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Global Association of MMA

Org name: Global Association of MMA
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 106
Number of events: 1007
Base: London
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Ranking (Global): 1
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 29 ratings.
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Urban Fighter
About us: Run by Mentor since May 2009. Voted the best org in 2017, 2018, 2019.Voted as best run org (CEO award) in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. GAMMA is also the only org to keep historical ranking of all their fighters and managers. We also have 1 minor league affiliate. 265lbs is a K-1 openweight division.
Latest News: GAMMA K-1
  I am proud to announce that GAMMA will be branching out to K-1!!!

Way back in the day, GAMMA had a separate organization for K-1, it ran for over a year and was one of the main 2 K-1 orgs in the game at the time.

The K-1 scene in this game is very weak, it pretty much always has been that way, but hopefully GAMMA can change that.

The goal is to run an openweight division for K-1 and run my regular MMA events at the same time. The format will be 3 x 5 minute rounds all fights in the cage, so basically K-1 rules in an MMA setup.

The big advantage of K-1 in this game is that you can be highly competitive very quickly because you only need to spend points on part of the skills. If we take all the skills which are used in K-1 here, we have:

Muay Thai

Striking Defense


So if you peak on every single skill, that is a total of 2250 points. You could argue that even with less than 2000 points, you basically have a "peaked" fighter as things such as balance/wrestling are not very important and you can probably get away with having just one of either elbows / knees.

A new 18y fighter starts with 700. So basically if you train up his physical skills and second primary, within 1 1/2 - 2 months you should be pretty competitive, assuming you put your points on K-1 skills only.

Your career can also be longer because even after you start to degrade, you will have enough points left to spend on preserving those few skills as fighters have over 2600 points in total.

The biggest downside of K-1 is that in this game, we lack any long term legacy. Orgs pop up and close ship within a few months or at best a couple of years. That wont be happening here because this is GAMMA! I will be running the K-1 division. The goal is that eventually our Contenders will also run an openweight division for the new fighters, but for now all the new fighters will be joining GAMMA.

We wont add an official ID restriction, however we wont allow any late creations or MMA veterans to join up (this will change when our own crop of fighters peak). All fighters joining have to be teenagers.

So, this is a good time to create your new fighters, our first event will take place early 2023 (most likely January).

If you have any questions or need advice for your fighter build, contact me!
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Inactive/Unused Division
145 13 34 346243 207 Minimum weight 135lbs
155 18 32 340072 194 Minimum weight 155lbs
170 14 32 346548 182 Minimum weight 170lbs
185 14 30 352669 197 Minimum weight 185lbs
205 12 35 343699 207 Minimum weight 205lbs
265 21 18 390602 30 Kickboxing open weight division.
265+ 14 32 350604 181 Minimum weight 227lbs
Upcoming Events
GAMMA#976 Akechi v Logan 2022-12-10 London
GAMMA#977 Lovanov v Barboza 2022-12-17 London
GAMMA#978 2022-12-24 London
GAMMA#979 2022-12-31 London
GAMMA#980 2023-01-07 London
GAMMA#981 2023-01-14 London
GAMMA#982 2023-01-21 London
GAMMA#983 2023-01-28 London
GAMMA#984 2023-02-04 London
GAMMA#985 2023-02-11 London
GAMMA#986 2023-02-18 London
GAMMA#987 2023-02-25 London
GAMMA#988 2023-04-01 London
GAMMA#989 2023-04-08 London
GAMMA#990 2023-04-15 London
GAMMA#991 2023-04-22 London
GAMMA#992 2023-04-29 London
GAMMA#993 2023-05-06 London
GAMMA#994 2023-05-13 London
GAMMA#995 2023-05-20 London
GAMMA#996 2023-05-27 London
GAMMA#997 2023-06-03 London
GAMMA#998 2023-06-10 London
GAMMA#999 2023-06-17 London
GAMMA#1000 2023-06-24 London
GAMMA#1001 2023-07-01 London
GAMMA#1002 2023-07-08 London
GAMMA#1003 2023-07-15 London
GAMMA#1004 2023-07-22 London
GAMMA#1005 2023-07-29 London
GAMMA#1006 2023-08-05 London
Today's Events / Recent Events
GAMMA#975 Beach vs Joosep 2022-12-03 London
GAMMA#974 Rectal v Aurelius 2022-11-26 London
GAMMA#973 Karim v Barboza 2022-11-19 London
GAMMA#972 Lovanov v Husein 2022-11-12 London
GAMMA#971 Joosep v McGuire 2022-11-05 London

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit 10
2 Mike McGuire 15
3 Joosep Lõhmus 17
4 Karim Johnson 19
5 Frankie Logan 25
6 Zahbit Lovanov 34
7 Jubei Akechi 37
8 Aurelius Augustus 41
9 Yodsingkhun Sitsongrit 53
10 Bento Barboza 58
11 Jack Spratt 95
12 Rectal Thermometer 102
13 Roland Weudke 108
14 Lincoln Storm 122
15 Tam Yu Tai 153
16 Tomoe Gozen 154
17 Serafim Lupei 183
18 Dougal McCraken 191
19 Mike Camble 209
20 Georges Moxley 216
Weight Name Last Win
145 Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit Snappy Whiplash
155 Jubei Akechi Yodsingkhun Sitsongrit
170 Roland Weudke Dougal McCraken
185 Jack Spratt Serafim Lupei
205 Mike McGuire Song Turillo
265+ Karim Johnson Bento Barboza

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Mentor Guru Corleone
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