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GAMMA: Fighter of the year award

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

 It was another fantastic year for GAMMA with plenty of memorable fights and events, however when it comes down to who was the best fighter, it was an easy decision. Here are the fighters who accumulated 70 or more points over 2020.

  Thomas Bolleke (323315) 126

Joy Rones (305095) 90 

Farboleous Ricard (285507) 84 

Joosep L�hmus (325071) 80 

Crotch Grabber (310041) 78

William Spud (317412) 76  

Hiro Manowaru (325430) 73 

Damagon Ench�rya (326581) 71 

  The rating system is the same used for the fighter hall of fame calculations we have for GAMMA. In other words, 4 points for a win, 3 points for a super fight / title fight, 1 points for Fight of Night, 1 point for loss and 2 points for draw.

  Thomas arguably would have won fighter of the year "IF", he would of won his highly anticipated fight against Arundel. After losing that fight, he defended his title 2 more times and then vacated it (this is only the 2nd time i

Madness Insanity 1

Event Preview: Madness Insanity 1
Madness MMA (370K)
2021-01-21, Los Angeles, Paddy O'Malley's - Los Angeles
Author:Butch Harris Does not get free wins

 Madness Insanity 1 "Preview"

Hello ladies and gentlejerks! As you may know Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push. And I Mister Madness will be here to push it to the limit. So let's put a smile on that face. The Madness MMA Organization is back in the game and all begins with the re-awakening of "Insanity". With all the Tournament shenanigans going on here, let us not forget about the little guys looking to get there MMA careers underway in a lesser known setting such as say"The League of Madness". Just remember I'm not political I'm just here to make people laugh, so let the circus begin!

Here is a rundown of

HFC 55 - Dos Anjos vs Battle - Preview

Event Preview: HFC 55 - Dos Anjos vs Battle
2021-01-09, New York, Empire Indoor Arena
Author:Alexei Smirnov


HFC 55 - Dos Anjos vs Battle - Preview

Hello hardcore fans, I’m Alexei Smirnov and today I’m here to give you the preview for HFC 55! The Empire Indoor Arena is full of roaring fans waiting for some great hardcore action! There’s a lot to cover on this card including two title fights. The main event sees two amazing fights, both with only one loss. It’s going to be a good one tonight!

Rukter “Popeye” Demenok vs Your Sweet Destruction

For the opening fight tonight we have Rukter “Popeye” Demenok (2-3-0) taking on Your Sweet Destruction (8-8-0). Both of these fighters have yet to win a fight in HFC but, who

Kings of Madness Lightweights

Event Preview: MMMA Kings of Madness 1( LW)
Madness MMA (370K)
2021-01-30, Las Vegas, The Parisian
Author:Butch Harris Does not get free wins


 "King's of Madness" Lightweights Preview with host Douche McBaggins

" Hello you Mad Mfers It's great to be back with Madness MMA. Some of you may already be familiar with my work, if your not though I am MMMA's first, and favorite


Event Review: BLAZE 9 - THE HUN VS RIDER
BLAZE MMA (365k+)
2021-01-07, St Petersburg, Hayashi's Lounge - St Petersburg
Attendance:1,934, Event Rating:90
Author:Saklain Javid


The first fight of this card features Thompson who is a fierce striker and Diaz with excellent BJJ skills. Diaz instantly goes to the clinch as the fight begins and lands a beautiful takedown. With both fighters on the ground, Diaz lands some good ground and pound strikes to Thompson. Diaz also doing a good job in not allowing Thompson to get back on his feet, something he is skilled in. It looks to me like Diaz got a hold of his opponents arm and Thompson frantically taps out from a tight kimura lock! What a way to start this event!


GAMMA: Diarmuid Curry (290234) HOF Induction

Global Association of MMA, Fight Organization, Las Vegas
Company profile by Mentor Guru Corleone

  Managed by Action Jackson. Upon retirement he was ranked #30 among all GAMMA fighters with 159 points. A former #4 ranked fighter and GAMMA #2 fighter of the year in 2019.

  He was involved in 10 Title + Super fights in his career and was competing in the 265lbs division at the time when it was arguably the most deep, with wins over Bubba Gumption, Closet Case Conservative, Sunray Spike among others.   This is the first fighter Action Jackson has inducted into the GAMMA HOF, taking his own career points to 229 and in contention to get inducted himself in 2021, depending on his own progress.  

HFC 55 in Review

Event Review: HFC 55 - Dos Anjos vs Battle
2021-01-09, New York, Empire Indoor Arena
Attendance:13,300, Event Rating:309
Author:J. W. Hardman

HFC 55 - Dos Anjos vs Batle

Event Review   I don't even know where to begin with this event.  What an amazing event with some organization changing results!  We had two title fights on the line tonight from two of our longer tenured champs against up and coming stars.   Our own HFC writer predicted an upset victory for Ford over Patriot which caught the eye of many, but even he didn't think Battle had a chance against ADA, the 2020 HFC Fighter of the year.  But instead, Battle stepped up and claimed the top spot at 185 and Dos Anjos moves on to 170 to compete there after months of pondering the move.   We'll start things off with the FotN awards, and then take a look back at a few of these fights.       Fight of the Night:     Dre Battle vs Ademaro Dos Anjos We already touched on this fight shocking the whole org, but what a fight it was.  This award could have easily been handed to Ford vs Patriot, or even a few of our undercards that were right there


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Contact: Alika Webb
HFC is looking for any 350+ (including 355k) talent that is ready to take a step up and earn some more money. Fair fights and chances to prove yourself against tougher competition if you wish.

Contact: J. W. Hardman
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The Big Bear on Top...Wait what?

Fighter profile of Bjorn Akerfeldt by Mattias Lundgren

 Bjorn "Big Bear" Akerfeldt

Record 5-2-0 (W-L-D)


0 (T)KOs (0.00%)

5 Subs (100.00%)

0 Decisions (0.00%)


1 (T)KOs (50.00%)

0 Subs (0.00%)

1 Decisions (50.00%)


Who'd have thought that the Big Bear's strides would get bigger, starting in the Florida Fight Squad Bjorn entered the MMA world with a bang including a first round submission and of the night award in his debut. He was quickly picked up by Checkmate Championship and came out even stronger in his debut with them earning a submission victory in 23 seconds and another of the night award. Some may say he was a bit foolhardy but others say it was only a matter of time when he challenged Zane Alexander, eyes on that top contender spot Bjorn traveled to Siberia and fought in the IAHFL (International Animal-Human Fight League, a non-recognized league) to prepare but was unfortunately undone by a third competitor, the clock losing the match after 3 rounds via decis

ApocalyptO Supplements

ApocalyptO Supplements, Clothing Company, Rio de Janeiro
Company profile by Stringer Bell

 ApocalyptO Supplements - Paramount Impact - Power to the Fighters!
At AOS we created a nutrition company that offers 100% transparency to the fighters.
Whether we have a product at 160Q or 110Q, the fighters will know, and will be able to purchase the supplement of their choosing.

With this transparency - we aim to build solid, honest relationships in a very dirty, cunning, and corrupt fight game. We would say around 80% of the nutrition companies are false advertising their products. We will not name the co

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