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Canadian Fighting Championship

Org name: Canadian Fighting Championship
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 152
Number of events: 481
Base: Montreal
Owner: Dead Disney
Ranking (Global): 8
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 29 ratings.
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About us: Welcome to the modern era of the CFC. Est. 2009. No bullsh*t matchups. No politics. No cherry-picking fights. We play Tycoon the way it was meant to be played and we specialize in ultraviolence. Come and get one in the yarbles.
Latest News: CFC 443 Review
  Main Event

For the Lightweight Championship

155 lbs Roy Whitaker vs Humors Lacplesis

Latvian’s all over the world cried bitter tears into their Rīgas Melnais balzams as national hero, Humors "Mug Crusher" Lacplesis, failed in his lightweight title defence against Roy "SweetPea" Whitaker. Whitaker, a Pensacola native, earned his title shot by soundly defeating Barnabas Ungar at CFC 439. Lacplesis welcomed him to Main Event with a swift kick to the nuts, sending Whitaker to the canvas and drawing groans from the men in attendance. His penis swollen like it was never meant to be, Whitaker got up and was nearly toppled again a minute later with a hard, and this time legal, leg kick. Lacplesis hesitated a half second too long and Whitaker bounced back to control the final three minutes of the round. The second and third rounds belonged to Lacplesis as adrenaline wore off and the fighters settled down into their gameplans. For the champion, it was to slow Whitaker down with a combination of leg kicks and body shots. Whitaker landed some great shots of his own, but he was getting winded and a little wary after numerous hooks to the body. Heading into the controversial fourth round, it was the champ up 2-1 on all cards. The fight changed a little bit the last two rounds as Lacplesis was able to initiate a succession of clinches, forcing both fighters to find their spots in close. Neither man was truly successful in the clinch, but Whitaker was more forceful in breaking it up when he wanted too. Was that the deciding factor? The fight went the full five rounds and the fighters left it in the hands of the judges. Four of the five rounds were unanimous and were split by challenger and champion. Only the fourth round was judged differently; two of the judges saw it one way, one judge saw it the other. Result: New Lightweight Champion, Roy Whitaker by Decision (Split)

Co-Main Event

155 lbs Akaro Horiguchi vs Tyler Wrexham

Former lightweight champion, Akaro "Kid Lightning" Horiguchi, will get another shot at the 155 lb belt after slipping by Tyler "T-Rex" Wrexham. In a what-could-have-been moment, Wrexham wrecked Horiguchi in the first minute of the fight, landing a beautiful combo that knocked him to the ground, bleeding from an ugly cut. Horiguchi somehow held on and even managed some offence of his own while he lay on his back, counting the circling birds over his head. He took a couple of deep breaths in his corner after the first bell and recovered enough to win the second round easily. Smart clinch defence after the second round allowed Horiguchi to avoid the worst of Wrexham’s devastating knees and that was enough for two of the judges to award him the round and the win. Result: Akaro Horiguchi by Decision (Split)


145 lbs Diogo Jimenez vs Tommy Walcott

Diogo “Don’t Call me Diego” Jimenez got submitted in his CFC debut and vowed to not make the same mistake against "Gypsy" Tommy Walcott in this important featherweight battle. Walcott, in his first CFC fight, wanted to keep the fight in the clinch where he could put his weight advantage to good use. Jimenez had other ideas and the two battled for position for much of the fight. There wasn’t much to distinguish the two; a lot of Muay Thai striking by Walcott which Jimenez blocked or avoided followed by brief periods of decent stand-up fighting. Jimenez was not only the busier of the two, he was also more accurate. All three judges agreed. Result: Diogo Jimenez by Decision (Unanimous)

170 lbs Johannes Tulikoura vs Cory McDonnell

That’s three in a row for Johannes Tulikoura. Randy Orton with fire balls for hands didn’t need the fireballs, but he made good use of the hands against Cory "Give em Hell" McDonnell. Even though the fight went the distance, it was a one-sided and easy victory by Tulikoura. He stuffed all-but-one takedown attempt by the brown belted McDonnell, and added a good mixed arsenal of kicks and punches. McDonnell couldn’t get near, the stiff leg kicks negated his speed advantage, and Tulikoura cruised to victory. Result: Johannes Tulikoura by Decision (Unanimous)

135 lbs Chester Drawers vs Dingleberry Jones

I’m a sucker for clever names and Chester Drawers is almost that. He pushed himself into challenger position in the competitive bantamweight division with a very quick submission win over Dingleberry Jones. Jones had the right gameplan, using his great leg kicks to keep Drawers away, but it didn’t last. Drawers ducked under the body shot by Jones and tossed him to the mat. Working feverishly, Drawers worked himself onto Jones’ back and choked the life out of him. Result: Chester Drawers by Submission (RNC)

135 lbs Nuri Jafar vs Leo Vuce

Two bantamweights a little farther down the totem poll, Nuri Jafar and Leo "Master of Puppets" Vuce fought a tough three round fight. Leo Vuce falls to 17-16 (1-1 in CFC) after being unable to execute his gameplan. Poor takedown completion led to missed groundwork points, a spot where Vuce seemed to have the advantage. Jafar did nothing fancy, just steadily scored in all phases of the fight and came away with the win. Result: Nuri Jafar by Decision (Unanimous)

145 lbs Anthon Van Der Dusse vs Long Schlong

Anthon Van Der Dusse’s beard is awesome! His record? Not so much. He improves to 15-23 after a surprising first round knockout of opponent, Long Schlong. I don’t think anyone expected Schlong to lose, let alone so easily. He got caught on his heels and taken down to the mat early in the first. He didn’t seem to mind, working hard from the bottom and trying to catch Van Der Dusse in a guillotine. Van Der Dusse successfully fought off five sub attempts and then started pounding Schlong’s face into the mat. Not pretty. Result: Anthon Van Der Dusse by TKO (Strikes)

155 lbs The Royal Savage vs Elay Arson

Manager Meyer Lansky’s newest fighter, The Royal Savage made quick work of Elay Arson. Savage shook off some good punches by Arson, then countered a body shot into a knockdown. Savage popped right back up, but got caught again with the next strike which sent him spiralling into sleepy-time land. Result: The Royal Savage by KO (Punch)

185 lbs Wilky Pierre vs Oleg Liguy

Haitian Wilky "Thunder" Pierre beat up old man Oleg "Easy B" Liguy in 30 seconds, staying undefeated in five fights under manager Stewie Griffin. Liguy’s morale is at an all-time low after failing to get anything done against Pierre. Clinch, Takedown, Triangle Choke, Tap. Result: Wilky Pierre by Submission (Triangle Choke)

135 lbs Sun Chang vs Doesnt Matter

The name says it all. Doesnt "Really" Matter showed up, but didn’t care, in a robotic loss to Sun "Huy" Chang. Chang won, but needs to do something about his clothes; he’s been wearing the same Sportivite clothing since May and he stinks. Result: Sun Chang by Decision (Unanimous)
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 16 32 335584 99 NA
145 15 33 318904 127 NA
155 27 34 319330 91 NA
170 20 34 319569 93 NA
185 24 34 323176 107 NA
205 25 34 322479 69 NA
265 26 33 324668 100 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 Turkish oil wrestling division per contract demand of All Male Dancers.
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Yuro Nagasaki 112
2 Ara Tiotio 157
3 Roy Whitaker 165
4 Ceaser El Toro Jr 172
5 Azacca Trounvouche 185
6 More IsMore 256
7 Wilfredo Wild 276
8 Leonardo Da Silva 300
9 James Hackett 313
10 Akaro Horiguchi 356
11 James Yarborough 366
12 Mike McLaughlin 413
13 Veikko Keskinen 425
14 Kappa Knox 430
15 Alan Spence 443
16 Felix Inarritu 446
17 Spinning Fire 461
18 Johannes Tulikoura 472
19 Diogo Jimenez 482
20 Jan Sobieski 483
Weight Name Last Win
135 Yuro Nagasaki Pat Joplin
145 Azacca Trounvouche James Hackett
155 Roy Whitaker Humors Lacplesis
170 Ceaser El Toro Jr Ivan Andrianov
185 Wilfredo Wild Captain Gonza
265 More IsMore Manuel Neuer

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Owner:   Dead Disney
Director Of Training Science : Mister Twister
Media Assassin: Cheorge Guvalo
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