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A word with Rick Piano

Fighter profile of Rick Piano by Power Shark

 Interview with the always exciting Rich Piano

by: Power Shark

(Piano shown here struggling to put a coherent sentence together)


Shark: Here is a fighter who needs no introduction but here it is anyway!   The man I'm talking about is Rick Piano.   Rick is a very humble soft spoken individual w

HFC Aftermath: Dre Battle extracts Revenge and calls out ADA

Fighter profile of Dre Battle by Chris Karter

Following his knockout over rival Samson Komua, who is responsible for the only blemish on Dre's emaculant record, Dre called out the HFC Middleweight Champion Ademaru Dos Anjos. Dre has a message for his rival from YABAI first:


"Better take big heart out your bio dawg." Dre Battle blurts into the mic after dispatching Samson Komua with the patented Pimp Hand of Doom. "ADA been talkin' that mess about cleaning out his division and fighting the Punch Master General. Only thing you'll be cleanin' out is your bloody ass shorts after I turn your head into a piñata. I ain't losing to no damn Chunner."


ADA's camp quickly responded:


"Porra Caralho!" Dos Anjos said spoke in a foreign dialect before speaking english. "Your hand-speed isn't fast enough to land a knockout blow on my chin. I am not a human punching bag. Go destroy one of my top 5 middleweight contender in devastating fashion then I will take you seriously. You have

Kilo Wins YB Sol Invitational

Fighter profile of Kilo Maluga by Chris Karter

 Kilo Maluga made history today when he captured the 10 million dollar prize in the YB Sol Invitational following the destruction of Kwame Zulu in the first round. The Convicted Fight Club product flaunted his tournament trophy all over the cage after dispatching Kwave Zulu.

  Pick him up, dust

Tasmanian Jesus rewarded Black Belt

Fighter profile of Badr Al Din by Chris Karter

Los Angeles, CA - Current Syn and CFC Light Heavyweight Champion "Tasmanian Jesus" Badr al Din has been awarded his black belt in BJJ from Pluto Palhares over the weekend.


A lifelong student of the game, Badr has been involved with MMA since his father Taj al Din - former #1 P4P fighter in the world and considered one of the most decorated fighters of all time - introduced him to martial arts at an early age.


Badr's camp promises that his black belt is legit and that he isn't on that Micky Gall shit. "He could win TWGC, right now." Coach Palhares exclaimed. "He is that good on ground. Very intelligent fighter."


Rumors have it that early in his career, due to his father's legendary status, that his motivation was missing. He didn't have the same hunger that pushed his dad to greatness, and that l as ck of a competitive edge hampered his career as he was once a 11-10 journeyman.


"Badr al Din is the real deal h

GOAT says "F*** cancer."

About Me: Chris Karter

The GOAT Chris Karter attended a charity event about cancer research today. It was a popular move among MMA fans. He had a message for the crowd.


"Fuck cancer."


When he dropped the mic the crowd cheered. They loved it and  they donated to the charities he highlighted at the event.


GDL 62: Tyurin vs Clark

Event Preview: GDL 62: Tyurin vs Clark
GAMMA: Development League (348k+)
2020-10-17, Las Vegas, The Palmtree
Author:Cheorge Guvalo

 GDL 62


Another great fight night in Vegas last night. Congrats to everyone on the card, you did great and made GAMMA proud. We have another event this weekend, October 17th, preview is below. Remember to visit our merchandise sponsor, Voodoo Nutrition, for all your drugs and laundry needs. https://www.mmatycoon.com/nutritionpublic.php?ncid=4660 and our horrible bookie, Hoolahan’s, which sponsors both GAMMA’s as well as the live events. https://www.mmatycoon.com/bookmakerpublic.php?bid=8554.



Wick vs Matthews – Baba Yaga is not quite as rich, nor quite as deadly as his film namesake. He’s coming off a hard-fought majority win against now-retired Edith Reaves, a mat

KaufPunch - Lowblow Lowdown: Nyah Hirst

Fighter profile of Nyah Hirst by Vsevelod Kaufman

*Scene opens in a studio, on an interview set. There is large screen displaying of a never- before-seen logo, KaufPunch Media Partnership. On each side of the screen sit our trusty correspondents. Chief Analyst Juan Alculo and Reporter Vernita Perkins. Vernita Perkins is looking business-like, as usual, in a crisp plum business suit. Juan Alculo is wearing a formal black suit, white shirt, and a black tie. It’s like he’s going to a dinner party after the show. Alculo is tall and slender, with slicked-back, jet-black hair. He looks like a cross between a (association) football announcer and a retired telenovela star who is late to a meeting. The red light on the camera tells them it’s time to get started*

Vernita Perkins: Good day to you, fans! I’d like to personally welcome you to our first production of the KaufPunch Media Partnership. On this show we will be bringing you in-depth coverage and interviews of up-and-coming fighters. We’re g


Urban Fighter in New York continues the tradition of providing stylish clothing for great prizes. Need to stand out on your way to the cage? Come and see what Urban Fighter has in store for you!

Contact: Alika Webb
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Sucker Punch Pro Series 15 - Event Review

Event Review: Sucker Punch Pro Series 15
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2020-10-10, Sydney, Bondi Outdoor Arena
Attendance:5,750, Event Rating:88
Author:Hare Rumpler

So there we have it Sucker Punch fans!


Well, some good, some bad, a lot in between but still a lot of fun on this night Sucker Punch crew!  Sure, we cut six guys after this event, all from the Light Heavyweight division, but hey, sometimes you need to cull the herd eh?  These guys knew it was coming, and yet, for the most part many of them didn’t care to bother fixing what needed to be fixed.  Oh well.  Our loss is…well, somebody else’s loss if they get them, but it’s not our issue anymore!  The fun was there though, and we hope you enjoyed the crazy action the other night, we look forward to being back with you this coming Wednesday everybody!

The review is now up here for ya'all, enjoy!


Till then…remember…

Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!

BFC is Rocking!!

Bloodbath Fighting Championship (355k+), Fight Organization, Rio de Janeiro
Company profile by Benjamin Halle

 Wow what a time to be a BFC faithful.  First off we are rocking!!!  We have had a epic last month since I last checked in.  Big news to announce, we will have our first ever BFC event in Hilo!!!  That's right, while Rio is our home, we are doing a special treat and bringing an event to Hilo!!!  Our 205 belt will be on the line that night.

We are looking for the toughest HeavyWeight out there.  Our current champ Santas Bitch is a beast.  9-0 overall and 5-0 in the BFC... anyone willing to sign up with BFC in the 265 division will get paid extra.  You'll have to earn a title shot but if you think you have a 355+ HW WHO CAN CHALLENGE OUR CHAMP PLEASE LET ME KNOW, THIS MAN SEEMS UNSTOPPABLE!!!


As usual FIGHT ON!!!


Editorial Staff
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