June-David Septim
     Savage Scholarship Programme
     WCF Wednesday Night Fights 9: Leahy vs Shamrock Preview
     Frankie and the Increcible Comeback
     Empire Grand Prix Super 8 Preview
     Thomas Bolleke: A press conference gone wrong.
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Prev
     Empire: 8 Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Welterweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Rev (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series Semi-Final (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series Semi-Final (Unpublished)
     James Quin bio (Unpublished)

Edition #368, Published on Jul 05, 2020 - Views:257
     HFC Independence Day
     Who is Aatreya Mahrishi?
     Paddy`s début this weekend !
     Checkmate Contenders 4 Spotlight Preview
     Clones Fighting Championship? Who are they?
     Intergalactic Guerrilla Boxing NOW OPEN!
     HFC 24 in Review
     Legend in the making
     MMA Classic! Taj al Din
     Origins Of Deathrow: A Compton Story (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Welterweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Pre (Unpublished)
     Legend in the making (Unpublished)
     Manager or poser. (Unpublished)
     Manager or liar (Unpublished)
     Future Champion (Unpublished)
     Uncrowned Champion (Unpublished)
     CMMA 13 results: 2 new champions! 205lbs and 265+lbs (Unpublished)
     Empire Grand Prix First Round Recap (Unpublished)

Edition #367, Published on Jun 29, 2020 - Views:260
     Red Devil Cartel
     Paddy his debut is approaching!
     The French Glitch
     GAMMA: New owner at GDL
     Fighter or Poser
     Inferno Hottest Fighter Award
     The All Star Liam Penn
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Pr
     GLADIUS 17: CAMARA VS SanKing
     WKBC: Super Series 5 (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Fake Fighter (Unpublished)
     Empire: 7 Preview (Unpublished)
     HFC KO 6 with Harley Blaze (Unpublished)
      WKBC: Super Series 5: (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
      UnderGround FC:136 (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     HFC 25 (Unpublished)
     Empire Grand Prix First Round Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Re (Unpublished)
     CMMA 11 Review New 170 lbs Champion Crowned! (Unpublished)

Edition #366, Published on Jun 21, 2020 - Views:312
     KT Creation Tournament - 1 Year VIP Prize
     MMA Classic! Fighter Profile #1
     HFC 23 Review with Blaze
     Convicted Fight Club Prospect #2
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series RD2 Review
     Convicted Fight Club Prospect #3
     Clash Of The Big Men
     HFC KO 6
     Rise of a young Star
     GAMMA: Merging of Contenders (Unpublished)
     The Kartila Madan (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Middleweight Sorter Series Semi-Final Revi (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - MW Sorter Series Semi-Finals Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Heavyweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Revi (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Heavyweight Sorter Series Semi-Finals Prev (Unpublished)
     Future star (Unpublished)
     CMMA 9: Our first 145lbs champion crowned! (Unpublished)

Edition #365, Published on Jun 13, 2020 - Views:298
     GAMMA: Happy 11th Birthday!
     FFS 8: Sebring "Of The Night" Awards Review
     Paddy's opinion on the top 10 orgies
     Blast Arundel MMAT Hottest Fighter
     FFS 9: Avon Park "Of The Night" Awards Review
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series RD2 Preview
     HFC 22 Review
     Empire: 6 Preview
     The Rising War Horse Fightwear
     Hardcore Harley's Weekly Review (Unpublished)
     Kimbo's Glory (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series RD2 Review (Unpublished)
     HFC Bloodbath 2 Review (Unpublished)
     The Finland Bruiser (Unpublished)
     HFC KO 5 (Unpublished)

Edition #364, Published on Jun 07, 2020 - Views:246
     Mac vs Aylib
     Syn Manager of the Month -Aylib
     CWC holds
     Inferno Hottest Fighter Award
     A&E 1: Chris Karter
     Thomas Bolleke Vs Anthony Falcone II PREVIEW
     BLOODBATH Fighting Championship Update
     FFS 7: South Bay "Of The Night" Awards
     Core Combat June Line
     GAMMA: Happy 11th Birthday! (Unpublished)
     FF7: South Bay "Of The Night" Awards Recap (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series RD2 Review (Unpublished)
     WPFA (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Welterweight Sorter Series RD2 Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Welterweight Sorter Series RD2 Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series RD2 Previe (Unpublished)
     HFC Bloodbath 2 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #363, Published on May 31, 2020 - Views:292
     Paddy's opinion on the top 10 managers
     Syn Fighter of the Week - Iain Tower
     FFS 6 "Of The Night" Awards Recap
     Paddy's opinion on the top 10 figthers
     HFC 20 - Preview
     Rosetta Miracle: 1 on 1 w/ the GOAT
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series RD2 Preview
     California MMA 360K+
     Sucker Punch PS - Heavyweight Sorter Series RD2 Preview (Unpublished)
     FFS 6: Bunnell "Of The Night" Awards Recap (Unpublished)
     Empire: 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     CMMA 5 Results (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Heavyweight Sorter Series RD2 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #362, Published on May 24, 2020 - Views:262
     GAMMA: Greatest Assembly of Managers
     BFC Update
     FFS 4 "Of The Night" Awards Review
     FFS 5 "Of The Night" Awards Review
     F&B 26: Lloyd vs. Solis
     Sucker Punch PS - Middleweight Sorter Series RD2 Review
     Sucker Punch PS - Middleweight Sorter Series RD2 Preview (Unpublished)
     THE 209 MAN !!! (Unpublished)
     Synchronicity -Tiago Renato's HOF induction (Unpublished)
     Syn Stars - Latka Gravas (Unpublished)
     F&B 26 Preview! (Unpublished)
     Results CMMA 4 Aviles vs The Mass (Unpublished)

Edition #361, Published on May 18, 2020 - Views:335
     The Lebanese Pitbull
     HFC 19 - Qanar vs Vanorden
     Empire: 3 Review
     Eight Limbs 2 - Momentum recap
     BFC Under New Ownership
     Sucker Punch PS - Light Heavyweight Sorter Series RD1 Review
     Syn Stars - Rocket Bob Frankels
     Hello Hilo
     Hello Hilo
     Underground 125 (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series RD1 Preview (Unpublished)
     HFC 19 In Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Lightweight Sorter Series RD1 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #360, Published on May 12, 2020 - Views:214
     Bardia "The Fisherman" Farrokhzad
     Paddy & Selena
     HFC Spotlight: Massive Wanker
     HFC welcomes Dre Battle
     BFC 4: Mullin vs. Cole
     An interview with Captain Spaulding
     BFC 5: Diaz vs. Norman
     Sucker Punch Pro Series - Welterweight Sorter Series Preview
     Syn Stars - Pekka Toivonen
     Sucker Punch - Featherweight Sorter Series RD 1 Review (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch PS - Featherweight Sorter Series RD 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Pro Series - Welterweight Sorter Series RD1 Rev (Unpublished)

Edition #359, Published on May 04, 2020 - Views:286
     GAMMA: Hunter Jones HOF Induction
     250 000 $ From Money Inc for the face of our company
     Brooklyn Apothecary Opens in New York
     HFC Bloodbath 1
     El Zoido Custom Alliance T Shirts!
     HFC April Final Rankings
     Syn Stars - Kassim Magufuli
     HFC 16 in Review
     Sucker Punch Pro Series - HW Sorter Series RD 1 Review
     HFC KO 2 in Review (Unpublished)
     HFC 17 in Review (Unpublished)
     RAVEN Creation Tournament Kicks Off! (Unpublished)

Edition #358, Published on Apr 27, 2020 - Views:263
     Paddy signs his first pro contract!
     HFC 16 - Waller vs Repine Preview
     Sucker Punch Pro Series - Middleweight Sorter Series Rd 1 Re
     HFC KO 2 - Havoc vs Carbrera
     Sucker Punch Pro Series - Middleweight Sorter Series Rd 1
     Rising Star
     Irish MMA prospect Paddy tied to Devlin-Cartel. (Unpublished)
     Senegal business comes to MMA (Unpublished)

Edition #357, Published on Apr 19, 2020 - Views:286
     GAMMA: Color Commentary of the 185lbs title fight
     HFC Makes a Splash!
     HFC 4/20 Preview!
     Synchronicity : Kalervo's Hall of Fame Induction
     Hardcore Media Presents: Rovi Flexner
     Madness Pot-Acolypse
     The Techno Viking Rules Supreme
     SAFO 44 preview (Unpublished)

Edition #356, Published on Apr 13, 2020 - Views:291
     CWC Rolling Towards 100th Event
     Synchronicity : Orlando Diggs Hall of Fame Induction
     Madness 43 in Review
     Grand Opening Brooklyn Apothecary
     Tanner vs Tragedy 3 - Review
     State of the Bantamweight Crown
     SynCity Fightwear
      F&BE- Short Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #355, Published on Apr 06, 2020 - Views:269
     GAMMA: Runt HOF Induction
     GAMMA: The year of the Grumpy
     Hear ye the tale of I Juca Pyrama, Tapu Koko!
     Long live the King!
     Island Kings Championship open for business!
     HFC 14 Tanner vs Tragedy III
     Sydney Fight Gear Returns
     Mad 42 Preview
     SYNCHRONICITY 679 (WAR) (Unpublished)
     HFC 12 - Barbosa vs Carvaleho crossover (Unpublished)
     HFC KO 1 - Havoc vs Lima (Unpublished)
     (KOBK) THE INSIDE STORY (Unpublished)
     KOBK (THE INSIDE STORY) (Unpublished)
     State of the Crown (Unpublished)

Edition #354, Published on Mar 30, 2020 - Views:337
     Raven, a new breed of KT
     Madness 41 "Seran vs Yun"
     You wanna be a legend?
     The story of Paddy 360° Mcgillicuty
     HFC 12 - "Bizi" vs Wolf
     Dr John Zoidberg MD Office is now open!
     HFC Light Heavyweight Title Pre-Fight Interview - Bizi
     The MAMF Championship

Edition #353, Published on Mar 23, 2020 - Views:331
     HFC Tournament Finale
     Running Solo
     Hardcore Nutrients Opens in Montreal!
     Chris "Kenshin" Travis
     Madness 40 "Guns Out"
     The Emerald Taurus
     HFC 10 - Preview
     Chris "Kenshin" Travis (Unpublished)
     A Donald Trump Exclusive ! (Unpublished)
     HFC 11 - Gold vs Slugs (Unpublished)
     HFC 12 - Wolf vs Bizihwaeile: Preview (Unpublished)
     HFC 10 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #352, Published on Mar 16, 2020 - Views:351
     GAMMA: The illusion of PPV profits
     The Revenant signs with PFC
     Madness 39 Petrov vs lati
     Team Lobster
     Rural Champion 4 Live from The Underground - London on March
     Wulfgang Bleak - Against The Odds
     Ibrahim Camara: King Rising
     Picks Battle
     THC - Volume 1
     HFC Friday 13th (Unpublished)
     SynCity Fightwear Store and Sponsorships (Unpublished)
     HFC Friday the 13th! (Unpublished)
     Hardcore KT (360k) Opens with a Bang! (Unpublished)

Edition #351, Published on Mar 09, 2020 - Views:392
     Ken Jiro, a born champion
     THC Opens in Montreal
     THC - Threads of HARDCORE
     HFC 8 - Tanner vs Richardson
     Tips to become a better gamer
     UnderGround FC 100 Review!
     UnderGround FC 101 Preview!
     HFC 9 Preview
     SynCity Fightwear
     THC - Threads of HARDCORE (Unpublished)
     Doc's Block Ep.1 (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 100 Review! (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 101 Preview! (Unpublished)
     HFC 7 - Wolf vs Vandoren (Unpublished)
     HFC Tournament Semi Finals (Unpublished)
     HFC Divisional Rankings (Unpublished)
     HFC 7 - A new champ is crowned!! (Unpublished)
     HFC 8: Review (Unpublished)
     A fighter's crossroads (Unpublished)
     Jaxon Stoner traded (Unpublished)
     HARDCORE MMA - Elite Training, HARDCORE style (Unpublished)
     HFC Divisional Rankings (Unpublished)

Edition #350, Published on Mar 02, 2020 - Views:268
     GAMMA: Basten Sodergren Induction
     HFC 5 - Review
     Rural Champion 3 Live from The Underground in London on Marc
     UnderGround FC: The Place To Be!
     MAD 37 Poetic Review
     The GodFather of UnderGround FC!
     Meet Juraj "George" Divisek- 155 pound UnderGround FC Champ!
     UnderGround FC 100 preview!
     Yves "Apache" Trudeau becomes Champ in UnderGround FC!
     Amateur boxer looking for a MMA fight! (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 99 Preview! (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 99 preview! (Unpublished)
     HFC 6 Preview (Unpublished)
     Irate Champion (Unpublished)
     HFC 4 Review (Unpublished)
     Old Crack Head (Unpublished)
     Docs Block Ep.1 (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 100 preview! (Unpublished)
     HFC 6 Event Review (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 99 Review! (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 99 Review! (Unpublished)

Edition #349, Published on Feb 24, 2020 - Views:362
     GAMMA: Award winners
     UnderGround FC 105 is a gift from MMA gods!
     Madness Fright Night 26
     Saudi Arabia Fighting Organization
     HFC 4 Preview by JW Hardman
     Recent changes and the upcoming "Rural Champion 1"
     Are you the next rural champ?
     The 185 pound King of UnderGround Fight Club!
     UnderGround Fight Club's Heavyweight Hitman!
     RRFC 29 Preview by Tony Soprano (Unpublished)
     ... (Unpublished)
     $250k contracts with UnderGround Fight Club! (Unpublished)
     Free Ticket Give-Away (Unpublished)
     HFC 5 Preview by Tony Soprano (Unpublished)
     What life is like for Mr Bean (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 97 Preview! (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 98 Preview! (Unpublished)
     Rural Champion 1 (Unpublished)
     Rick Piano signs with Syn. (Unpublished)

Edition #348, Published on Feb 17, 2020 - Views:364
     GAMMA Development League
     HFC has Arrived
     A belt lost
     Jaxon "Smokin" Stoner
     What it Means to be Hardcore
     An 'Ace' up his Sleeve
     Madness Fright Night 25
     Synchronicity (Open ID)
     Fright Night 25 preview
     UnderGround FC 96 Preview! (Unpublished)
     Merger That Rocked MMA (Unpublished)
     SAFO 39 preview by Bobloblaw (Unpublished)
     The Emerald, Wesley Taurus (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 95 Preview! (Unpublished)
     Merger That Rocked MMA (Unpublished)

Edition #347, Published on Feb 10, 2020 - Views:361
     170 Championship Tournament Preview
     "No Chance" Fighter Follow-Up
     Championship Series 155 & 185 Event preview
     Desert Training and Fitness Signs Vending Deal
     Fight Night 2 - Preview
     RRFC 30: Dilbrandt vs Pandens
     EMP: Graves versus Chavez
     Empyrean: Toivonen versus Bolleke Preview
     Fight Night 3 - Preview

Edition #346, Published on Jan 28, 2020 - Views:634
     Fight Night 1 - Preview
     HFC 1: Genesis Preview
     Wright-Phillps to be free agent?
     GAMMA: The greatest of all time manager list
     RapidFC NYE
      Smash Fighting Championships 30/11/2019 – Preview and Pre
     HFC 1: Genesis Preview
     Auto Flights (Unpublished)
     EMPYREAN: Rock versus Beliy Preview (Unpublished)
     Empyrean: Verygood versus Jaroslav 2 (Unpublished)
     Need money??? (Unpublished)
     Restock (Unpublished)
     New Beginnings Preview (Unpublished)
     The Iron Wolf is on the Prowl (Unpublished)
     Checkmate Fight Night 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Checkmate Championship First Event! (Unpublished)
     HFC Knock Out 1 (Unpublished)
     Preview: EMP Ispa vs. Marceau (Unpublished)
     NEW GYM: Desert Fitness & Training - Las Vegas (Unpublished)
     Preview: EMP Toivonen vs. Asham (Unpublished)
     HFC 2 - Get Belted - preview (Unpublished)

Edition #345, Published on Nov 22, 2019 - Views:1432
     Flipping through the Forums: Yearly Awards
     New Managers: Be lead to Victory
     The joke at the old smoke or the wannabee at the Wombley?
     Montréal Community Gym Opening Month
     Simon the Titan
     Core Combat
     JAG 330k First PPV
     Flipping through the Forums: Yearly Awards (Unpublished)
     ACE Fighting League begins tonight (Unpublished)
     FARTMMA 67 Preview (Unpublished)
     UnderGround Fight Club 55 Preview (Unpublished)
     RFC Showdown in Tokyo 29 Preview (Unpublished)
     FARTMMA 68: Halloween Massacre Preview (Unpublished)
     Striking Masters 3 KT Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: The joke at the old smoke or the wannabee at the Womb (Unpublished)
     Rapid Fighting Championship Preview 50 (Unpublished)
     FARTMMA 69: Dia de los Muertos (Unpublished)
     FARTMMA 70 preview (Unpublished)
     Core Combat (Unpublished)
     G (Unpublished)
     Spins (Unpublished)

Edition #344, Published on Nov 21, 2019 - Views:154

Edition #343, Published on Oct 11, 2019 - Views:880
     FARTMMA 66 Preview
     The No Scrubs MMA Show #2 - Donald Trump Talks Latina Farts!
     In The Mix: The Most-Used Styles in MMA
     Golden Era of Orgs
     Manny THUD Johnson
     F&BE 6 - Hunger for Flesh
     GAMMA: Trippin Balls HOF induction
     Striking Masters 2: Post Fight Review
     Blood bath bookmaking
     Madness 15 Preview (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 50 Preview & Predictions (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Super fight between GAMMA and Syn (Unpublished)

Edition #342, Published on Sep 22, 2019 - Views:557
     Tough Start Bright Future
     Managers and Fighters interviews
     CFC 5: Challengers Real Preview
     The No Scrubs MMA Show #1 - Hilo Is A Dump!
     GAMMA: Dao vs Masa super fight
     Striking Masters 2 KT Preview and Predictions - 28
     Blood bath bookmaking
     F&BE 3 - Blood Masks Preview (Unpublished)
     New fighters rising (Unpublished)
     F&BE 4 - Carnival of Flesh Preview (Unpublished)
     Madness 14 preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Golden Era of Org business (Unpublished)

Edition #341, Published on Sep 12, 2019 - Views:398
     F&BE 2 - Pleasures of the Flesh
     Dodgey Brothers Bookies
     Managers and Fighters interviews
     Skrap House Ma Balls Is Hot
     Rapid Fighting Championship Showdown in Tokyo 23 Preview
     FARTMMA (340K)
     GAMMA: Saul Goodman HOF induction
     Checkmate Fight Store
     "The Revenant " Chris Steve

Edition #340, Published on Sep 06, 2019 - Views:296
     Will Write For Food
     GAMMA: LAO Shin Records!
     Island Combat Championship
     Merging of organizations
     UnderGround FC 37 - Official Event Review
     Return of the Madness
     GAMMA: Darth Sidious Story
     Madness Insanity 2 PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #339, Published on Aug 30, 2019 - Views:420
     VENUM - Lowered prices
     New Bookie in Town
     Samurai Fitness
     UnderGround FC 35 - Main Event Preview
     ICC 1 - Official Review
     UnderGround FC 35 - Official Review
     RRFC Challengers 4 Preview from Sky Jordan
     Trash fights 4 have some trash fights (Unpublished)
     Previews up now! ACB 5 - First Titles (Unpublished)
     Jay and Ray's Excellent MMA Adventures - Preview GLFC 17: Va (Unpublished)
     Interview With Lyttle (Unpublished)
      Quick Fighting Championship Is good (Unpublished)
     Come to Handicapable Hamed's House of 1000 Bodyslams (Unpublished)
     RRFC Fight Night 1 (Unpublished)
     Black Flag Fight Club (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#767 Dassler v DeNeville (Unpublished)
      RFLFN-26 Snowdon Vs. Bartoli 2 - Tonight! (Unpublished)
     The journey of Ky Tycoon (Unpublished)
     UnderGround FC 13 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview (Unpublished)
     CEC 668 (Unpublished)
     Akoni " king of kingston" Gray (Unpublished)
     RRFC Challengers 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     Get ready for F&BE 1- The Origins (Unpublished)
     MADNESS: FRIGHT NIGHT 4 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #338, Published on Dec 30, 2018 - Views:3568
     KILL : End of Island Season Prizes
     3 Reasons To Become A UFC Fan
     Birth of a new MMA KING
     Standing Alone
     KILL opens on The Island
     Zenith Nutrition

Edition #337, Published on Dec 21, 2018 - Views:304
     A look at Sydney's RFC
     All Aboard the Hype Train
     Zenith Nutrition
     320k+ Open for Business
     ACB - Big Beasts League
     RFL-56 is Going to be Stacked!
     Will they reign dominance?!?

Edition #335, Published on Dec 14, 2018 - Views:300
     NYPF 3
     2018 Of The Year Awards
     Bad Blood At RAPIDFC 6
     UFC 231
     A Look Inside: JAG Edition
     Albertas Promising Prospect
     Nap Time with Max
     dair (Unpublished)
     Rhino jackson (Unpublished)
     Previews! (Unpublished)
     Путь к победе (Unpublished)
     Ищу спонсоров (Unpublished)

Edition #334, Published on Dec 07, 2018 - Views:280
     Alcabeat prison rumble
     JAG Battle League 10
     Tyron "The Bruce" Lee
     Ali returns to DARE
     Gilbert gottfried first fight (Unpublished)
     help (Unpublished)

Edition #333, Published on Nov 29, 2018 - Views:310
     Amateur League - 25yo No Training
     Anti Championship Berkut
     Quick Fight QFC
     Excellent Boxer vs Balanced Fighter
     Prices Lowered
     Future Champ?
     New ranking system at JAG

Edition #332, Published on Nov 27, 2018 - Views:244
     Triple Gaze (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: September Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham (Unpublished)
     Need Sponsor (Unpublished)
     Fight Club: It Begins (Unpublished)
     One To Watch (Unpublished)
     Positive feeling Negative (Unpublished)
     Positive feeling Negative (Unpublished)
     Jenius Garb Co. (Unpublished)
     Unstoppable II (Unpublished)
     TGC 76 Preview: Gagnon vs Cobb (Unpublished)
     Fight Club Re-Branded to Green Lotus (Unpublished)
     GREEN LOTUS CASINO (Unpublished)
     Marty Robbins Signs with... GAMMA!?!? (Unpublished)
     Dale Saw's Rant (Unpublished)
     Out Cold! Fight Promotions is live! (Unpublished)
     London's Nwest Gym! (Unpublished)
     Jag Battle League: Gladitorius Maximus III (Unpublished)
     Ma Balls Was Hot (Unpublished)
     ROTI-01 Preview (Unpublished)
     Ma Balls Is Hot December catalogue (Unpublished)
     Kazuo Kiriyama The Empty Akuma (Unpublished)
     Humors Street Fights Beginning (Unpublished)
     ROTI-02 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #331, Published on Sep 30, 2018 - Views:896
     Orlando Diggs Dominates
     Rocky Balboa
     The Face of JAG: Thay Budo
     Legends in the Making Preview
     MMA Hype Clothing is back
     Fight Club
     Narung TeppenGym

Edition #330, Published on Sep 01, 2018 - Views:453
     JAG Battle League Budo V Dee
     GAMMA: July Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham
     Gleb Seeking Revenge
     GAMMA: August Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham
     JAG JBL 5 Fighter interviews
     Sydney Fights Weekend Recap
     Guts and Glory under new Ownership
     BANDAI 2: Unproven preview by Brian Fujitsu
     Dusty Elephant's Parade
     Jag Battle League Budo V Dee (Unpublished)
     JAG Battle League (Unpublished)
     Guts and Glory Gym under new ownership (Unpublished)

Edition #329, Published on Aug 01, 2018 - Views:498
     GAMMA: July Part 1 by James Isaac Abraham
     Apology to my Clients
     Scott Minerva
     BANDAI 1: Origins OFFICIAL PREVIEW by Brian Fujitsu
     League of Leagues - Reboot
     League of Leagues - Reboot
     JAG Battle League Title Night
     Rio's Newest Fight Org - GAFF: Rio
     The EFL Returns Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #328, Published on Jul 03, 2018 - Views:566
     Budokai 10: Major vs. Haus - Post-Event Recap
     Back in Business
     Bound for KONFLIKT FINALE
     Knuckles & Knees Gym
     Far Q Fight Club Sydney
     First 100% rating for rookie fighter
     A Hero's Story Continues?
     KONFLIKT FC V (Unpublished)

Edition #326, Published on Mar 15, 2018 - Views:1904
     GAMMA: Jebba HOF Induction
     Future star?
     EFA 55 Vermeulen vs Power Preview.
     The Sydney boom
     Kevin Thompson: Path to greatness
     Pulse Fighting Championship The Place You Wanna Be.
     GAMMA: Alika Webb Steps down
     Tyler Grenoble: Path to Greatness
     Rookie Manager Got 1st Win!
     RISE - 17 Ray vs. Jones (Unpublished)
     IMPULSE BETTING (Unpublished)
     RISE Podcast - Episode 1 (Unpublished)
     Arlen (Unpublished)
     Bill Shorton's Interview (Unpublished)
     An Introduction to Annihilation (Unpublished)
     Arlen Bales' Annihilator Ep.3 (Unpublished)
     SyFi 22 - The First Double Title Fight in SFC History. (Unpublished)
     ORC 1: The Beginning scheduled for 31st of March (Unpublished)
     DARE 33 (Unpublished)
     AnC 5: McGregaw vs. Jaryoki (Unpublished)
     Martin Wheeler: The Answer? (Unpublished)
     Bobby Harvey Jr.'s future with M.MinePlay in Jeopardy (Unpublished)
     IXF 10 Event Preview prepared by James Isaac Abraham (Unpublished)
     IXF 11 Event Preview prepared by James Isaac Abraham (Unpublished)
     Cam Miller happy with new manager (Unpublished)
     IXF 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     IXF 12 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #325, Published on Apr 30, 2018 - Views:152

Edition #323, Published on Mar 05, 2018 - Views:416
     GAMMA: February 2018 recap part 2 By Alika Webb
     Noob's Hard Life
     KFC 330K
     AnC 2: Bones vs. Moss
     Prize Fighter Season 1 e3 Video
     IXF 5 Event Preview prepared by James Isaac Abraham
     IXF 6 Event Preview prepared by James Isaac Abraham
     IXF 7 Event Preview prepared by James Isaac Abraham
     GAMMA: February 2018 recap part 1 By Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     IXF 4 Event Preview prepared by James Isaac Abraham (Unpublished)

Edition #322, Published on Feb 19, 2018 - Views:446
     Let the Good Times Roll
     Knockdown Clothes
     The most exciting upcoming UFC bouts
     Prize Fighting Championship
     Writer for hire
     New Bookmaker
     Eagle Wolf Combat Club
     Taps On The Island
     Fanatic Inc Back in Business!!! (Unpublished)
     ABW 99 Distacio Jr - Mumba Event Preview (Unpublished)
     PFC Bloody Tuesdays Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: August 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: HOF Induction (Unpublished)
     KOFC Proudly Presents Anniversary Apocalypse (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: August 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     Closure! (Unpublished)
     Ryan Hadley (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Top managers list (Unpublished)
     Erick Silva (Unpublished)
     Bushido 71 Jacobson v Bunker 3 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     EPGH 1 REVIEW (Unpublished)
     Fightfest 1 (Unpublished)
     SNPF #1 Preview/News (Unpublished)
     NY Fight Nights (Unpublished)
     NJMMA#2 review (Unpublished)
     Every day, an average of 353.000 babies are born worldwide. (Unpublished)
     NYFN Legends Tournament r. 1 (Unpublished)
     Dungeon Brawler Gym (Unpublished)
     Eyeam Yurmommy (Unpublished)
     Cage Colosseum Fighting (Unpublished)
     PFC 2: Benign Beginnings Preview (Unpublished)
     PFC 2: Benign Beginnings Preview (Unpublished)
     A miracle success story (Unpublished)
     Bumfights (Unpublished)
     PFC 3: Tournament Showcase Preview (Unpublished)
     PFC 3: Tournament Showcase Review (Unpublished)
     Matt Quin – A true MMATycoon comeback story (Unpublished)
     Brunno Falcone Returns to Training Fighters (Unpublished)

Edition #321, Published on Aug 23, 2017 - Views:4163
     Aspire 65: McGee vs Lee
     GAMMA: July 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb
     Aspire Nutrition
     OFC 305: Wyatt vs Jah REVIEW
     Dynasty K-1 Grand Prix
     Marty Robbin's Fight Ranch™
     Mikael - The Documentary (Part 5)
     GAMMA: Hektor Troy in HOF (Unpublished)
     DSOF 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     DSOF 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     DSOF 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     DSOF 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Alika Webb HOF Induction (Unpublished)
     Vereeuwigd 2 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #320, Published on Aug 01, 2017 - Views:717
     GAMMA: July 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
      Kajun Puno vs. Robbie Luatua
     Armando gracie interview by raichu kong
     Aspire 60: Brophy vs Adams - Review / Weekly Update
     OFC 300: Luzhin vs Makaki Iii PREVIEW
     The farm is out there!
     Moe Logan interviews Abraham Donowitz
     Mikael - The Documentary (Part 4)
     Chris Karter assaults Billy Rose (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: June 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     KING OF THE RING (Unpublished)
     IFC6 SAW Preview (Unpublished)
     Aspire 50: McGee vs Gracie - Review / Weekly Update (Unpublished)
     Island FC Wednesday Night Fights (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Andy McKenzie HOF Induction (Unpublished)
     IFC 7 - War Games (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Kids new owner (Unpublished)
     Preview for HFC 108: Jackson vs Kid (Unpublished)
     Cayden The Crushers Debut (Unpublished)
     Preview for HFC 109: Mangrove vs Yaj 2 (Unpublished)
     UpComing Fighter (Unpublished)
     IFC 8 - GUNSHOT (Unpublished)
     Urban Fighter PREVIEWS (Unpublished)
     HFC 110: Northrop vs Kid (Unpublished)
     Makoa... means Warrior (Unpublished)

Edition #319, Published on Jul 03, 2017 - Views:934
     Aspire MMA: Weekly update 2nd July 2017 (Aspire 48 & Aspire
     Mayweather Vs McGregor- what’s on the cards?
     #1 Headband
     GAMMA: Happy 8th Birthday!
     The Final Battle
     Syn' 527 Aftermath
     Mörmate Obiwani interviews IFC top talent

Edition #318, Published on Jun 30, 2017 - Views:257
     Syn 532 - Euphoria Event Preview
     Cole Mitchell Q&A
     IFC 4: Bone$yard Preview
     Mikael - The Documentary (Part 3)
     Puno speaks to Turpin
     GH2: Snow vs Acid REVIEW By Alika Webb
     Get Into The Xtreme (Unpublished)
     Rankings for June 2017 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Viv Richards HOF induction (Unpublished)
     OFC 294: Shifter vs Kermode Main Event PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HFC 105 Curran vs. Palmer (Unpublished)
     Meet Tomas Marley (Unpublished)
     EMMA 3 Helinski (Unpublished)
     OFC 294: Shifter vs Kermode - Main Event PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     UNITED FC: Do you have what it takes? (Unpublished)
     HFC 106: Lee Sang Seok vs. Ely Scrubs (Unpublished)
     The Shoebox Murderers Part One (Unpublished)

Edition #317, Published on Jun 22, 2017 - Views:395
     Mikael - The Documentary (Part 2)
     Syn 531 Event Preview
     IFC Wednesday Night Fights #2 Preview
     Orlando Diggs Q&A
     Faceoff: Puno vs Turpin
     GAMMA: June 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
     The Art of Deception
     Valentinovich vs Gracie

Edition #316, Published on Jun 14, 2017 - Views:391
     Mikael - The Documentary (Part 1)
     GAMMA: May 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb
     Donowitz calls out Wolek
     Aspire MMA - Aspire 44 Review / Weekly Update.
     Macon Sackett
     Syn' 257: Puno KOTY
     IFC Wednesday Night Fights #1
     FC 152:Strikeforce Preview! (Unpublished)

Edition #315, Published on Jun 09, 2017 - Views:282
     Dynasty K-1 opens!
     Divock Origi; released from Prison
     Breaking news? If only someone knew …
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 41 Review / Weekly Update
     History of P4P King's of Heavyweight
     GAMMA#640 Origi v Kakoulis
     GAMMA: Press release!!!
     FC 150 Sully Show! (Unpublished)
     Mathew Galloway (Unpublished)
     SP ICON Grudge Quickfire Main Card Predictions (Unpublished)
     SP ICON: GRUDGE MATCH Main Card Preview (Unpublished)
     StrikeForce Union Ultimate 63 (Unpublished)
     Transform Supplements (Unpublished)

Edition #314, Published on May 25, 2017 - Views:576
     Golden Boy
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 39 & 40 Review / Weekly Update
     Obelix De Gaul
     Don Marciano: New Generation
     GAMMA: Fart Master (102643) Inducted to HOF!
     Puno vs ODG
     EVO 314: Puno vs Juggernaut Aftermath
     GFC (Unpublished)
     SFC 8 'Fautanua vs Almeida' (Preview) (Unpublished)
     KOFC Midget KT Tournament Round 1 Review (Unpublished)
     KIckboxing Tournament - The Island (Unpublished)
     The Syndal Brothers (Unpublished)

Edition #313, Published on May 18, 2017 - Views:1172
     Interview with Baby Puno
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 37 & 38 Review / Weekly Update
     Convicted Fight Club
     SP ICON 2.0 Org Rankings and Divisional Recap for May 2017
     Kajun Puno
     The Life of fighter Mathew Galloway
     GAMMA: Stoppers HOF
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 34 Review / Weekly Update (Unpublished)
     AD440: Redskins#21 Preview (Unpublished)
     SFC 4: Fautanua x Brah FW TITLE: Preview (Unpublished)
     Vale Tudo TOKYO (315K+) Openweight Bonanza (Unpublished)
     SFC 4: Fautanua x Brah Preview. (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Tamias Poochyena HOF Induction (Unpublished)
     Vale Tudo TOKYO (315K+) (Unpublished)
     LAW001: IT Begins here (Unpublished)
     FC 146 Preview (Unpublished)
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 35 Review. (Unpublished)
     OFC 280: Rio REVIEW (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: April 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     Carnage 38 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Syn 523 - Recovery Event Preview (Unpublished)
     carnage 38 Preview (Unpublished)
     LAW002: TITLE Hunt (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: New Designer (Unpublished)
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 36 Review. (Unpublished)
     Super5 (Unpublished)
     Carnage 38 Review plus post fight rankings (Unpublished)
     Carnage 38 review (Unpublished)
     Carnage 39 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Carnage 39 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #312, Published on Apr 22, 2017 - Views:2568
     Q&A with Chris Karter
     GAMMA: April 2017 recap part 1
     Keys to Success
     Sydney FC 2: Dugan vs. Lard Recap
     This Girl's First Fight
     Abraham Donowitz
      Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 33 Review / Weekly Update
     Syn Supernova Event Preview
      GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz Analyzing key points to victory
     The Pain #1: Back on feet (Unpublished)
     Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 31 Review / Weekly Update (Unpublished)
     Aspite MMA - Just Bleed 31 (Unpublished)
     Land of the rising sun (Unpublished)
     Armando "The U.S Army" Gracie (Unpublished)
     BJ Penn (Unpublished)
     Quotes of The Day (Unpublished)
     George "Super Flick" Steve (Unpublished)
     Aspire Clothing (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Top managers by profile fights (Unpublished)
     Ramos claims heavyweight belt, Azevedo earns a title shot! (Unpublished)
     After starting April with a bang, what's next for Kings FC? (Unpublished)
      Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 32 Review / Weekly Update (Unpublished)
     KOFC Presents Midget KT (Unpublished)
     Sydney FC 1: "Birth" Recap (Unpublished)
     Post Carnage 34 Rankings (Unpublished)
     Post carnage 34 Rankings (Unpublished)
     Aspite MMA - Just Bleed 32 (Unpublished)
     Cobra Commander grapples his way to the Light Heavyweight ti (Unpublished)
     The Fenrir Wolf is back (Unpublished)
     MMA Gladiators 18 James v Kahn Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #311, Published on Mar 31, 2017 - Views:1313
     OFC 271: Tokyo Drift REVIEW
     March 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb
     Angelo San Diego crowned the first ever Kings FC champion!
     revolution island (nuclear revolution)
     0-0 Fighter Turns down contract with KFC
     Carnage 33 review
     Aspire Nutrition
     Carnage 32 Review (Unpublished)
     Pit bull development grand opening (Unpublished)

Edition #310, Published on Mar 26, 2017 - Views:969
     World Combat Association™ (310K+) Grand Opening
     Rising From The Ashes
     KFC 6 quick recap
     Island Wars
     GAMMA: February 2017 recap By Alika Webb
     GAMT: Young Lions

Edition #309, Published on Mar 25, 2017 - Views:609
      Aspire MMA - Just Bleed 29 Review.
     GAMMA: March 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
     Carnage 32 Preview
     Don Jarmas Rodrigues Interview
     Wooten Jiu Jitsu & Boxing Las Vegas Gym
     GAMMA: Most total wins
     Revolution Island - On Top Of The World
     writer (Unpublished)

Edition #308, Published on Mar 18, 2017 - Views:1364
     Wind of Change Review
     OFC 260: Lokren vs Universe REVIEW
     Kings FC's mini-birthday comes with presents
     GAMMA: Seppo Inducted to GAMMA HOF!
     Big Bad Brock
     GAMMA 620 - KHA Vs DEFOE PREVIEW By Alika Webb
     Revolution Island
     Wind of Change Preview (Unpublished)
     Jack Jumper (Unpublished)
     SAVAGE Kartel MMA Tokyo (Unpublished)
     New Kid on the block (Unpublished)
     A little Omega 27 promo (Unpublished)
     UGD 41: Shevchenko v Brazier (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Patrick Bateman inducted to HOF (Unpublished)
     4Kings . 003 - A quick recap (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: #1 in total events held (Unpublished)
     OFC 252: Sin City REVIEW (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Paulie Walnuts inducted to our Manager HOF (Unpublished)
     4Kings . 004 - A quick recap (the first king is...) (Unpublished)
     FFA: Rising Up (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Top all time Profile fights (Unpublished)
     Pulse 60 preview (Unpublished)
     WCA: Signs Merchandise Partner Deal with SiTech Clothing™ (Unpublished)
     👑 Steve's Gym 👑 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: 2 Super fights confirmed (Unpublished)
     New Gym in Town (Unpublished)
     OFC 265: Rockin vs Santos REVIEW (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Prado HOF Induction (Unpublished)
     We proudly present to you Forever Free Promotions (310K+) (Unpublished)
     OFC 256: Parker vs Il Sung REVIEW (Unpublished)
     KFC 1: The Beginning Preview (Unpublished)
     4Kings . 005 - A quick recap (the second king is...) (Unpublished)
     Revolution XC 14 Preview (Unpublished)
     Asylum Championship Wrestling makes its debut! (Unpublished)
     Hi (Unpublished)
     ROTR FINALS Preview (Unpublished)
     Gladiators 9 Tittle Fights Preview & Predictions (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: January 2017 recap by Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     KFC 2: Kennedy vs Burns (Unpublished)
     4kings . 006 - A Quick Recap (Unpublished)
     Carnage 28 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: All time total fights leaders (Unpublished)
     KFC 1: The Beginning Preview (Unpublished)
     KFC 2: Kennedy vs Burns (Unpublished)
     BJ "The Prodigy" Penn (Unpublished)
     4Kings . Caesar v Kolov - A Quick Recap (Unpublished)
     KFC 1: The Beginning Recap (Unpublished)
     correction / edit (Unpublished)
     Team Lakay™ (Unpublished)

Edition #307, Published on Jan 17, 2017 - Views:3949
     OFC 250: Glorious! REVIEW
     DFC Las Vegas 46 Event Preview
     4Kings . 002 - Small recap
     HFC 34 Event Review and Results
     Kings Fighting Championship opens doors at 310k ID
     yearly aWARds 2016
     GAMMA: Fighter of the year award
     Talk To Taco
     UGD 39: Gallagher v Westlund
     The New One (Unpublished)
     Need A Contract? (Unpublished)
     FC: A New Year! (Unpublished)
     Greg Bello (Unpublished)
     Ben smasher (Unpublished)
     Ben smasher (Unpublished)
     HFC 33 New Era Event Review (Unpublished)
     HFC 33 New Era Event Review (Unpublished)
     GAMMA 608 - VOLKOV Vs WILLIAMS PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     OFC 247: Jarl Borg Day REVIEW (Unpublished)
     OUTSIDE THE CAGE (Unpublished)
     Pulse 57 preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: New Merch partner (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: New Merch partner (Unpublished)
     HFC 34 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     OFC 248: Roadblock REVIEW (Unpublished)
     Lofmark vs Ryan in depth Preview (Unpublished)
     UGD 40: Escobarre v Munson (Unpublished)
     DFC Las Vegas 46 Event Results and Review (Unpublished)
     HFC 34 Event Review and Results (Unpublished)
     Pulse58 preview (Unpublished)

Edition #306, Published on Jan 06, 2017 - Views:1010
     OFC: Blood Night XXXI REVIEW
     LOD:Rampage Gym
     HFC New Year's Eve Event Review
     GAMMA MT 2016 Awards
     OFC 245/246: REVIEWS
     HFC 33 New Era Event Preview
     Back to MMA Tycoon! (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Pawel Inducted to HOF (Unpublished)

Edition #305, Published on Dec 31, 2016 - Views:609
     Let's-Party-2017 Preview
     HFC Christmas Event Review
     OFC 243: Black Christmas V REVIEW
     Stolt: Destiny
     HFC New Year's Eve Event Preview
     KCM: The Avenging Fist - Review
     A Date with our Champ (Unpublished)
     Freedom Fighting Alliance (Unpublished)
     StrikeForce Union Ultimate Fighter Tournaments (Unpublished)
     SP ICON 2.0 Rumble On the Rocks Light HWT Rd 1 Revie (Unpublished)
     OFC 242: Stranger Things REVIEW (Unpublished)
     4Kings . 001 - Quick recap (Unpublished)
     FC: New Years Eve BASH! (Unpublished)

Edition #304, Published on Dec 30, 2016 - Views:366
     RXC: Making 2016 Tapout: Preview
     OFC 240: Ravager Review
      Revolution Island
      OFC 245: Reclaim preview (from Cause McDubree)
     A journey into the clouds
     OFC 244: Parlay REVIEW
     Carnage 22 New Year!
     PDR Cronicles - The Jamaican Huricane (Unpublished)
     Machine Fight Night 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     KCM - Fist Fight (Unpublished)
     Rumble on the Rocks Light Heavyweight Round 1 Review: (Unpublished)
     HFC Christmas (Unpublished)
     HFC Christmas Event Preview (Unpublished)
      OFC 243: Black Christmas V preview (from Cause McDubree) (Unpublished)

Edition #303, Published on Dec 14, 2016 - Views:691
     PFC 53 Preview
     HFC 29 Calypso vs Neuffer Event Preview
     Revolution Podcast with Mister Victorio and Giovanni Greco
     GAMMA: Jesse Custer HOF induction
     KCM - The Avenging Fist
     OFC 241: Seyedi vs Coleman preview (from Cause McDubree)
     GAMMA: Hires a new poster designer (Unpublished)
      OFC 240: Ravager preview (from Cause McDubree) (Unpublished)
     Scott 'The Instinc' Heughan (Unpublished)
     Sonny "The Hammer Boy" Heughan (Unpublished)
     Samuel "The Killerman" Heughan (Unpublished)

Edition #302, Published on Dec 08, 2016 - Views:609
      Chief Tappenahomma: Olympic Destiny?
     HFC 28 Pickerage vs Jones Official Event Preview
     Pulse 52 Preview
     GAMMA: Gossip#55
     GAMMA: Announces Speed Fighting!
     Annihilation! Is Here
     HFC 72:Tsuruta vs Milne preview (Unpublished)
     Gladiators Fight Night (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: All tile title fight list (Unpublished)
     SP ICON 2.0: Strike Three - Preview & Predictions (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Green vs Benson (Unpublished)
     DFC Mayhem 20 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Junior Masters of KT 3 Round 1! (Unpublished)
     HFC 73:Vane vs Grabonzo preview (Unpublished)
     OFC 239: Reborn (Unpublished)

Edition #301, Published on Nov 27, 2016 - Views:1129
     HFC 71:Hellmuth vs Ragnarson
     Chainsaw Q&A
     GAMMA: FON awards
     HFC 26 Johnson vs Money Event Preview
     HFC 24 McCarthy vs Foster 3 Event Review
     ATA champions
     FC: He's Out!
     HFC 24 McCarthy vs Foster 3 Event Review (Unpublished)
     Underground London - Official Rankings (Unpublished)
     dream fulfilled, English mma star scores wild contract (Unpublished)
     HFC 26 Johnson vs Money (874658) Event Review (Unpublished)
     HFC 26 Johnson vs Money (874658) Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Welcome (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Gerbert Inducted to Manager HOF (Unpublished)

Edition #300, Published on Nov 19, 2016 - Views:898
     GAMMA Muay Thai Partnered with Machine Fight Gear
     Ahsan Hamed - Harvesting the Titles
     HFC 24 McCarthy vs Foster 3 Event Preview
     LFC 3 Aftermath
     Revolution XC 7 Review
     GAMMA: Fighter of the year
     SP ICON 2.0: The Build Up
     GAMMA: Gossip #54
     GAMMA MT - HOF Inductees - Autumn 2016 (Unpublished)
     Bravado 17: McFukur v Bland - Official Review (Unpublished)
     Honor and FORTITUDE 300K+ (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Dom Inducted (Unpublished)
     DUEL#16 Silver vs Balkon --- RESULTS AND OVERVIEW (Unpublished)
     ASYLUM ---- Birth of a Fight League (Unpublished)
     Just Bleed 7 (Unpublished)
     ASYLUM 1 event Review (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Final 10 for FOY Award (Unpublished)
     Perry Roscrow : A career to remember? Or Not? (Unpublished)
     Machine Fight Night 2 (Unpublished)
     OUTSIDE THE CAGE (Unpublished)
     FC:Resurrection! Preview (Unpublished)
     ASYLUM KT 1 (Unpublished)
     KOFC 9 - Dzhum vs Dos Santos (Unpublished)
     Bushido 26: Axe vs. Aoki preview now live (Unpublished)
     KOFC 9 - Dzhumagaliev vs Dos Santos Preview (Unpublished)
     Just Bleed MMA (Unpublished)
     National day (Unpublished)
     Just Bleed 10 (Unpublished)
     Revolution XC 8 (Unpublished)
     Just Bleed Midweek 2 (Unpublished)
     Just Bleed Midweek 2 (Unpublished)
     HFC 21 Conlon vs Chernishev (Unpublished)
     HFC 21 Conlon vs Chernishev Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Diego Sanchez inducted (Unpublished)
     ICON Fight NIGHT 6 Preview (Unpublished)
     ICON Fight NIGHT 6 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: New Merch partner (Unpublished)
     FC:Striker's Paradise (Unpublished)
     SiTech Clothing & Laundry™ Grand Opening (Unpublished)
     HFC 22 Perry vs Powell (Unpublished)
     HFC 23 Johnson vs Brogue Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #299, Published on Nov 03, 2016 - Views:1396
     LFC 2 Aftermath
     RFC 11 review
     Ascension LHW Rankings
     Revolution XC 6
     KOFC 7
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     SP ICON 2.0: The Next Chapter Preview & Predictions
     Bravado 14: Gracie vs Masvidal - Official Review
     RFC 11: Unforegiven (Unpublished)
     Bushido 23: Champion Path (Championship preview) (Unpublished)
     Just Bleed MMA 6 (Unpublished)
      HFC 63:Wowie vs Bradford (Unpublished)
     ICON Fight NIGHT 4 preview (Unpublished)
     DUEL#16 Silver vs Balkon (Unpublished)
     JUST BLEED 6 (Unpublished)
      LFC 3: Ferrara vs Nsoko Preview (Unpublished)
     SFU #30 (Unpublished)
     LFC 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     Bushido 24: Whyte vs. Anderson 2 preview (Unpublished)
     KOFC 7 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #298, Published on Oct 09, 2016 - Views:1079
     LFC 1: Post event analysis by MMA Hype
     RFC 10: In the Zone
     Ahsan Hamed - Rising from Manchester
     Revolution XC 7 Preview
     OMEGA'S MEGA Announcement
     GAMMA: Gossip #53
     Bravado 15: Singh v Gonzales - Official Review
     SP ICON 2.0: Ground Zero Preview & Predictions
     Revolution Island Night 2 Event Preview
     Missing in Action (Unpublished)
     LIA 2: The Bums Lost - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     DUEL UPDATE #2 (Unpublished)
     SiTech MMA Academy Grand Opening (Unpublished)
     HFC 62:Bambele vs Bones.J (Unpublished)
     Revolution Island: Tidal Wave preview by Mister Victorio (Unpublished)

Edition #297, Published on Sep 29, 2016 - Views:499
     UGD 25: Poole v Palmer (Preview)
     Revolution Island: FIGHT NIGHT preview by Mister Victorio
     DUEL#14 Myles vs Juan preview
     Bushido 21: Whyte vs. Hedger 2
     Can a lil scrub from bed sty be a champion?
     Island Icons Preview
     Bravado 13: Moors vs Kopp - Official Review

Edition #296, Published on Sep 26, 2016 - Views:371
     LIA 1: This Isn't Vietnam Event Recap
     Rev Island Let's Bang 1 Event Review
     SFC 1 The Rise: Results, Post Fight Conference Highlights
     The Champ is here!
     DFC Mayhem 10 Laston vs McVitie Review
     KTK 4 @ The Island Hard Knocks
     KOFC 2 - Review (Unpublished)
     Honor Fighting Championships Recruiting (Unpublished)
     Bet Online! The LA Bookmaker. (Unpublished)
     Bran New Gym in Amsterdam - Double XX (Unpublished)

Edition #295, Published on Sep 23, 2016 - Views:393
     Rev Island Let's Bang 1 Event Preview
     DFC Las Vegas: The future of MMA
     Generation 40
     "Big Iron" Marty Robbins
     Jack Russell interviews .... Ferdinand Cortes
     LIA 1: This Isn't Vietnam
     Revolution Island Time to Fight Event Preview
     Interview of MMA Fighter Storman Norman
     DFC Sin City 9 Review

Edition #294, Published on Sep 21, 2016 - Views:405
     Official Ascension rankings
     Carnage Eleven - Previews and Predictions
     Poem to my opponent
     LFC to host Junior Master of MMA Tournament
     James "Grizzly" Adams
     RFC 8: Sympathy For the Devil
     Bravado 10: Ritter vs Wildslap - The Late Review
     The Dutch Training Company
     Lebowski Island Achievers Opens

Edition #293, Published on Sep 17, 2016 - Views:521
     Spartan Fighting Championships
     LFC signs a partnership deal with KAISER fightwear
     Super-Sports-Sector Interview with A.J.B
     Talk to Taco
     Hanzo Hasashi Slam RFC’s Matchmaking, Tarly and Cadwallade
     HFC 58
     Buzz Lightyear lands on The Island
     The Noli Evening Show
     Mayhem 10: Laston vs McVitie Preview
     Review: Mayhem 9 Shreve v The Axe (Unpublished)
     DFC 19: Revival (Unpublished)
     The gym (Unpublished)
     Bravado 9: Kitano vs Gracie - Official Review (Unpublished)
     Carnage 10 - Previews and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Icon Fight Night 2 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #292, Published on Sep 13, 2016 - Views:436
     Ryu Musashi
     Taco Stiffy Interviews Kingston Brown
     Tom Mitchell Q&A
     GAMMA: Lan "Aanallein" Mandragoran HOF Induction
     Bravado 8: Pandaa vs Kincaid - Official Review
     Talk to Taco
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Welcome to Knockout FC / KOFC 1 Preview
     DFC: Sin City 8 Prince vs. Wright - Preview & Predictions
     The bros (Unpublished)
     Hellesanme Culguy (Unpublished)
     Bravado 9: Kitano vs Gracie (Unpublished)
     Hardcore Fighting Championship 155 lbs Tournament (title and (Unpublished)

Edition #291, Published on Sep 10, 2016 - Views:434
     Revolution Island Night 1
     Mayhem 9: Shreve Jr vs The Axe Preview
     Soylent Green - You are what you eat!
     LKO Fight Night 10 Preview
     KOFC 1 - First Blood Preview
     Mayhem 8 Review
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Revolution Island Night 1 !
     GAMMA: All time manager listings
     Just Bleed MMA (Unpublished)
     Immortal Kings Gym - Las Vegas Just opened! (Unpublished)
     DUEL#11 Hunter vs Myles preview (Unpublished)

Edition #290, Published on Sep 08, 2016 - Views:370
     MMA Tycoon Hour
     Revolution XC 911 Preview
     RFC 6: Starburst
     LKO Fight Night 9 preview by Mister Victorio
     CFC 392 Preview
     Sin City 7 Lobtov vs. Toole Review
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     LKO19 Refugies Preview
     GAMMA: 2 Managers inducted to our HOF
     The Rise (Unpublished)

Edition #289, Published on Sep 05, 2016 - Views:348
     Mayhem 8 Klein vs. Lahey
     LKO International FW4 Preview
     DUEL#10 Ponjev vs Silver Preview
     Syn 468 Preview
     MMA Tycoon Hour
     Revolution XC 911
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Bravado 8: Pandaa vs Kincaid - Official Preview

Edition #288, Published on Sep 02, 2016 - Views:442
     SYN 468 – Champion vs Champion Main Card Preview and Predi
     LKO18 Massacre Preview
     From Paris with Love
     Judas Sinned signs contract with Krum Koev
     An interview with the first Albino MMA fighter: Joe Casey
     Your first kickboxer
     ICON Fight NIGHT 1
     GAMMA: Managers to be inducted

Edition #287, Published on Aug 27, 2016 - Views:466
     LKO 17: Lockdown preview by Victorio Faber
     Scorpion Calls Out "Fat" Samwell Tarly
     Bravado 6: Bland vs Beefcake � Official Review
     RFC 4: Red Alert brought to us by Hilo’s own Vikai Gear!!!
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Sin City 6: Jaskok vs Teller Preview
     LKO Fight Night 8 Preview
     Revolution XC 5 King of Smack! Review
     LKO FIGHT NIGHT 7 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Event Preview for RXC 5 King of Smack (Unpublished)
     Bushido 16: Champions Collide (Main Card Preview) (Unpublished)
     Laston retains Middleweight Title at DFC (Unpublished)
     DFC Sin City 5 Review (Unpublished)
     title shot (Unpublished)
     SYN 466 - Gravius vs Turpin 2 (Unpublished)
     DFC: Mayhem 7 - Preview & Predictions (Unpublished)
     Sydney Fight Gear - It's Here (Unpublished)

Edition #286, Published on Aug 21, 2016 - Views:1306
     DFC Mayhem 6 Review
     Revolution XC 4 Review
     StrikeForce Union #22
     LKO 16: Rolling Stone preview by Victorio Faber
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Bravado 5: Kincaid vs Browne - Official Review
     DUEL#8 Hunter vs Ragnarsson preview
     Camp Building for GREATNESS (Unpublished)
     Review of RFC 2: No Remorse sponsored by Vikai Gear! (Unpublished)
     new gym (Unpublished)
     HFC 53: Klimov vs. Ranieri (Unpublished)
     Road Ahead (Unpublished)
     Road to the ring (Unpublished)
     On a Roll (Unpublished)
     Bushido 15: Road to the Ring (Unpublished)
     Bravado 6: Bland vs Beefcake Official Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #285, Published on Aug 13, 2016 - Views:695
     Las Vegas DFC Does Not Fit The Mold
     Revolution XC 4
     Rookie Fighter Announces Retirement Several Years Early
     GAMMA: Renan St Juste HOF Induction
     Bravado 4: Gracie v Krustofski - Official Review
     LKO15 Ressurrection Preview
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Ninja Update
     DFC: Mayhem 5 - Preview & Predictions
     StrikeForce Union #21 (Unpublished)
     Honor Fighting Championships (300K+) (Unpublished)

Edition #284, Published on Aug 08, 2016 - Views:608
     GAMMA 569, Hoi vs. Wolek Review
     Revolution XC 3 Review
     SWAT raid MMA fighter's apartment...nothing found
     Matt Quin Q&A
     GAMMA: New poster designer
     DUEL#7 Parker vs Ponjev preview
     Jay's Tycoon Tips
     Knockout FC (300K+): Here to Take Over
     Bravado 4: Gracie v Krustofski - Official Preview
     Las Vegas Riots postpone Mayhem 3 (Unpublished)
     LKO14 Armagedon Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #283, Published on Aug 03, 2016 - Views:562
     Sexual Assault Attack turns Jacob Bryan into MMA fighter
     HFC 51: Aburahimov vs. Mahones
     DUEL#6 Xezeron vs Longshanks by Number
     StrikeForce Union #20
     GAMMA: Matt Quinn Interview
     Chainsaw Q&A
     Bravado 3: Brown vs Dimotroglu - Official Review
     Revolution XC 2 Review
     LKO Fight Night 6 Preview
     DUEL#2 Two Fight Two Champions review (Unpublished)
     DUEL#5 Tattum vs Hunter preview (Unpublished)
     LKO13 Belive Preview (Unpublished)
     Bravado 3: Brown vs Dimotroglu - Official Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #282, Published on Jul 29, 2016 - Views:582
     Revolution XC 1
     LKO 12: Debaser preview by Victorio Faber
     FWC 18 Preview
     GAMMA: Ravi Shankoli Interview
     Bravado Productions 1 - Long Winded Event Review
     DFC: Mayhem 3 - Preview and Predictions
     LKO 11: Anaconda preview by Victorio Faber (Unpublished)

Edition #281, Published on Jul 27, 2016 - Views:764
     My Way, A Male Stripper Story
     HFC 50: Yamamoto vs. Capuchin
     LKO Fight Night 5 Preview
     Drama Infolds Before Main Event of Casino Champions
     GAMMA: We broke a few records
     LKO FN4 Review
     Matt Quin Q&A
     First ever LKO Champion
     How To Make Money Off Of Mixed Martial Arts
     GAMMA 568: Richards vs Stoppers Review (Unpublished)
     SP ICON: The Calm Before The Storm Prediction (Unpublished)
     Carnage Four Preview (Unpublished)
     DUEL#4 Parker vs Bentner (Unpublished)
     DFC Fight Night 2 - Preview & Predictions (Unpublished)
     United Blood 6: Bad Brains (Unpublished)
     Bushido 11 preview (Unpublished)
     DFC: DFC: Sin City 1 - Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)

Edition #280, Published on Jul 16, 2016 - Views:700
     GAMMA: Interview Toni Eerkilaa
     MMA Fighter Neil Murray arrested in Las Vegas Night Club
     Bipolor Opposite - Living the dream
     Bravado Productions 1 - Main Event Preview
     CATCH!!!-KO-2 Preview and Predictions
     DFC: Mayhem 1.5 - Preview and Predictions
     GAMMA 567 Review
     DUEL#3 Xezeron vs Williams preview
     LKO International FW 2 preview by Victorio Faber (Unpublished)
     DUEL#2 Two Fight Two Champions preview (undercard) (Unpublished)
     BBP Fight Night - Las Vegas Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     SFC FN 2 (Unpublished)
     DFC Showtime 5 RESULTS (Unpublished)

Edition #279, Published on Jul 06, 2016 - Views:691
     DUEL#2 Two Fight Two Champions preview
     DUEL News#1
     Warren Peace makes a return
     Jack Johnson Intro
     GAMMA: New HOF induction
     HFC 46: Max vs. Kristoffer Review
     TK-2 preview
     DFC 10: Koreshkov vs. Choo RESULTS (Unpublished)

Edition #278, Published on Jul 03, 2016 - Views:402
     LKO6 The Great Opening Preview
      G#27 - Stolt vs Allen - Main card preview
     United Blood 4: Wake the Dead
     LKO7 The Legends Preview
     GAMMA: Interview Ed Generro
     HFC 47: Capuchin vs. Michael
     BBP 3 - Las Vegas Preview and Predictions
     fastlyne fighting (Unpublished)
     A First for Everything (Unpublished)
     Rumours in Tokyo (Unpublished)

Edition #277, Published on Jun 29, 2016 - Views:470
     HFC 46: Max vs. Kristoffer
     GAMMA: 566 - Jordan vs Touret REVIEW
      MMA Fighter Jake "The Talent" Belcher
     DFC 10: Koreshkov vs. Choo PREVIEW
     Ukko Metso

Edition #276, Published on Jun 27, 2016 - Views:298
     GAMMA: "The WarWagon" Jt Colossus Retires
     GAMMA MT 9 - Event Finalised
     Highland Island World 5 - Finale
     Seasons End
     GAMMA: Top HOF candidates
     DFC Showtime 4 RESULTS

Edition #275, Published on Jun 24, 2016 - Views:448
     LKO4 Preview
     LKO5 Rehearsal
     Tapio Sammalkorpi
     Conor McGregor
     Peter Potter
     The view
     EMPIRE 1: Parkers vs. Chambers
     Official Sponsor (Unpublished)
     Fight (Unpublished)

Edition #274, Published on Jun 23, 2016 - Views:398
     EVO 251 Preview
     Bushido 7: Zhang vs. Westerberg (Main Card Preview)
     Syn 452 Preview
     GAMMA 565 Review
     LKO Fight Night 2 Preview

Edition #273, Published on Jun 21, 2016 - Views:414
     Willy Stoppers Interview
     Island Combat 5 Preview
     Fear is Dangerous
     Interview with the owner
     New org rocks Las Vegas
     Battlezone Fighting Championships 1
     FastLyne fighting new York (Unpublished)
     Anxious Fighter (Unpublished)
     DFC Showtime 3 RESULTS (Unpublished)

Edition #272, Published on Jun 18, 2016 - Views:406
     LKO2 Unexpected Preview
     Nothing to Lose: Mark Hamilton
     LKO4 Trials Event Preview
     ICON Interviews: Moses Ohchooto
     Interview with Carlos "The Ronin" Newton
     New Gym in Montreal!
     Generation #24 - Blake vs Nicu - Main Card Preview
     Pulse FC 30: Chonan vs. Abarai
     World Title Adopted (Unpublished)
     FastLyne fighting (Unpublished)
     DFC Showtime 3 Predictions (Unpublished)

Edition #271, Published on Jun 17, 2016 - Views:429
     Island Combat 3 Review
     GAMMA: Face Kicker HOF Induction
     United Blood 3: Lost In Life (Preview)
     LKO Fight Night 1 Preview
     Braw 4 it All review
     Casino Fight Nights: CFN 3 - Main Event Preview
     Freestyle Kickboxing Federation is Open
     Duel Fighting League
     Island Combat 4 Preview

Edition #269, Published on Jun 14, 2016 - Views:415
     LKO Fight Night 1 Preview
     The First Step
     The Big Game
     Island Combat 3 preview
     Ryans mma elite gym. Elite Coaches and top services
     Carlos "The Ronin" Newton
     Island Combat 2 Review

Edition #268, Published on Jun 12, 2016 - Views:292
     Highland Games 182 - Main Event Preview
      Tapio Sammalkorpi
     Ryans mma elite gym!! New York!
      Jake "The Talent" Belcher
     ICON Interviews: Yngve Stolt talks Generation and More
     DFC 9: Ferreira vs. Luzkhin RESULTS
     StrikeForce # 13 LONDON 11/06/2016 (Unpublished)

Edition #267, Published on Jun 10, 2016 - Views:365
     Casino Fight Nights: CFN 2 - Main Event Preview
     Generation #23 - Koizumi vs Gasaspo
     ~* Trinity *~ T146: Pandemic - Main Event Preview
     United Blood 2: Master Killer (Preview)
     We the best
     Island Combat 2 Preview
     Enrique "The Dragon" Molito

Edition #266, Published on Jun 09, 2016 - Views:418
     GAMMA: Happy Birthday!
     Walton Kunz
     United Blood 2: Master Killer (Preview)
     Island Combat One Review
     LKO1 Unleashed Preview
     Interview with Nate "Chollo Gangsta" Gonzalez
     boco is up and coming (Unpublished)

Edition #265, Published on Jun 05, 2016 - Views:423
     Cold Blooded Review
     Island Combat One
     Bruno Italo
     Hoi flash interview after Page fight.
     DFC 8: Wpierdol vs. Reid PREVIEW
     Island Combat One
     eu (Unpublished)
     Top manager (Unpublished)

Edition #264, Published on Jun 01, 2016 - Views:498
     High Voltage Preview
     7-0men Thorn keeps Title
     G #21 Boagrius vs Mcgillicutty - Main Card Preview
     GAMMA: Jack Burton TWGC winner
      Compat 1: Goldrush Preview

Edition #263, Published on May 28, 2016 - Views:549
     Nate 'Cholo Gangsta' Gonzalez "Closed Mouth Don't Get Fed"
     ~* Trinity *~ T145 London Main Event Preview
     StrikeForce Union #12
     Highland Games 178 - Main Event Preview
     G #20 Main Card Preview
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 51: Unnamed
     DFC Showtime 2 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     We the best (3747) (Unpublished)

Edition #262, Published on May 22, 2016 - Views:497
     ROTR 1: Pilot Review
      Conrad "The Joker" Mcgillicutty
     Cold Blooded Preview
     2016’s top paid MMA fighters
     DFC 7: Koreshkov vs. Dahlen RESULTS
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 50: Ramazanov - J (Unpublished)
     Gym for the young (Unpublished)
     New to this game (Unpublished)

Edition #261, Published on May 19, 2016 - Views:519
     Generation X treme Review
     ICON Interviews: Viv Richards talks SP-ICON, Lester Jangles,
     Fabian Hoi
     MMA Tycoon Game Updates and More
     Chainsaw Q&A
     HFC 40[Boom]:Volkov vs Nazari
     Syn 442 Preview
     Frank Reilly Q&A
     Beast Mode Athletics
     Syn 441 Preview (Unpublished)
     DFC 6: Adams vs. Senna RESULTS (Unpublished)
     KOTB 45: Metralhadora! Main Card Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #259, Published on May 13, 2016 - Views:759
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 39: Hapitchou - M
     GAMMA: Fabian Hoi Interview
     Casino Fight Nights: The Premiere You Can't Miss
     War Dawg "LT"
     Ahsan Hamed on ROV Lightweight title defense
     Benga Banga "BungaBunga"
     GAMMA: Yearly statistical update
     SP-ICON: MARSHAL VS ONCHOOTO Preview and Predictions
     WARLORDS REVIEW (Unpublished)
     Urban Fighter is back (Unpublished)
     enjoy :) (Unpublished)
     HFC 36:Tarasov VS Nonu (Unpublished)
     Preview of the Prewiew Thanks to Hoarse Whisperer (Unpublished)
     ''JUMPER'' FIJI NAKAMURA (Unpublished)
     New TV show DFC Showtime and predictions for the upcoming fi (Unpublished)
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventure - UPF 48: Jones Vs. Sumn (Unpublished)
     Organizations Hold Signing War for Fray Bentos' Contract (Unpublished)
     DFC Showtime 1 RESULTS (Unpublished)
     Team Fightmaster Vol 2 (Unpublished)
     Bushido 1: Jones vs Seung-Jin (Unpublished)
     DFC 6: Adams vs. Senna PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #258, Published on May 03, 2016 - Views:901
     Casino Fight Night's Fighter Interview
     Interview with Mamado
     Casino Fight Night's Fighter Interview
     Nero Padilla interview
     Bloodlust Horde Fightwear

Edition #257, Published on May 01, 2016 - Views:425
     Thorn Retains Title
     warlords preview
     IAN McGEE
     Code of Honor
     DFC 5: Pauletty vs. Adams RESULTS
     Royce Disgrace
     My tycoon experience and advize so far
     Johnny "Sky" Walker (Unpublished)

Edition #256, Published on Apr 30, 2016 - Views:393
     GAMMA #555 Jordan v Slevin (851593) - PREVIEW
     USFC 115 Preview
     Ultimate Fighter Club

Edition #255, Published on Apr 29, 2016 - Views:330
     Knockout Clothing
     Ray and Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 47: Wayne Vs. H
     Andrey "Gold" Lobtov
     Former #1 P4P king
     Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Edition #254, Published on Apr 28, 2016 - Views:349
     GAMMA #554 Siblas v Stoppers - PREVIEW
     TOP DOG Review
     Generation X treme preview
     First Title Defense
     DFC 5: Pauletty vs. Adams PREVIEW

Edition #253, Published on Apr 26, 2016 - Views:401
     The Unbeatable Countryman
     Senko Earns Another Championship Belt on the Eve of His 36th
     Fighter spotlight
     Ray and Jay's Return
     Fighter spotlight
     Islanf FC 24 preview
     GFC4 preview
     StrikeForce Union #10
     Island FC 23 Review

Edition #252, Published on Apr 25, 2016 - Views:370
     GAMMA #537 REVIEW
     ISLAND FC 23 Preview
     Miesha Tate
      Hop Sing "Hyun Ae" Jung
     Infinity: Team Fightmaster

Edition #251, Published on Apr 24, 2016 - Views:351
     SHOW ME Review
     Sam Crow
     GAMMA: Snuka inducted to HOF
      Fighter spotlight
     New Public Gym in LA! HardDrive MMA
     Fighter spotlight
     SHOW ME Preview

Edition #250, Published on Apr 21, 2016 - Views:408
     GAMMA #553 Boma v Tahuna - PREVIEW
     Brian interview #2
     Sovereignty Now Promoting Fights
     SP-ICON: Hoo vs Adams Preview and Predictions

Edition #249, Published on Apr 20, 2016 - Views:384
     GAMMA: New event partner
     Bushido: The Samurai Code
     Brian interview #1
     I-Fight Demonic Returns
     Introduction into UPF's Hall of Fame
     Walking Dead Attacking Middleweight Division
     There will be Blood review
     Why We Play

Edition #248, Published on Apr 16, 2016 - Views:429
     Island FC 21 Review
     HFC 31
     GAMMA: New writer
     Lumpinee 13 Preview
     Ottis "The Countryman" Toole Jr
     World Class Elite
     StrikeForce Union #9
     HFC 32

Edition #247, Published on Apr 13, 2016 - Views:493
     USFC 112
     GAMMA #552 Juste v Williams - PREVIEW
      SVR 1 Preview 2 weeks out from the fight
     He have a Dream!
     USFC 111
     Island FC 20 REVIEW
     Omega comes to N.Y.C.
     Lumpinee 12 preview
     AFC1 Preview
     DFC 4: Koreshkov vs. Lennon RESULTS (Unpublished)

Edition #246, Published on Apr 08, 2016 - Views:573
     GAMMA #538 Bateman v Pullo - REVIEW
     The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
     The Omen Era Begins
     Nikita Astakhov gets into a street fight
     Andrew Knights' promising stable
     Island FC 16 (late) Review
     LEGACY 63 Event Preview
     GAMMA #551 Richards v Bennet - PREVIEW

Edition #245, Published on Apr 06, 2016 - Views:425
     GAMMA #550 Hun v Siblas - PREVIEW
     Zui Quan "Drunken Fist" Tso
      Alexander Vermeer /*Ryan Hunt
     Lumpinee 11 Post-Fight Conference
     ISLAND FC 19
     GAMMA: 549

Edition #244, Published on Apr 02, 2016 - Views:543
     VTFC: Proving Grounds 1 Preview
     Arena Fighting Championship
     Lumpinee 11 preview
     135lbs Superfight! - KOTB 39: Ouro (Preview)
     Aldo gets a win in his first fight
     LEGACY! 62 Event Preview
     ISLAND KOMBAT 3 Review
     Lumpinee 11 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #243, Published on Mar 30, 2016 - Views:346
     BHP Clothing
     ISLAND KOMBAT 2 Review
      Peter "The Barberian" Potter
     HFC29 Preview
     Post-Fight Conference: Lumpinee 10
      Jesse "The Karate Nerd" Enkamp
     Infinity: Indestructible Preview
     GAMMA #549 Slevin v Touret - PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #242, Published on Mar 27, 2016 - Views:332
     ISLAND KOMBAT 1 Review
     Fight and Furious Preview
     Island Fights 2 Review
     Lumpinee 10 Preview
     Island FC 14 Review
     NYBD 1:Tate VS Tootle Jr Preview

Edition #241, Published on Mar 26, 2016 - Views:395
     GAMMA: "Combat" Sambo Rambo Interview
     IFC Challengers 2 Preview
     GAMMA: Poster designs
     HFC 28:Tripplet vs Will Wester Preview
     A Gangster Story
     Post-Fight Conference: Lumpinee 9

Edition #240, Published on Mar 22, 2016 - Views:385
     GAMMA #537 REVIEW - Gunnar vs Hun
     Highland Island 21 Preview
     Pitt Nutrition comes to Rio!
     Sully's Lumpinee 9 preview
     Island FC 15 Review

Edition #239, Published on Mar 19, 2016 - Views:468
     VTFC 1: New Breed Preview
     Diode Looking Good as Ever at 35
     Fight Factory Opens in Montreal
     GAMMA: Stelio Kontos Interview
     ISLAND FC RUMOR MILL With JAY and Mamado
     Of the Nights (Great Event)
     ISLAND FIGHTS 2 Preview
     Nutrition in Montreal

Edition #238, Published on Mar 18, 2016 - Views:379
     GAMMA: Muay Thai
     Post-Fight Conference: Lumpinee 8
     Battle of The Scrubs
     Primal #15
     DFC 3: Koreshkov vs. Champ PREVIEW
     Ma A "the unstoppable" Nonu
     VTFC: Proving Grounds 1
     Afonso Cabral The King of the Kings

Edition #237, Published on Mar 14, 2016 - Views:505
     HFC26:Tarasov vs Robinson
     ISLAND FIGHTS: Jung vs. Maksim Preview
     SKULL ISLAND 2 Review
     GKNY 58 - Brewer V Saukko - Preview
     Infinity's Helsinki Middleweight Dante Datsik Interview
     KOTB 36: Engolir Sapos (Preview)
     The Black Sheep Of (Dis)Gracie Family
     Infinity: Freedom vs Harris Preview

Edition #236, Published on Mar 11, 2016 - Views:429
     GAMMA #536 - Slevin v Lan - Review
     SP-ICON: Major Press Confrence
     The Filipino Fighter
     The Nuclear Hands From Fukushima
     KT coming back to Vegas

Edition #235, Published on Mar 10, 2016 - Views:407
     Primal #14 Preview
     Highland Island 19 Preview
      StrikeForce Union #5
     Skull Island 2: Dum vs. Potter Preview
     Incredible Interviews: Alexander Orlov
     HFC 25:Mayflower vs Zorrander
     SP-ICON: Media Scrum #2
     VTFC 1: New Breed

Edition #234, Published on Mar 08, 2016 - Views:403
     War Dawg "LT"
     Island Kings: Pr3view
     FW Title Tournament "Semi Finals Preview"
     GAMMA: Hell "Centaurus" Rose Interview
     Lumpinee 8 Preview
     On the Rise

Edition #233, Published on Mar 05, 2016 - Views:476
     GAMMA: Mitch "Mauler" Mason Interview
     Preview � RCG PPV 1: Kristoffer vs Stein
     The Debut of Stu Peed
     Vale Tudo Fight Club: Open for Business!
     Rio Chain Gang Selects Tupa Dufu as "Bad Boy of the Month"
     ISLAND FC 14: Tate vs. Roscoe
     SiTech MMA Academy Grand Opening
     The Loser Wins Big (Unpublished)
     DFC 2: Pauletty vs. Yool PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #232, Published on Mar 02, 2016 - Views:445
     SKULL ISLAND: The Preview
     The Foundry
     Rocco Mediate Profile ahead of massive Hardacre fight
     Fabian Hoi vs Lil Wayne 2
     GKNY 55 Preview
     Press Conference: Co-Owner #2 Announcement
     Lee Way for the No Way (Unpublished)
     BetaCore... New enterprise in Las Vegas? (Unpublished)
     HFC 24:Klimov vs Nemkov 3 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #231, Published on Mar 01, 2016 - Views:423
     HFC 23:Ogar vs Volkov Preview
     Post-Fight Conference: Junior Grand Master of KT 2 (Round 1)
     Syn presents: Middleweight Mania
     ISLAND KINGS Review
     Infinity: HW Semi Finals Preview
     Meet 'Dynamite' Kantaro Hoshino
     review highland island 13
     GKNY 55: Gilly V McKenzie - Preview
     DCF Fight Night #6 Preview

Edition #230, Published on Feb 26, 2016 - Views:419
     Island Kings Preview
     Highland Games 13 Preview
     FWC Fight Night 1 Preview
     Infinity : Destiny Preview
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 39: Hipatchou Vs.
     Highland Island 13 Review
     Island FC 13 Review

Edition #229, Published on Feb 24, 2016 - Views:376
     Highland Island 12 Review
     IFC 13 Preview
     McCann's Men
     An evening with Just Credible: Guest Moses Ohchooto
     StrikeForce Union #4
     GAMMA: Best of all time
     DFC 1: Krump vs. Yool RESULTS

Edition #228, Published on Feb 23, 2016 - Views:347
     Highland Island 11 Review
     IFC Fight Night 1 Review
     Infinity Lightweight Title Tournament Semi Finals Preview
     Fabian Hoi interview
     Press Conference: Co-Owner Announcement
     The Kid who went the extra mile
     Island FC 12 Review

Edition #227, Published on Feb 20, 2016 - Views:470
     Hello, Can You Hear Me?
     LEGACY! 50 Event Preview
     GAMMA #534 - REVIEW
     Ray & Jay's Bogus MMA Interview - PePe Hipatchou
     Preview - RCG 12: De Houtman vs Pyy
     Island FC 11 Review
     smooth Benson Henderson
     The Grinder's poem to Vakarchuk
     FWC 4 Preview

Edition #225, Published on Feb 18, 2016 - Views:574
     GAMMA #533 Utu v Bateman REVIEW
     HFC 22:Bronson vs Hamed preview
     Sir Steel Pen
     IFC 12: Preview
     Start of a Dynasty: First ever ICON Interview
     Primal #11 Preview
     SP-ICON Media Scrum Announcement
     LEGACY! 49 Event Preview
     USFC 100 Preview

Edition #224, Published on Feb 16, 2016 - Views:389
     GAMMA: Ender Wiggin makes the HOF
     Island FC 11 Preview
     Hughes MMA Academy Grand Opening
     StrikeForce Union #3
     Thomas "Tomo" Maloney
     Infinity Welterweight Title Tournament Opening Round
     Ray & Jay's Excellent Late MMA Adventures - UPF 38: Better L
     SP-ICON Preview
     Island FC 10 Review

Edition #223, Published on Feb 13, 2016 - Views:304
     Primal 10 - Preview
     Island FC 8 Review
     Madness at the Factory
     LEGACY! 46 Event Preview
     Profile of a Madman
     Infinity Light Heavyweight Title Tournament
     Island FC 9 Review
     LEGACY! 47 Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #222, Published on Feb 10, 2016 - Views:417
      KOTB 31 Lindo Maravilhoso (Review)
     Infinity F/W Tournament RND 1
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 37: Michael Vs. B
     Island FC Fight Night 1
     Island FC 9 Flash preview
      MMA Tycoon has lost a legend!

Edition #221, Published on Feb 05, 2016 - Views:471
     Rio Chain Gang selects Jumbo Mambo as “Bad Boy” of the M
     Island FC 7 Review
     Feed'em to the lions
     GAMMA #532 Gunnar v Padilla REVIEW - 1.16.2016
     Jay and Ray invade RCG
     LEGACY! 45 Event Preview
     Steel Penn: Official Profile of the King of ICON Alliance
     LEGACY! 46 Event Preview
     L.A.C.A. 1 - Championship! Preview

Edition #220, Published on Feb 02, 2016 - Views:354
     UPF has Proud Champions
     Totenkoph Supplements Open For Business
     UPF Underground
     A day with "The Sicilian Devil"
     Island FC 6 Review
     UFC 196 Injury

Edition #219, Published on Jan 29, 2016 - Views:454
     Convicted Weather Report 2
     Stand off ends in tragedy at RCG
     My Story Starts Here
     SP-ICON Insiders
     GAMMA: HOF Criteria
     IFC 7 Preview By: Justin Credible
     Primal 8 - Preview
     LEGACY! 43 Event Preview
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures: UPF 36: Fukumatsu Vs.
     Primal FN 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     DCF Welterweight Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #218, Published on Jan 25, 2016 - Views:372
     Convicted Weather Report: Rousey, Dino, Qlimax
     GAMMA: Award winners
     Infinity Heavyweight Title Tournament Opening Round
     Double Clash
     DFC Under New Management
     Primal 7 Preview
     Island FC
     Bet 24/7 is OPen for Business
     Dignity Fighting Championship
     USFC 93 & 94 Previews! (Unpublished)

Edition #217, Published on Jan 21, 2016 - Views:443
     IFC 4 Preview
     Corey "The Grave" Mitchell
     VCL GYM
     LEGACY! 41 Event Preview
     BAMF Island 1 Kicks off!!!
     LEGACY! 42 Event Preview
     Island FC 5 Preview
     Preview - RCG 7: Alsop vs Ford
     My Story Starts Here

Edition #216, Published on Jan 19, 2016 - Views:337
     Dickie Dirty
     Let's talk MMA
     Rio Chain Gang - Records outside the cage
     Event Preview - RCG 6: Kettu vs Jenkinson
     Infinity LW Title Tournament
     Matt Quin Q&A
     Island FC 1 Aftermath
     UFC Fight Night 81: Dillashaw vs Cruz (Unpublished)

Edition #215, Published on Jan 16, 2016 - Views:423
     KOTB 25: Tretar (Review)
     Primal #6 - Preview
     Infinity MW Tournament Rd.1 Preview
     StrikeForce Union #1
     CEC Preview by Wolf
     LEGACY! 39 Event Preview
     UPF 34: Kordic Vs. Bum
     Island FC 3: Preview
     GAMMA Gosspip #51 DecemberReview

Edition #214, Published on Jan 12, 2016 - Views:478
     Conor McGregor given green light to fight for a second UFC w
     Primal FN 2
     GFFC 1:Joey VS Li Preview!
     Kira Miyata Q&A
     Rio Chain Gang Selects Yngve Stolt as Bad Boy for Dec
     Dickie Dirty

Edition #213, Published on Jan 09, 2016 - Views:454
     Island FC 2 Preview
     KOTB 24: Demorou! (Review)
     Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures: UPF 33: Batman Vs. Mas
     Legacy! 38 Event Preview!
     Review - RCG 4: Hungover
     SP-ICON: Pullo V.S. Benvenuti
     LEGACY! 37 Event Preview

Edition #212, Published on Jan 06, 2016 - Views:377
     Cezar "Anaconda" Afonso
     Mark Corden Q&A
     Forsaken Champion!
     Island FC 1: Preview
     UPF 32: Clegane Vs. De Vries Review
     Primal #5 preview
     Rain FC A new fight org in London

Edition #211, Published on Jan 01, 2016 - Views:511
     Dickie Dirty
     Highland Games 138 Event Preview
     Charles Crawley Q&A
     KOTB 23: Cafetão
     USFC 90
     Event Preview
     An Interview With Alexander Orlov
     LEGACY! 36 Event Preview
     LEGACY! 35 Event Preview
     StrikeForce Union (Unpublished)

Edition #210, Published on Dec 30, 2015 - Views:421
     GAMMA: Year awards
     Syn 408 - Olympics Finals
     No Mercy 001- It Begins Preview
     Divock Origi
     Early success for Travellin' Joe
     Ranky Scoprion: The Man,The Myth, The Legend
     No Mercy MMA's First Event Preview

Edition #209, Published on Dec 26, 2015 - Views:493
     Syn 407: Hell is home
     Slaughterhouse 11 Recap
     Rambo v. White event preview
     Syn City Betting
     War Dawg
     Michal "The rebel wthout a clue" Korek
     Divock "Belgian Beast" Origi

Edition #208, Published on Dec 25, 2015 - Views:410
     KOTB 22: Gloria (Review)
     Out With The Old, In With The New
     Travellin' Joe
     Slaughterhouse 9 Review
     Causing Havoc 44 preview by Sam Preston (Noah1212)
     LEGACY! 34 Event Preview
     Slaughterhouse 10 Review

Edition #207, Published on Dec 22, 2015 - Views:378
     Slaughterhouse Fight Night 2 Review
     KOTB 21: Incrivel (Review)
     Ultimate Pit Fighting
     Rio Chain Gang "Explodes Onto Scene"
     AD321: Pray For Paris
     LEGACY! 33 Event Preview
     Big things coming to Hilo

Edition #206, Published on Dec 19, 2015 - Views:429
     KOTB 20: Combate (Review)
     Slaughterhouse 8 Review
     Primal #2 Preview
     Conrad Mcgillicutty
     USFC 86
     KOTB 22: Gloria (Preview)
     DCF Fight Night #1 Preview
     Org guide for noobs
     LEGACY! 32 Event Preview
     Slaughterhouse 11 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #205, Published on Dec 13, 2015 - Views:508
     KOTB 21: Incrivel (Preview)
     Slaughterhouse 10 Preview
     GAMMA: New event partner
     Rio Chain Gang offices raided – Fighters detained
     Ultimate Pit Fighting in Hilo
      RCG 1: Trouble in Rio – Review
     GAMMA: Top fighter nominations
     Slaughterhouse Fight Night 2 Preview
     Ray and Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 29: Wayne Vs. A
     Prestige FC 44: New Year Eve! (Unpublished)

Edition #204, Published on Dec 05, 2015 - Views:605
     KOTB 20: Combate (Preview)
     GAMMA Gosspip #50 November Review
     "The Anger" Has Taken Frankie Drake Places
     Slaughterhouse 9 Preview
     Slaughterhouse Fight Night 1 Review
     USFC 83 preview by Victorio Faber
     RFC 10

Edition #203, Published on Dec 02, 2015 - Views:500
     Slaughterhouse 8 Preview
     HFC 11:Filipovic vs Mayflower preview.
     INTERPOL opens investigation in Rio Chain Gang
     Slaughterhouse 7 Review
     MMA, The Sport Giant
     Primal #1
     KOTB 19: Guarda Aranha (Review)

Edition #202, Published on Nov 26, 2015 - Views:551
     USFC 82 Preview by Victorio Faber
     Slaughterhouse FC
     Divock Origi
     RFC 9 Review
     KOTB 18: Chapado (Review)
     Ray and Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 27: Ramazanov V
     Khabib Raisov (Unpublished)

Edition #201, Published on Nov 21, 2015 - Views:550
     KOTB 17: Nossa! (Review)
     RSF 1 - Ambition preview by Reiss Christie.
     Tycoon Olympics
     KOTB 18: Chapado (Preview)
     New one in Las Vegas
     USFC 81 Preview by Victorio Faber
     RFC 8

Edition #200, Published on Nov 17, 2015 - Views:513
     RFC 7 Review
     The Bad Boys of MMA Are Banding Together
     Slaughterhouse 7 Preview
     Island Warriors Gym Opens
     VCL Invades Rio
     A Year in Business

Edition #199, Published on Nov 14, 2015 - Views:424
     KOTB 17: Nossa! (Preview)
     Chris Karter Interview (KOTB)
     Eraser Head
     Slaughterhouse 6 Review
     Augusto Azevedo Interview (KOTB)
     Quick Review of UPF Wednesday Night Fights 13
     Ray and Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 25: Korek Vs Bu
     "next FILIPINO icon" (Unpublished)

Edition #198, Published on Nov 12, 2015 - Views:456
     Ray and Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF 24: Clegane Vs.
     RFC 6 - Flat Lined
     KOTB 16: Gringo (Review)
     Starting Over
     Ranky Scorpion
     Wurundjeri FIght Club
     RFC 6 (Unpublished)

Edition #197, Published on Nov 07, 2015 - Views:497
     Highland Games 125 Preview
     KOTB 16: Gringo (Preview)
     NYFN : Cedric Murphy
     USFC 78
     Rising Phenom
     Max Octan Fightwear
      Slaughterhouse 6

Edition #196, Published on Nov 04, 2015 - Views:459
     Highland Games 124 Preview
     KOTB Interview with Ezekiel Puchowski
     KOTB Interview with James La Grande
     GAMMA Gosspip #49
     KOTB 15: Dia dos Fiéis Defunto (Review)
     RFC 4 = Heating Up
     Ray and Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures - UPF23: Batman vs Th
     SP-ICON 260
     SP-ICON Fight Night 23

Edition #195, Published on Oct 30, 2015 - Views:529
     KOTB 14: Bicho (Review)
     Rehab Fighting Championship 3 Review
     Slaughterhouse 5
     KOTB Interview with Murphy MacManus
     SP-ICON 259
     KOTB Interview with Guy Mourtneant
     RFC 4 = Heating Up

Edition #194, Published on Oct 26, 2015 - Views:519
     Lionel Wright Interview (KOTB)
     Seasn Soffman Interview (KOTB)
     MMA - Bloodsport or profound competition?
     Orpheus "Big Guy" Boagrius
     Micheal Alvarez wins the trilogy
     Rising Star - Third Round "YOLO" Romero
     Aggressive Damage champ Ranky Scorpion

Edition #193, Published on Oct 23, 2015 - Views:454
     GAMMA: 3 HOF inductions!
     KOTB 14: Bicho (Preview)
     Ray and Jay's preview of UPF 22: Okunaba Vs. Ramazanov 2
     Rehab Fighting Championship 3
     Slaughterhouse 4
     KOTB 13: Derrubar (Review)
     Canadian Offshore
     RFC 3 (Unpublished)

Edition #192, Published on Oct 19, 2015 - Views:458
     Ryu Musashi interview
     KOTB 12: Péga (Review)
     Junior Grand Master of KT Round 3 Preview
     Conrad "The Joker" Mcgillicutty
     HFC 6: Karlin vs Viaquiro
     Ray and Jay's preview of UPF 21: Popper Vs. Morgan
     Rehab Fighting Championship 2 - Fighter Q&A
     KOTB 13: Derrubar (Preview) (Unpublished)
      Ray and Jay's preview of UPF 21: Popper Vs. Morgan (Unpublished)
     U.P.F 22 Trailer (Unpublished)

Edition #190, Published on Oct 10, 2015 - Views:754
     NY Fight Nights reopening in february 2016 !!!
     TWW News
     KOTB 11: Arrebentar (Review)
     Current Record with-in the UPF as of 2015-10-04
     KOTB 12: Péga (Preview)
     Slaughterhouse FC     presents Slaughterhouse TWO Ther
     Gus (Unpublished)
     TTFC Invades Montreal 24. (Unpublished)
     The Mission Imposible (Unpublished)

Edition #189, Published on Oct 03, 2015 - Views:491
     EVO200: Revelation Now!
     GAMMA Gosspip #48
     KOTB 11: Arrebentar (Preview)
     LEGACY! 15 Event Preview
     KOTB Interview with Guy Mourtneant
     Rehab 1
     KOTB 10: Revanche (Review)
     Rehab 1 Booked! (Unpublished)
     New clothes in the Mohito! (Unpublished)
     Rehab 1 Review (Unpublished)
     Rehab 1 - Review (Unpublished)

Edition #188, Published on Sep 27, 2015 - Views:362
     GAMMA vs Syn
     Fake Last Sunday Preview
     KOTB 10: Revanche (Preview + Interview)
     KOTB 9: Nocuate
     LEGACY! 14 Event Preview
     The Beginning
     THE BEST EVER (Unpublished)
     Enter Shen Senju (Unpublished)
     Wishful Thinking Preview (Unpublished)
     My son (Unpublished)
     Who is really p4p ? (Unpublished)
     Fake Last Sunday Preview (Unpublished)
     LEGACY! 13 Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #186, Published on Sep 19, 2015 - Views:399
     TWW News
     Rehab Fighting Championship - 280k+
     Upstart in Amsterdam
     Fighter of the week
     GAMMA#490 Review
     KOTB 9: Nocuate
     Bobby Bruschia GKNY Debut

Edition #185, Published on Sep 16, 2015 - Views:377
     GAMMA Gosspip #47
     Current Record with-in the UPF as of 2015-09-07
     KOTB 7: Supremo
     Fighter of the week
     Offley's Retirement
     KOTB 8: Porrada
     Too Warm Preview
     KOTB 8: Porrada (Unpublished)

Edition #183, Published on Sep 06, 2015 - Views:545
     UPF 15 Video Preview
     KOTB 6: Estrangulamento (Review)
     GAMMA#489 Steigelmann v Tamias Review
     Fighter of the week
     Nostalgia Preview
     Ryu Musashi
     LEGACY! 9 Event Preview
     KOTB 7 (Preview) (Unpublished)

Edition #181, Published on Aug 30, 2015 - Views:400
     GAMMA#488 LaFontier v Wiggin Review
     Quick Look into UPF 14: Meida Vs Clegane
     Tap Night
     Fighter of the week
     Snowfire Nutrients - Grand Opening!
     Palace of Pain Fight Camp opens NEW GYM in New York (3527)
     Current Record with-in the UPF as of 2015-08-27
     lookin for sponsores or contracts (Unpublished)
     Michael Alvarez wins Featherweight Championship (Unpublished)
     Rico "Fuck'em Up" Kehl (279000) (Unpublished)
     Birth of a legend (Unpublished)
     LEGACY! 8 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#487 Stefans vs Gustavsson Review (Unpublished)
     Tony Romo Signs Fight Contract!!! (Unpublished)
     no (Unpublished)
     KOTB 6: Estrangulamento (Preview) (Unpublished)
     TTFC Page Vs Iron Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #180, Published on Aug 22, 2015 - Views:568
     GAMMA#486 Bateman v Drost Review
     LEGACY! 7 Event Preview
     Fighter of the week
     Interview to the newest mma prospect today
     No Final Bell
     Wimped Out Preview
     KOTB 5: Guerra
     WFC - 28 Preview
     NO 2nd Round? wow ! (Unpublished)
     Wurundjeri Feast Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Invades Montreal 23 (Unpublished)

Edition #178, Published on Aug 15, 2015 - Views:738
     KOTB 4: Evolução
     GAMMA Gossip #46
     Fabian Hoi interview
     Fighter of the week
     MMA Potheads: The chip shit that you need
     Dominating Champions
     UPF Wednesday Night Fights 4 Review by Dale Saw
     Stomp-a-thon 18
     LEGACY! 6 Event Preview
     The Beast Within (Unpublished)
     Conrad Drummond Speaks after valiant loss at Underworld 4 (Unpublished)
     UPF WNF 3 Review (Unpublished)
     Alexy Innokenti (Unpublished)
     LEGACY! 5 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF 11: Bum Vs. Rai (838943) - Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 100 Preview (Unpublished)
     Record Length? (Unpublished)
     KOTB 3: Campeão (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Divock "Belgian Beast " Origi (Unpublished)
     UPF Wednesday Night Fights 5 (838944) - Preview (Unpublished)
     EFFA 128 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #177, Published on Aug 08, 2015 - Views:621
     Charles Crawley Q&A
     The fight just became more exciting: Last Man Standing
     Fighter of the week
     KOTB: Campeão (PREVIEW)
     Insanity 95 Plexico vs Alzate
     Causing Havoc 25 Preview
     Dickie Dirty
     Bantamweight Bonanza
     Official UPF Rankings 4th August (Unpublished)
     UPF10: Thork Vs. Placencia Review (Unpublished)
     Preview EFFA 127 (Unpublished)

Edition #176, Published on Jul 30, 2015 - Views:609
     Syn 372: Leroy Morris vs Charles Martel
     GAMMA#485 Lan v Steigelmann Review
     Stomp-a-thon 19
     Fighter of the week
      The Rise of Havoc
     KOTB 1: Primórdios
     KOTB 2: Recém-chegado
     EFC: Protect Ya Neck
     Fabian Hoi, the norwegian prodigy
     Ignored Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview by Spencer Kilco (Unpublished)

Edition #175, Published on Jul 27, 2015 - Views:469
     SPNY 269: Semerkhet vs Lopez 2
     GAMMA: St Juste v Lewis Smacktalk
     Alexy Innokenti Interview
     Fighter of the week
     Stomp-a-thon 17
     EVO 184: TycoonMania Preview
     EFC: Bad Moon
     Stomp-a-thon 15 (Unpublished)
     USFC 54 and 55 (Unpublished)
     Stomp-a-thon 16 (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 95 Preview (Unpublished)
     LEGACY! 3 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Stomp-a-thon 17 (Unpublished)
     Ignored Preview - The Leftovers (Unpublished)
     UPF 9: Petrie Vs. Lincoln (838736) - Preview (Unpublished)
     USFC 56 and 57 (Unpublished)

Edition #174, Published on Jul 22, 2015 - Views:526
     Conrad Mcgillicutty
     Mick Shaw Q&A
     Sentinel Sparring
     GAMMA#484 Cuenca v Keller Review
     Highland Games’ Past and future
     A quick chat with Mark O'Sullivan
     Micheal Alvarez interview before Featherweight Championship
     GKNY 12 Post fight Interview
     World Combat Games Preview

Edition #173, Published on Jul 19, 2015 - Views:530
     SPNY 267:Holgerson vs Shaw Preview
     Leashed FC #2 Preview
     GAMMA#483 Stefans v Lafontier Review
      P4P Case Study: Arturo "Zico" Atunes
     KOTB 1 (Preview)
     Highland Challenge 14 Preview
     UPF 8: Bum Vs. Grimes (838636) - Preview
     Stomp-a-thon 14
     Hottest Woman Tournament 2 (Unpublished)
     £4£ Presents Instinct's Big Announcement (Unpublished)
     Charles Crawley Q&A (Unpublished)
     KOTB 1: Primórdios (Unpublished)
     USFC 53 (Unpublished)
     EFC: Bad Moon (Unpublished)
     Underdogs Preview #14 (Unpublished)
     Underdogs Preview -The Leftovers (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 94 Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 93 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #172, Published on Jul 13, 2015 - Views:343
     EXECUTIONER: Heads will Roll
     £4£ Case Study: Tony "The Wrecking Ball" Bullard
     Chainsaw Q&A
     AF Continuous
     Sand Everywhere Preview
     Highland Games 92 Preview
     VCC22 Review
     Highland Challenge 12 (kinda) Preview
     Executioner: Lace up!
     Extreme 8 Impact preview added to website (Unpublished)

Edition #171, Published on Jul 10, 2015 - Views:335
     Executioner: Get Chopped
     EMMA: Extreme-7-Impact Preview
     GAMMA expands into new territories
     EFC: Lace Up Preview
     New FIghter
     GKNY 12 Pre Fight Interview with Robert Sito
     Hugh Janus Interview
     VCC 21 REVIEW
     Legacy! 2 Event Preview

Edition #170, Published on Jul 08, 2015 - Views:473
     Conrad Mcgillicutty
     Chong Li Interview
      EFC’s ‘Executioner Get chopped’ Preview.
     Marcin Kowalski Interview
     GAMMA#482 Bateman v Danze Review
     GKNY 11 - 04/07/15
      USFC 52 Preview
     Stomp-a-thon 13

Edition #169, Published on Jul 06, 2015 - Views:366
     Hughtavious Mingo
     Charles Crawley Q&A
     GAMMA#481 Boyko v Iron Review
     MMA fighter Devin Jaqquard
     New Blood FC 1: BW Tournament Preview
     Mick Shaw Q&A
      Stomp-a-thon 12
     "Bored" Preview - The Leftovers

Edition #168, Published on Jul 02, 2015 - Views:588
     EVO inducts Rinky Spider into the Hall of Fame!
     Mick Shaw Q&A
     VCC 20 Review
     Ronda Rousey slams former judo coach in her autobiography
     Preview NACF Fight Night 1.
     Interview of Island fighter King Wong
     Could He Be The Next Big Thing?!
     Legacy! 1 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     The New Boys on the Block (Unpublished)

Edition #167, Published on Jun 29, 2015 - Views:285
     Banished Preview - The Leftovers #8
     GAMMA: 3 HOF inductions!
     Duncan McAlister Q&A
     ROV 35: Blad Blood Review
     Will You Be the King of the Beach?
     Highland Games 88 Preview
     AF Pioneers
     Preview NACF 17 (Unpublished)
     Turka Elyte Is Close (Unpublished)

Edition #166, Published on Jun 25, 2015 - Views:319
     VCC 19 review
     Louis Gordon Interview
     Harvey Danger Interview
     KT Phenom strikes MMA career with UNFC Tokyo
     Who's Next?
     ROV 35: Blad Blood
     GAMMA Kids NY Weekly Report

Edition #165, Published on Jun 22, 2015 - Views:401
     GAMMA#480 Juste vs Wednesday Review
     The Belgian Beast
     Mick Shaw Q&A
     Event Preview
     Dominating Foes
     Highland Games 86 Preview - By Dick Dirkin
     CEC 388 Review
     Does he have it?
     Massimo Benvenuti Interview
     Dave Ysengrin Interview (Unpublished)
     Oliver Dickens Interview (Unpublished)
     Good Day for Swebs (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 85 Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Challenge 7 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #164, Published on Jun 20, 2015 - Views:479
     Lonely Preview #6
     GAMMA#479 Bateman v Gorilla Review
     Four-Twenty Nutrition Opens Its Doors
     UPF 3: Total Domination - 6-13-15 - Hard Knocks Arena - Hilo
     Dave Ysengrin Interview
     In-Ya-Face Sports invades Palace of Pain fight camp
     Fred Aslop Interview
     Highland Challenge 6 Review
     Highland Challengers 5 Review
     Highland Challenge 6 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #163, Published on Jun 17, 2015 - Views:585
     Luigi "The Green Plumber" Bates
     Highland Games 84 Review
     ROV 33 Review
     ALL ALONE Preview
     Mel Gordon Interview
     Inside The UPF - Mustafiq Rana
     Charles Crawley Interview
     In-Ya-Face Sports invades Palace of Pain fight camp
     LFC#1 Opening Day Review (Unpublished)

Edition #162, Published on Jun 15, 2015 - Views:501
     Stomp-a-thon 11
     Michael Alvarez scores a KO at ROV 33
     Insanity 91 Recap
     Who Cares! The Leftovers Preview #4
     GAMMA#478 Curry v Cuenca Review
     UNFC63 Preview: Camacho Vs Mitchell
     Talk About Efficiency
     Phil Hellmuth Jr Interview
     In-Ya-Face Sports invades Palace of Pain fight camp

Edition #161, Published on Jun 13, 2015 - Views:592
     EP 30: The Terrible Thirties
     Street Fight: McKane vs Stormcrow
     The Islands #1 KT fighter
     Highland Games 82 Review
     WC: Wednesday Night Fights 2 Review
     GAMMA#477 Boyko v Beater Review
     Insanity 91: McKane vs Spong
     Review Of UPF TWO: Back In Business
     UNFC61: Mayday strikes a judges nod

Edition #160, Published on Jun 10, 2015 - Views:532
     The Belgian Beast
     SPNY 261: Lockyer-Mahtisaari 4 Review
     Micheal Alvarez earns a BJJ Blue Belt
     UNFC62: Reznick Vs Page
     In-Ya-Face Sports invades Palace of Pain fight camp
     Arm Collector
     ROV 32 Review
     GAMMA: Happy Birthday!

Edition #159, Published on Jun 08, 2015 - Views:569
     Isolated - #3 Leftovers Preview
     Sandor Clegane Interview
     Stomp-a-thon 10
     Liyak "Bout to Bust" Rhust
     GAMMA Kids New York
     Inside The UPF - Clint Hester
     WC: Wednesday Night Fights 2
     SPNY 261: Lockyer-Mahtisaari 4 Preview

Edition #158, Published on Jun 06, 2015 - Views:532
     EVO 175 - Bloodsport!
     ROV 32 Preview
     GAMMA#476 Yeshua v Juste Review
     UNFC61 Preview: May Vs Hong
     Highland Games 81 Preview
     Highland Challengers 4 Review
     The way of an Olympian
     VCC 17 Preview
     Ozzy McKane interview
     Highland Challenge 4 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #157, Published on Jun 03, 2015 - Views:561
     ROV 31 Review
     Kelly Norbert
     Juan Gomez Interview
     Howard Jeblowme
     Underworld 2 a big hit; 2 new champs
     Okunaba vs Khaan
     Highland Challengers 3 Review
     VCC 16 Preview

Edition #156, Published on Jun 01, 2015 - Views:549
     Nucky McPharson Interview
     UNFC60: Alvarez retains title, now #1 ranked UNFC fighter
     Stomp a thon 9
     Highland Games 79 Review
     PREVIEW #2
     Vladimir “The Bomb” Venger
     WC:24 Head Light Review

Edition #155, Published on May 30, 2015 - Views:450
     Highland Games 78 Review
     "Nobody Loves Me" Preview #1
     Fight of Young Talents
     A Granit Chin was Knocked Out
     D-Day Memorial
     Inside The UPF - Kashmire Gates
     Brock "The Destroyer" Lesnar
     GAMMA: Our best managers of all time
     WC 25: WAR!WORLD COMBAT1 Preview
     Sal Wertviy Interview (Unpublished)

Edition #154, Published on May 28, 2015 - Views:495
     Harvey Danger Interview
     WC: Dirty Boxing 2 Review
     VCC 15 Preview
     UNFC59 Preview: Nicolosi Vs O'Connell
     GAMMA#475 Tamias v Danze Review
     D-Day Memorial at Future Fighting
     Underworld 2 Preview: Ziadouh Vs Tyson
     The fight of year (Unpublished)
     Brock Lesnar (Unpublished)
     Brock Lesnar (Unpublished)
     Underworld 2 Preview: Ziadouh Vs Tyson (Unpublished)

Edition #153, Published on May 26, 2015 - Views:466
     Renato Laranja Interview
     Tight Title Fight
      Stomp a thon 8
     Chris Karter: Tycoon, Super Agent, Fight Master
     Orpheus Boagrius Interview
     Chris "Martyr" Coath
     Brock Lesnar
     Mick Shaw Q&A
     CFA is Back
     VCC 14 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #152, Published on May 24, 2015 - Views:543
     Django "Unchained" Diggs
     Barney Gumble vs Pedro Lazaro
     HOF Inductee
     HMFL 3th Revolution Review
     Juan Jimenez Interview
     GAMMA#474 Curry v Denke Review
     Kazuka Fuujin: son of Japanese MMA legend, Shinichi Fuujin.
     Review of UPF ONE: Grand Re-Opening
     SPI: Helsinki - 21 Review

Edition #151, Published on May 23, 2015 - Views:413
     Dean Sutherland Jnr Drama
     WC 23: Welcome to the Big Show Preview
     Career Breakdown - Michael Alvarez
     AXF '9 Event Preview
     Woody Forrest Interview
     Magnus "Bear" Cross
     Highland Games 77 Preview
     Prestige FC: Short interview with CEO (Unpublished)

Edition #150, Published on May 21, 2015 - Views:529
     3th Revolution preview
     GAMMA: GAMMA#473 Boyko v France Review
     Dean Sutherland Jnr
     MMA Prospect Spotlight
     The Grand Re-Opening of The UPF
     WC: Dirty Boxing 2 Preview
     Contender Spotlight 1: Clinton "Baked Fish" Offley
     SPI: Helsinki - 21 Preview
     Clark Still Eyes KT Greatness

Edition #149, Published on May 19, 2015 - Views:531
     Dean Sutherland Jnr
     'The World's most dominant athlete' - A rebuttal
     World Combat Nation
     Shin Pulverises Goss
     Pride Thrice
     WC: Saturday Night Slam Review
     VCC 14 Preview
     Highland Games 76 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #148, Published on May 16, 2015 - Views:557
     Insanity 87: Pedan v Louis Preview
     WC: Wednesday Night Fights 1 Review
     Highland Challengers 1 Review
     Epicity Productions Proudly Presents: EP 26
     AXF '8 Event Preview
     'The World's Most Dominant Athlete' "
     GAMMA#471 Kenichi v Mandragon Review

Edition #147, Published on May 13, 2015 - Views:419
     Stomp a thon 7
     GAMMA#470 Bennet v Lafontier Review
     WBA IX
     VCC 13
     Stomp a thon 6 Review
     GAMMA#469 Malone v Bateman Review
     WC: Wednesday Night Fights 1 Preview

Edition #146, Published on May 09, 2015 - Views:447
     WC 22: CHAMPIONS preview
     GAMMA#468 Curry v Keller Review
     Stomp-a-thon 1
     BYFC 12: 'Bring On The Gold!!!' Results
     AXF '7 Event Preview
     Jack "The Bottle" Daniels
     Kaos in a can!
     NACF 12 (Unpublished)
     Jack "The Bottle" Daniels (Unpublished)
     Adam Leigh stumbles into fighter management (Unpublished)
     Kaotik Energy Drinks (Unpublished)

Edition #145, Published on May 01, 2015 - Views:522
     Phat Ho
     GAMMA#467 Kenichi v Tamias
     The Story of Hillevi Javri
     WC 21: Mouba vs Roumani
     VCC 11 Preview
     Highland Games 71 Preview
     "The Jester"
     USFC 37 AND IT'S DEMONS (Unpublished)

Edition #144, Published on Apr 24, 2015 - Views:572
     BackYard Fight Club
     Choke ... 030 ... Ayatsuri
     Tommy "twotone" Talons
     VCC 10 Preview
     GAMMA Gossip#45
     WC 20: Look What I Found preview
     WC Champ Chat: Tony Bullard
     Highland Games 69 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #143, Published on Apr 17, 2015 - Views:675
     GAMMA#466 Colossus v Malone Review
     Highland Games 68 Preview
     WC 19: Top of the World preview
     The Life Of Cain Westwood And His Career As A Manager
     AXF '4 Event Preview
     VCC 9 Preview

Edition #142, Published on Apr 11, 2015 - Views:547
     WC 18: Bob vs Fitzgerald preview
     WC Interview: Devin Jaqquard
     Choke ... 029 ... Daryoku
     VCC 8 Preview
     Mick Shaw
     Kane Beckham
     The life of Jack Kraken
     AXF '2 Preview (Unpublished)
     Pachinko Freak (Unpublished)
     Causing Havoc 7 Preview (WHICH INCLUDES LINK) (Unpublished)
     VCC 7 preview (Unpublished)
     Kane Beckham (Unpublished)
     Mohito-New Clothing Company in Vegas (Unpublished)
     Discounts, hurry up! (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 67 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #141, Published on Apr 01, 2015 - Views:722
     WC 17: Mouba vs Jon 3 preview
     VCC 6 Preview
     Mick Shaw Q&A
     GAMMA#465 Benett v Zivic
     Very good start
     Dickie Dirty
     Dissolution More Than Just A Name
     28.03.2015 Future Fighting Event's Preview! (Unpublished)
     Future Fighting XIII: Roshi vs Boyka Preview (Unpublished)
     'My name isDwight and I'm an alcoholic' (Unpublished)
     Ultimate Crisis Federation (Unpublished)

Edition #140, Published on Mar 21, 2015 - Views:780
     GAMMA#463 Kenichi v Carlton 3
     VCC 5 - Event Preview
     World Combat Gym - NY
     Mick Shaw Q&A
     Noob Week
     WC 16: NYC HERE WE GO
     Highland Games 64 Preview
     VCC 5 - Event Preview! (Unpublished)
     SPFT 226 Prefight (Unpublished)
     2 Main Events! (Unpublished)
     AD 265: Now or Never preview (Unpublished)
     GKNY 1 "Big Bang" Preview (Unpublished)
     SPFT 226 (Unpublished)
     LGP 02:Morales#2 vJohnson#12 (Unpublished)

Edition #139, Published on Mar 14, 2015 - Views:492
     Interview with WCC Owner Jayjay Tycooner
     GAMMA#461 Colossus v Lan 3
     Mick Shaw's awakening
     All about getting PRESTIGE
     Sitdown with Doyle Hawk
     Preview for the Mad Hatter tournament R2
     Eskil Eliasson fights for the little guy.
     Choke ... 025 ... Airashii
     SPFT 225 Prefight (Unpublished)
     SPFT 225 Post Fight (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#462 Krystian v Snuka Review (Unpublished)
     Preview for LGP 01:le Dbut (Unpublished)

Edition #138, Published on Mar 04, 2015 - Views:646
     Reports Of My Death ...
     Swedish Invasion?
     SPFT 224
     BYFC 8: Battle of the Bold - Review
     GAMMA#460 Custer v Trudeau 2 Review
     Choke ... 023 ... Gekido
     World Combat Championships: The Big Bang Review
     It's A Fight Nation
     Highland Games 63 Preview (Unpublished)
     Big Night in Hilo! (Unpublished)
     Clothes R'Us offers a range of alluring sexy Kjell T's (Unpublished)

Edition #135, Published on Feb 26, 2015 - Views:750
     A Chat With Buzz Killington
     Choke ... 022 ... Oppai
     New Players
     Karl "Psycho" Roosevelt
     Thrifty Essentials Gym (New York)
     Kane Beckham
     New York Gym On The Rise
     La Grande Promotions
     James Penn Interview
     GAMMA#455 Review (Unpublished)
     ROV 14 review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 55 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 239 Preview (Unpublished)
     BlackStar Fights Presents BSF 3. (Unpublished)
     BYFC 6: New Blood (Preview) (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#456 Gorrila vs Lan Review (Unpublished)
     BYFC 6: New Blood (Review) (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 53 Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview of NACF Tournament Part 1 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#456 Review (Unpublished)
     Choke ... 020 ... Kyoudan (Unpublished)
     Kane Beckham (Unpublished)
     My reaction if i win a very difficult fight (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#459 Curry v Hong 2 Review (Unpublished)
     Karl "Psycho" Roosevelt (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 50 Preview (Unpublished)
     Choke ... 018 ... Koroshiya (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 51 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Rutger, Venturia, Djurdjevic enter HOF (Unpublished)
     TTFC Invades Tokyo 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     USFC's Big Weekend Of Fights (Unpublished)
     Let's Fight! (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 52 Preview (Unpublished)
     BSF 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     World Combat 13: Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     BYFC 7: Let Them Come - Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 56 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#457 Carlton v Kenichi 2 (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 57 Preview (Unpublished)
     Nutrition partner in SPB (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#458 Stein v Boyka Review (Unpublished)
     World Combat 14 Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Sucker Punch Sunday 2 Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Choke ... 021 ... Ketsunoana (Unpublished)

Edition #134, Published on Jan 28, 2015 - Views:1266
     EVO148: Dos Bueno!
     A new organization!
     Bowser Stormcrow EVO Interview
     Divock Origi: On The Attack
     Johnny Fantastic EVO Interview
     Wold Combat Championship – Horrow Show
     USFC 14: Super Saturday
     Leonardo Ferreira EVO Interview
     Thor Skarsgard EVO Interview
     NACF-002 Review (Unpublished)
     Contracts (Unpublished)
     Exclusive interview with EVO newcomer Yuri Hanzzle (Unpublished)
     UNFC 38: Camacho vs. Takayanagi (Unpublished)
     Pwell Debonis (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#454 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #133, Published on Jan 20, 2015 - Views:730
     Highland Games 44 Preview
     GAMMA#453 Sanchez v Snuka Review
     A Farewell to Phil Mcracken
     The story of NY Fight Nights
     World Combat Championship
     Urban Fighter opens in New York
     Bear Bull Elite NOW OPEN
     LS Clothing (Unpublished)
     World Combat 1 (Unpublished)
     UNFC 37: Cortes vs. Paskalev Preview (Unpublished)
     CEC 365 Preview (Unpublished)
     New knock-out King! (Unpublished)
     TTFC Invades LA Olympics (Unpublished)
     DFL III Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     World Combat Presents :Prime time with the Prince (Unpublished)
      world combat 3 preview predictions (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: New record broken (Unpublished)
     Public service announcement (Unpublished)
     The still super heavy weight champion BEF (Unpublished)
     World Combat News (Unpublished)
     Emma-1 Preview (Unpublished)
     World Combat News (Unpublished)
     Preview of NACF-002 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Fighter of the year (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#451 Review (Unpublished)
     preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 42 Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 42 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#452 Renan vs Rutger 2 (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 43 Preview (Unpublished)
     Phil"CM Punk"Brooks (Unpublished)

Edition #132, Published on Dec 15, 2014 - Views:1505
     Highland Games 25 Review
     Ty Semerad Life Story: " Dream High"
     A true Gladiator of SSFC
     GAMMA: Fighter of the year candidates
     T52: Doe vs Muria Review!
     Flair Up Your Body Opens In Rio
     "Second Sight" Preview ...
     GAMMA:Tiki "Smokin" Toke Interview
     The University of Hard Knocks Seeks Seek Students
     Ty Semerad Life Story: " Dream High" (Unpublished)
     IC-1 Ooo vs. Sharp (Unpublished)
     Alcatraz Apparel Company Opens Doors (Unpublished)
     Who is Jeff Chiaro and why do they manage for Jamel Benton (Unpublished)
     Troid Slider Kings VIII Preview! (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 26 Preview (Unpublished)
     Ty Semerad Life Story: " Dream High" (Unpublished)
     TTFC Phichai vs. Milat (Unpublished)
     TTFC Invades Tokyo (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 23 Review (Unpublished)
     T52: Doe vs Muria Preview! (Unpublished)
     World Combat (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 24 Review (Unpublished)
     NEW GYM ''now open'' (Unpublished)
     Dissolution (Unpublished)
     TTFC Invades Montreal 8 (Unpublished)
     FairBet (Unpublished)
     World Combat 1 (Unpublished)
     world combat 1 (Unpublished)
     THE BIG DREAM (Unpublished)
     THE BIG DREAM (Unpublished)
     Afterlife Preview & A Few Word From Dick (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 25 Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 24 Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 23 Review (Unpublished)
     highland games 30 The HULK (Unpublished)
     USFC 3: Night Of Champions (Unpublished)
     USFC 3: Night Of Champions (Unpublished)

Edition #131, Published on Nov 24, 2014 - Views:1015
     USFC 1: Thanksgiving 2014
     TTFC Invades Los Angeles
     GAMMA: Melvin "Dark Seer" Manhoef Intervew
     NYFN 20 : Rynn vs Beast PREVIEW
     The RocknRolla
     TNTF Round 6 Preview!
     T49: Allen vs Damozzi II Preview
     HONOR FC 39 Undisputed Event Review (Unpublished)
     SFC Welteweight Championship - Griffiths vs Lapis 2 (Unpublished)
     ROV 3 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     ROV 3 review (Unpublished)
     USFC 1: Thanksgiving 2014 (Unpublished)
     Dilashaws Domination Ends (Unpublished)

Edition #130, Published on Nov 03, 2014 - Views:927
     GAMMA: Ted Stefans interview
     Darkness 1: The Beginning
     Eddie Kilpatrick Interview
     Ultimate XC
     Pedro Sauer Interiew
     Evander Holyshit Interview
     HONOR FC 38 Payback on PPV Event Review
     Highland Games 7 Review
     UXC WAR Wednesday (Unpublished)
     Help (Unpublished)
     UXC WAR Wednesday preview (Unpublished)
     EVO 124: Absolut EVO Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 3 Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 4 Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 4 (Unpublished)
     " NEXT GENERATION PREVIEW " (Unpublished)
     UFC fighter Chris Weidman rushed to save the life of a Long (Unpublished)
     "Next Generation PREVIEW" (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 5 Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 5 Review (Unpublished)
     Most Violent Fighter (Unpublished)
     Most Violent Fighter Rd 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 38 Payback - Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 38 Payback - Review (Unpublished)
     The rise of Villak "Vig" Martinson (261038) (Unpublished)
     The story of Artur Levchenko (212250) (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 6 Review (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 7 Preview (Unpublished)
     AD236 preview (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 39 Undisputed - Preview (Unpublished)
     Event results (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 39 Undisputed on PPV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 39 Undisputed on PPV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 39 - Undisputed (Review) (Unpublished)

Edition #129, Published on Oct 19, 2014 - Views:1067
     KC's Corner: Top 5 (Retired) Hall of Famers Pt. 2
     ROV 1: The VIolence Begins
     The legend of Ryu"Usami" Musashi
     Preview & Interview of Brett Simmons vs Steve Cox
     Sensei Toni Dojo Biography
     Highland Games 3 Review
     Highland Games 4 Preview
     Countdown to Destiny 70
     Jay Pierre Successfully Defends his 170 pound Title!!! (Unpublished)
     New in London (Unpublished)
     MASTERZ OF MAYHEM (Unpublished)
     ROV 1: The Violence Begins preview (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 3 Review (Unpublished)
     Triumphant return of Dominick Cruz (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 4 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #128, Published on Oct 13, 2014 - Views:671
     Highland Games 3 Preview
     GAMMA Gossip #44
     The story of Alexy Innokenti
     Highland Games 1 Review
     Sensei Toni Dojo
     Preview: NY Fight Nights 14 : Sar vs Kalil
     KAISER's Cross 9
     AVERAGE JOE'S GYM (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     New Kids on the block (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 68 (Unpublished)
     $$$$ (Unpublished)
     The New Master (Unpublished)
     Sensei Yusif Rodrigues newcomers 1st Fight QFC fight : (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 69 (Unpublished)
     Highland Games 2 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #127, Published on Sep 28, 2014 - Views:1092
     WFC 24: Venger vs. Duffy - Public workout
     Valor returns to NYC with all fights ending via TKO/KO
     Russ Rutger #1 in world!
     NEPHEW OF GSP ..Jay Pierre Becomes ECFC 170LB Champ at 21
     NFL Wembley
     SFC 11 Preview by Victorio Faber
     Highland Games 1 Preview + Video
     V-Mask MMA(250k ID res)Looking for fighters
     KC's Corner: Top 5 (Retired) Hall of Famers
     Darkness Fighting Championship
     HONOR FC and Just Fight extend event merchandise partnership (Unpublished)
     "Lucky" Liam's Fight Predictions - PRIDE Cast Away II (Unpublished)
     Ultimate XC 1 Review please go read thanks (Unpublished)
     "Lucky" Liam's Fight Predictions - PRIDE Cast Away III (Unpublished)
     Troid's Next Top Fighter! Round 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 66 (Unpublished)
     Week 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Week 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     "Lucky" Liam's Fight Predictions - PRIDE Cast Away IV (Unpublished)
     Mark "The Kicker" Lenistor (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 67 (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 67 (Unpublished)

Edition #126, Published on Sep 14, 2014 - Views:594
     Sami Bernill Q&A
     HONOR FC 31 Resurgence Event Review
     GAMMA #423 Review
     Bittersweet Symphony: elegy for Kim Figueroa
     Where are they now?
     WFC's Global Ascent
     GAMMA Raz Matazz retirement
     Brett Simmons
     Concepcion Vs Biggs (Unpublished)
     TNTF Round 2 Preview! (Unpublished)
     RPG FC on D-VIS 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Pride KT - The Arrival Preview (Unpublished)
     MAWC (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 64 (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 64 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 30 No Guts, No Glory Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 30 No Guts, No Glory Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 31 Resurgence Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 31 Resurgence Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#427 Preview (Unpublished)
     Dissolution (Unpublished)
     UXC1 (Unpublished)
     NEW GYM! (Unpublished)
     UltimateXC 2 (Unpublished)
     Sully's Fight Predictions - PRIDE: Cast Away (Unpublished)
     Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 65 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 31 Resurgence Event Review (Unpublished)
     Reflection Of Perfection MMA (Unpublished)

Edition #125, Published on Sep 01, 2014 - Views:764
     Altair Creed history
     HONOR FC 29 Throwdown Event Review
     Kira Miyata Q&A
     GAMMA: Dong Ming Pak Interview
     Interview with Boonchu Por Pramuk
     MFN 131: Lemieux vs. Chekhov 2 Review
     The African GSP
     Valhalla Fight Wear - Spotlight and Interview
     Interview with Raoul"The Ghost" De Muerta
     Dynamo FC 4 (Unpublished)
     Nephew of Kimbo, Randy Slice steps into the octagon (Unpublished)
     Troid's Next Top Fighter! Round 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Smith VS Antunes (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 28 High Stakes Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 28 High Stakes Event Review (Unpublished)
     New Book (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 62 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 29 Throwdown Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 29 Throwdown Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#422 Carlton vs Tyson Review (Unpublished)
     MFN 131: Lemieux vs. Chekhov 2 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 29 Throwdown Event Review (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 63 (Unpublished)
     Sully's Bar and Grill (Unpublished)
     RPG FC on STV 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 30 No Guts, No Glory Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 30 No Guts, No Glory Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Tokyo World Class Fighting (Unpublished)

Edition #124, Published on Aug 18, 2014 - Views:643
     Evander Holyshit Q & A
     HONOR FC 27 Boiling Point Event Review
     A New Face in The Business
     GAMMA: Evander Hollyshit Interview
     NGF Weekly Talk Show: Episode 1
     Behind the scenes with Max Matthews
     BAMMA 1 Post Fight Results
     Interview With Mikaiah "Boomstick" Rynn
     GAMMA: Cole River Interview
     MFN 122:Dogu vs Ring (Unpublished)
     GAMMA 418 Post Fight Analysis (Unpublished)
     MFN 122:Dogu vs Ring! Review (Unpublished)
     MFN 123 preview (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warriors 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 26 Summer Showcase Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 26 Summer Showcase Event Review (Unpublished)
     Heroic 169 (Unpublished)
     MFN 125: Thory vs. Jalovaara (Unpublished)
     Behind the scenes with MAx MA (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 60 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 27 Boiling Point Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 27 Boiling Point Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: Hostility 20 (Unpublished)
     18 SECONDS? (Unpublished)
     BAMMA 1 Post-Fight Wrap Up (Unpublished)
     Check Out "Soul Supremacy News" (Unpublished)
     Event Review: Hostility 20 Riggs vs. Stacks (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 27 Boiling Point Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 28 High Stakes Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 28 High Stakes Event Preview (Unpublished)
     RFC Friday Fight Night 2 (Unpublished)
     MFN 128 preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 154 Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 61 (Unpublished)
     HONOR Bookmakers open for business (Unpublished)

Edition #123, Published on Aug 03, 2014 - Views:933
     BAMMA 1 Pre-Fight Analysis
     Faser Coming for TWGC Div 4 Title
     GAMMA: Wonka Interview
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare The Finale Event Review
     DK - Darkness (Low prices)
     The Blunders of Fighter Creation
     Smokeleaf Special from HGH Nutrients
     MFN 118: O Reily vs. Lemieux
     GAMMA: Usain Watts interview
     "Resurrected" (Unpublished)
     RPG FC on STV 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 24 Heatwave Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 24 Heatwave Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     WCSA Tv on WCSA XIV (Unpublished)
     WCSA Tv Presens: WCSA XIV (Unpublished)
     MMATycoon Fighter Hall of Fame (Unpublished)
     T28 Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 58 (Unpublished)
     TTFC Corleone Vs Capwell (Unpublished)
     HFC 8 peview (Unpublished)
     SFC2 Preview & poster (Unpublished)
     NYFN 2: Belson vs De Souza (Unpublished)
     Valhalla, questionable business practices. (Unpublished)
     This is the offiacial COUNTDOWN TO Devotion:KICKBOXING 01 (Unpublished)
     Impact MMA opens Academy Division (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 16 Reva vs Ripgut Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 59 (Unpublished)
     Preview (Unpublished)
     image for previous article (Unpublished)
     Slider Kings IV Preview! (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare The Finale Event Review (Unpublished)

Edition #122, Published on Jul 21, 2014 - Views:890
     Troids Next Top Fighter!
     Post Olympcs Interview
     Tom Quin Q&A
     GAMMA: Happy 5th birthday!
     Portrait of Legend - Abel 'Amazin' Speed
     An Interview With A Viking
     HONOR FC 22 Bad Blood Event Review
     Boyd's Journey to the Cage
     What's next for Legendary Fighters Championship
     Barbarian Fight Time 18 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Red Rhino Fight TV event preview RRF 06: PHD vs AMATO (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 22 Bad Blood Event Review (Unpublished)
     NYFN 1: Sar vs Owinashi Preview (Unpublished)
     NYFN 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 14 Toretto vs Belov Preview (Unpublished)
     Future Fighting I - Preview! (Unpublished)
     Heroic 165:Leo vs Dimitry! (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXIII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXIII (Unpublished)
     Honour 5 review (Unpublished)
     RFC (Unpublished)
     Honour 6 preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 56 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXIII Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXIII Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 23 Glory By Honor Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 23 Glory By Honor Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Q & A with Evander Holyshit (Unpublished)
     EFFA 70 Review (Unpublished)
     Soul Supremacy ..... Resurrection (Unpublished)
     Title Defense II (Unpublished)
     SFC 1 Preview by Petro Sohitto (Unpublished)
     LFC Welcome to Hilo Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 23 Glory By Honor Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 23 Glory By Honor Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXIV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Waerfare Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HFC 6 Review (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Global Expansion (Unpublished)
     TTFC SIlva Vs Samson Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 57 (Unpublished)
     Heroic 166! (Unpublished)
     Honour 7 preview (Unpublished)
     RFC Saturday Slugfest 2 (Unpublished)
     wow (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 24 Heatwave Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 24 Heatwave Event Preview (Unpublished)
     EFFA 71 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #121, Published on Jul 07, 2014 - Views:1088
     GAMMA: Interview for Jt Colossus
     Interview with Eric Cartman
      THE OPTICIAN speaks to Ricardo Santiago
     Fortitude FC presents FFC 7: Wolf vs Flagg
     Brain Feeder
     New Rio Clothing Company Aims to Help Rookies
     Mixed Martial Farce Magazine Interviews Brody Macbeth
     The MMA General Live: Booking Fights
     RED RHINO FIGHTING (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Announces New Merchandise Partner (Unpublished)
     Built Big $1,000,000 Tournament (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 21 Relentless Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 21 Relentless Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXI Event Preview (Unpublished)
     FFC 8: Caine vs Kalnoky (Unpublished)
     RPG FC on STV 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXI Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXI Event Review (Unpublished)
     Heroic 163 Preview! (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 22 preview by Conor Brazier (Unpublished)
     Honour 4- Kellolinnake versus Frederiksen preview (Unpublished)
     Slugfest preview (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 12 Reva vs Helix (Unpublished)
     TTFC Maddox Vs Jarkko Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     SLIDER KINGS PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Vs FORBIDDEN VIOLENCE Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Vs FORBIDDEN VIOLENCE Event Preview (Unpublished)
     New Fight Org in Sydney Looking for Fighters (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 17 preview by Conor Brazier (Unpublished)
     Evil Empire One Main Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Vs FORBIDDEN VIOLENCE Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 55 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXII Event Review (Unpublished)
     Preview for Honour 5 Balaban vs Probert (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XXII Event Review (Unpublished)
     Balaban vs Probert Honour 5 (Unpublished)
     BUILT BIG Preview (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 13 Dupont vs Unkown Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Thunstorm Vs Marvin 2 Predictions(Recap on Sunday) (Unpublished)
     Heroic 264 (Unpublished)
     Heroic 164:New Era (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 22 Bad Blood Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 22 Bad Blood Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 22 Bad Blood Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Barca Submits Kanajawan In 30 Seconds (Unpublished)

Edition #120, Published on Jun 22, 2014 - Views:895
      FFC 7:Wolf vs Flagg
     BEEF 145lb Showdown
     The story of Mike "The Kristi Killer" Kristiansen
     GAMMA#397 Williams vs Stoppers top 5 fights review
     Title Contention
     HONOR FC 21 Relentless Event Preview
     It aint Cricket
     Countdown to Destiny 54
     Brick Brawlers MMA Sale!
     FC V Review! (Unpublished)
     The MMA General Live Talks Olympics (Unpublished)
     Honour 3- preview (Unpublished)
     Future Fighting I - Press Conference (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 11 Disposition vs Toretto Predictions (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 21 Relentless Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #119, Published on Jun 15, 2014 - Views:771
     Troid Review
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIX Review
     Justin Hunter - Rising to the Challenge
     Interview with Hendo Riggs on winning 170lb Tournament
     "This is the most important fight of my life"
     GAMMA#396 Gravius vs. Brit
     HFC-1 Review
     HONOR FC 20 Code of Honor Event Preview
     Countdown to Destiny 52 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XVIII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 9 Helix vs Batman Preview (Unpublished)
     Adami puts Je in place (Unpublished)
     Preview for FC IV (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XVIII Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 19 Caged Carnage Event Preview (Unpublished)
     EFC 02:Heavy Hands (Unpublished)
     EFC 02:Heavy Hands (Unpublished)
     Death Squad Preview Lou vs Homer (Unpublished)
     New GYM in London (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIX Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIX Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Killer Vs Samson Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     BEEF Session 15 (Unpublished)
     Honour 2- preview (Unpublished)
     RPG FC 10 Mirror vs Pitbull Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIX Event Review (Unpublished)
     Leopard Fight Wear (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 20 Code of Honor Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #118, Published on Jun 02, 2014 - Views:675
     Olympic Interview with TTFC"s Mike Thomas
     Melendez Shines in Debut
     Kira Miyata Q&A
     25YO TournamentRound 3
     Devotion"s Brings Rare Performance Enhancers To New York!
     Luda Sack: Limitless Potential
     MMA Tycoon Radio Podcast Ep 1
     Devil on run - With Mr Micke
     Newton vs Koothrappali 3
     Blows below the belt (Unpublished)
     WFL 29 Preview (Unpublished)
     Crazy Monkey Fighting NEW ELITE GYM (Unpublished)
     Crazy Monkey Fighting NEW ELITE GYM (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: EHH 9 (Unpublished)
     MMA and UFC rise in London (Unpublished)
     Event Review: EHH 9 (Unpublished)
     EFFA 63 Fist Full (Unpublished)
     EFFA 63 Fist Full Review (Unpublished)
     MK II Preview (Unpublished)
     fighter profile of adam kilpatrick by kane kilpatrick (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XVII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     FFC 4: Step Up (Event Preview) (Unpublished)
     EFFA 64 Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 51 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XVII Event Review (Unpublished)
     SFC 54 Preview (Unpublished)
     BEEF Session 14 (Unpublished)

Edition #117, Published on May 24, 2014 - Views:565
     Luther Lamel Interview
     Weekend Event Review
     The Future Of MMA
     GAMMA: News Bulletin
     Q&A: Antonio Azeredo
     170lb.Creation Tournament Semi-Finals
     The Championship Press Association
     What is to come?
     Countdown to Destiny 50
     Event review UFC - 001 Jay vs Butler (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 49 (Unpublished)
     Syn'299 - Singular Duality (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #391: WILLIAMS versus ROOK REVIEW (Unpublished)
     UNLEAS FC [ID 230K+] (Unpublished)
     FV #20 - THE BEAT UP IN THE BAY PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Empire less Clothing more Laundry (Unpublished)
     WPFC 3 - Road to the Gold Preview /w Interviews (Unpublished)
     WFL 27 Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: EHH 8 (Unpublished)
     No More Puss-strogen (Unpublished)
     Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: 170lb. Creation Tournament Semi-Finals (Unpublished)
     EHH 170lb Creation Tournament Semi-Finals (Unpublished)
     Event Review: 170lb. Tournament Semi-Finals (Unpublished)

Edition #116, Published on May 12, 2014 - Views:787
     HONOR FC 15 Reality Check Event Preview
     Tom Quin Q&A
     IFF 38 - A sit down with The General.
     GAMMA News!
     Crowded London - here"s the solution
     BB2, Awards and Tournament Previews
     TKOMMA Sign Young Nevada Amateur Sensation
     Soz Sztrova leaves manager Taylor Reese after 2 more fights!
     IFF - Tso v Razin
     BEEF: Cocky Rocky @ The Tree OF Life (Unpublished)
     New Gym in Las Vegas (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA - The Kids of MMA (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 47 (Unpublished)
     one stop clothing store for champs (Unpublished)
     TKOMMA#1 Preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 25 Preview (Unpublished)
     New in Amsterdam: Magikarp Gym & Sauna (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIII Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 14 Breaking Point Event Preview (Unpublished)
     FV #18 Main Event - Abel Speed vs Jase Robertson (Unpublished)
     GAMMA-TKOMMA#1 Review (Unpublished)
     TKOMMA#1 Review (Unpublished)
     Kenneth Omeruo Parts Ways with CHAOS (Unpublished)
     Get to know me. Je Tunaki (Unpublished)
     Devotion: 1st Blood (Unpublished)
     TRT Suspensions at BEEF (Unpublished)
     Death Befor Dishonour Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA-TKOMMA#2 preview (Unpublished)
     resurrection review (Unpublished)
     UFC Tokyo 230k+ ID (Unpublished)
     UFC New Chapter - Choe vs. Mamrou title fight! (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XIV Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #389: McGINLEY versus GRAVIUS REVIEW written by Furiou (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 48 (Unpublished)
     Preview : Choe vs Mamrou (Unpublished)
     Preview : Choe vs Mamrou (Unpublished)
     Hello guys! (Unpublished)
     Preview : UFC - 001 Jay vs Butler (Unpublished)

Edition #115, Published on Apr 29, 2014 - Views:647
     GAMMA #387: JUSTE versus ULTRA 2 REVIEW
     Honor FC 12 event review
     Alex Higgins Interveiw
     GAMMA: Hall of Fame Indictions
     Tōshi Offers New Option for Fighters in Tokyo
     Relativity 1: Going up (Vertigo) Review and Inauguration
     HONOR FC 13 State of Emergency Event Preview
     NEW GYM
     Event Review: Tournament Round 2 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA- The Kids of MMA #1 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 12 Bad Intentions Event Review (Unpublished)
     WFL 23 Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: Tournament Round: 2 (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare XII (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     MLF III (Unpublished)
     Review Link (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 46 (Unpublished)
     Mcgee vs. Rose RPG FC 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 24 Preview (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare XII (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 14 (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 13 preview (Unpublished)

Edition #114, Published on Apr 21, 2014 - Views:619
     Barbarian FC 13
     A Sit-down with the Bizzare One, Smokey Reaper
     Craig "The Lumberjack" Thomson Retires at the age of 36
     GAMMA#386 Review
     Johnny Rotten
     Honor FC 11 Vendetta
     BEEF: Allen Vs Mendez 1 & Fun
     .~l (Unpublished)
     WCW Second Event! (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 11 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 10 Vendetta Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 11 Vendetta Event Preview (Unpublished)
     chris jordan is here (Unpublished)
     chris jordan is here (Unpublished)
     new around here (Unpublished)
     Soren "War Machine" Holst wins first MMA fight (Unpublished)
     WFL FN 3 Preview (Unpublished)
      Barbarian Tournament 135lbs (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Tournament 135lbs (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare XI (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 11 Vendetta Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XI Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare XI review (Unpublished)
     WFL 22 Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 45 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare XI Event Review (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 13 (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 12 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 12 Bad Intentions Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: EHH 4 (Unpublished)

Edition #113, Published on Apr 12, 2014 - Views:540
     25YO Tournament Opening Round
     Q&A with Jon ne
     WOCFS Heavyweight Champion. Ralph Soto
     The Story of Zenko (featured Interview)
     Heinous Manipulations
     Event Review: Unleashed
     New on the Scene
     GAMMA #384: Watts versus Ettish Review
     Wednesday Warfare X review
     Kenneth Omeruo Post Fight Interview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare X Event Review (Unpublished)
     FORBIDDEN VIOLENCE #13 (Unpublished)
     Forbidden Violence #12 Title Match (Unpublished)
     FV# 12 Leave it in the Cage Review (Unpublished)
     FV# 13 Preview and Insider (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #382 - Custer versus Victorio Summary (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #382 - Custer versus Victorio Summary (Unpublished)
     cyborg is the best (Unpublished)
     The game manager (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 8 Unbreakable Event Review (Unpublished)
     Hostility Unleashed - Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 7 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare VIII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #383 - Williams versus McGinley Review (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #383 - Williams versus McGinley Review (Unpublished)
     Paraiba vs. Lister RPG FC II Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 42 (Unpublished)
     SF13 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Golden Ring Fight Night 2 - Please read! (Unpublished)
      Evil Empire Throwdown 11 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare VIII Event Review (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 10 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 9 Respect Event Preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 18 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #385: Meyer vs. Perkele Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #385: Meyer vs. Perkele Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #384: Watts versus Ettish Review (Unpublished)
     Ambush Is Open! (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 9 Respect Event Review (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 8 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare IX Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Rising Sun 9 (Unpublished)
      THROWDOWN 11 REVIEW (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 43 (Unpublished)
     Bulldozer (Unpublished)
     Fight For The Prize 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     Fight For The Prize 3 (Unpublished)
     WFL 19 Preview (Unpublished)
     Event Preview: Saturday Slaughter (Unpublished)
     THROWDOWN 12 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Honor Wednesday Warfare IX (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare IX Event Review (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Tournament 185lbs (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 10 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 10 Booth Vs Kermode Event Preview (Unpublished)
     SFC 46: The Summit Rd 1 Review (Unpublished)
     Arcticus (Unpublished)
     Event Review: Saturday Slaughter (Unpublished)
     WFL FN 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     HFC 10 a night of review/ (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 9 preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 9 (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare X (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 10 Booth Vs Kermode Event Review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare X Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 44 (Unpublished)
     EHH 170lb Creation Tournament Round 1: Preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 21 Preview (Unpublished)
     Correction (Unpublished)
      Throwdown 13-PPV Preview (Unpublished)
     ECFL #8 preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 11 (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 11 (Unpublished)

Edition #112, Published on Mar 23, 2014 - Views:848
     Tom Quin Q&A
     HONOR FC 7 Onslaught Event Review
     Cole River Interview
     GAMMA #383 Williams versus McGinley Preview
     Ejnar Thorsen Interview
     Pokrzywa will bring the pain?
     Journey to the QFC Tourney
     HONOR FC 7 Onslaught Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: LVC NOW Episode 1 (Unpublished)
     FV# 12 Preview and Insider (Unpublished)
     FIght Time 6 Fight Time Returns (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare VII Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Golden Ring Fight Night 1 preview (all managers fighting, pl (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #381 - Dunowevil vs. Ivey Post Event Summary (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 41 (Unpublished)
     Throwdown 10 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     WFL 16 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare VII Event Review (Unpublished)
     Heroic 145 preview. (Unpublished)
     SF12 Hard and Heavy (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 9 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 8 Unbreakable Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #111, Published on Mar 15, 2014 - Views:731
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare VI Event Review
     A brief Q&A with Giacomo "The Cleaner" Benvenuti
     Road to the Belt, the trials and tribulations of V. Venger
     GAMMA #381 Preview
     Arvydas Sabonis Interview
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare V Event Review
     Countdown to Destiny 40
     Siekiera moves in
     Interwiev with Damon "Damonster" Dash
     Cage Unlocked Radio (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 39 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#379 + 380 Reviews (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#379 + 380 Reviews (Unpublished)
     RS 4:100th Event! (Unpublished)
     HEROIC 143 Preview. (Unpublished)
     HFC 01 (Unpublished)
     Gold & Silver MMA (Unpublished)
     GSP Won't Return (Unpublished)
     Hilo Fighting Championship (Unpublished)
     Welterweight Title Final preview (Unpublished)
     New Store on the block! (Unpublished)
     A deeper look in HFC 6 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 6 Redemption Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Fight Night 4 Review (Unpublished)
     SSFC News !!! (Unpublished)
     LVC #58 Asztalos/Backscratcher (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 6 Redemption Event Review (Unpublished)
     WFL 15 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #381 - Dunowevil vs. Ivey (Unpublished)
     HFC 6 the results are in (Unpublished)
     265 title final (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare VI Event Preview (Unpublished)
     EMMA 15 Preview (Unpublished)
     We Want You At Wednesday Warfare VI (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #381 Dunowevil vs. Ivey Preview (Unpublished)
     Forbidden Violence #11: Nowhere to Run! Preview and Insider (Unpublished)
     LFC 11 Preview (Unpublished)
     Clark vs. Tipps RPG FC 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #382 - Custer versus Victorio Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #382 - Custer versus Victorio Preview (Unpublished)
     We Want You the Review (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 8 (Unpublished)
     WFL 15 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)

Edition #110, Published on Mar 06, 2014 - Views:761
     155 pound titlle tournament finals from BFC
     Jay Merel Q&A
      Interview with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
     HONOR FC 4 Uprising Event Review
     GAMMA Interview Ejnar Thorsen
     GAMMA#378 Thorsen VS Watts 2
     Marshal "Average Joe" Brady
     Rebirth of the Titan
     BFT - 273: Mazzarri vs Atsushi 4
     The review of Uprising and HFC event (Unpublished)
     ECFC 3 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#377 McGinley VS Peace (Unpublished)
     HFC Fight Night 15 (Unpublished)
     Extreme Mma 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     Fighter Hall of Fame (Unpublished)
     WFL 11 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Heavyweight Title Tournament preivew (Unpublished)
     SPNY 159 Preview by Mr.Knowledge (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare IV a HFC production (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 38 (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare IV an HFC production review (Unpublished)
     EEA 6: Terranova vs. Oijeer Preview (Unpublished)
     155lbs title tournament finals (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare IV Event Review (Unpublished)
     Break on through to the other side! (Unpublished)
     Rising Sun 3 (Unpublished)
     Cro-Cop invades the Island (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 5 Breakthrough Event Preview (Unpublished)
     The Fight Club (Unpublished)
     Reviewing the Breakthrough (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 5 Breakthrough Event Review (Unpublished)
     205lbs Finals (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare V Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #109, Published on Feb 24, 2014 - Views:794
     SFC 40 Review
     Adrien Silva
     Q&A with Victor Sagat
     Tom Quin Q&A
     "The Original Gangster" Kent Phillips
     GAMMA merges with Versus
     East Coast Fighting Championship Evolves into 200k+ ID leagu
     Vegas Fight Night 2 preview
     Honor Fighting Championship"s Uprising!
     BEEF: Session 8 + Burning Bush (Unpublished)
     Bushido Fuku (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare III an event preview of a HFC production (Unpublished)
     205lbs Tournament preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Club's Light Heavyweight Tournament preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare III Event Preview (Unpublished)
     the new fighter of anderson sil (Unpublished)
     WFL 10 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare III review of how the writer lost money (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 37 (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare III Event Review (Unpublished)
     HWP: Supernova v King *65.6 Preview (Unpublished)
     HWP: Smithwick v Hogan *77.3 preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 4 Uprising Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Welterweight Title Tournament preview (Unpublished)
     Heroic 139 Preview (Unpublished)
     Can anyone stop this man? (Unpublished)
     You don't get films like this anymore! (Unpublished)

Edition #108, Published on Feb 17, 2014 - Views:775
     HWP: Baramari v Jackson *75.7 PREVIEW
     HONOR FC 3 Evolution Event Preview
     FNPFC Tournament Round 1 part 2
     Heroic 138 preview
     H.R. Puffin Stuff Org. Bocing Comte Speaks. Brandon Returns.
     Fight Night 1 review
     Barbarian Tournament
     Wednesday Warfare II presented by Honor FC
     Barbarian Title Tournament 155lbs preview
     Heroic 137 preview (Unpublished)
     Vegas Fight Night 2 event review (Unpublished)
     Genesis review from Honor Fighting Championship (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 2 Genesis Event Review (Unpublished)
     HFC Presents Wednesday Warfare II (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 5 preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time 5 (Unpublished)
     Haarmann versus Stevens WFL-8 Preview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare II Event Preview (Unpublished)
     ECFC Signs Yabhouti (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare II Event Review (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 36 (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Title Tournament 155lbs preview (Unpublished)
     FNPFC Tournament Round 1 part 1 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Copout v Cierra *76.5 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     There must be EVOLUTION in the water at Honor FC (Unpublished)
     Review of Evolution an HFC production. (Unpublished)
     Your fighter is a machine, train like one at CTA (Unpublished)
     WFL 9 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 3 Evolution Event Review (Unpublished)
     Heroic 138 (Unpublished)
     Bushido Fuku (Unpublished)

Edition #107, Published on Feb 08, 2014 - Views:2867
     GENESIS the preview from HFC!
     Vegas Fight Night 1
     Earnest Abe Q&A
     GAMMA Gossip #43
     Day with Krzysztof "Sweet Dreams" Ostrowski
     Jermaine Johnson interview
     HONOR FC 1 Renaissance Event Review
     Mad Dogs 10: New Era
     BFT - 269 Choake vs Small Review
     Rage Fighting Fit Gym Grand Opening (Unpublished)
     Young Shot - Cylar Black (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#371 Dunowevil vs Wiggin (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 34 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Supernova vs Stakanu 01-02-14 (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time-4 event preview (Unpublished)
     Diamond Nutrition's Focus on the Fighter: Codin "The Viper (Unpublished)
     SPNY 152: Atomi vs Cross Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     UPF 29: Stevenson vs Tapettava (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     UPF 30: Cena versus Wilson (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     HWP: good times gone 02-02-14 (Unpublished)
     Island Gear (Unpublished)
     Basics on The Island (Unpublished)
     UPF 30: Cena versus Wilson (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     What's happened to 'Nimrod'? (Unpublished)
     Lions Share MMA 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     Honor FC 1 event recap by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     SPNY 153: Freedmen vs Red Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     Jermaine Johnson interview (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare I Event Preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 7 by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Chocolate Al vs Mercy Falls booked for IFF10 (Unpublished)
     Mad Dogs 10 - New (Unpublished)
     Mad Dogs 10 - New Era (Preview & Predictions) (Unpublished)
     Crucible Fights London 50 - F*cking Mental (Preview) (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 35 (Unpublished)
     Mad Dogs 10: Event preview and review (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC Wednesday Warfare I Event Review (Unpublished)
     Wednesday Warfare I an HFC review (Unpublished)
     Mad Dogs 10: Fighter Profile Cylar Black (Unpublished)
     HWP: Phillips v Baramari 08-02-14 preview (Unpublished)
     Fighter Hall of Fame (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 2 Genesis Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HWP: Supernova v Jackson 09-02-14 preview (Unpublished)

Edition #106, Published on Jan 30, 2014 - Views:980
     HFC: Wednesday Warfare 1
     "The Gracie Killer" Masahiko Kimura
     WOCFS:FightTalk! Guest-- Ralph Soto
     GAMMA: 2 Hall of fame inductions
     Tom Quin Q&A
     Insanity 7: Prepare For War -Review-
     The Dangerous Mind Of George Kelly
     HONOR FC replaces Steel Penn ICON - Las Vegas
     SPNY 151: Insano vs Danze Preview by R. George
     GAMMA #370 Preview (Unpublished)
     Lions Share MMA 1 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 150: Surov vs Van Winkle II Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     HWP: Irene Vs Smithwick (Unpublished)
     Extreme Prefight Show (Unpublished)
     HWP: Stakanu vs King (Unpublished)
     HWP: Irene vs Smithwick 25-01-14 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Stakanu vs King 26-01-14 (Unpublished)
     Heroic 133 preview (Unpublished)
     Maikl Chendler для Рус&# (Unpublished)
     Maikl Chendler для Рус&# (Unpublished)
     TTFC: Binzo's World Tour EVENT (Unpublished)
     Vegas Fight Night 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     794556 (Unpublished)
     Vegas Fight Nights (Unpublished)
     Vladimir Naymov Биогра&# (Unpublished)
     Saddam Hussain (Unpublished)
     Contrato (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn ICON - Las Vegas Hostile Takeover Event Review (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Night 3 event preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 5 preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 6 (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn ICON- Las Vegas 5 (Unpublished)
     Honor Fighting Championship 1 (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 6! (Unpublished)
     WFL-6 Hatake versus Rogers event preview (Unpublished)
     EVO 63: Evo vs Asc (Unpublished)
     SF5 Marko vs Speed - Preview and predictions by Callum McGre (Unpublished)
     HONOR FC 1 Renaissance Event Preview (Unpublished)
     The Beautiful Mind Of James Dean Rockefeller (Unpublished)
     WFL 6 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Insanity 4: Show No Mercy -Review- (Unpublished)
     Insanity 5: We Die Alone -Review- (Unpublished)
     Insanity 6: Ashes to Ashes -Review- (Unpublished)

Edition #105, Published on Jan 24, 2014 - Views:847
     LS 1 Preview
     Binzo's World Tour
     New 235k Org in London opens
     The Islad Fighter, Ceasar Memphis
     The Viking Invades The Island
     Steel Penn ICON-LV 5 Hostile Takeover Preview (Last event un
     Worriors Of Combat Fighting System: The come-up
     Barbarian Friday Night 1 Event Preview
     BFT - 264 Review
     Brain signs to RYSE (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions: Lost Legends 35 (Unpublished)
     New gym (Unpublished)
     SF2 Ruutu vs Jokinen - Recap (Unpublished)
     Xtreme combat 3 Preview by Furious Styles (Unpublished)
     BFC-4 The Knockout event preview (Unpublished)
     UPF 28: Cormeir vs Michalek (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     GFC 1: The beginning Preview by Kevin Gracie (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 32 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Kreischer v Johnson 18-01-14 (Unpublished)
     ECFC 1 preview! (Unpublished)
     Heroic 132 preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Lester Vs Donzel PPV (Unpublished)
     HWP: King vs Stakanu 19-01-14 (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 33 (Unpublished)
     BFC: 5 The Burst event preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian Fight Time-2 event preview (Unpublished)
     WFL 4 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     UPF 29: Stevenson vs Tapettava (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     SPNY 149: McCall vs Mosaddegh Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     The last Steel Penn Event in Vegas (Unpublished)

Edition #104, Published on Jan 12, 2014 - Views:1084
     FNPFC 200 member celebration Preview
     Preview for Barbarian Fight Time-1
     Juha Koistinen - Interview
     HWP PREVIEWS! for sat and sun the 11th and 12th
     Who Is Diego Ceara Brandao?
     GAMMA: Fighter of the year 2013
     Steel Penn Icon-Sydney is now number one!
     Steel Penn ICON-LV 3 New Moon Rising Event Preview
     Troid: Resurgence Preview
     Xtreme K1 with BEEF (Unpublished)
     HWP: Jackson Vs Gracie (Unpublished)
     Being champion and facing big challenges (Unpublished)
     HWP: End of an Era (Unpublished)
     SPNY 142 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     FC:King's BDAY Bash! (Unpublished)
     showdown #5: knockout predictions (Unpublished)
     TTFC: Lomax vs Mullen (Unpublished)
     Extreme Prefight Show (Unpublished)
     FC 48:End of the Year Battle! (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn ICON-LV 1 - Christmas Collision Event Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 143 Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     WFL 2 Preview by Tony Rossi (Unpublished)
     Fingered! (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn ICON-LV 2 - New Year Nightmares Event Preview (Unpublished)
     SF1 Chigurh vs Marko - Preview by Veikko K (Unpublished)
     Xtreme K1 Combat 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 30 (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 30 (Unpublished)
     Heroic 128 preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 144 Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     Heroic 129 preview. (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn ICON-LV 2 New Year Nightmares Event Review (Unpublished)
     TTFC: Tally Vs Howlett (Unpublished)
     New org in town! Lets begin a MojeMMA! (Unpublished)
     FC 49:Clendennon vs Matoshin! (Unpublished)
     HWP january 4 th write up. (Unpublished)
     HWP: Silva Vs Kulakov (Unpublished)
     SF1 Chigurh vs Marko Review (Unpublished)
     HWP sunday jan 5th writeup (Unpublished)
     BFC-3 The Ramapage (Unpublished)
     FNPFC X The Anniversary (Preview) (Unpublished)
     BFT - 262 Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 145 Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     Troid: Resurgence Preview (Unpublished)
     Insanity 1: The Madness Begins (Unpublished)
     Insanity 2: Mass Hysteria (Unpublished)
     Insanity 3: Breaking The Law (Unpublished)
     Xtreme Combat 2 Preview by Furious Styles! (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 31 (Unpublished)
     UPF 28: Cormeir vs Michalek (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Just a press confrence not a full preview. (Unpublished)
     SPNY 146: Atomi vs Le Preview by R. George (Unpublished)
     Syn' 279 Event Preview (Unpublished)
      //buriedALIVE// the island We're start (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 35 (Unpublished)
     LAFC KT 7 (Unpublished)
     HWP PREVIEWS! for sat and sun the 11th and 12th (Unpublished)

Edition #103, Published on Dec 26, 2013 - Views:989
     Christmas Day Battle
     BEEF: Tobin Frost Post Fight
     The French Submission: A Fighter"s Profiile
     Grundy vs Jose Preview
     Adonis Stevenson
     GAMMA: Year summary
     Hunting Darth Womba
     Nuts with Guts
     Barbarian FC 2 Preview by Tony Rossi
     BEEF: Tree Of Life Taj Al Din (Unpublished)
     Kira Miyata Q&A (Unpublished)
     BEEF: Tobin Frost Weigh-Ins (Unpublished)
     Torrance hoping for career resurgence in Immortals NY (Unpublished)
     Elvis Frost Interview (Unpublished)
     WFL 1 Preview by Tony Rossi + News (Unpublished)
     Adonis Stevenson (Unpublished)
     Bane (Unpublished)
     The Punisher (Unpublished)
     GSP (Unpublished)
     SPNY 140 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Dynamite 25 (Unpublished)
     FC 47:Compton vs Sandwich! (Unpublished)
     HWP: Barnett vs Jackson TITLE! 22-12-13 preview (Unpublished)
     Barbarian FC 2 - The Comeback, set to light up Rio, AGAIN! (Unpublished)
     EVO 53 XMAS Super Show Preview (Unpublished)
     BFC 39 - Fight Night preview (Unpublished)
     ICON-LV 1 Christmas Collision (790381) (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Destiny 29 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 141 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)

Edition #102, Published on Dec 19, 2013 - Views:941
     Syn" 276: Losing Control Preview
     HBGG to Open Up New Divisions for More Diversity
     TWW News Special Of The Year Edition
     Tom Quin Q&A
     MMA INSIGHT RADIO: Elvis Frost
     Lance Legstrong and his emotional road to TUM glory
     BFT - 256 Review
     Syn City Promotions: The Boys Are Back In Town (Unpublished)
     White"s Nutrition (Unpublished)
     SPFT 136: Pre Pay-Per-View Summary written by Furious Styles (Unpublished)
     Razors MMA fight club (Unpublished)
     BFT - 255 Review (Unpublished)
     Johnashu Kaneson (Unpublished)
     The Dbut To Watch! (Unpublished)
     HWP: Vice vs King preview 14-12-13 (Unpublished)
     Syn" 275: No Turning Back Preview (Unpublished)
     Syn" 275: No Turning Back Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 25 (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: 364 Preview (Unpublished)
     Vikings are coming to Town (Unpublished)
     HWP: Hytten Vs Jackson (Unpublished)
     TTFC: Dinkin Vs Samson 3 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Jackson vs Hytten 15-12-13 (Unpublished)
     Extreme Prefight Show (Unpublished)
     SPNY 138 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 32. (Unpublished)
     Heroic 125 preview (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions 46:Freedom vs Bishop! (Unpublished)
     Chekhov the fighter: Uriah Faber reincarnated (Unpublished)
     Extreme Preview Show (Unpublished)
     SPNY 139 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     FV #1 Are You Ready (Unpublished)
     Miller Denied Parole (Unpublished)
     Forbidden Violence - The Next Big Fight Org! (Unpublished)
     HWP: Over The Limit 21-12-13 PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #101, Published on Dec 09, 2013 - Views:693
     Syn 274" Eye of the Tiger Preview
     GAMMA: Fighter of the year candidates & GAMMA Gossip
     Karate Kid
     Tales of a starting manager
     How to become the largest fightclub in Tokyo in 12 days.
     Chen Stormstoud
     Xtreme K1 Combat Press Release
     BEEF: Tree of Life: Neo Kable
     Dueces Wild Dom Danky Takes the Stage
     QFC scaredy cats (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip#42 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Supernova vs Jackson 01-12-13 (Unpublished)
     CWFL Legend Gaisafa Masoe. (Unpublished)
     SPNY 134 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Xtreme Combat 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 30. (Unpublished)
     BFT - 252 Review (Unpublished)
     EFFA 38 - Rush Hour (Unpublished)
     SPNY 135 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 31 (Unpublished)
     HWP: Dixon vs Hogan 07-12-13 preview (Unpublished)
     SFL 67 (Unpublished)
     Xtreme Combat 1 Review by Furious Styles (Unpublished)
     Xtreme K1 Combat 1 Summary (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn Icon - Sydney (Unpublished)
     HWP: Natzee vs Jackson 08-12-13 preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 136 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Heroic 124 Preview (Unpublished)
     Elvis Frost = BAMF (Unpublished)
     FC 45:Maya vs Aki (Unpublished)

Edition #100, Published on Nov 28, 2013 - Views:1164
     Q&A Session with Malakai "Scorpion" Semerkhet
     Wrenton vs Miller Preview
     Tom Quin Q&A
     Hells Bells Grapplers Gauntlet
     ECT announces partnership with Dominance
     GAMMA HOF Inductions
     Interview with MMA star, Notorious Elvis Frost
     MMA Hype signs undisclosed deal with Ascension
     Shinji Oyama :Tokyo Prospect
     SPFT 133: Pre Pay-Per-View Summary written by Furious Styles (Unpublished)
     $125 160q Energy! (Unpublished)
     Heroic 120 Preview! (Unpublished)
     FC 42:Clendennon vs DeVito (Unpublished)
     A fighters heart compared to his skill (Unpublished)
     Taran Zu (Unpublished)
     Sylvanas Windrunner (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 23: Satanae vs Vanko (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Hells Balls Grappling Gauntlet (Unpublished)
     SPNY 131 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     DOMUS 1 (Unpublished)
     TTFC Howlett vs Tunjic PPV (HOT!!!) (Unpublished)
     HWP: Bad Blood II (Unpublished)
     EVENT PREVIEW: Bad Blood II (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 29! (Unpublished)
     SPNY 132 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     HWP: Minowaesque (Unpublished)
     Big fight previews (Unpublished)
     HWP: Minowaesque 24-11-13 (Unpublished)
     Heroic 122 preview (Unpublished)
     DFC 6: Yolpan Vs. Pullnate Preview by Yoda (Unpublished)
     BFT - 250 GP Round 1 PPV Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 133 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 100: The Galaxy Show (Unpublished)
     HWP: Wrenton Vs Miller (Unpublished)
     SPFT 134: Post Pay-Per-View Summary (Unpublished)

Edition #99, Published on Nov 15, 2013 - Views:1004
     BEEF 2.0 RADIO SHOW:Andy Mcollum
     SFL 64 - Eroglu vs Butcher 2
     SFC Fight Night Preview Show
     BEEF: 55K Giveaway & THE BURNING BUSH
     SPNY 130 Preview by R.George
     Road to the gold
     Lost Legends 28!
     Tom Quin Q&A
     Claymore Elite joins GEG
     Xtreme K1 Combat!
     Josh Laston (Unpublished)
     DOMUS - QFC ORG (Unpublished)
     Syn" 268: InHuman Promo Video (Unpublished)
     Present Samir Oheat part1 (Unpublished)
     Present Samir Oheat part2 (Unpublished)
     TTFC Wednesday Night Fights 35 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 127 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     HFC Wednesday Night Fights 6 (Unpublished)
     FURY 1: Hyatt vs St. Cote - PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HFC Fight Night 6 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 128 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     TTFC Dinkin vs Brown (Unpublished)
     FURY 1: Hyatt vs St. Cote - REVIEW & RESULTS (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 22: Stevenson vs Cauthon (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     EXCLUSIVE - Taj Al Din (Unpublished)
     NEW GYM (Unpublished)
     SFL 63 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 129 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Chen Stormstoud (Unpublished)
     Xtreme K1 Combat Organization Grand Opening (Unpublished)
     Syn' 269: Untouchable (Unpublished)
     The Cager (Unpublished)
     Wrathion "The Black Prince" Blackwing (Unpublished)

Edition #98, Published on Nov 03, 2013 - Views:734
     SPNY 126 Preview by R.George
     FC 40:Hell in a Cell!
     Tom Quin Q&A
     Heroic 117 preview
     New BFT Champ Tatsuhiko JR interview!
     GAMMA Gossip#41
     Taj al Din vs Womba
     Yrjo Jarvinen Q&A
     The Knockout King
     UPF-M 20: Satanae vs Ruggiero (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Round 0 Interviews: Super Hans (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 20: Satanae vs Ruggiero (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     this game is very cool (Unpublished)
     BFT - 245 Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 125 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
      SFL 62: MCTEARSON vs SILVA PREVIEW. (Unpublished)
     EFFA 33 - Autumn Hunt (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 26! (Unpublished)

Edition #97, Published on Oct 26, 2013 - Views:860
     SPNY 124 Preview by R.George
     SFL 61 Review.
     Taj al Din defeats AJ Hearts via TKO @ SPFT 129
     GAMMA Gossip#40
     Steel Penn Joins GEG
     HFC 22
     Unlikely success - Zane Peltier"s rise to Syn.
     Catching up with the Fatu Brothers
     BFT - 243 Review
     GAMMA Gossip#39 (Unpublished)
     Novo (Unpublished)
      UPF-M 18: Cauthon vs De Leeuw (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Stopper vs Jefferson (Unpublished)
     BFT - 241: Chelios vs Sakara Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 121 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     HEX VS PEGAS (Unpublished)
     NGF 90 | Bennet vs Nigobson (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 24! (Unpublished)
     FC 38:Khan vs Remnant! (Unpublished)
     A Special sit down with The Law-nley Boy! (Unpublished)
     HFC 21 - Dominance (Unpublished)
     TTFC Kearney vs Frank PPV 10 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 122 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     EFFA 31 - All Fired Up! (Unpublished)
     Heroic 115 Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 19: Price vs Cormeir (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Taj al Din defeats AJ Hearts via TKO (Unpublished)
     NGF 91 | Odin vs Miodek (Unpublished)
     TTFC Wednesday Night Fights 33 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 123 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     SFC Reborn Preview (Unpublished)
     3MA Radio show transcript. (Unpublished)
     SFL 61 PREVIEW. (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 25 (Unpublished)
     NGF 92 | Spider vs Cropp (Unpublished)
     EFFA 32 - Road to Fame! (Unpublished)
     showdown #2: road to gold predictions (Unpublished)
     TTFC Talley vs Lynn (Unpublished)
     Heroic 116 Preview (Unpublished)
     You'll be Jazzified (Unpublished)
     FC 39:Kiwi vs Stein Preview! (Unpublished)

Edition #96, Published on Oct 12, 2013 - Views:900
     EFFA 30 - Running Wild!
     SPNY 120 Preview by R.George
     Taj al Din vs AJ Hearts
     GAMMA Gossip#38
     Steel Penn ICON Fight Night 5
     TTFC Wednesday Night Fights 32
     Heroic 113 Preview.
     SPNY 117 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     A Women division? (Unpublished)
     Night of Champions Main Card Preview (Unpublished)
     Night of Champions Main Card Preview (Unpublished)
     SP FN4 Preview (Unpublished)
     EVO 27 Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Gauge Vs Chavez (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn ICON Fight Night 4 (Unpublished)
     EFFA 29 - OUTRAGE (Unpublished)
     HEROIC 112 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 118 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     FC 36:Lilo vs Compton! (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 18: Cauthon vs De Leeuw (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     SPNY 119: Atomi vs Boston Preview (Unpublished)
     showdown proving ground predictions (Unpublished)

Edition #95, Published on Oct 01, 2013 - Views:698
     SPNY 115 Preview by R.George
     Fighters on the rise
     GAMMA Gossip#37
     It"s time for the Big Kabosh!
     LFNC 182 - Dredd v Troyd Bonuses Announced!
     The New Blood
      STEVE DRAGON!!!! (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 15 (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Future Star! (Unpublished)
     Derom conta o Sinturo (Unpublished)
     BFT - 238 Review (Unpublished)
     EVO 24 Preview (Unpublished)
     Edwin Chikaka (Unpublished)
     HMMA 110 Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Cockenschtuff Vs McGarrity (Unpublished)
     NGF 84 | Shaunessey vs Henrik (Unpublished)
     SPNY 116 preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     Tradition FC: FW Tournament (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 16: Rousey vs Stevenson 2 (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Sullivan dammers SR. possible best rookie? (Unpublished)
     Heisenber is open for business! (Unpublished)
     Syn-Gate (Unpublished)
     Pat McDermot (Unpublished)
     Kyle Carlton Ducks Victor Creed (Unpublished)
     Sky is falling (Unpublished)
     Org News (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 17 Espada vs Jaa (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)

Edition #94, Published on Sep 21, 2013 - Views:697
     EVO 22 Preview
     NGF 81 | Ross vs Gridlock
     The Xcution Champion #1
     GAMMA Gossip#36
     Infinity & Beyond!!
     MMA Universal Magazine - Top 10 Managers - Number 6
     Round 0 Interviews: "Oziel" Nicandro Aloisio
     SPNY 114 Preview by R.George
     TTFC Mullen Vs Ra PPV 9
     BFT - 234 Review (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip#35 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 111 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     EVO 19 Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 79 | Allen vs Brown (Unpublished)
     Disobedience 105: Straight As Preview (Unpublished)
     FC 22: Back to School Review (Unpublished)
     FC 22: Back to School Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 112 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     NGF 80 | Jamm vs Clinton 2 (Unpublished)
     Evolution 20 'Carlton vs. Narushima' Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 14 (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     REVO 10 - Review (Unpublished)
     Lost Legends 20! (Unpublished)
     MZFT 2 Review (Unpublished)
     BFT - 236 Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 79 | Allen vs Brown (Unpublished)
     SPNY 113 preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     CFV: 20 (Unpublished)
     EVO 23 Preview (Unpublished)
     FC 34:Sacana vs Musasio (Unpublished)
     Countdown to FC 35! (Unpublished)

Edition #93, Published on Sep 08, 2013 - Views:578
     EVO 17 Preview
     NGF 78 | Gajewski vs Yurinov
     AMSFC 15
     HMMA 106 preview
     BFT 232 Hans vs Choake 3 Review
     GAMMA Gossip#34
     Alien Invasion 14 Review
     NGF 77 | Phillips vs Frost
     UPF-H 47: Mir Vs Potatos 2 Preview
     NGF 74 | Romanov vs Hyypia (Unpublished)
     New Training gym Opening (Unpublished)
     New Training gym Opening (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 14 Review (Unpublished)
     SPNY 109 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     OFC 200: Ang vs Turilli II (Unpublished)
     NGF 75 | Pei vs Munchkin (Unpublished)
     Disobedience 104: Honor Roll Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 77 | Phillips vs Frost (Unpublished)
     SPNY 110 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     AscRio 39 Ortiz vs Banshees (Unpublished)

Edition #92, Published on Sep 01, 2013 - Views:671
     WarZone 9: Preview
     New breed of Wrestlers
     Adis Djurdjevic Exclusive
     REVO Interviews - Sebastian Belousov and Stephen Anthony
     GAMMA is expanding
     GAMMA Gossip#33
     Lights Out wins debut via TKO
     TTFC McGarrity Vs Leads
     NGF 75 | Pei vs Munchkin
     Fallen Champion 50th! (Unpublished)
     HMMA 105 preview (Unpublished)
     WarZone 7 preview (Unpublished)
     $125 160q Energy (Unpublished)
     SFL 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     WarZone 8: Preview (Unpublished)
     BFT 230 Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 74 | Romanov vs Hyypia (Unpublished)
     SPNY 108 Waitzel vs Abe III Preview (Unpublished)
     AMSFC 14 (Unpublished)
     Nutrition Your Way! (Unpublished)
     Sin City FC (Unpublished)
     need sponsers and contracts (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 24 (Unpublished)
     HMMA 104 Preview (Unpublished)
     Carnage 3 (Unpublished)
     Disobedience 103: School's Out Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 75 Preview (Unpublished)
     Go Above and Beyond (Unpublished)
     Williams Camp, REVO 8 - Review (Unpublished)

Edition #91, Published on Aug 25, 2013 - Views:696
     WarZone 8: Friendly Fire Preview By Luka Winner
      Current Records with-in the UPF-Hilo as of 2013-08-24
     James Thunder interview
     Corey Spanganberger - WarZone Title Contender
     Youth Pastor Turned MMA Fighter Gets Signed
     GAMMA Gossip#32
     Inside the streak Of Chris Bravo
     Donnie Darko WarZone 5 - Fight Of The Night Award Winner
     Eddie Fatu Interview
     EFFA 23 - Into the Fire! (Unpublished)
     A Slaughthouse Special Interview. (Unpublished)
     True 160 Energy! (Unpublished)
     AMSFC 12 (Unpublished)
     just another day in the office (Unpublished)
     PRIDE TOP TEN KO'S (Unpublished)
     What Is Mixed Martial Arts? (Unpublished)
     WarZone 4: Review (Unpublished)
     REVO 6 - Review (Unpublished)
     RF 23 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 106 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     WarZone 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     Gorillaz Feel Good Inc (Unpublished)
     LFC 2: Bar Fights (Unpublished)
     RF 23 Review (Unpublished)
     AMSFC 13 (Unpublished)
     WarZone 6: War Councils Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 107 Preview by R.George (Unpublished)
     SPNY 107 - Burkina Vs Kyle Romo (Unpublished)
     Team KAISER Season 2 (Unpublished)
     WarZone 5: Review (Unpublished)
     Syn' 251: Bug Eyed Preview (Unpublished)
     EFFA 23 - PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     "Dynamite" Jeff McManus (Unpublished)
     Disobedience 102: Detention Preview (Unpublished)
     Corey Spanganberger WarZone 5 KO of the Night award winner (Unpublished)
     review (Unpublished)

Edition #90, Published on Aug 16, 2013 - Views:767
     TTFC-Cockenschuff Vs Webster
     NGF 70 | Bennet vs Riverboat 2
     Luka Winner interviews manager Alex Steel
     GAMMA Gossip#31
     Former HMFL champion - Shawn Wexler
     fuRIOus Fighting"s Office Grand Opening
     "Enjoying the game like never before"
     Solofa Fatu Interview
     Casteneda"s view"s on: "Is fighting always Violent?"
     Shogun MMA (Unpublished)
     New Gym in The Town (Unpublished)
     Nutrition Your Way! (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip#29 (Unpublished)
     HMFL 100K SH Tourney Rd1 (Unpublished)
     WarZone 3: War Is The Answer Preview (Unpublished)
     WarZone 1: The Battle Begins - Review (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     the rebel (Unpublished)
     AMSFC 11 (Unpublished)
     BFT - 224 Review (Unpublished)
     Syn' 247: The Package (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip#29 (Unpublished)
     Mr Cropper confirms Fatu brothers fighting (Unpublished)
     HMFL 71 by Luka Winner (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 68: Tradition Preview! (Unpublished)
     NGF 67 | Murosaki vs Allen (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XXIX! (Unpublished)
     Disobedience 101: Summer Class Preview (Unpublished)
     Syn' 248: 2 FACED Event Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 104 Preview (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends XVI! (Unpublished)
     NGF 68 | Odin vs Borschev (Unpublished)
     HMMA 100 PREVIEW and more! (Unpublished)
     Mishima Zaibatsu FIghting Temple (Unpublished)
     LFC: Proving Ground 3 (Unpublished)
     REVO - 5 Rundown (Unpublished)
     MMA Universal Presents! ... A Sitdown With A Champion ... (Unpublished)
     12th War of Royalty - Birchmont VS DeVito PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     DIVISION RANKING - August 12 (Unpublished)
     WarZone 2: Betrayal Review (Unpublished)
     SFL (Unpublished)
     Shogun MMA - The Rise (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 68: Tradition Review! (Unpublished)
     HMFL 72 Preview by Luka Winner (Unpublished)
     IMMA Contenders 35 (Unpublished)
     IMMA 60 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 105: Panda vs Sudo Preview by Reginald George (Unpublished)
     E-MMA04 - First Title on the line!! (Unpublished)
     NGF 69 | Shaunessey vs Caramba (Unpublished)
     NGF 67 | Murosaki vs Allen (Unpublished)
     Introducing (Unpublished)
     WarZone 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     New Gym Opens in London (Unpublished)
     BFT - 228: Atsushi vs Mazzarri 3 PPV! Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#339 Mendez v Grimes (Unpublished)
     AMSFC 12 (Unpublished)
     SPNY 106 Preview by Reginald George (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#341 Duberry v JT (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#342 Cabreros v Ultra (Unpublished)
     Kingmaker Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 70 | Bennet vs Riverboat 2 (Unpublished)
     EFFA 22 - Never Retreat - PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #89, Published on Aug 05, 2013 - Views:949
     SPNY 102 Preview by Luke Winner
     WarZone 2: Betrayal
     Fighting for respect
     HMMA 98 preview
     Hardcore "Bader" Junior I
     Fallen Champions XXVIII!
     03/08/13 LAFC 5: Jackson v Trades Preview
     IMMA 58 Preview
     2013 the year of Malu "The Juggernaut" Jones (Unpublished)
     RHINOS-NUTRITION (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 10: All the Marbles REVIEW (Unpublished)
     Join WPR (Unpublished)
     BFT 222 Review (Unpublished)
     Guess who's back for more (Unpublished)
     No Money (Unpublished)
     TTFC Corleone VS Chavez II Title Fight!!! 8/3/13 (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends XV! (Unpublished)
     Event Preview (Unpublished)
     PREVIEW EFFA 20 - Back for More (Unpublished)
     03/08/13 LAFC 5: Jackson v Trades Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 63 Review (Unpublished)
     DIVISION RANKING - August 5 (Unpublished)

Edition #88, Published on Jul 28, 2013 - Views:827
     BFT - 220 PRIDE Never Die! 6 on PPV Review
     SPNY 101 Preview
     BJJ star Marcelo "Jibia" Ribeiro set to make MMA debut
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#28
     Mr Cropper interview regarding fatu brothers
     RISE Edition #1. Laying the foundations.
     Gideon Abieezer: Coming into his own at 34 years old
     <031 Kobashi v Velmu> - Preview and Predictions
     HMMA 97 preview
     HMFL 67 (Unpublished)
     WarZone 1: The Battle Begins (Unpublished)
     Icon S4 review (Unpublished)
     RFA1: Robertson VS. Abet (Unpublished)
     First LFC event ever! Proving ground (Unpublished)
     Listerman Fighting Circuit (LFC) (Unpublished)
     LAFC 4 preview (Unpublished)
     WarZone 1: The Battle Begins (Unpublished)
     SPNY 100 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPNY 100 Preview (Unpublished)
     WarZone Gym (Unpublished)
     NGF 60 | Bennet vs Mustacho (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 10 Part 1 (Unpublished)
     Hilo Fight 6 (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XXVII Preview! (Unpublished)
     SPNY 101 Preview by Luke Winner (Unpublished)
     DIVISION RANKING - July 29 (Unpublished)
     <031 Kobashi v Velmu> (Unpublished)
     HMMA 96 Preview (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends XIV! (Unpublished)
     Junior To Jedi (Unpublished)
     REVO 4 - Review (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 10 Part 2 (Unpublished)

Edition #87, Published on Jul 22, 2013 - Views:823
     AD144: Highway to Belle preview
     Henkka Reem Defends the UPF-title again, moves to 10-0-0
     Danny Mangold Interview
     Crucible Fights: London 9 preview
     The MMA Today - Francis Stark
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#27
     Hannibal Interview
     NGF 59 | Ruut vs Malmsteen
     Fallen Champions XXVI Preview!
     REVO 3 - Review (Unpublished)
     GETSWOLE (Unpublished)
     Utopia 5:MMA Fight League (Unpublished)
     DMFC 3: Into the Shadows Preview (Unpublished)
     NEW org in Tokyo (Unpublished)
     <029 Murphy v Kaato> - Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends XIII Preview! (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 9: Jumping the Shark (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 9: Jumping the Shark (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     LAFC 4: Monsoon vs Chen Preview! (Unpublished)
     LAFC 4 Monsoon V Chen 28th of July 2013 (Unpublished)
     LAFC 208k ID#+ (Unpublished)
     LAFC 208k ID#+ (Unpublished)
     WarZone 1: The Battle Begins Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #86, Published on Jul 14, 2013 - Views:832
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#25
     Ross "The Boss" Smith named new number one contender.
     Inside The UPF: Tony Brown
     Shogun 1: The Rise
     Henkka "Leka" Reem Succesfully defends the title
     FC-XX: Battle Of Camden Review
     HMMA 94 Preview
     The MMA Today - Ouji Eiichi
     Steel Penn 50th
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#26 (Unpublished)
     W0LF on Free Agent (Unpublished)
     hg (Unpublished)
     Xyaire Howard (Unpublished)
     Fight Night Nutrition (FNN) Opened in Helsinki (Unpublished)
     King Of The Rings 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     King Of The Rings 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     The tough life of a young fighter - just got sweetened (Unpublished)
     Kings of the Bronx (Unpublished)
     RISE (Unpublished)
     CFA . 028 . MW Tournament R1 - Mini-preview is up! (Unpublished)
     <027 Violent Tendencies> - Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     HMMA 93 Preview (Unpublished)
     CFA . 027 . Violent Tendencies - Preview and predictions by (Unpublished)
     Fight Night Betting Opened at Hilo (Unpublished)
     Preview for Fallen Champions XXV! (Unpublished)
     Crucible Fights: London 8: We Approve Violence Preview (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn 50th (Unpublished)
     Preview for FC Lost Legends XII! (Unpublished)
     FC-XX: Battle of Camden (Unpublished)
     REVO 2 - Review (Unpublished)

Edition #85, Published on Jul 07, 2013 - Views:618
     FC Lost Legends XI Preview!
     MMA Universal Presents! An Inside Look At........
     The Iron Fist Academy
     Bum Fights 7 Garbage Disposal
     "Lucky" Liam O Connor
     HMMA 92 preview
     Current Records With-in the UPF-Hilo as of 2013-06-30
     Mango Challenge #5
     The MMA Today - Alex Dragon
     Syn" Back Space Event Preview (Unpublished)
     HOPE OF SYRIA (Unpublished)
     Revo (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 8 Part 2 (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 7 Review (Unpublished)
     Preview UPF-LA 7: Wong vs Rapthlaka (Unpublished)
     <025 Virtuosity> - Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Dudes gym (Unpublished)
     HMMA 91 Preview (Unpublished)
     SNF 9 | Gajewski vs Andersson (Unpublished)
     Preview for Fallen Champions XXIV! (Unpublished)
     NGF 58 | Miodek vs Odin (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 11 Preview (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 11 Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview: UPF-LA 8 Parisyen vs Dragon (Unpublished)

Edition #84, Published on Jun 29, 2013 - Views:598
     SNF 9 | Gajewski vs Andersson
     Feral Combat 19 Preview
     Inside The UPF: Oktawian August
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#24
     Henkka Reem On his title defense.
     Alien Invasion 19 Preview
     Valhalla:Hilo 53 Preview!
     SteelPenn Triple Threat
     NGF 56 | Jamm vs Clinton
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#23 (Unpublished)
     ryze 40 preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 90 Preview (Unpublished)
     155lbs tournament (Unpublished)
     after esly winning the bout below gracie is looking for a ti (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#22 (Unpublished)
     TTFC McGuire Vs. Cullen ( 770818 ) (Unpublished)
     TTFC McGuire Vs. Cullen ( 770818 ) (Unpublished)
     Interview with Piotr Duda (Unpublished)
     CFA . 022 . Epic FF League R2 - Mini-preview (Unpublished)
     BFT - 214 Bondi Beach Brawl 3 Review (Unpublished)
     Sam Jaxi (Unpublished)
     <023 Shock N Awe> - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     CFA . 023 . Shock And Awe - Preview And Predictions by Charl (Unpublished)
     CF:L 5: Kelly vs Turner Preview (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 8 Part 1 (Unpublished)
     Los Angeles Fighting Championship LAFC (3764) (Unpublished)
     Hilo Fight 1 and General News (Unpublished)

Edition #83, Published on Jun 22, 2013 - Views:784
     Interview with the Former UPF-Hilo Champ
     Inside The UPF: Chris Remnant
     Tony Brown got his Rematch for the title
     GAMMA Gossip#21 (Birthday Edition)
     "Katana": The History of Kaito
     Current Records with-in the UPF-Hilo as of 2013-06-08
     KAISER"s Cross #8
     The MMA Today - Carlos Jos Ricci
     It"s oveR
     HMMA 87 preview (Unpublished)
     200K PRIZE MONEY (Unpublished)
     LHW/HW Exlusive Big Kahuna Fight Federation invades Hilo! (Unpublished)
     UFC 161 (Unpublished)
     Preview on EFFA 17 - Hard to Break (Unpublished)
     QFC Tournament (Unpublished)
     QFC Tournament (Unpublished)
     TTFC Valentine Vs. Schwalle ( 770813 ) (Unpublished)
     Empire 46 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPI Edward vs Washington (Unpublished)
     200K PRIZE MONEY (Unpublished)
     NGF 54 | Saibot vs Jackson (Unpublished)
     Preview: 378: moris v fighter Link to event. (Unpublished)
     379: kelly v greeven PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     FinnFighter Epic League Round 1 - Mini-preview (Unpublished)
     BFT 210 Review (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 4: One for the Money (Review) (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn XLIII (Unpublished)
     12th JUNE: 379: kelly v greeven PREVIEW AND BETTING TIPS! (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 7 Part 1 (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XXI Preview (Unpublished)
     020 . CFA . Bloodied Up - Preview AND chance to win some mon (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends IX Preview! (Unpublished)
     NGF 55 | Bennet vs Tikkanen (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Fallen Champions XXII! (Unpublished)
     Countdown to Fallen Champions XXII! (Unpublished)
     Preview UPF-LA 5: Brant vs Louis (Unpublished)
     Preview EFFA 18 - Attention! (Unpublished)
     BFE Bloodsport II Review (Unpublished)
     Einemo vs Rockefeller - Press conference (Unpublished)
     SNF 7 | Romanov vs Miodek (Unpublished)
     HMMA 88 Preview. (Unpublished)
     Feral Combat 18 Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Tyson Vs. Dinkin ( 770814 ) (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 7 Part 2 (Unpublished)
     Red Hand Clothing (Unpublished)
     PREVIEW 381: pope v garcia (Unpublished)
     Dudes gym (Unpublished)
     Dynasty 154: Redemption (Unpublished)
     BFT - 212 Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 55 | Bennet vs Tikkanen (Unpublished)
     Valhalla: Hilo 52 Preview! (Unpublished)
     Ascension: Down in the Waves (Unpublished)
     CFA . 021 . Display Of Power - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XXII Preview! (Unpublished)
     Crucible Fights: London 4 - No Pain, No Gain Preview (Unpublished)
     PREVIEW EFFA 19 - Vacation! (Unpublished)
     HMMA 89 preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 56 | Jamm vs Clinton (Unpublished)

Edition #82, Published on Jun 07, 2013 - Views:711
     The MMA Today - Mauricio Calvancante
     LEGACY 1 Event Preview
     Striving for revival
     Interview with Gaara Ryusan
     King Of The Ring Promotions
     Interview with Dan Thompson
     Inside the Enigma
     The MMA Today - Kari Parisyen
     Empire 45 - Review and Bonus Awards
     Empire 45 - Full Preview (Unpublished)
     Crucible Fights: London - Riot: Press Conference (Unpublished)
     SNF 6 | Shaunessey vs Reynolds (Unpublished)
     BFT - 209 Review (Unpublished)
     BFO 7 : Lesnar vs Sokolov Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 3: As the Dawn Breaks (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Elite Fight League Rio (Unpublished)
     The Nightmare era (Unpublished)
     CFA . 018 . Ready To Go - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     Watch nWo (Unpublished)
     NGF 53 | Grozni vs Oh (Unpublished)
     ALI vs IRENE preview (title fight and rematch) (Unpublished)
     Crucible Fights: London - Underground: Preview (Unpublished)
     Full Affliction Fight Team Gym - LA (Unpublished)
     HMMA 86 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #81, Published on Jun 01, 2013 - Views:750
     HMMA 85 preview
     Preview UPF-LA 3: Champions
     Inside The UPF: Jimbo MImbo
     PFL Boxing & KT
     Hilo"s #1 for High Quality Supplements
     Fight sports themed casino games
     Fury Nutrition Inc.
     Alien Invasion 8 results
     Current Records with-in the UPF-Hilo as of 2013-05-25
     SteelPenn XXXIX Review (Unpublished)
     mma tycoon (Unpublished)
     Farinha kkk (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 8 preview (Unpublished)
     Muhammad Ali vs Mike tyson who would win? (Unpublished)
     George "Big George" Foreman (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 8 Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 52 | Engineer vs Spider (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XVIII Preview! (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends VII Preview! (Unpublished)
     TTFC Mullen Vs. Azure (770072) (Unpublished)
     TTFC Mullen Vs. Azure (770072) (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 2: Opening Act (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Tom McFarlane looks for a challenge in championships (Unpublished)
     Alien Invasion 8 Review (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 6 Part 1 (Unpublished)
     Scrapyard Paterson vs Zeman (Unpublished)
     NGF 52 | Engineer vs Spider (Unpublished)
     Great night of fights - New HW Champ (Unpublished)
     017 . The Art Of Scrapping - Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Event Preview FC17 (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 6 Part 2 (Unpublished)
     HMMA 84 preview (Unpublished)
     Interview with Lucifrous Satanous and Jeff Quimby (Unpublished)
     NGF 53 | Grozni vs Oh (Unpublished)
     01 - Riot: Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 16 (Unpublished)
     TTFC Menace Vs. East (Unpublished)

Edition #80, Published on May 24, 2013 - Views:945
     The MMA Today - Bobby Haley
     Freddy"s review of UPF-H 33: Brown Vs Reem
     Interview with Connor Pye
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#19
      Inside The UPF: Jose Lopez
      Current Records with-in the UPF-Hilo as of 2013-05-13
     Rocky Marciano
     NGF 50 Season 5 Finale
     TDF 1: Inception
     GP 73 Preview (Unpublished)
     SteelPenn - XXXIX (Unpublished)
     MMA History (Unpublished)
     Mike Tycon (Unpublished)
     Karate History (Unpublished)
     PFL Boxing & KT (Unpublished)
     BFT 204 Review (Unpublished)
     Brock Lesnar (Unpublished)
     Empire 41 - Review and Bonus Awards (Unpublished)
     CFA 015 Unstoppable - Preview and Predictions! (Unpublished)
     Empire 42 Preview and Odds Available (Unpublished)
     Boxing History (Unpublished)
     SteelPenn - XXXIX (Unpublished)
     SteelPenn - XXXIX (Unpublished)
     Pankration (Unpublished)
     EFFA 14 - PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 5 Part 1 (Unpublished)
     HMMA 82 preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC McGuire Vs Freyr (Unpublished)
     TTFC McGuire Vs Freyr ( 770071 ) (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XVII Preview! (Unpublished)
     The Rise of Gojira Industries (Unpublished)
     SteelPenn: Lopez vs. Rubble II Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 1: Raise the Curtain (REVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Empire 42 - Review and Bonuses (Unpublished)
     BFT 206 Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 51 | Romanov vs Svetlakov (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 5 Part 2 (Unpublished)
     Inside The UPF: Henkka Reem (Unpublished)
     New org start-up (Unpublished)
     Fraz Dexter vs Tony Crain (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 2: Opening Act (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     HMMA 83 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #79, Published on May 11, 2013 - Views:620
     CFS 15 Preview
     Preview of UPF-H 33: Brown Vs Reem
     Muhammad Ali !
     Inside The UPF: Igor Crazy
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#18
     Xavier Gracie interview
     Iron Fist Magazine Issue 1
     HMMA 81 preview
     TTFC Menace Vs. Beswick (68596) (Unpublished)
     RFC 14: Double title (Unpublished)
     out for blood (Unpublished)
     Genesis Preview (Unpublished)
     he has the heart (Unpublished)
     the new breed (Unpublished)
     BFT - 202 Review (Unpublished)
     Empire 40 Review and Bonuses (Unpublished)
     <014 Unleash Me!> - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     UPF-M 1: Raise the Curtain [Preview] (Unpublished)
     TTFC Menace Vs Beswicke 4 Review (Unpublished)
     SFC 2: Proving Grounds Preview and Predictions (Unpublished)
     Let's go (Unpublished)
     NGF 50 Season 5 Finale (Unpublished)
     EFFA 13 - Preview (Unpublished)
     "BRFC12: Safety Not Guaranteed" event preview (Unpublished)
     Empire 41 Preview (Unpublished)
     Death Squad: The Beginning Preview Show (Unpublished)
     Come and watch Wolf Palace (Unpublished)
     UPF-1 preview/ prediction (Unpublished)
     Preview: UPF - LA 1: Lopez Vs Calvancante (Unpublished)
     CEC 267 Main and Co-Main Event Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #78, Published on May 04, 2013 - Views:705
     NGF 49 Jackson vs Riverboat
     CCoR: Edward vs. Johnson II Review!
     NGF 48 Pirozhkov vs Gajewski II
     Henkka "Leka" Reem getting his first title shot
     GAMMA Gossip Edition #17
     1 on 1 with Don Marciano
     MMA Universal Magazine - Current Top 50 Managers - Number 49
     Dan Hardly - The resurrection of a fighter.
     ITFL Review: Week 4 Part 2
     BFT Super Weekend Review + HOF announcement
     Non-Stop Nutrition absorbed by Alpha-Male Nutritional Supple (Unpublished)
     Non-Stop Nutrition absorbed by Alpha-Male Nutritional Supple (Unpublished)
     BFT-200: Longevity preview (Unpublished)
     TOUGH DOJO !! NEW GYM (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 13 Review is up! (Unpublished)
     212940 (Unpublished)
     212941 (Unpublished)
     212942 (Unpublished)
     212943 (Unpublished)
     212944 (Unpublished)
     212945 (Unpublished)
     212946 (Unpublished)
     212947 (Unpublished)
     212948 (Unpublished)
     212949 (Unpublished)
     James Chandler Vs the underdog (Unpublished)
      TTFC Wednesday Night Fights 14 ( 768931 ) (Unpublished)
     TTFC Wednesday Night Fights 14 ( 768931 ) (Unpublished)
     HERO May Day Mayhem Review! (Unpublished)
     EFFA 12 - Preview (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 4 Part 1 (Unpublished)

Edition #77, Published on Apr 27, 2013 - Views:765
      The Alien Invasion- the spread of Feral Combat.
     Inside The UPF: Hugo Llorente w/ Carlos Jos Ricci
     Kale Kummola"s Time is Now
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#16
     A man in disguise.
     Lightning Fight League - Part 3
     Don Marciano Q&A with Paul Bradley
     Yukia Nakai - "A Champions Story"
     HMMA 79
     LFL 2: James vs. Rich - Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip Edition #15 (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn-NY (Unpublished)
     UPF PPV 2: Smoke til You Drop Review (Unpublished)
     212940 (Unpublished)
     212941 (Unpublished)
     212942 (Unpublished)
     212943 (Unpublished)
     212944 (Unpublished)
     212945 (Unpublished)
     212946 (Unpublished)
     212946 (Unpublished)
     212947 (Unpublished)
     212948 (Unpublished)
     212949 (Unpublished)
     212948 (Unpublished)
     212946 (Unpublished)
     212945 (Unpublished)
     85158 (Unpublished)
     <011 Saturday Scrap> - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     TTFC Wednesday Night Fights 13 Preview and Predicitions (Unpublished)
     Dimaya MMA (Unpublished)
     NGF 47 Romanov vs Angel (Unpublished)
     Endless Nightmare (Unpublished)
     The return of the Boogeyman (Unpublished)
     <012 Sunday Throwdown> Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     FC Lost Legends IV Preview! (Unpublished)
     NGF 48 Pirozhkov vs Gajewski II (Unpublished)
     Scrapyard Todd vs Kingston - Preview (Unpublished)
     Scrapyard Todd vs Kingston - Review (Unpublished)
     QFC Comes to Vegas! (Unpublished)
     CFS 12: The Dirty Dozen Preview (Unpublished)
     Empire 39 Preview Available (Unpublished)
     UPF 31: Banner Vs Kowalsky Preview (Unpublished)
      TTFC Cockenschtuff Vs. Stakanu (768367) (Unpublished)
     Inside The UPF: Charlie Sheen (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 44 Preview! (Unpublished)
     BRFC9: Rise & Glory Preview (Unpublished)
     Ka - Ching! $$$ Test your LUCK! We are hiring (Unpublished)
     Ka - Ching! $$$ Test your LUCK! We are hiring (Unpublished)
     New And Improved! Alpha-Male Nutritional Supplements is Back (Unpublished)
     ToP 48 - Test of Wills (Unpublished)
     HMMA 78 PREVIEW (Unpublished)

Edition #76, Published on Apr 21, 2013 - Views:721
     SPFT 105
     Contention 1: The Beginning Review
     TTFC: Reilly vs. Chavez Review
     BFT - 197 Review
     Inside The UPF: Stevan Pruvhe
     Current Records with-in the UPF as of 04/20/13
     BRFC8: 420 Sssmokin"!!! Preview
     Fallen Champions XIII!
     NGF 46
     ITFL Review: Week 3 part 2 (Unpublished)
     212944 (Unpublished)
     212940 (Unpublished)
     212941 (Unpublished)
     212942 (Unpublished)
     212943 (Unpublished)
     212944 (Unpublished)
     212945 (Unpublished)
     212946 (Unpublished)
     212947 (Unpublished)
     212948 (Unpublished)
     212949 (Unpublished)
     85158 (Unpublished)
     212949 (Unpublished)
     212948 (Unpublished)
     212947 (Unpublished)
     212946 (Unpublished)
     212945 (Unpublished)
     212943 (Unpublished)
     212942 (Unpublished)
     212941 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#14 (Unpublished)
     HMMA 76 Tyson v Helgi (Unpublished)
     U.H.F. - 3 Review (Unpublished)
     Up in smoke (Unpublished)
     Endless Nightmare (Unpublished)
     Luiz Silva Interview for SFC 1: Genesis (Unpublished)
     UPF 30: Rymy vs Deveraux Results (Unpublished)
     New Gym: Karate 1 Dojo (Karate/Sauna/2 Coach $50) (Unpublished)
     New Gym: Karate 1 Dojo (Karate/Sauna/2 Coach $50) (Unpublished)
     C.C.C.C. and Gary Marabou (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 3 part 1 (Unpublished)
     New Event! SFC Fight Night! (Unpublished)
     The Steel Penn Nutriton (Unpublished)
     EFFA 10 - Preview (Unpublished)
     Xavier Gracie is shaking things up a bit (Unpublished)
     NGF 47 Romanov vs Angel (Unpublished)
     nutrition company needs staffs (Unpublished)
     HMMA 77 preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC: Nabijos Vs. Tyson Gauge 3 PPV 4 Preview and Prediction (Unpublished)
     job (Unpublished)
     job (Unpublished)
     SPFT 105 (Unpublished)
     357 audio log. straight from the interstate. (Unpublished)
     UPF PPV 2: Smoke Til You Drop Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #75, Published on Apr 13, 2013 - Views:484
     SPFT 104
     NGF 46 Rin vs Moretti
     Inside The UPF: Helge Fossmo
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#13
     U.H.F. - 2 Review
     ToP 47 - War
     INY 70 Kharmalov vs Bennett II
     Contention 1: The Beginning Preview
     CFS 9: Warrior Within Preview
     James Chandler Q&A
     NGF Sunday Night Fights 2 (Unpublished)
     Wendsday Night Fights 12 preview (Unpublished)
     Motivation (Unpublished)
     FN 13 Concepcion vs Hawking (Unpublished)
     FN 13 Concepcion vs Hawking (Unpublished)
     BFT - 196 Review (Unpublished)
     RCS 100 GAME OF THRONES - PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     UPF 29: 170lb Tourney Semi-Finals Review (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#14 (Unpublished)
     Alika Webb (Unpublished)
     Kira Miyata on making his pro debut (Unpublished)
     LFL1: Venn vs. Brooks - Saturday April 13th (Unpublished)
     New Clothes store in Amsterdam (Unpublished)
     NGF 45 Nurminen vs Banan (Unpublished)
     Syndicate Betzone now offering 10k odds (Unpublished)
     Sunday Night Fights 2 Riverboat vs Jackson (Unpublished)
     <009 No Room 4 Error> - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     HMMA 75 preview (Unpublished)
     (one week late) LFNC 157 Bonuses Announced (Unpublished)
     UPF 30: Rymy vs Deveraux Preview (Sorry for the double) (Unpublished)
     SPFT 104 (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XII! (Unpublished)

Edition #74, Published on Apr 06, 2013 - Views:448
     SPFT 103
     GFC XIX Review
     BFT - 194 Review
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#12
     Lightning Fight League - Part 2
     Current Records with-in the UPF as of 3/31/2013
     Galaxy 30: The Iron Throne Review!
     NGF 44, 2 New Champions
     "BRFC6: Sunday Rage" Preview
     Making Up For Lost Time (Unpublished)
     First steps (Unpublished)
     Me Manager (Unpublished)
     KRT 85 - Ray vs Yu (Fight Review) (Unpublished)
     UPF 28: Vegh vs Dee (Unpublished)
     UPF 28: Vegh vs Dee (Review) (Unpublished)
     win or lose. (Unpublished)
     Finally... a bookie in London (Unpublished)
     Bash the Bookie (Unpublished)
     Post-fight CCoR: Dynamite vs. Alvarez (Unpublished)
     Post event - CCoR - Glove vs Alvares (Unpublished)
     EMMA 27 Preview (Unpublished)
     ITFL Review: Week 2 part 1 (Unpublished)
     BFT's newest Hall of Famer (Unpublished)
     7th WAR OF ROYALTY - Preview (Unpublished)
     The 22 year old Hakan Juholt is poised to make his MMA debut (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 8 (Unpublished)
     <008 From Zero To Hero> - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     NGF 45 Nurminen vs Banan (Unpublished)
     CFS 8: Gods of the Cage Preview (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions XI (Unpublished)
     HMMA 74 preview (Unpublished)
     WPR: WORLD DOMINANCE TOURNAMENT 2013!!!! (Unpublished)
     SPFT 103 (Unpublished)
     UPF 29: 170lb Tourney Round 2 (Unpublished)

Edition #73, Published on Mar 30, 2013 - Views:718
     SPFT 102
     NGF 44
     Young Shot- Pedro Aristides Leopoldo
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#11
     Inside The UPF: Hype Williams
     FN 12 Night Of The Champions
     Lightning Fight League Arrives!
     Cat Fancy Interviews Charlie Sheen pt. 3
     EMMA 26-Down4Life Charity Event
     GFC XVIII Preview (Unpublished)
     Cutting edge Supplemtents (Unpublished)
     WPR 3 preview (Unpublished)
     EFFA 6 - PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Ascension Hail the leaf Preview (Unpublished)
     Empire 33 - Recap and Bonuses (Unpublished)
     UPF 27: 170lb Tourney Round 1 [Review] (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 30: The Iron Throne Preview! (Unpublished)
     RL S&B (Unpublished)
     BRFC5: No Man's Fool Preview (Unpublished)
     WPR: World dominance tournament (Unpublished)
     Open for business. (Unpublished)
     FN 12 Preview (Unpublished)
     CCoR - Edward vs Kirby (Unpublished)
     CCoR: Edward vs. Kirby (Unpublished)
     CCoR - Edward vs Kirby (Unpublished)
     <007 Licence To Scrap> - Preview And Predictions (Unpublished)
     Giants of K1 (Unpublished)
     CFS 7: No Mercy Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 7 (Unpublished)
     SPFT 102 (Unpublished)
     WPR 4 Preview here and on forum (Unpublished)
     Inside The UPF: Ichabod Crane (Unpublished)
     Fallen Champions X Preview (Unpublished)
     U.H.F. - 1 Review (Unpublished)
     the beast is back (Unpublished)

Edition #72, Published on Mar 22, 2013 - Views:1017
     CFS 5: Avalanche Preview
     SPFT 101
     Inside The UPF: Tony Brown
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#10
     Interview With Contention Founder Fox Jacobson
     ITFL Review: Week 1 part 1
     BFT - 190 Bondi Beach Brawl 2 Review
     CFC 1:Initial Conflict
     ToP 43 - Natural Disaster
     GFC XVII Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 40 Poldi vs Riverboat II (Unpublished)
     UPF 26: Fossmo vs. Zero Preview (Unpublished)
     TMMA 38 "Dragon Vs Santucho 2" (Unpublished)
     Inside The UPF: Hank Patterson (Unpublished)
     KRT 205 GP Tourney (Review) (Unpublished)
     UPF 26: Fossmo vs. Zero Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 42 Poldi vs Riverboat II (Unpublished)
     Steel Clinch never fight a guy like me. (Unpublished)
     LFNC Fight Night 28 Bonuses Announced (Unpublished)
     LFNC 154 - Stevens v Gray Bonuses Announced (Unpublished)
     Interview with Wrestling Bot Future EMMA Champ (Unpublished)
     Empire 32 Recap and Bonus Awards (Unpublished)
     BRFC4: Fighting Spirit Preview (Unpublished)
     Victory is Imminent! (Unpublished)
     FN 11 Cottero vs Hawking (Unpublished)
     FN 11 Cottero vs Hawking (Unpublished)
     IMMA 123: MegaJug's BDay Bash 2! (Unpublished)
     GFC XVII Review (Unpublished)
     SPFT 101 (Unpublished)

Edition #71, Published on Mar 15, 2013 - Views:543
     BRFC3: Champions Road Preview
     HMMA 69 Preview all 5 champs in action!
     Still a Champion. Q&A with Tony Brown
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#9
     Getting to know HMMA LHW champion Fedor Alexandrov
     GFC XVI Review
     SPFT 100!
     CCoR: Glove vs. Keane REVIEW!
     Interview with CFC Pres. Jimmy Hopkins
     UPF 25: Kuo Vs Swain (Unpublished)
     HMMA 67 Preview (Unpublished)
     knockout central training (Unpublished)
     Scrapyard 004 : Space Invaders Preview and Predictions! (Unpublished)
     Holmgang Challengers 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     KRT 185 GP Tourney (Review) (Unpublished)
     MMA Exclusive is in town! (Unpublished)
     MMA Exclusive is in town! (Unpublished)
     Emma-22 (Unpublished)
     WPR 2 Preview (also up on smack talk thread) (Unpublished)
     NFC 183 Jokinen vs Hall Review (Unpublished)
     Passion and Perspective (Unpublished)
     HMMA 68 preview (Unpublished)
     Bambang Ridwan: I felt cheated. (Unpublished)
     Ruben Bubba VS Trivieri (Unpublished)
     UPF 25: Kuo Vs Swain [Review] (Unpublished)
     The Bad Streak (Unpublished)
     Empire 31 Recap and Bonus Awards (Unpublished)
     "Kickboxer" Tong Po (Unpublished)
     FN 10 Maier vs Elmo III Event Preview (Unpublished)
     FN 10 Elmo vs Maier III (Unpublished)
     Scrapyard 005 : Riot! - Preview and predictions - Check it o (Unpublished)
     KAISER's Cross 7 (Unpublished)
     KRT 205 Semi Finals (Preview) (Unpublished)
     CCoR: Glove vs. Keane REVIEW! (Unpublished)
     SPFT 100! (Unpublished)
     Preview for DFC 53: DeLouise vs Pietrzak (Unpublished)

Edition #70, Published on Mar 08, 2013 - Views:822
     ToP 42 - Domination
     CCoR - Glove Vs Keane
     The return of the Warlock
     GAMMA HOF Inductions
     BFT - 186 Review
     SPFT 99
     Empire 30 Recap and Bonus Awards
     GFC XVI Preview
     NGF 40 Season 4 Finale
     FN 9 Hart vs Drago (Unpublished)
     The EMMA Hour: Episode 1 (Unpublished)
     REVENGE (Unpublished)
     NGF 40 Season 4 Finale (Unpublished)
     test (Unpublished)
     buriedALIVE Fight Gear (Unpublished)
     O Melho de todos (Unpublished)
     UPF 24: Dee Vs Zero Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF 24: Dee vs Zero (Unpublished)
     SPFT 99 Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview for DFC 52: Rendziok vs. Jackson (Unpublished)
     "What is Be Nasty Day?" (Unpublished)
     BRFC2: Be Nasty Day event preview (Unpublished)
     Part 1 of the Preview (Unpublished)
     Part 2 of the Preview (Unpublished)
     Nutrional (Unpublished)
     Alpha-Male Athletic Nutritional Supplements co. (3660) (Unpublished)
     FN 9 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 5 (Unpublished)

Edition #69, Published on Mar 01, 2013 - Views:896
     KRT 145/265 GP Tourney Finals (Preview)
     SPFT 98
     A sit down with Tremayne Trump
     NGF 39 Pirozhkov vs Andersson
     Rise and Fall of the QFC Movement
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#8 Review
     ToP 40 - Tactical Assault
     FN 7 Maier vs Elmo 2
     BFT - 184 Review
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#8 Preview (Unpublished)
     TRFC13 (Unpublished)
     The rookies dream (Unpublished)
     NGF 39 Pirozhkov vs Andersson (Unpublished)
     GEMMA Gear - Global Empire MMA Gear (Unpublished)
     KaotiX Fight Gear (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 4 (Unpublished)
     Immortals - The Supercard (Unpublished)
     A sitdown with A Pimp Named Slickback (Unpublished)
     VFF 52 - Gracie vs Arghei - Preview (Unpublished)
     UPF 23: Smile You're On P.P.V. Review (Unpublished)
     CCoR - Nieds Vs Bourne (Unpublished)
     CCoR: Nieds vs. Bourne Preview (Unpublished)
     EMMA 21 Down4life Charity (Unpublished)
     FN 7 Event Preiview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 65 Preview (Unpublished)
     KRT 145/265 GP Tournament Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #68, Published on Feb 22, 2013 - Views:714
     HMMA 64 Preview
     CKZ 4 - Baratheon vs Diaz 3
     HMMA 63 Heroes Showcase Preview
     New Org: Wolf Palace RIO (195K+)
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#7
     BFT - 182 Review
     Fallen Champions III Review
     ToP 39 - Dead Man Walking
     A look at UPF 23: Smile You"re On P.P.V.
     NGF 38 Spider vs Winchester
     new org in sydney (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 8 Preview (Unpublished)
     Dynasty 126: Final Showdown (Unpublished)
     The New Steel Penn Fighting Temple Super Heavyweight Champ (Unpublished)
     BRFC: The Beginnings Preview (Unpublished)
     Fight Night 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     VFC 1: A New Dawn (Unpublished)
     EFC One - The Beginning (Unpublished)
     HERO Warfare 9 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #67, Published on Feb 15, 2013 - Views:751
     INY 62 Wauler vs Vieri
     SPFT Fight Night 4 Review
     Ascension Two Year Anniversary
     Can the Lost Art of Submissions Be Salvaged?
     Commanding Entrance By Bukh Baatar
     xCeL MMA NYC Gym Opening
     NGF 37 Review Poldi vs Boitsoff
     More Super Review
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#6
     HERO Warfare 8 Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 7 Preview (Unpublished)
     Fight Farm 1 Preview (by Tony Bova) (Unpublished)
     TRFC- Good luck (Unpublished)
     EMMA 19 Preview (Unpublished)
     CFC Update/Event Preview (Unpublished)
     SPFT Fight Night 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     Introducing: Heat Rising Clothing, LLC (Unpublished)
     NGF 38 Spider vs Winchester (Unpublished)

Edition #66, Published on Feb 09, 2013 - Views:487
     GFC XII Preview
     ToP 38 - Destiny
     Dragon"s Den - fund for newer managers!
     NGF 36 Review Starburst vs Starsky
     GAMMA Gossip Edition#5
     NGF 37 Preview
     Preview - EFFA 3
     GFC XI Review
     ToP 37 - Power
     "Toy" Tony Brown (194253) Defends his title succesfully (Unpublished)
     HMMA 60 Preview (Unpublished)
     EMMA Fight Previews: EMMA 18 (Unpublished)
     EMMA 18 Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO Warfare 7 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #65, Published on Feb 02, 2013 - Views:579
     GFC XI Preview
     NGF 35: Pirozhkov vs Yurinov III
     Vigor Challengers: New challenges in Rio
     GAMMA Gossip #4
     The Next Big Thing?
     GFC X Review
     Gonzaitev camp talks Immortals
     TMMA 32 Preview
     NGF 36 Preview
     Jony Laion (Unpublished)
     GFC IX Review (Unpublished)
     Boom Boom, Lights Out! (Unpublished)
     GFC X Preview (Unpublished)
     BFT - 175 Review (Unpublished)
     Who is Henrick Volkovv (Unpublished)
     TWD 50 Gonzales vs Oliveira (Unpublished)
     Extreme Fight Previews: EMMA 17 Down for Life Charity Event (Unpublished)
     V.O.G. 90 Review (Unpublished)
     V.O.G. 91 Preview (Unpublished)
     Manager Marley Morris Seeks Mentor/Opportunities (Unpublished)

Edition #64, Published on Jan 25, 2013 - Views:699
     HMMA 57 Preview
     ToP 36 - Full Contact
     Premier Fighting Championship
     GAMMA Gossip #3
     New Tokyo Fight Org: Battle Royale FC!!
     Super Review
     Legends Return
      The Note presents SOTF 25: Kingdom Come ~ By BrotherHec
     EMMA 16
     The youngest Mazer is expected to compete (Unpublished)
     Steel Penn's FT - Challengers 1 (Unpublished)
     HEROES 35 preview by Vitor Silva (Unpublished)
     God is good! (Unpublished)
     GFC IX Preview (Unpublished)
     EMMA 16 Fight Preview (Unpublished)
     EMMA 16 Preview (Unpublished)
     LOOKIN FOR FIGHTERS (Unpublished)
     NGF 34 Review, New Middleweight Champion! (Unpublished)
     V.O.G 90 (Unpublished)
     -=5 Star Elite=- (Unpublished)
     IMMA 112 Preview (Unpublished)
     TWD Aggression 20 (Unpublished)
     HMMA 58 Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 35 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #63, Published on Jan 19, 2013 - Views:567
     LFNC 146 - Poulter v Frost Bonuses Announced
     Galaxy 9: Champions Review!
     GAMMA: FOY awards
     ToP 34 - Point Break
     Josh"The Warmaster"Barnett
     EMMA 15 what a night
     GFC VII Review
     The Wild Den: 49
     NGF 34 Preview
     NGF 33 Preview (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 28 Weigh ins! (PREVIEW) (Unpublished)
     Right Pound (Unpublished)
     GFC VIII Preview (Unpublished)
     LFNC 145 - Lewis v Inc Bonuses Announced (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     ToP 35 - Raid (Unpublished)
     John Clark (Unpublished)
     Kenny Eastern (Unpublished)
     Andrew Watts (Unpublished)
     Craig Stone (Unpublished)
     Eliah Brenner (Unpublished)
     Jury Hamilton (Unpublished)
     Sebastian McGuire (Unpublished)
     Eliah Brenner (Unpublished)
     Jury Hamilton (Unpublished)
     Miles Steedman (Unpublished)
     Tyson Bennet (Unpublished)
     Mario Jnior (Unpublished)
     VFF 46: NOWAK vs ORTON - Main Card Preview (Unpublished)
     Manager talking to org owner (Unpublished)
     EMMA 15 Review (Unpublished)
     We Wont Stop (Unpublished)
     Odds are live (Unpublished)
     NGF 33 Review, 2 New Champions! (Unpublished)
     DFC 43 - Preview (Unpublished)
     Emma 15 Review (Unpublished)
     SFC Preview (Unpublished)
     DFC 43 (Unpublished)
     HERO Warfare 5 Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview - EFFA 2 (Unpublished)
     HMMA 55 and 56 Preview (Unpublished)
      T.W.D Aggression 19! (Unpublished)
     HERO 47: Olson vs Murphy Preview (Unpublished)
     The Wild Den: 19 (Unpublished)

Edition #62, Published on Jan 11, 2013 - Views:824
     Immortals in the News
     2013 - Coming Soon
     Armageddon Fight Promotions - AFP-1 Event Horizon.
     GAMMA Gossip #2
     LFNC 144 - Holiday Hangover Bonuses Announced
     GP U21 Tournament Final Preview
     GFC VI Review
     Galaxy 9: Champions
     CKZ 1 - Kickin" It Into Gear Preview
     Ace of Spades Sits Down with Gim Ruut
     Right Pound (Unpublished)
     CFL 10: PRIDE FC RULES 1! (Unpublished)
     GFC VII Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 32 Preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 52 Preview (Unpublished)
     SPFT 90 On PPV Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 4 Preview (Unpublished)
     CEC 244 Preview (Unpublished)
     Daniel Ortiz (Unpublished)
     HEROES 33 preview by Vitor Silva (Unpublished)
     HEROES 33 preview by Vitor Silva (78741) (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 8: Darkside Of The Moon (Unpublished)
     HERO London Preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 53 and 54 preview (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 7: Stairway To Heaven Review! (Unpublished)
     NGF 32 has a New Bantamweight Champion! (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 8: Darkside Of The Moon Review! (Unpublished)

Edition #61, Published on Jan 04, 2013 - Views:708
     FC: Night of Champions- remembered for the wrong reasons?
     LFNC 143 - New Year"s Bash Bonuses Announced
     NGF 31 Season 4 Kick Off Review
     ToP 34 - Point Break
     DFC 40 - Aoki vs Deluise
     Matt Cave hits #1 spot
     BFT - 168 Review
     GAMMA: The Fred Ettish Story
     Galaxy 5: Fireworks Review!
      EMMA 14 4 Man 170lbs Tournament Preview
     Immortals New York
     2012 HERO Awards
     NGF 31, Season 4 Kick Off Preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 51 END OF YEAR SHOW Preview (Unpublished)
     "The Warmaster" Josh Barnett (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 6: Supernova Preview! (Unpublished)
     AD86: Game of Clinches preview (Unpublished)
     HERO New Year's Extravaganza (Unpublished)
     Boxing Day Bash Review (Unpublished)
     DFC 40 - Review (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 6: Supernova Review! (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 7: Stairway To Heaven Preview! (Unpublished)
     Opportunity for great free training. (Unpublished)
     ToP Fight Night #5 (Unpublished)
     Immortals New York presents: (Unpublished)

Edition #60, Published on Dec 28, 2012 - Views:758
     GFC VI Preview
     Ascension Happy New Year Preview
     Comback Career of Earl "The Nightmare" Bertane
     RBL 2 Bane"s New Year
     LFNC 142 - Season"s Beatings Bonuses Announced
     Galaxy 3: Doomsday Review!
     Galaxy 4: Christmas Bash Review!
     Canadian Caged Combat Championship
     BFT - 166 Review
     SPFT 89
     NFC 176 Jokinen vs Egyptian (Unpublished)
     New kid in town! (Unpublished)
     RBL 2 Bane"s New Year (Unpublished)
     EFFA is growing (Unpublished)
     f (Unpublished)
     UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (Unpublished)
     EMMA 12 Preview (Unpublished)
     25k contract (Unpublished)
     CCoR Boxing Day Bash (Unpublished)
     Immortals New York in the News (Unpublished)
     CCoR Boxing Day Bash (Unpublished)
     INY 48 Blood at Christmas (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 5: Fireworks Preview! (Unpublished)
     EMMA 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #59, Published on Dec 21, 2012 - Views:562
     Ascension Preview
     NGF preview...again.
     GAMMA Hall of Fame Induction
     Feral Combat GP"s: the road to the top.
     The Wizard from Little Whinging
     BFT 164 Review
     Immortals New York Presents:
     The UPF 185lb Champion
     GAMMA: Forrest Gump moves into top 100 p4p
     STEEL PENN"S STEEL TERROR (Unpublished)
     yolo (Unpublished)
     yolo (Unpublished)
     GFC IV Preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 47 and 48 Preview (Unpublished)
     Mango Nutrition Rio is back again! (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     VFF 41: ONDRUS vs JURRI - REVIEW (Unpublished)
     SPFT 87: Cartman vs. McDonal Preview (Unpublished)
     SPFT 87: Cartman vs. McDonald (Unpublished)
     EPL Season 4 Event Five Preview (Unpublished)
     ALWC 39 Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO Warfare 3 Preview (Unpublished)
     ToP 31 - Full Force (Unpublished)
     "The Warmaster" Josh Barnett (Unpublished)
     NewDay run to new year. (Unpublished)
     New York "Invasion" Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 30 Preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA fighters of the year contenders (Unpublished)

Edition #58, Published on Dec 14, 2012 - Views:556
     Emma 11
     RBL 1 Bane Rising - Preview
     Champions Cage of Rage II
     Extreme Mixed Martial Arts 11
     Untouchable Fight Leage - Nearly a year later
     Our first event RBL 1 Bane Rising
     "Rampage" Texans Brixius
     HERO 46: Torrez vs Olson II preview
     Galaxy 2: Mayan Countdown Review!
     Only the strong survive
     Extreme Fist Fighting Association
     HWP316: Breaker vs. Overdose! PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HERO Fight Night 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 46 preview (Unpublished)
     SPFT 85: Martin vs. Kealekapuna (Unpublished)
     SPFT 86 Preview (Unpublished)
     Rivals LXI (Unpublished)
     NGF 29 preview (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 3: Doomsday Preview! (Unpublished)
     Champions Cage of Rage II Review (Unpublished)

Edition #57, Published on Dec 07, 2012 - Views:590
     SEFC-1 Preview
     Good Luck TRFC2
     EPL Season 4 Event Three Preview
     UK Invasion
     Cage Wars 200th Show
     GFC III Review
     Sasha Grey - QFCT HoF
     Galaxy 1: The Big Bang! Review!
     Ruthless Bane"s League (3530)
     LFL 73 - Watson vs Donovan (Preview)
     Toyko Throwdown Preview
     King of the Cage II
     GBC (Unpublished)
     weigh ins (Unpublished)
     King of the Cage II (Unpublished)
     Ruthless Bane"s League taking off! (Unpublished)
     CWFL 200 Show !!! (Unpublished)
     King of the Cage I (Unpublished)
     Galaxy 2: Mayan Countdown (Unpublished)
     Fedor Funkyama - QFCT HoF (Unpublished)
     King of the Cage I Review (Unpublished)
     Semtex Gladiator Gym (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: The Contenders history (Unpublished)
     *FFCS 1* Showtime (Unpublished)
     *FFCS 2* Fight Night -----preview----- (Unpublished)
     HERO Warfare 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     London Gym (Unpublished)

Edition #56, Published on Nov 30, 2012 - Views:689
     Galaxy 1: The Big Bang! Official preview!
     Holmgang release gate figures
     CBC 3 - Heavyweight GP Quarter Finals
     HFL: Hero Cup
     November"s KoTC Debut REVIEW
     *FFCS 1* Showtime
     Galaxy 1: The Big Bang! Preview
     First day of Xmas Preview
     BFT 158 - Shields vs Hans 3 Review
     KAISER"s Cross #6
     Best UFC Super Fight (Unpublished)
     HTCA 63 - Ignatiev vs. Rubble (Unpublished)
     HTCA 64 - Johnson vs. Brown (Unpublished)
     KOTC Debut (Unpublished)
     November's King of the Cage (KOTC) Debut (Unpublished)
     HERO 45: Fish vs Torrez II preview (Unpublished)
     KoTC Debut Review (Unpublished)
     KoTC Debut REVIEW (Unpublished)
     EPL Season 4 Event Two Preview (Unpublished)
     CFC Hosts Third PPV This Weekend (Unpublished)
     NFC 171 review (Unpublished)
     HERO Weekly News (HERO 45) (Unpublished)
     HERO Warfare 1 (Unpublished)
     GFC II Review (Unpublished)
     AD78: All Choked Up preview (Unpublished)
     CBC 3 Preview/small CBC 2 Review (Unpublished)
     NGF 27 Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC McGuire Vs Traianus PPV 1 Preveiw (Unpublished)
     HMMA 45 Preview (Unpublished)
     NFC 172 preview (Unpublished)
     weigh ins (Unpublished)

Edition #55, Published on Nov 22, 2012 - Views:530
     Immortals New York (150K)- Main Card Preview FN 31
     GFC I Review
     EPL Season 4 Event One Review
     Fighters First Chmpionship Sydney
     Ice Age
     Hilo Fighting League
     HERO Weekly News
     GP 50 PPV Preview
     Save A Fighter 100K Giveaway
     INY 44 - Cunha vs Stewart
     NFC: 171 Jokinen versus Taalasmaa Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO 44: Triple Threat preview (Unpublished)
     NFC 171: Jokin versus Taalasmaa Preview! (Unpublished)
     HMMA 42 Fury v Nixon II Preview|Sorry its late| (Unpublished)
     BFT - 156 Review (Unpublished)
     Preview (Unpublished)
     Origin Episode 002 : 3 Hours Earlier. (Unpublished)
     Ribbon Cutting for Finnish Boot Camp (Unpublished)

Edition #54, Published on Nov 16, 2012 - Views:542
     EPL Season 4 Event One Preview
     GFC I Preview
     Immortals New York Round Up & Preview
     Immortals Musings & Preview
     IMMA 100: Mega Super Show
     HERO: November Spectacular Preview
     CAGED: Amsterdam Opens!

Edition #53, Published on Nov 11, 2012 - Views:673
     ToP 23 - Aggression
     HWP308: Copout v Baramari! PREVIEW and HeavyWeight Betting t
     Champion? Or just dad?
     The genesis of a new era: Gaius Arabi.
     SOTF 18: Here Comes The Boom Preview
     Cage Fights Australia
     Frank Mir
     Origin Episode 001 : Crash Landing.
     GP 49 Brit vs Mrs Preview (Unpublished)
     Origin Episode 001 : Crash Landing. (Unpublished)
     HERO Weekly News (Unpublished)
     New Camp (Unpublished)
     All 160Q SUPPS from $ 200! (Unpublished)
     IMMA 98 Preview (Unpublished)
     eM 135 Main and Co-Main Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Andrew Shark (Unpublished)
     HERO 42: Mustonen vs McDaniels Preview (Unpublished)
     AD73: Killer Hook preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 40 and 41 Previews (Unpublished)
     TWD 39: Ferreira vs Oliveira Preview (Unpublished)
     NFC 170 preview (Unpublished)
     NFC 170 ignore the previous one (Unpublished)
     HERO 43: Vihtala vs Tedvik Preview (Unpublished)
     TWD 39: Ferreira vs Oliveira Preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 24 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #52, Published on Nov 03, 2012 - Views:833
     Feral Combat 3
     SOTF 17: You Only Live Once Preview
     Panter Ready For Bigger Things!
     Eminence 19 Video Preview
     Doctors Rule MMA Fighter Brain Damaged
     HERO 40: Fish vs Bunkley Results
     TWD 38: Jecht vs Obata 2 Preview
     GP 47 Potatos vs Zedski Preview
     Ascension Judgement Day Preview
     TWD Aggression 8 Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO Halloween Havoc Preview (Unpublished)
     IMMA 96 MonsterBash (Unpublished)
     B.E.E. (Unpublished)
     HMMA 39 Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO 41 preview (Unpublished)
     NGF 23 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #51, Published on Oct 28, 2012 - Views:653
     Eminence 18 Video Preview
     SOTF 16: On To The Next One Preview
     Who Will Be The Next MMA Tycoon Legend???
     BAFC 3 - Caesar vs Ghostal
     GAMMA; Degen Gambler
     BFT - 150 See vs Shields 2
     The Now Generation
     Johnson out for 16 days
     Spartans Invade Rio
     Newest Gym In Sydney (Unpublished)
     HERO 39: Mustonen vs Dos Santos Results (Unpublished)
     BFT - 148 TKO vs Lurendrejer (Unpublished)
     The Richest Nutrition Company. (Unpublished)
     ToP 22 - Invasion (Unpublished)
     IKBL- 16 Idiot Vs Malavino (Unpublished)
     HMMA 38 Conteh v llie PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     NGF 22 Review/Predictions (Unpublished)
     VFN 26: Anderson Vs Key Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO 40: Fish vs Bunkley Preview (Unpublished)
     TWD 37: Valentine vs Streseman (Unpublished)
     Ascension Asguard (Unpublished)
     304 preview (Unpublished)

Edition #50, Published on Oct 20, 2012 - Views:763
     Ascension Tour Of Legends Preview
     Super Review
     GP 44 Royler vs Orion
     HMMA 37 Okamoto V Matsu Preview
     HERO 36: Torrez vs Fish results
     302 preview
     HERO 38: Li vs Van Der Moot II results
     Merchandise partner needed (Fight Org)
     Eli Ellinger (Unpublished)
     Diamond in the Rough (Unpublished)
     SOTF 14: Dragon's Den Preview (Unpublished)
     SOTF 14: Dragon's Den Preview (Unpublished)
     Injured fighter (Unpublished)
     FIGHT ORG (Unpublished)
     300 preview (Unpublished)
     GAMMA closes a new sponsorship deal (Unpublished)
     UFL (Unpublished)
     HERO 37: Vihtala vs Peltola III results (Unpublished)
     IMMA 93 Preview (Unpublished)
     IMMA 93 Preview (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 16 Weigh in (Unpublished)
     TWD 36: Xiii vs Doo Man Preview (Unpublished)
     Title contenders needed. (Unpublished)
     ToP 21 - Killer Instinct (Unpublished)
     org for sale (Unpublished)
     IKBL - 15 Ace High Vs Hamed (Unpublished)

Edition #49, Published on Oct 11, 2012 - Views:615
     Syndicate 136 Review
     ToP Fight Night #1
     NFC 87 - The Curtain Closes
     ToP 20 - Resolution
     European Premier League - Season Finale Preview
     Ascension Revenge Preview
     First Champion
     INY Nuclear Showdown: Melton sr vs Ventura
     Looking into the Warriors That Built GAMMA to Where it is To
     SOTF 11: Alpha Male Preview (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 13 Weigh in (Unpublished)
     Brother, Fighter.... Lover? (Unpublished)
     hwp296 preview and betting predictions (Unpublished)
     Countdown to IMMA 89 (Unpublished)
     HERO Amsterdam Results (Unpublished)
     SOTF 12: The Massacre Preview (Unpublished)
     SOTF 12: The Massacre Preview (Unpublished)
     VFF 30: Coton vs Jenkins - REVIEW (Please rate it! :P) (Unpublished)
     TWD 32: Ferreira vs Smirnov Review (Unpublished)
     First Champion (Unpublished)
     A new sun rises in Tokyo (Unpublished)
     VN 21: Anderson Vs Munoz Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO 35: Borisov vs James II results (Unpublished)
     UPF 3: Warriors Vengence Review And Predictions (Unpublished)
     UPF 3: Warriors Vengence Review and predictions By Dale Saw (Unpublished)
     UPF 3: Warriors Vengence preview and predictions by Dale Saw (Unpublished)
     Sensei`s Gym - for rent (Unpublished) (Unpublished)
     Ascension : To Hell Preview (Unpublished)
     SOTF 13: Money Power Respect Preview (Unpublished)
     SOTF 13: Money Power Respect Preview (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 14 Weigh in (Unpublished)
     Newest Prospect making noise (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: October Class HOF (Unpublished)
     AD66: Fall Down Go Boom preview (Unpublished)
     HERO: Thanksgiving Brawl results (Unpublished)
     AD68: Greatest Show on Earth earlybird preview (Unpublished)
     Fight Night 25 Betting Update (Unpublished)
     GP 43 Preview (Unpublished)
     IKBL - 14 Idiot Vs Harrison (Unpublished)
     TWD 35: Ronan vs Badridge Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #48, Published on Sep 26, 2012 - Views:951
     HERO 34: Li vs Kasavanov results
     ToP 19 - Showdown
     Countdown to IMMA 87
     Asc 114 Aftermath preview
     Keyo Mizugaki the Man behind the scalped face
     Kyros Sisyphus after his QFC 15 Tournament win
     Rafael Aranyos - Rio"s Perfect Example Of Passion
     HERO 34: Li vs Kasavanov results (correction) (Unpublished)
     Crazy Monkey - Kickboxing Gym (Unpublished)
     Crazy Monkey - Kickboxing Gym (Unpublished)
     rISING MANAGER (Unpublished)
     "BadAzz" Loula Mies (Unpublished)
     Hardy WINS by SUB. via ARMBAR (Unpublished)
     SOTF 10: King of the Cage Preview (Unpublished)
     BFT - 140 Review (Unpublished)
     EPL Season 3 Semis - Preview (Unpublished)
     Countdown to IMMA 87 (Unpublished)
     IKBL- 13 Xavier Vs Hamed (Unpublished)

Edition #47, Published on Sep 22, 2012 - Views:1017
     SOTF 9: The Goodfellas Preview
     Ascension Bday Bash Preview
     ToP 18 - Pride
     Siberian Fight League... Warming up to the Coldest MMA org!
     WOTLA 13
     HMMA 32 Preview
     It"s Fight Week!
     Hisashi Matsuoka - Life Long Jiu Jitsu Journey
     Solomon Holland
     Bring Philly To MMA (Unpublished)
     The Night Haunter (Unpublished)
     GP 39 Paulsen vs Potatos Preview (Unpublished)
     Crazy Monkey - Kickboxing gym located in montreal (Unpublished)
     Baddest Dude on the Planet! (Unpublished)
     The Outlaw (Unpublished)
     Brock Lesnar ?? (Unpublished)
     GAMMA Honoured to be a Part of the World Tour (Unpublished)
     Chael Sonnen Of Simpson-Kinights* (Unpublished)
     IKBL- 12 Idiot Vs Lee (Unpublished)
     IKBL League (Unpublished)
     Antonio Pinto "Bibiano" Pinto career (Unpublished)
     SOTF 9: The Goodfellas Preview (Unpublished)
     Dan Hardy the Most overatted fighter in rookie histroy OR t (Unpublished)
     VFN 20: Kruger Vs Papadopulos Preview (Unpublished)
     WOTLA 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     4K.45 : Refuse To Fall - Recap By KRad (Unpublished)
     HWP294: Hytten vs Ares! PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     TWD 31: Ronan vs Cortez Review (Unpublished)
     BFT - 140 Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC Guage Vs Corleone preview (Unpublished)

Edition #46, Published on Sep 17, 2012 - Views:588
     HERO 31: Pacquiao vs Mustonen results
     ToP 17 - Seek & Destroy
     TWD 30: Ruut vs Xiii Review
     IMMA 85
     HWP 292 preview and betting tips
     BFT - 138 Review
     "Capt"n" Jacques Hallow: Past to Present
     Brad Bradley
     Unski "Juggernaut " Hallavaara "comeback career"
     EPL Season 3 Playoffs Preview (Unpublished)
     GP 38 Preview (Unpublished)
     HMMA 31 Tinaway V Palhares preview (Unpublished)
     WOTLA 12 (Unpublished)
     AD58: Black Eyed Knees preview (Unpublished)
     Rags to riches a true under dog story week 2 (Unpublished)
     Contract Needed in Montreal (Unpublished)
      SPFT 70: Stoppers vs. Coleman QUICK PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     watch (Unpublished)
     SOTF 8: Guerrilla Warfare Preview (Unpublished)
     Showtime 5 Review (Sorry forgot to say Event Review to get i (Unpublished)
     SOTF 8: Guerrilla Warfare Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC's Saurus Vs Johnson Preview (Unpublished)
     Thompson's Rant: Thompson vs. Fisher! (Unpublished)
     GAMMA #254 Preview (Unpublished)
     Jamie Gillis hits top 100 p4p (Unpublished)
     VFN 19: Capoeira Vs Matsuka Preview (Unpublished)
     IMMA Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO 32: Torrez vs Olson review (Unpublished)
     LA Combat: KT Round 1 Review (Unpublished)
     HERO 33: Vihtala vs Sullivan results (Unpublished)
     Crown Fighting Organization (Unpublished)

Edition #45, Published on Sep 07, 2012 - Views:603
     Caged Brutality Review
     WOTLA 11-FW Title Challenge
     SOTF 7: Vengeance Preview
     4K.43 : Your Face, My Fist - Preview by KRad
     Syndicate 132 Review
     HWP 290: Hooker v Brown! PREVIEW
     Dean Holliday"s INY Rankings
     ORG 100
     Blitz 134 Perilous
     Rags to riches the true under dog story (Unpublished)
     HWP 290: Hooker v Brown! PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HeavyWeight Prizefights (Unpublished)
     Heres the winning bets for upcoming event! get ur cash now ! (Unpublished)
     Caged Brutality Review (Unpublished)
      SPFT 69 Skylar vs Loaf 2 REVIEW (Unpublished)
     HERO 30: Larsson vs Borisov results (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Renan St Juste (102580) Interview (Unpublished)
     SOTF 7: Vengeance Preview (Unpublished)
     How to Fight....... (Unpublished)
     VFN 18 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #44, Published on Sep 03, 2012 - Views:680
     Torment: Open Weight Grand Prix
     ToP 16 - Day of Reckoning
     HERO 29: Naama vs Lazerous results
     CFC 262 Review (and other notes)
     BFC FN 5 / BFC 15 Preview
     BFT - 134 Review
     VFN 17: Larkin Vs Capoeira Preview
     SOTF Confidential
     Featherweight Grand Prix w/ 6 mos. vip!
     Heres the winning bets for upcoming event! get ur cash now ! (Unpublished)
     In action (Unpublished)
     1st WAR OF ROYALTY: FANTASY PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     HMMA 29 Okamoto v Kukko Preview (Unpublished)
     Will Brawler, The new generation! (Unpublished)
      SPFT 69: Sklyar vs. Loaf 2 PREVIEW -brought to you by Folge (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Jonny Roberts Interview (Unpublished)
     News from the 3400, (Unpublished)
     BFT - 134 Preview (Unpublished)
     Jammond "Clock Work" Hughes (Unpublished)
     MCC 100 Preview (Unpublished)
     QFC Tournament 48 Review By Dale Saw (Unpublished)

Edition #43, Published on Aug 31, 2012 - Views:568
     CEC 226 Preview
     SOTF 6: Eye of the Tiger Preview
     HERO 28: Van Der Moot vs Li results
     Syndicate 132 Preview
     4K.40 : The Big One - Recap by Ganja Man
     4K.42 : Up Against - Preview
     Demonic Clothing has returned!!!!
     A Good Start... (Unpublished)
     thanks (Unpublished)
     Introducing "Iron Hands" Ryan Engle (Unpublished)
     Introducing Ryan "Iron Hands" Engle (Unpublished)
     Syndicate 131 Preview (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 9 Weigh in/Preview (Unpublished)
      SPFT 67: Kealekapuna vs Rhymes REVIEW (Also featuring resul (Unpublished)
     SOTF 6: Eye of the Tiger Preview (Unpublished)
     WOTLA 10 Event Preview (Unpublished)
     Syndicate 131 Review (Unpublished)

Edition #42, Published on Aug 29, 2012 - Views:694
     4K.39 : The HW Tournament Finale - Recap by Ganja Man
     ALWC22 Preview
     Divinity-Caged Fury Review
     HERO 27: Todorov vs Pearson results
     Top 15 - Fury
     BFT - 132 The Dome 2 Review
     Syndicate 130 Review
     GAMMA vs Geezers Palace
     GP 36 London Preview
     wordsearch quiz (Unpublished)
     VFF 25: Ondrus vs Weimar Preview + Poster (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLVI: Preview (Unpublished)
     The Silent Killer is HERE! (Unpublished)
     wordsearch quiz (Unpublished)
     3mil tourney semi finals, LoL semi Finals... Creed vs Bantre (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Forrest Gump Interview (Unpublished)
     BRAND NEW Adrenaline Fight League!!! (Unpublished)
     WOTLA 9 Preview (Unpublished)
     Jeff Adams (Unpublished)
     BFT - 132 The Dome 2 Preview (Unpublished)
     Referee's (Unpublished)
     VERSUS VENDETTA XIII Preview (Unpublished)
     SPFT 67: Kealekapuna vs Rhymes PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Vicious World Heavyweight Grand Prix 2012 Round 2 (Unpublished)
     Aleksander Lens Wins in his debut! (Unpublished)
     The Submission Machine (Unpublished)
     Brock Lesnar Trashed Triple H (Unpublished)
     BFC 14 Preview (Unpublished)
     Caged Fury Review (Unpublished)
     IMMA 80: $7 Million Man RD 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     The eternal wait. (Unpublished)
     Brutality review (Unpublished)
     Divinity-Caged Brutality (Unpublished)
     Caged Brutality preview (Unpublished)
     VFW 1: Insane Beginnings Preview (Unpublished)
     2 - Sheherazade Review (Unpublished)

Edition #41, Published on Aug 23, 2012 - Views:979
     TTFC"s Legends Tour New York Preview
     Simon's Transformation, or Hitler Kaput!
     NLFL 11 - Warlock Review
     CFC 259: Triple Header Review
     Bouncing Back
     Eminence 10
     KAISER's Cross #5
     Blitz 132: Descent of Crows
     HERO 26: Hong vs Larsson results
     Don Key - Born Ready to Kick Like an Ass! (Unpublished)
     Stan "Razorback" Chowmein; The Journey Begins (Unpublished)
     One Night with The Most Interesting Man in the World! (Unpublished)
     BFC Super Wednesday 3 / BFC 13 Preview (Unpublished)
     HERO Tokyo results (Unpublished)
     Great Fighter (Unpublished)
     Billy"flash"Scott (Unpublished)
     Great fight scene (Unpublished)
     HWP 285 preview (Unpublished)
     HWP285 Preview (Unpublished)
     Why the Ankle is the bees knees! (Unpublished)
     Ascension 3 Million Tourney Round Semi Finals Preview (Unpublished)
     Jeff Smith Bellator Debut (Unpublished)
     Syndicate 130 Preview (Unpublished)
     Juggernaut Power Suppliment Sponsored Fighter Win Belt (Unpublished)
     Valhalla Hilo 8 Weigh in (Unpublished)

Edition #40, Published on Aug 21, 2012 - Views:673
     Rivals XLV: Rude vs. Speed {POSTFIGHT SHOW}
     SOTF 5:The Shield
     Caged Fury 2 preview
     GAMMA: August HOF Tonal / Burton inducted
     Didion Makes Manager Proud
     From Boss to Bum...
     First Steps On A Long Road
     QFC-Tokyo "Noobs Welcome"
     GP 35 Bomb vs Royler 2
     Jack Burton enters GAMMA"s HOF (Unpublished)
     Simmons Bad Judging (Unpublished)
     GAMMA: Jeremy Tonal (31632) retirement. HOF induction (Unpublished)
     Immortals New York Launch 135LB 190K ID TUF Combat League (Unpublished)
     The spirit of the game. My Brutal honesty (Unpublished)
     KAISER"s Cross #5 (Unpublished)
     IMMA 79 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Face Off Redenbacher and Diggs (Unpublished)
     185-265 Divinity fighter rankings (Unpublished)
     4K.39 : HW Tournament FINAL - Preview (Unpublished)
     From Boss to Bum. (Unpublished)
     Ruthless Road (Unpublished)
     Juggernaut Power Suppliments (Unpublished)
     HMMA 26 Robinson V Saunders Preview (Unpublished)
     IMMA 79 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     DFC-12 Review (Unpublished)
     DFC-12 Review (Unpublished)
     Reggieland Doing Big Business (Unpublished)
     TTFC Tuesday Night Fights 34 (Unpublished)
     TWD 27: Ferreira vs. Gomez: (Unpublished)
     TWD 27: Ferreira vs Gomez Review (Unpublished)
     Caged fury 2 preview (Unpublished)

Edition #39, Published on Aug 17, 2012 - Views:1078
     SOTF 4: Samurai Spirit Preview
     Countdown to IMMA 79: Pyle vs. Glozman 2
     Meet Ice
     4K.37 : Richards vs Salwa Recap
     BLITZKRIEG 131: Unholy Wrath
     HERO 25: Naama vs Shields results
     Ascension 106 Preview
      SPFT 66: Brown vs Stoppers 2 PREVIEW
     Stranger then fiction
     Clothing Company Aims High
     TWD 27: Ferreira vs Gomez Organization: (Unpublished)
     284 preview! OTN bonuses for this event will be >30k (Unpublished)
     Rumble DEBUT (Unpublished)
     Gills vs wheezy (Unpublished)
     IMMA 77 preview (Unpublished)
     IMMA 77 PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     GILLS VS LIL WAYNE (Unpublished)
     Valhalla: Hilo 7 Weigh ins/Preview (Unpublished)
     GP 34 Preview (Unpublished)
     KAISER's Cross #5 (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLV: Rude vs. Speed *PREVIEW* (Revised) (Unpublished)
     ORG 59 (Unpublished)
     TWD 27: Ferreira vs Gomez (Unpublished)
     Ruthless Road (Unpublished)
     284 preview! by me... OTN bonuses for this event will be > (Unpublished)
     284 by k rad (Unpublished)

Edition #38, Published on Aug 14, 2012 - Views:663
     HERO 23: Kasavanov vs Van Der Moot results
     BDU 126 Review
     TWD 25 Review
     Rivals XLIV: Blaze vs. Manlucas *** post fight review ***
     BFT - 128 Review
     Blitz 130 Design For Malice Preview
     The Ben Stone Story
     Vicious Fights Helsinki
     Fightworld Formula Sponsored Fighter Interviews
     LFNC 125 - Marsden v Magri II Bonuses (Unpublished)
     TWD 25 Review (Unpublished)
     EFC 124 : Resurgence (Unpublished)
     EFC 124 ; Resurgence (Unpublished)
     Doping Within The Boxing Sport (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#247 Review (Unpublished)
     4K.36 : Retale vs Tapout Recap (Unpublished)
     Fighting Gear for Big Boys (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLV: Rude vs. Speed ***PREVIEW*** (Unpublished)
     TWD 26: Ronan vs. Postiga (Unpublished)
     TWD 26: Ronan vs. Postiga Preview (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLIV: Blaze vs. Manlucas (Unpublished)
     Blitzkrieg 129 Preview (Unpublished)
     GT mma (Unpublished)
     BFC Fight Night 4 Event Preview (Unpublished)
      Rashad Jones (Unpublished)
     TWD 26: Ronan vs. Postiga Review (Unpublished)

Edition #37, Published on Aug 10, 2012 - Views:746
     GP 33 Oneil vs Nemesis
     SPFT 29 Preview
     Rivals XLIV: Blaze vs. Manlucas ***** Fight Pre-view*****
     Winds of change blow through Sydney
     Returning To MMA Tycoon - Part 2
     Interview with "Captain America" Steve Rogers
     MMA:The Immortals Show!
     Blitz 129: Noire
     CEC 223 Preview
     Hopkins Athletics (Unpublished)
     GP 33 Preview (Unpublished)
     Early preview of VH6! (Unpublished)
     Early preview of VH6! (Unpublished)
     Openweight KT Creation Tourney (Unpublished)
     Anthony Ventura Talks Fight (Unpublished)
     IMMA 76: Pyle vs. Scott (Unpublished)
     SPFT 29 Preview (Unpublished)
     BLKOUT Clothing - The originals are back (Unpublished)
     BFE - 12 Preview (Unpublished)
     Showtime 1 Preview (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLIV: Blaze vs. Manlucas ***** Fight Pre-view***** (Unpublished)
     Soul Supremacy Elite (Unpublished)
     Weekly Top 5 Fighters(Each Division) (Unpublished)
     SPFT: St. Petersburg 29 Preview (Unpublished)
     TWD 26 (Unpublished)
     GAMMA#248 King v Gillis preview (Unpublished)

Edition #36, Published on Aug 07, 2012 - Views:891
     NFC 78 - Event Preview
     BFC 12 Preview
     Era of Jobber...No More
     ALWC18 Nelson vs. Escobar
     BFT - 126 Review
     Brute Forcing their way up
     FCC 5: Title Night Review
     New style of Gym in Helsinki
     Juggernaut Power
     ROF 13:Horn vs Chabal Preview! (Unpublished)
     NFC 77 Hanks vs Osborn (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLIII: Thorn vs. Saunier (Unpublished)
     HMMA 24 preview (Unpublished)
     HWP 280 preview (Unpublished)
     Rivals XLIII Review (Unpublished)
     Weigh-In on Line (Unpublished)
     Witt Vs. Cable (Unpublished)
     NFC 78: Christianson vs Jun (forum link) (Unpublished)

Edition #35, Published on Aug 03, 2012 - Views:636
     Peeling back the layers with "Peel Steel"
     HERO 22: Rudd vs Todorov results
     4K.36 : Retale vs Tapout - Preview by KRad!
     4K.34 : HW Tourney Round 2 - Recap by Ganja Man! + more
     CEC 222 Preview
     BDU 126 Preview
     Ascension 3MIL Tourney Round 3 Preview
     BFT - 126 Preview
     An Indescribable Feeling

Edition #34, Published on Aug 02, 2012 - Views:899
     BDU 125 Review
     Returning To MMA Tycoon - Is It Possible To Start Again?
     Boba Fett: The Legend Returns
     Popping off with Redenbacher
     Blitz 128: Omnicron
     GAMMA#247 Chigurh v Bantrell
     Nemesis Fight Club
     Valhalla Hilo 5 Weigh in
     Team Disney/ The Four Kings Interview
     The Monster (Unpublished)
     5- Time LHW Champ in 4 different Org (Unpublished)
     The First (Unpublished)
     ROF Fight Night 1 preview! (Unpublished)
     VFF 22 Preview Posted in Smack Talk! (Unpublished)

Edition #33, Published on Jul 29, 2012 - Views:545
     Sensi Steven Seagal claims he invented elbow to the head.
     IMMA 75 Preview
     CFA 25.5 Review
     The Wild Den - St. Petersburg
     Review AFC 37 Karlsson Vs Lodin
     CFA 26 Review
     Fatality Preview
     "The Legend" Luke Lashley
     The American Hero continues his roll
     Ricky Monroe (Unpublished)
     Impressive debut for Brian Fury (Unpublished)

Edition #32, Published on Jul 25, 2012 - Views:661
     Design A T-Shirt!
     Tony Mendez"s Last Interview
     Thompson Strikes Again
     Bomb Squad knocked into retirement by Biggums
     CFA 25
     OFC 150: Ang vs Ivanov
     CFA 24
     Torment Fightwear - Bring the thunder!
     Brock Lesnar back in WWE? (Unpublished)
     Soul Supremacy presents "Aggravation" (Unpublished)
     OverComing 27: THE END! (Unpublished)
     4K.31: Richards vs. Sheynauvah! PREVIEW (Unpublished)
     Ascension 101 (Unpublished)
     New Gym in Sin City! (Unpublished)
     BFE - 09 (Unpublished)
     VERSUS VENDETTA VIII Preview (Unpublished)
     BFT-122 - The Dome (Unpublished)
     Bomb Squad knocked into retirement by Biggums (Unpublished)

Edition #31, Published on Jul 09, 2012 - Views:694
     Capital Carnage 205lbs Tournament Round 2
     Thompson Wants The Belt!
     Fighter Has Hip Hop Style
     Sebastian Valjean, A Crescent City Classic
     Checking out?
     Bronco Busters Inc - Big Sale
     Climbing Out Of The Hole
     CFA 23
     Antonio Pinto "Bibiano" Pinto (Unpublished)
     Rhaegar Targaryen (Unpublished)

Edition #30, Published on Jun 30, 2012 - Views:681
     Thompson Calling MacManus Out
     The Wild Den
     Charles Booth
     New Sydney Nutritionist - Bronco Buster Inc
     Eminence 2: Preview
     Should MMA Tycoon Shorten Its In-Game Year?
     Mason vs Leo (QFC 8)
     SFC84:Micheal Stubb v.s Jake Shields

Edition #29, Published on Jun 24, 2012 - Views:640
     End Of An Era
     Brutal FC 7 Lecter vs. Krushev Main Card Review
     Point fighter Joe Laynpray talks about how he isn"t boring
     Ascension 3 Million Tourney Round 1 Part 2 Preview
     Soul Supremacy presents "Verification"
     KOC 9: Crowning the Kind 2 Preview
     Lyndon Jones
     ORG 53
     Valhalla 66: Tokyo Preview
     Dynamic Nutrition - The cheapest 159Q around! (Unpublished)
     Ascension 3 Million Tourney Round 1 Part 1 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #28, Published on Jun 17, 2012 - Views:889
     The Cloncurry Kid
     Fight Night XI Prelim Preview
     CanCage 4 (17 June 2012) Preview
     CanCage 3 Review
     KOC 8: Caged Animal Preview
     SCVT 4 - Grand Prix Review
     Aquila Serafino
     CCF 59: Spanked vs. Monteiro! PREVIEW
     Ascension Gods of the Arena Preview
     New Blood Rising (Unpublished)
     Atlas Unleashed (Unpublished)
     Capital Carnage 205lbs Tournament (Unpublished)

Edition #27, Published on Jun 09, 2012 - Views:766
     Ascension Sunny Side Up Preview
     Canberra Cage Fighter's First Event
     The Sydney Union - CCF and ZonE
     Pegasus Cagefighting League Makes Dreams Come True
     INY 19 Fallout, GSP KOed!!!
     Peeking Through The Keyhole. Interview With The LockSmith
     Xtreme Search - Win $25,000!
     Fighter Interviews with Ben James
     Depression and the will to WIN 2
     US on Alert over Nort Korean fighter signed to Montreal Org
     Untouchable Fight League expanding (Unpublished)
     ZONE Apparel (Unpublished)
     TFC 4: Yugo vs Shepard Prelim (Unpublished)
     best in the world tournament (Unpublished)
     Phalanx Gym - Amsterdam (Unpublished)

Edition #26, Published on Jun 01, 2012 - Views:1088
     Jose Oquendo - The Secret Weapon Continued [Part 2]
     An interview with BDX champ Kiyoshi Matsumoto
     Depression and the will to WIN ... BJJ
     BFC Publicity Stunt Review
     Just Being Thankful
     KAISER"s Cross 4
     OverComing 21: Speed vs. Brandao! PREVIEW
     PROJECT UT PPV (Unpublished)
     Juinor dos Santos (Unpublished)
     INY 18 - Hudock vs Monroe Preview macthes (Unpublished)
     Commercial (Unpublished)
     New York Immortals Fighters Asked to Leave Post Office (Unpublished)

Edition #25, Published on May 19, 2012 - Views:868
     CFC Champions Spotlight
     Ascension World Tour Preview
     Sydney Fighter Still Waiting on Dream
     BAD Judging for Cantrell Willis
     Ontario FC fighter to be featured on Degrassi.
     A strange, strange morning at The WASPS NEST Gym
     OverComing 19: Magnifico vs. Fry! PREVIEW
     Welcome to "The TMMA Kickboxing Club"
     GAMMA#236 Jeremy Tonal v William Mackenzie King
     Is being the best really about winning? (Unpublished)
     Troid is back! (Unpublished)
     Immortals Las Vegas (Unpublished)
     Event (Unpublished)

Edition #24, Published on May 11, 2012 - Views:1012
     Kurt Schindler INTERVIEW
     GAMMA: The best ever "Jeremy Tonal"
     Cantrell Willis - WARRIOR
     The WASPS NEST collab...
     Moody Matt Harrison Bouces Back
     PGFC Launched!!!!!
     Remenbering a friend, Helio Gracie
     Man With Rare Disorder to Make MMA Debut
     Tips for new players
     UFC on Fox 3 will answer these five questions (Unpublished)
     Lukasz VS. Tyson (Unpublished)
     Manager Crim Bundee"s Soilders (Unpublished)
     Bobby Harrison hospitalized (Unpublished)

Edition #23, Published on May 04, 2012 - Views:1171
     Immortals New York presents... Armageddon
     Jorge Aquino Interview by K-Rad and Dead Disney
     Omar Torres - IRON WILL ...
     HEROES 3 preview by Patrick Juskowiack
     KAISER's Cross 3 - Solution
     Coffee at The Wasps Nest gym ...
     Versus Promo
     OverComing 16: Aquino vs. Me! REVIEW
     New York Immortals fighter arrested after bar brawl
     Samanta (Unpublished)

Edition #22, Published on Apr 27, 2012 - Views:824
     HWP251: Breaker vs. Hogan! PREVIEW
     KOC 3: Demolition Preview
     This Week at Blackwater New Fight Center = Great Fights
     Taylo Ray & Sub Zero Interview
     Lightning Strikes
     KAISER's Cross 3
     Dunham vs Mendes
     Malevolent 12: Tolls vs. Ericsson PREVIEW
     Cantrell Willis - the aftermath
     Welcome The Defuria Brothers To Brutal FC (Unpublished)
     23/04/12 - Down but not out ... Cantrell W. At RINGS WARS 17 (Unpublished)
     CCF 51: Rad vs. Baba! PREVIEW (Unpublished)
      SHOWTIME FC-03:HONOR preview (Unpublished)

Edition #21, Published on Apr 20, 2012 - Views:973
     OverComing 14: Schindler vs Cox! REVIEW
     CCF 50: Grace vs. Signal! REVIEW
     Rise To Glory Season 2!!!
     KAISER"s Cross 2 - Solution
     This week at Blackwater New fight center = great fights ...
     Blitzkrieg Russian Combat Pre Press Conference
     Ascension: Every Rose Preview
     Malevolent 11: Preview
     Sitdown with Team Funkyama Young Gun "Aoki Aoki "
     Reborn! (Unpublished)
     NWO 4: KING OF THE RING (Unpublished)

Edition #20, Published on Apr 14, 2012 - Views:780
     KOC 2: The 4-20 Special Preview
     Malevolent 10: Idea vs. Canada! PREVIEW eh!
     One to Watch - Team Blackwater
     KAISER's Cross 2
     OverComing 13: Peacemaker vs. Poldi! REVIEW
     Q & A with the future of MMA
     TTFC Leonidas Vs Teixeira 2 Preview
     Awesome Win for Anderson Lee (Unpublished)
     We are now OPEN - The Wasps Nest (Unpublished)
     BFT-95 - Miller vs Alves...History in the making (Unpublished)

Edition #19, Published on Apr 06, 2012 - Views:824
     TUF Brazil Negligence of the brazilian networks
     Mr. KO's Story - Jammy Stoney
     Abdul Raheem - The Call From Islam
     Jeff Smith After TUF (
     Heekson UFC TOP
     ONI - 100 Cage vs Goku
     Reach 82 - Guns vs. Chihuahua
     Robin Bra episode 1
     A sit down with Brakeo Sanchez
     COUNTDOWN TO UPG: GLOBAL (Unpublished)
     Ring Wars signing for Blackwater (Unpublished)

Edition #18, Published on Mar 31, 2012 - Views:798
     TTFC Suraski Vs McGrady Preview
     TUF Live: Lawrence vs. Marcello Results
     Hans "Too Quick" Edgar Interview
     Syn Eurp PPV preview: Masterpiece
     An Interview with Glory
     A Short Introduction to Golden Glory
     Bushido 1: Preview
     Entrepreneurial Excellence (Unpublished)
     Jesus Silva (Unpublished)

Edition #17, Published on Mar 24, 2012 - Views:689
     NEI A History Part 1
     TTFC Silva Vs Brown Preview
     CFC: Incident Report Review
     CFC 232 Preview
     SPFT:Singh vs. Williams
     UFL 4: Pride Review
     Malevolent 7 - Preview
     UFL 3: Here to Stay Review
     Nitro MMA 5 - Brisbane MMA (RL Article) (Unpublished)
     Tage McNutt (Unpublished)
     Eternal Rivals next big thing? (Unpublished)
     Ben Alloway (RL Article) (Unpublished)

Edition #16, Published on Mar 16, 2012 - Views:1043
     A Letter to the Noobs!
     Introducing Brutal Deluxe's first Hall Of Fame inductees.
     Steel Penns Fight Temples have now reached every city!
     TTFC: A Tuesday Night Fights 2 Post-Fight Analysis & Recap
     Bradshaw off to a great start!
     New Feature - Pyramid Table Rankings
     The Four Kings in Amsterdam
     Malevolent 6 - Preview
     135 lbs KT Class - London

Edition #15, Published on Mar 10, 2012 - Views:1264
     Ascension 365 One Year in the Life Preview
     Spurro Sparre HOF
     Moody Matt Harrison on a roll
     Brutal FC 1 Event Preview
     NFC 137: Reinikainen vs. Protag Review
     UFL 2: No Mercy Preview
     Promo Video
     Trash talking out of control?
     From Panama to Rio
     NFC 138: Tolonen vs. Pain Preview (Unpublished)
     Making Waves :- Arthur Cartofell (Unpublished)

Edition #14, Published on Mar 03, 2012 - Views:1091
     RSM 27
     UFL 1: Uprising Preview
     NFC 136: Glory vs. McTrigger Review
     Immortals INY - Challenger Series
     The Nordic Trenches
     An Interview With Jim Ironheart
     Exciting vs Effective
     TTFC:A Tuesday Night Fights 2 Preview
     KUDOS FC 20 Preview!
     Syn Euro: 2MDT Rd1 #1 preview (Unpublished)
     NEI Las Vegas: New Clash of the Titans 265lbs PLUS Card (Unpublished)

Edition #13, Published on Feb 24, 2012 - Views:1284
     TTFC:A Tuesday Night Fights Post-Fight Analysis & Recap
     Malevolent 3: Preview
     BFFL 41
     SPFT 33 Jordan vs Briggs
     NFC 135: Tolonen vs Da Man Review
     The Next Greg Jackson?
     Untouchable Fight League
     My take on Ascension Anniversary
     Big Trouble in The Big Apple
     STEMSFUNF Will Pay For Your Gym Fees (Unpublished)
     Bellum 31 Live in Tokyo Press Conference (Unpublished)
     Anarchy Fight Club (Unpublished)
     RS 2 YR Anniversary Review (Unpublished)

Edition #12, Published on Feb 17, 2012 - Views:1263
     Q & A with Caleb Smith 2
     NFC 134: Flashlighter vs Jokinen review
     From Zero to Hero: A Roger Freedman Story
     The Un-Authorized Auto-Biography of a Veteran Org Owner
     Marian Pozzollo Interview
     BFFL 40 Preview
     OverComing 5: Nowack vs. Cheese! REVIEW
     SPFT: Singh vs Trautman Preview
     NFC 135: Tolonen vs Da Man Extended Preview
     Syn Euro: Euro Eclipse (Unpublished)
     NFC 134: Flashlighter vs Jokinen Recap (Unpublished)

Edition #11, Published on Feb 05, 2012 - Views:1322
     Dynasty 57: Stone V. Wiki
     Breaking news from Helsinki ...
     London's Brawling
     Immortals Descend on New York
     Everything You Need To Know About Clothing!
     TTFC Cook Vs Tatov Preview
     Bloody Fist Fighting League
     Syn Euro preview- Unlawful Force

Edition #10, Published on Jan 27, 2012 - Views:1316
     NFC 131: Glory vs Stehling Review
     Juska Timoska Update
     Press conference for RISE #17: Friendly Fire
     OverComing 3: Danny Brown vs. Jordan Statham! PREVIEW
     Interview with APGs Oisin O'Conghaile
     TTFC"s Charles Smith Interview
     TTFC: Leonidas Vs Hill
     What good is it to have without giving it back?
     Interview with BAC Star Chibi Tsushima

Edition #9, Published on Jan 19, 2012 - Views:1182
     An Interview With Joe Boxer
     All out Blitz in Sydney!!!
     London's Brawling
     Hell's Balls TWO Million Dollar Tourney
     Don Frye's Fight Club
     The Marcianos
     Helsinki Gripped by Cullen's Black Hand
     The Last Jake.
     From the Plains of Oklahoma to the isles of Japan
     Ernesto Oliveira - An ONI Legend (Unpublished)
     Evangelista Nunes Falls Short In MMA Debut (Unpublished)
     Its going to be raining titles in Amsterdam! (Unpublished)
     Whipple will put you to sleep (Unpublished)

Edition #8, Published on Jan 13, 2012 - Views:1230
     EEC Hogmanay Event Recap
     TTFC Maddox Vs Slick Preview
     Rise To Glory: Chuck Grace
     London's Brawling
     You are your own worst enemy - Retrospect: champion Bob Jam
     Kaiser's Cross
     The Power of the the Fist: A Nickolai Zhukov Story
     Tycooniversal Vertigo treatment centers of Tokyo
     My Tycoon Experience.
     Vicious 110 Apanson vs Torni (Unpublished)
     Heroic Warriors (Unpublished)
     Ascension Back In Black Preview (Unpublished)
     Up and Coming Alliance (Unpublished)
     Leroy Weiser (Unpublished)

Edition #7, Published on Jan 05, 2012 - Views:1599
     Odinson and George: Hypnotic FC
     Review of AFC 20: Bowron vs Koontz
     Boomerang!! Kickboxing Tournament Uncovered!
     An Interview with Alphons Draclau
     185lbs Tournement in London
     Red Wolf: An Introduction of a World Class Boxer
     Q & A with Caleb Smith
     From the Abyss He Comes
     Press Conference after BFFL33 - Big Arena
     TTFC New Years Bask (Unpublished)

Edition #6, Published on Dec 23, 2011 - Views:2669
     Eve of Destruction
     ONI New Year's Bash
     London's Brawling
     My interview with Jeremy Tonal
     From Prospect to Contender - A Viktor Kafka Story
     Juska Timoska
     Why We Play
     TTFC Gauge Vs William Preview

Edition #5, Published on Dec 15, 2011 - Views:2218
     A Major Feud in the MMAFC
     RPFC 28: Royler VS Takamura - Event Preview
     Tycoon Flatmates
     Q and A with Otso Jokinen
     Boondock, the handsomest man on Tycoon.
     The Ultimate Fighting Challenge!
     London's Brawling
     Pester the Sleeping Giant
     EX AMICITIA VICTORIA : Out of Friendship, Victory
     MKFC Holiday PPV - Preview (Unpublished)
     Sisu Viking Wars - Heroes of Hugin (Unpublished)
     TTFCs Maddox Vs Walker Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #4, Published on Dec 09, 2011 - Views:1686
     FCB 34 Review
     KC"s Corner: Q & A with Scott Speed
     Tycoon Flatmate
     One last Hurrah?
     Bankrupting BankRupt round 3 preview!
     Synchronicity Europe
     MMA Breakdown With Caleb Smith
     Bloody Fist Fighting League
     Randy "Tycoon" Times

Edition #3, Published on Dec 01, 2011 - Views:3070
     Syn Euro: Scrooged
     Golden Gloves & Grappling Heroes
     Clothing Company Creation Guide
     Coming soon, with Mike Tycoon
     Bedlam 62 Review
     Tycoon Flatmate
     Review of AFC 15: Dynamite vs Mazric
     Jeff Smith - Tycoons own Pro Fighter
     New MMA Mecca Gym
     LFNC King of the Ring preview (Unpublished)
     AXF 85 Review by Ryan Anderson (Unpublished)
     DPEF-5 Preview (Unpublished)
     TTFC"s Mekel Vs Rangarajan (Unpublished)
     WFC17-HILO (Unpublished)
     BFFL 29 Preview (Unpublished)

Edition #2, Published on Nov 23, 2011 - Views:2007
     One on One with Golden Glory
     AXF 85
     Clint Lomax - 3 Weight Champ
     Syn" 200: Syngularity
     BloodSport CT Training and Sparring
     Tycoon Flatmate
     Winds of Change
     "The Underdog" Tsrif Dnoces
     New in Las Vegas - Amplify Clothing!
     MMA Fight Night (Unpublished)
     Back in Time (Unpublished)
     World Fighting Championship - Hilo (Unpublished)

Edition #1, Published on Nov 17, 2011 - Views:3081
     Welcome to the Tycoon Times
     Rising Sun 2 Year Anniversary
     StemsFunf $325,000 Scholarship Fund for New Managers
     Jose Oquendo - The Secret Weapon
     Adam's NORTHERN WILD Stampedes Ahead
     Tycoon Flatmate
     Bedlam 61: Anderson Vs Carter
     The Evolution of MMA (Article I)
     Starting A Fight Organization - The Basics
     Golden Glory ... Unbeatable? (Unpublished)
     hello (Unpublished)
     Throwdown K-1 MW Tourny Rd. 1 (Unpublished)
     Event Review - NFC 120 Adebisi vs Itaniemi (Unpublished)
     Rising Sun 2 Year Anniversary (Unpublished)


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