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The Kiribati Destroyer

Fighter profile of Kilo Maluga by Chris Karter

 And still... Heavyweight Champion of the World!!!


  Those are the words Kilo Maluga (21-6) heard after he scored his 3rd consecutive title defense at Synchronicity, the most prestigious organization in the game.  

  Kilo ended another streak from a surging Heavyweight contender by way of strikes 55 seconds into the 2nd round and added his 11th KO under the Syn banner.    

The 1st minute of the fight started with Spike opening a cut on the champ with a flurry of punches.   

  Shortly after the 1 minute marker Kilo would get ahold of the Thai clinch, lock up that plumb, and inflict a world of hurt and pain on the 41 year old veteran of the sport. Kilo battered Spike for the remainder of the round and sent him crawling to his corner.     Kilo had the eyes of an apex predator like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Spike had the eyes of a sacrificial lamb.    

The 2nd round started and Kilo came out throwing jabs and big right hands. For a

Alpha-1 Promotions: A New Beginning

Event Preview: ALPHA-1: A New Beginning
ALPHA-1 Promotions
2021-04-17, Los Angeles, LA Memorial Colossuseum
Author:Jimmy Normal

 Alpha-1 Promotions:  A New Beginning

Author: Jimmy Normal

Sometimes success needs interruption to regain focus and shake off complacency. - Lennox Lewis


It seems that one of the best Boxers of our time and famous MMA Tycoon, Kishion Mathew (of SMASH FC fame), have something in common; neither man is content to rest at the height of their success.  Mathew, a clever promoter and successful businessman, works tirelessly behind the sc

Sucker Punch Pro Series 53 - Event Preview

Event Preview: Sucker Punch Pro Series 53
Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
2021-04-10, Sydney, Bondi Outdoor Arena
Author:Hare Rumpler

Welcome back Sucker Punch faithful!  Now, I'll say up front that I've reserved a spot in the forum for SPPS 52's review...my daughter Risa Roo claims she's working on that and I'm expecting it some time soon this evening.  But don't hold your breath folks!  Haha. 

In the meantime, We’re getting ready for SPPS 53 this evening and a ton of action that will dictate who moves up, who moves down and who can make  name for themselves within the divisions!  No titles on the line this evening, but that doesn’t mean this won’t be a blast over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena in Sydney!  As always, I’m Hare Rumpler and will be alongside my pal and analyst, Donkey “Dan” as we get ready for some outstanding action in the cage this evening! 

Much of the action tonight will revolve around the lower end of the weight class spectrum wi

SMASH: End of an Era - LONDON

Event Review: SMASH: Rossi vs Peterson
ALPHA-1 Promotions
2021-04-10, London, The H2O Arena
Attendance:19,234, Event Rating:333
Author:Jimmy Normal

 Goood afternoon MMA fans! Jimmy Normal here, bringing you the goods on this weekend’s FAREWELL double feature, brought to you by SMASH FC!  Grab your nuts and buckle up!  We’re in for a rough ride...


SMASH: Rossi vs Peterson

The H20 Arena - London

SMASH FC returned to it’s weekly spot at The


Event Preview: HFC 69 - Wanker vs Petersson
2021-04-17, New York, Empire Indoor Arena
Author:J. W. Hardman


John Smith vs Samson Komua
Our first fight of the evening is a middleweight bout between John Smith and Samson Komua.  When we look at the Scouting Report, Smith has a slight edge in MT, but gives up the same edge in boxing.  A very even fight from the stand up game, but Komua has a significant advantage on the ground where his wrestling is slightly better, however he has a significant BJJ advantage in his brown belt compared to Smith's purple belt.


Mauro Okongwu - Next KoF champ?

Fighter profile of Mauro Okongwu by Master Leader

From a small unknown village in Djibouti, Mauro did not have it easy growing up. Mauro was born into a very poor family and spent his days praying for the next meal. Mauro had to start working at just 12 years old on a farm, which enabled him to grow into a powerhouse at just 18 years of age. Mauro moved to Las Vegas at 18 and has been training at Xtreme Black House and improved exponentially since. Master Leader recognises Mauro as one of his greatest assets and has confidence in his ability to climb the ranks and be one of the top P4P fighters by the end of 2021.

Things haven't been easy for Mauro Okongwu, during his quest for gold. Since his test fight he was looking unstoppable and KO'ing mighty men with relative ease, however at KoF:IW GC XVIII during his first title shot against Deon Big Daddy, Mauro connected clean with a right hook that sent to Deon to one knee and while smelling blood, Deon stood up and immediately KO'd Mauro with a powerful head kick, stopping Maur

Position 7



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