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Dynasty MMA

Org name: Dynasty MMA
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 218
Number of events: 249
Base: Tokyo
Owner: Tycoon Judas
Ranking (Global): 6
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 68 ratings.
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Merch partner: Conviction
About us: Come be part of the Dynasty.
Latest News: DMMA Recent *New* Signings
  Dynasty is excited to announce the additions of the following fighters.

#1 "Highlight" James Diamond (10-9-0)

A dashing Welterweight Prospect who began his career with LAFC. James recently had a brief stint with Enigma which saw him fall to Ruud Altena with a Knee KO loss. Diamond is quite the sticker himself though, with 9 of his 10 wins coming by way of (T)KO. New org new start its time to see if DMMA is the place for the "Highlight" man.

Next Fight: Linx Maxwell at DMMA 206

#2 "Brutal" Bobby Brawler (24-20-0)

Bobby Brawler is a man who needs little introduction, spending the vast majority of his pro career in the highly popular orgs of Combate and the SFL. At 36 years of age the time is now for the Brutal one to make his mark in the sport. Brawler has fought for the Welterweight strap in SFL twice, following short in both fights. Hopefully Dynasty lives a lasting impression, welterweight just added two more fresh faces with Mr. Diamond and Bobby B now!

Next Fight: Omer Demerci at DMMA 207

#3 Johnny "Muscogee" Puma (4-0-0)

at just 24 years of age and only 4 pro fights under his belt we don't know exactly what we are getting out of this fierce young fighter. His previous fights have all been QFC circuit style with his last couple opponents having a little experience at least outside of QFC fights. Puma though looked very dominant in all his fights though showing off his BJJ skills and his ability to Knock someone out if needed. This guy could very well be the next big thing here in the Light Heavyweight Division, only time will tell.

Next Fight: Fight under Negotiations

#4 Twea King (25-18-2)

Another veteran of the sport with nearly 50 fights under his belt Twea King will dive into the DMMA Featherweight Division. The once crowned Demolition Bantamweight champion, Twea is has reached as high at the top 100 P4P worldwide as a pro, but at 39 years old I'm sure he would want nothing more but to improve upon that. A very versatile fighter is king with a multitude of ways to finish his prey.

Next Fight: Jack McScramble at DMMA 208

#1 Bento "Anjo dal Morte" Barboza (15-9-0)

Are final addition is one that we are super pumped at because he is a Heavyweight Champion here at DMMA and has had some very memorable bouts here with Jason Hightower. Barboza has also recently captured the gold at GAMMA in there Super Heavyweight division. Bento has all the tools in his belt to reach the top again he and new manager Antonio Haros look to bring him back to the promise land!

Next Fight: TBA
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 22 31 346558 119 RECRUITING
145 29 30 355172 123 RECRUITING
155 25 30 353518 140 RECRUITING
170 27 30 344801 129 RECRUITING
185 28 30 349795 159 RECRUITING
205 32 29 368793 115 RECRUITING
265 31 31 350296 138 RECRUITING
265+ 24 30 342098 123 RECRUITING 270 Pounds walking weight Min.
Upcoming Events
DMMA 202 Gora vs Kalske 2023-06-10 Los Angeles
DMMA 203 Vilkas vs Narushima 2023-06-11 London
DMMA 204 Klimenko vs Johnson 2023-06-17 Los Angeles
DMMA 205 Alyoshin vs Mahmut 2023-06-21 London
DMMA 206 Ubereem vs Makkonen 2023-06-24 Los Angeles
DMMA 207 2023-06-25 Tokyo
DMMA 208 2023-06-28 London
DMMA 209 2023-07-01 Los Angeles
DMMA 210 2023-07-02 Los Angeles
DMMA 211 2023-07-05 London
DMMA 212 2023-07-08 Los Angeles
DMMA 213 2023-07-15 Los Angeles
DMMA 214 2023-07-16 London
DMMA 215 2023-07-22 Los Angeles
DMMA 216 2023-07-23 Tokyo
DMMA 217 2023-07-29 Los Angeles
DMMA 218 2023-07-30 Tokyo
DMMA 219 2023-08-05 Los Angeles
DMMA 220 2023-08-06 Tokyo
DMMA 221 2023-08-12 Los Angeles
DMMA 222 2023-08-13 Tokyo
DMMA 223 2023-08-19 Los Angeles
DMMA 224 2023-08-20 Tokyo
DMMA 225 2023-08-26 Los Angeles
DMMA 226 2023-08-27 Tokyo
Today's Events / Recent Events
DMMA 201 Outback vs Roos 2 2023-06-04 London
DMMA 200 Pinkman vs Grant 3 2023-06-03 Los Angeles
DMMA 199 Klimenko vs Menezes 2023-05-31 Tokyo
DMMA 198 Otori vs Adeoluwa 2023-05-28 London
DMMA 197 Vilkas vs Ubereem 2023-05-27 Los Angeles

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Jesse Pinkman 18
2 Zachary Klimenko 41
3 Kronos Doomsday 44
4 Macca Outback 47
5 Borowa Gora 74
6 Mauro Okongwu 79
7 Deividas Vilkas 81
8 Cooper Roos 96
9 Get Wet About Don 108
10 Leonardo Narushima 122
11 Kareem Johnson 131
12 Grant Alyoshin 159
13 Arthur Menezes 171
14 Kwasi Kwong 177
15 Hjallis Kalske 179
16 Aubrey Grant 186
17 Marko Kersikov 196
18 Jason Hightower 200
19 Sean O Malley 205
20 Raphaël Ambrosius Costeau 219
Weight Name Last Win
145 Jesse Pinkman Aubrey Grant
155 Jesse Pinkman Anabolic Asteroid
170 Kronos Doomsday Get Wet About Don
185 Zachary Klimenko Arthur Menezes
205 Borowa Gora Camaras Account
265 Deividas Vilkas Jason Hightower
265+ Alistair Ubereem KT Panda

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Tycoon Judas
The Punisher: Frank Castle
Dolphin Ambassador: Rush “Flipper” Grayson
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