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The Kalevala (370K+)

Org name: The Kalevala (370K+)
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 89
Number of events: 22
Base: Helsinki
Owner: Newton Fleury
Ranking (Global): 27
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 89% from 16 ratings.
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Merch partner: None
About us: Welcome everyone. Money and trophies will be given Knockout of the Night, Submission of the Night, and Fight of the Night winners.
Latest News: TK 10: REVIEW
  155 lbs 3 Tahboule Alawi Elias Lonnrot Submission (RNC) 3 04:58
A another easy win for Alawi. He showed excellent striking defense to avoid Elias' combos and had no difficult to bring the fight to the ground where he was clearly superior. Fans still want to know how the muslim will perform against better fighters, which he will have to do in order to claim division's title

265+ lbs 3 Pier Oka Eddie Sanchez KO (Strikes)
Sanchez seemed a bit nervous before his first fight of the career. He was unsecure on the stand up fight and decided to pull guard and take the fight to the ground. Oka is not a ground specialist neither, but took adantage of the position and his low level ground and pound were good enough to get him the win.

205 lbs 3 Bad Dawg Ron Roy KO (Punch) 1 04:18
Roy is skilled and brave, but Dawg is an experienced bastard. He was able to avoid rookie's aggressiveness and used his KO power to knock Roy down. After all those years, Dawg is still on top form.

265 lbs 3 Gubba GU Ispa Hunter KO (Punch) 1 04:27
After a great debut in the organization, hunter disappointed Finnish fans this time. Besides connecting plastic kicks that impressed the audience, he was not able to avoid Gu's powerful punches that lacked precision but not power.

185 lbs 3 William S Burroughs Juan Diego Carrera TKO (Strikes) 2 03:44
Burroughs seemed to get a mental reset. In a very active fight on the ground, Carrera was not able to take advantage from his superior BJJ and had no answers to the Ground and Pound from Burroughs. He showed decisiveness and his usual wrestling excellence.

185 lbs 3 Chris Bibi Mika Heining KO (Strikes) 1 01:44

Bibi had a perfect performance in his debut, scoring every attack he's attempted. Heining has lost another one and it's still not showing signal of evolution

170 lbs 3 LaDarius Frank Jeremiah Holloway Submission (Armbar) 1 04:41
Holloway was winning on thd stand up fight, both at distance and at clinch. He has scored head kicks and knees that has cut Frank's face. But when the BJJ stopped exchanging punches and brought the fight to the ground, he has his revenge from his previous loss

265 lbs 3 Danny Brook Marwin Mueller Submission (Armbar) 1 00:32
Org's veteran Danny Brook scored the Sub mission of the night to end its loosing streak against rookies. Little can be said about the fight, as Brook took less than a minute to finish his opponent.


A beautiful model representing the daughter of the evil Louhi was mounting a Huge live Elk. Organization production has made sure that rhey brought one of the biggest specimen available.
Everything was going as planned, despite that the animal has felt the need to defecat. The crap of such a big animal weighted around 1KG, but cleaning staff was fast and the show went on.

170 lbs 3 Ray Ruthlessness Phol Mfer Submission (Strikes) 1 00:55
A big boo followed RR' entrance in the octagon. His recent controversies with the Undefeated Finnish King has transformed him in the organization's vilain in the eyes of Helsinkian crowd. Mfer, a rising Finnish star, had the fans behind him, being ovationated as he entered the stage.
When the bell rang, though, things followed a different script. An eye-blooded Ruthleness was flawless and destroyed any hopes of the Finnish crowd connecting the KO of the Night on the early moments of the first round. "I want you Rauta. Undefeated King is my ass", he stated in the post fight interview.

185 lbs 5 Jack Phillips Idelmar Quintanilha KO (Punch) 1 04:28 185 lbs Title
Quintanilla is known as barbarian for many reasons. He is a fearless warrior who engages any opponent he sees. His aggressiveness surprised the audience when he scored successful sequence of takedowns against the reigning champion. Phillips, though, is a meticulous fighter and knows what winning conditions he has against his opponents. He was able to neutralize Quintanilla on the ground and was dominant on the stand up fight and didn't find difficulties to win by KO.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 NA
145 0 0 0 0 NA
155 11 21 373274 43 NA
170 15 21 374210 44 NA
185 17 22 374345 51 NA
205 16 22 373384 38 NA
265 18 21 374292 53 NA
265+ 12 24 373242 53 NA
Upcoming Events
TK 11: Surma 2021-09-22 Helsinki
TK 12 2021-10-02 Helsinki
TK 13 2021-10-13 London
Today's Events / Recent Events
TK 10: Elk of Hiisi 2021-09-11 Helsinki
TK 9: Pohjola 2021-09-01 London
TK 8: Marjata 2021-08-21 Helsinki
TK 7: Kullervo 2021-08-11 Helsinki
TK 6: Louhi 2021-07-31 Helsinki

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Oscar Gage 723
2 Nyrkki Rauta 795
3 Gael Grappler 797
4 Zeke Titus 1125
5 Jack Phillips 1229
6 Charlie IV 1249
7 Obel Ixtlan 1478
8 Kaapo Muuri 1551
9 Ray Ruthlessness 1645
10 Huber Schlesien 1830
11 Jimmy Burroughs 1848
12 Tahboule Alawi 1864
13 Chris Toanesti 1870
14 Einar Kyrvänsyylä 1982
15 Glover Levangasti 2011
16 Tesla Nokia 2092
17 Jakob Rolf 2172
18 Amsterdam Boy 2174
19 Andre Hooyao 2233
20 DJ Killeshaw 2292
Weight Name Last Win
170 Nyrkki Rauta Ray Ruthlessness
185 Jack Phillips Idelmar Quintanilha
205 Zeke Titus Iso Paa
265 Oscar Gage Glover Levangasti
265+ Charlie IV Wes Ekwall

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Owner:   Newton Fleury
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