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SYN K-1 - 'Company for sale'

Org name: SYN K-1
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 83
Number of events: 216
Base: Tokyo
Owner: Sonny Muchacho
Ranking (Global):
Ranking (City):
Satisfaction rating: 95% from 25 ratings.
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Merch partner: Carnage
About us: SYN K-1 is the apex of the art of striking. The final product of the metamorphosis of previous incarnations, Eternity, Rio Heroes and AKT. The priemer kickboxing org in the world and will be the first PPV level KT org. SYN K-1 Experience the gold standard of kickboxing orgs
Latest News: Syn K-1 Transition
  Hello to all managers, I'd like to introduce myself to everyone and welcome you to the new brand of our org - SYN K-1. I am please to meet you all and am glad to be working with each and every one of you.

As of yesterday I took over the remodel and rebuild job of the beloved org Eternity. The focus will not change, the love for Kickboxing makes it all possible.

After much contemplation over what would be best for all mangers and their fighters it was decided that SYN K-1 would become the new benchmark of Kickboxing Orgs and we hope to take you along for the ride!

Born from the roots of Eternity WSOK in Tokyo...

The Gold Standard of Kickboxing Orgs has been achieved

Keeping true to the SYN name and values, managers will enjoy top tier treatment, professionalism, and of course pay for their fighters that is expected from the Syn family

SYN K-1 is starting at the top and not looking back.

Management is now active in rebuilding, refilling, reeducating.

We love Kickboxing and are committed to strength and longevity of the org.

Please contact me directly with questions or verbal lashings. I'm here only for you guys so don't hold back :)
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 INACTIVE
145 13 34 308122 35 Open ID - Featherweight Division
155 11 31 316909 25 Open ID - Lightweight Division
170 18 34 310346 42 Open ID - welterweight Division
185 9 36 306011 40 Open ID - Middleweight division
205 9 36 299950 35 Open ID - Light Heavyweight Division
265 4 38 304486 93 INACTIVE/265+ is operating as old school heavyweight division with no cap on weight limit
265+ 19 32 319386 42 Open ID - Heavyweight Division - 205+ - No cap on maximum weight
Upcoming Events
SYN Sang Kickboxing Event 2021-04-23 Tokyo
SYN K-11 Kickboxing Event 2021-04-30 Tokyo
SYN K-1 May Kickboxing Event 2021-05-07 Tokyo
Today's Events / Recent Events
S. Y. N. Kickboxing Event 2021-04-16 Tokyo
S y n Kickboxing Event 2021-04-09 London
S y n K 1 Kickboxing Event 2021-04-02 Tokyo
SYN K-1 十 一 Kickboxing Event 2021-03-26 Tokyo
SYN K-1 十 Kickboxing Event 2021-03-19 Tokyo

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (Kickboxing)
  Name KT Rank
1 Nero La Croix 3
2 Wilson Wills Jr 4
3 Dick Doss 5
4 Marty Robbins 6
5 Samran Darweshi 9
6 Silva Scorpion 12
7 Ruma Juttu 14
8 Bartholomus Wolff 20
9 Draughn Diego 21
10 Carlotos Spiteri 28
11 Butch Killstone 29
12 Oson Bon 33
13 Veli Ilkka Perkules 36
14 Juan Diaz 39
15 Lambert George 40
16 Purjo Pekka Koistinen 43
17 Marvin Vettori 69
18 Ragnar Blackmane 🐺 54
19 John Brophy 72
20 Brian Upchurch 46
Weight Name Last Win
135 Rafael De La Rosa Pain Killer
145 Wilson Wills Jr Renato Gracie
155 Silva Scorpion Vaai Kolone
170 Lambert George Veli Ilkka Perkules
185 Samran Darweshi Marvin Vettori
205 Carlotos Spiteri Patrick Jeudy
265+ Nero La Croix Draughn Diego

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Sonny Muchacho
CEO: Bradley Burns
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