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Pound for Pound

Hokuto Akira
Nikolai Magomedov
Bill Beukeboom
Rob Roy
Young Lad
Tom Obama
Silva Scorpion
Marco Salamanca
Riley Knox
Miguel Sandoval

Super Heavyweight

Arild Ringnes
Bento Barboza
Thom Tharrier
Johnny Waldron
Larry Lee
Hans Schultz
Kenny Tchusuk
Gauthier Delsarte
Marcus St Stone
Toa Mudo


Tom Obama
Imagine Thibodeaux
Fester Adams
Jason Hightower
Tor KillsInWater
Dru Quick
Vincent McGuire
Boban Turnik
Nero La Croix
Ginger Jesus

Light Heavyweight

Young Lad
Riley Knox
Roberto Congo
Beta Tua
Theodore Rothschild
Kenny Smith
Jack Sullivan
Claudio Benedetti
Alex Alexandrov
Emporio Cannabino


Ryszard Wojcik
Michał Kowalkiewicz
Johnny Lawrence
Karl Schwarzschild
Not Ponor
Henry Lancaster
Uriah Small
John Wick
Alexis Machine
Crown Halo


Marco Salamanca
Miguel Sandoval
Tommy Lee
Ziggy Ozbourne
DJ Chavis
Kyle Kovingten
Liam George
Dutch Schultz
Wesley Taurus
Iso Paa


Pinero Chai
Ray Morrison
Alexander Lincoln
Anabolic Asteroid
Yasol Kim
Schmedgar Dimms
Deer Hunter
Bryant Smith
Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez
Hans Peter Baxxter


Rob Roy
Silva Scorpion
Whealer Van Hire
Cheyenne Little Dove
Addition BySubtraction
Farto Fuerte
Nik Snow
Daniel Mendoza
Dirk Van Beest
Carlton Adesanya


Anurak Bualuang
Lito Alcala
Sean O Rally
Charlie River
Hratch Tzien
Raniel Mancuso
James Hackett
Jean Luc Petit
Afgd Fdhgh
Tko OP


Nikolai Magomedov
Bill Beukeboom
Jacques Pierre
Milos Obilic
Kingsley Brown
Sebastion Lynar
Yoshi Takano
Frank Shewmaker
Schmorgen Biscuit
Ernesto Mathieu

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