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Name:   #THEUNIT
Base Location:   New York
Members:   16
Website:   Website
Team Motto:   "Go Rin No Sho"The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi "The Art of War" -Sun Tzu "Hagakure"-Yamamoto Tsunetomo #WAR#MINDED#STRATEGICAL#RUTHLESS PURE MARTIAL ARTS
Invite Only?:   Yes
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League:   Div 3. League 2 (P: 1)
Members (List of businesses)
1. Dylan Peterson 2. Brijwanth Jakhotia
3. Fast Frosty 4. Chris White
5. Gianlu Bonghi 6. Dana White
7. Duncan Idaho 8. Jon Jones
9. Thomas Patrick 10. Colin Connor
11. Viktor Dravenhaus 12. Mr. Anderson
13. Jamie Mac 14. Josh York
15. Jerricho Sweet 16. Candas Djemal
Last 10 Fights
Member Fought W/L/D
Fred Collins Hilly Berrington    L
Kyle Rad Haywood Badger    L
Samak Tiyapairat Christ Benoit    L
Brij Khali Haywood Badger    L
Ken Shamrock Nomor Gai    L
Fred Collins Chew Kok    L
Tyson Drone Big Herc    L
Aniketh Chin Umar Petrov   
Vihaan Lal Evan Broberg    L
Brij Khali Guilhaume Prevot    L

Alliance record

Record   2040 - 2325 - 28 (W - L - D)
Wins   1083 (T) KOs (53.09%)
    391 Submission (19.17%)
    566 Decisions (27.75%)
Losses   1302 (T) KOs (56.00%)
    443 Submission (19.05%)
    580 Decisions (24.95%)

Top 5 managers

Dylan Peterson
Brijwanth Jakhotia
Fast Frosty
Chris White
Gianlu Bonghi

Top 5 fighters

Shany Bondy
Brij Khali
Ken Shamrock
Aniketh Chin
Vihaan Lal
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