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Org name: Combate
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 164
Number of events: 196
Base: Rio de Janeiro
Owner: Chris Karter
Ranking (Global): 2
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 96% from 32 ratings.
Website: Combate Forum
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About us: 2021 Unrestricted Org of the Year.

Based out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Latest News: Road smeshes Mountain, Taneyev vs Randleman, & HW prospects collide

Raate Road (29-4-1, #2 P4P) defended his Welterweight championship by smeshing SMASH Welterweight champion Kaki Mountain (23-12-0) at Combate 169 where they quite literally blew the roof off of the Sydney Superdome in some classic Finn on Finn violence, as expected.

Raate Road used a mix of striking and grappling to throw off the rhythm of Kaki Mountain to secure a takedown in the 4th round, advance to mount, and smashed the challenger's face with big strikes.

Despite the dominant performance on the ground from Road, he also showed off his standup game, hitting Mountain with a dramatic spinning backfist in the 3rd round that drew applause from the fans.


Valentin "The Hand Grenade" Taneyev (32-14-1, #4 LHW) defended his Light Heavyweight title against "Hands of Shiva" Mantak Garuda (40-14-1) with a big knockout of the night punch, extending his winning streak to 5.

Both these fighters were sauced up, but Taneyev looked extra crispy with his strikes as he countered the over-aggressive Garuda, who just couldn't seem to find the mark. It was clear from the start that both men were head hunting, but it was the Russian that proved to be the better man that night as he countered a lot of Garuda's punches and put him to sleep with a powerful right cross that turned out the lights in the 1st round.

Taneyev's performance got the attention of the #3 Light Heavyweight in the world, Randy Randleman (31-11-0), who quickly signed the dotted line to be his next opponent at Combate 172. Taneyev has seemingly found his strive since joining Bushido Martial Arts in Sydney, but this matchup against the SYN Light Heavyweight championship is expected to be one of his toughest to date.


Nigeria kickboxer Abdul "Fist" Keji (17-4-0) meets Maximilian "The Lion" Bonaparte (16-5-0) in a collision featuring two of MMA's top Heavyweight prospects. Bonaparte usually towers over opponents, standing at 205 cm, but this is one fight that the French fighter won't have the reach advantage in when he goes up against the 225 cm tall Keji.

Keji is a freak of nature that has been with CHECKMATE PRIME MMA his entire career, a career that started at Victory Kickboxing, where he went 2-1 before making the transition to MMA. One thing that he's carried over is elite striking and blistering knockout power. Keji has put his KO power on display in his first two fights under the Combate banner, finishing both his opponents with strikes in the first round.

Bonaparte is a former three-time ENIGMA Heavyweight champion and human highlight reel. He delivered a dominant performance in his Combat debut against a long-time Combate veteran Magnus Von Ver Huevan (28-16-0), in which Bonaparte looked like Heavyweight Mayweather out there enroute to a decisive decision victory. This fight marks only the second time in his 21-fight career that he didn't win by knockout or ref stoppage.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 11 31 359120 153 NA
145 18 33 347312 141 NA
155 25 34 341710 136 NA
170 25 31 350391 160 NA
185 28 31 344627 159 NA
205 26 32 350905 184 NA
265 32 31 352408 192 NA
265+ 0 0 0 0 NA
Upcoming Events
C178: Taneyev vs Kahn IV 2023-04-02 Tokyo
C179: Garuda vs Williams 2023-04-02 London
C180: Blank vs Line 2023-04-09 Tokyo
C181: Bonaparte vs Haggar 2023-04-09 London
C182: Dixon vs Collins 2023-04-09 Rio de Janeiro
C183: 2023-04-16 Tokyo
C184: 2023-04-16 London
C185: 2023-04-23 Tokyo
C186: 2023-04-23 Rio de Janeiro
C187: 2023-04-30 Tokyo
C188: 2023-04-30 London
C189: 2023-05-07 Tokyo
C190: 2023-05-07 Rio de Janeiro
C191: 2023-05-14 Tokyo
C192: 2023-05-14 Rio de Janeiro
C193: 2023-05-21 Tokyo
C194: 2023-05-21 Los Angeles
C195: 2023-05-28 Tokyo
C196: 2023-05-28 Los Angeles
Today's Events / Recent Events
C175: Dixon vs Xiaodong 2023-03-19 Los Angeles
C174: Kahn vs Williams 2023-03-19 London
C173: Ji Woo vs Land 2023-03-12 Los Angeles
C172: Taneyev vs Randleman 2023-03-12 London
C171: Nakagawa vs Obama III 2023-03-12 Tokyo

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Valentin Taneyev 13
2 Eduardo Corassa 18
3 Billy Blank 20
4 Shinnosuke Nakagawa 26
5 Mantak Garuda 39
6 Dude McWrestler 40
7 Bong Ji Woo 41
8 Darren Frost 49
9 Billy Cubbedge 54
10 Mohammed Kahn 55
11 Richard Morrison 61
12 Barron White 72
13 Mike Haggar 79
14 Maximilian Bonaparte 90
15 Johnny Billabong 92
16 Corona Virus 116
17 Gothic Line 120
18 Darren Dixon 122
19 Ed Jones 126
20 Cadence Collins 137
Weight Name Last Win
135 Eduardo Corassa Lindsay Apollo
145 Darren Dixon Li Xiaodong
155 Tacitus Kilgore Zee Land
170 Raate Road Kaki Mountain
185 Shinnosuke Nakagawa Barack Obaminator
205 Valentin Taneyev Mantak Garuda
265 Billy Blank Barron White

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Chris Karter
Senior Geopolitical Adviser: G Wad
Ambassador: Lance Templeton
Matchmaker: Blaze King
El Presidente: Darren Russell
CEO: Chuck W94
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