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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  GAMMA: All time greatest managers by winning %
I have created a list of the greatest GAMMA managers by winning percentage. I only added managers who had at least 30 wins in GAMMA, here is how the managers ranked (i rounded the statistics to the nearest %):

Grund McGrunderson (3341)    0.85
Richard Davenport (10647)    0.80
David Brent (104382)    0.73
Bwang Jong Sr (91781)    0.71
Billy Arseworth (74054)    0.68
Barnabas Sackett (2183)    0.67
John Coffey (93474)   ...[cont]

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Rankings will be back soon...

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  Torhte Finlayson - Highland Hall of Fame
This is as undeniable as it gets for a Hall of Famer. The problem with making inductions before a fighter retires is you don’t manage to get any final stats on the fighter’s legacy, and with Torhte, we might just be getting started.

It didn’t take long for Torhte Finlayson to become a championship fighter. He won his first championship in Colossus MMA, defeating Space Jesus in the first round. When CoMMA merged with Highland soon after, he fought Murtaz Vatsadze for the inau ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Afeef Isa Baba (273881) HOF Induction
I am proud to announce that Afeef Isa Baba (273881) has been inducted to the GAMMA Hall of Fame!

Afeef Isa Baba was managed by GAMMA legend Whymer Van Mastodon (40116). Upon retirement he was ranked #32 among all GAMMA fighters with 175 total points and the 6th highest ranked ever at 170lbs.

A former #11 ranked fighter in game, he is a 2 time 170lbs champion and competed for the 170lbs title on 5 occasions. He is also a 9 time winner of the fight/finish of the nigh ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Top Managers of all time!
As promised last week, i updated the all time greatest manager list! The way this works is, we give 3 points for each win, 1 point for a loss and 3 points for each title/super fight. We only add managers who won a GAMMA title at some point.

With the exception of a few managers, on the list you can basically see all the best managers in MMA Tycoon history.

Here is the all time list:

Whymer Van Mastodon (40116) 1668
Laz Staz (82447) 1425

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  GAMMA: 13 years old!
Happy 13 year anniversary of playing MMA Tycoon! Our random prize generator has selected a prize of 36 tickets in the Tycoon Lottery and we have given you 5 free spins on Spin and Win, so good luck! Thanks for your support of the game and have a great day!

GAMMA was launched a week after i started this game, 13 years ago. 13 years in a row, no breaks, running an org. GAMMA 1000 is pretty close as well, so yeah. I bet there is players in the game today that were not born when GAMM ...[cont]

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  Cage Magazine's P4P List - June 1, 2022
1) Diogo Jimenez ⬆️6️⃣

2) Yusuke Urameshi ⬆️8️⃣

3) Yuro Nagasaki 🔻2️⃣

4) Akaro Horiguchi (New)

5) Manolito Tai Kung (New)

6) Kazuma Kuwabara (New)

7) More IsMore ⬆️2️⃣

8) Bubba Wallace 🔻4️⃣

9) Ara TioTio 🔻6️⃣

10) Ben Reed (New)

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  GAMMA: The Great Rivalry
Joosep Lohmus vs Song Turillo is the greatest MMA Tycoon rivalry of all time and here is why!

Here is the key criteria which proves this point:
Quality of Managers:

Joosep was managed by 2 managers during this rivalry and both are in the MMA Tycoon Hall of Fame! Alex K. (84400) was his original creator and signed him up to GAMMA in the first place. He went 1-2 in GAMMA and his second fight in the org was against Song.

Billy Arseworth (74054) T ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Best manager of the year!
Hello all, i did a stats update to see which manager had the best year overall. Usually i do two of these per year, but the last one was May 2021, so we have a whole year's worth of updating. I have not updated the overall (all time list) yet, but i will be doing that in the next 2 weeks, maybe earlier.

Just as a reminder, we give points upon the following criteria:

Wins = 4 points
Draws = 2 points
Loss = 1 point
Title Fight / Super fight = 3 po ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Mark Harrington (48323) HOF Induction!
I am proud to announce that Mark Harrington (48323) has been inducted to the GAMMA Hall of Fame!

I have to say, this is probably one of the more emotional inductions for the point of view that, in most cases, a manager like Mark would be in our Hall of Fame ages ago.

Mark is a GAMMA veteran and started competing in GAMMA over 10 years ago! However, he only recently competed and won a GAMMA title recently (which is the criteria for HOF inductions). He achieved this ...[cont]

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
VFC 92 New World - 27 Jun 22 - Las Vegas
The Island Season 13, 155 lbs, Round 5 - 27 Jun 22 - The Island
The Island Season 13, 170 lbs, Round 5 - 27 Jun 22 - The Island
The Island Season 13, 205 lbs, Round 5 - 27 Jun 22 - The Island
The Island Season 13, 265 lbs, Round 5 - 27 Jun 22 - The Island
xCCX23 - 28 Jun 22 - Sydney
Monday Night Wrestling S1 E4 - 28 Jun 22 - Hilo
QFC Tournament 1106 Round 1 - 28 Jun 22 - Hilo
Bellicose 115 - Prospects 8 - 29 Jun 22 - New York
Sucker Punch Pro Series 157 - 29 Jun 22 - London
TR72: On The Mainland Boys - 29 Jun 22 - Las Vegas
HFC 12: Jiminez vs Inhanamoto - 30 Jun 22 - London
Nfld FN 10 - 30 Jun 22 - Montreal
Highland 171 - 01 Jul 22 - London
xCCX234 - 01 Jul 22 - Sydney
C108: Chula vs. Corassa - 01 Jul 22 - Tokyo
Sucker Punch Pro Series 158 - 01 Jul 22 - Los Angeles
RISE: Fight Night 1 - 01 Jul 22 - London
Kickboxing Event S-1 Fight Club 2 - 01 Jul 22 - Tokyo
SMASH:77 - 01 Jul 22 - Sydney
Bellicose 116 - 01 Jul 22 - New York
Smaller fight org news
Heartless FC Special Announcement

As promised, I have a special announcement to make regarding the future of Heartless FC. Something that has been in the works for a long time.

Tonight’s main event featuring Derrick Colson and Dong Labelle is not only a main event, but a title eliminator. Meaning that the winner of that bout will be the first ever entrant into the ultimate contest:


5 Rounds of 10 ...[cont]

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The Beginning
Stepping Stone Grappling is a feeder org for CWC. We are looking for grapplers with Wrestling below Elite and BJJ below Red.

Fighters will earn or lose points to determine rank and matchup based on the following:

Submission win = 20 Points
Decision Win = 11 Points
Loss = -10 Points

Matchups are based purely on your ranking points except for the initial 3 weekends which will be based on skill points and fighter ID. I will also be trying t ...[cont]

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Featherweight King!
Congratulations to Marco Polo on winning the inaugural Featherweight Championship!

With Kuol Riak going off the map as a free agent, that leaves only one question... who's the number one contender?

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Hi all! 02/06/22 the organization was launched, now I am actively working with the signing of fighters, as soon as I form the roster we will launch the first event.

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‘String Bean’ and ‘The Donkey’ Make it Official!
The bout agreement for the HFC 4 Main Event has been signed! Gordon Ramsay will face Masoud Ó Móchain on 6/1. Read here for more details:

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The Iron Fist Championship Rankings, brought to you by Seventh Circle Clothing.  
Last Updated 26/6/22


© Ringer Zinc 7-1-0
1. Luuk Benjamin 5-0-0
2. Stick Figure Uno 6-0-0
3. Mickey Doolan 3-0-1
4. Tykas Slasher 4-1-0
5. Benson Beckley 5-1-0
6. Aoru Kunie 2-0-1
7. Julian Van Der Villar 1-0-0
8. Ren Nishihara 1-1-0
9. Aeson Beckley 1-2-0
10. Khinso Oliveira 0-1-0
11. Eddy Moura 0-1-0
12. Peter Parker 2-1-0
13. Cameron ...[cont]

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Talent Exchange
We are proud to reveal that Heavyweight Champion, Han Wulong, has agreed to 3 appearances with Money Promotions.
Money Promotions Lightweight Champion, Gervonta "Tank" Davis, will also be making a number of appearances at IFC, in an attempt to become double Champion!

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Ranking update, interview and introduction of our writer!
Here's the ranking and the interview between Griggs and Pereira , also the introduction of our writer, Rush!

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World Combat Wrestling: WCW 1 Just 1 Hr away!!!
With WCW 1 on it's way for it's Grand Opening event, we are all looking forward to what will happen next! tune in to find out!

Sponsored by Nightmare Fightware
Bet and watch live stream of the event on

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World Combat Wrestling: Presents WCW 1
World Combat Wrestling: Presents WCW 1
14 May 2022, at Wild Bob's Bar Hilo, HI (750)
Ticket price: Premium
Pay per view?: No
Sponsored by: Nightmare Fightware

in our first matchup, in the 155 division. Mirko Kozlov (odds +104) v Sanemoto Tozan (odds -194) 

It's believed that Toza has the advantage due to high skill levels in the submission game. We cant forget that Kozlov is the better ...[cont]

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Newest events announced (non QFC)
AFC 11: - 30 Jul 22 - Sydney
VFC 95 Back on Track - 09 Jul 22 - Las Vegas
Stepping Stone 4 - 04 Jul 22 - London
Stepping Stone 6 - 10 Jul 22 - New York
Stepping Stone 5 - 10 Jul 22 - New York
Stepping Stone 3 - 04 Jul 22 - London
DMMA 127 - 31 Jul 22 - London
Big Wave 9 - 23 Jul 22 - Hilo
Honor 8: High Voltage - 07 Aug 22 - Rio de Janeiro
HFC 20: Skoromniy vs Nuorempi - 27 Jul 22 - Montreal
Nfld 21 - 23 Jul 22 - Montreal
Nfld FN 13 - 21 Jul 22 - Montreal
GAMMA#993 - 06 May 23 - London
VFC 94 Island Afterparty - 04 Jul 22 - Las Vegas
KOP GLORY - 09 Jul 22 - Helsinki
CTMMA 21: Kasai Vs Bresnar 2 - 22 Jul 22 - Montreal
DMMA 126 - 30 Jul 22 - London
DMMA Friday Night Fights 3 - 22 Jul 22 - London
Kickboxing Event Flair 49 - 15 Jul 22 - Las Vegas
BWMMA 8 135 Tourny - 16 Jul 22 - Hilo
Other companies
New Releases
New Merch have been launched. Check out the store and get your hands on these cool designs.
Thank you to everyone who bought our products, It’s been just a week and we’re ranked 20th on hype . Thank you again!

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Hot Momma's - Video PROOF!
Video proof of quality has been added!

You can now take complete comfort that you are getting 160 quality as advertised.

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Strictly private. Please don't ask.
This gym will be open to TUF teamates only.

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Welcome to LAFC Training Center
Welcome! Only 3 to a session! If you don't follow rules, you will get kicked out and won't be allowed back to the gym. Especially now that I figured out to see who is in what sessions. If you followed from the island, thanks for sticking with us! You will be the only ones unaffiliated with LAFC allowed to train here! Working on getting some 5 star sparring guys

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New Clothing Designs
We have three new designs added to our collection. A skull t-shirt, a new take on Iron Fist and some magnificent ninja shorts. Come and visit us on Hilo, Seventh Circle Clothing, are you bad enough?

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Shinobi Martial Arts & Ninjutsu
"Train to protect, Train to kill"
-This gym will currently be mainly focused on sparring and conditioning.
-I am starting with 2 coaches. This is just a start for right now so I'll be looking to always making improvements .
-The plan is to make an Elite Gym with Elite coaches.
-Trust the process, those who stay will see the progess

I got work to do though so remember...

The mission is always important, we train in the "Way of the Sh ...[cont]

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Shinobi Martial Arts & Ninjutsu
Start date: 06/21/2022
"Train to protect, Train to kill"
The mission is always important, training in the "Way of the Shinobi" to lead you to success.

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#1 Island Clothing Org
Thanks to everyone who helped us finish The Island as the #1 Clothing Org. There was a risk from the other sweat shop early, but everyone was willing to pay that little bit more for original designs so I really appreciate it.

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Opening of the Sambo Rambo
Today marks the day of Sydney's youngest and finest, new Gym. Will be updated constantly. Hope you all enjoy!

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Warrior's Way Joins Legion of Doom
What a Rush!

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Official Apparel Partner of S-1 MMA
Proud to announce that Warrior's Way is now the official apparel partner of S-1 MMA, one of Tokyo's top MMA & Kickboxing promotions.

Look for S-1 x Warrior's Way merch, coming soon!

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Welcome to The Goya 🥊
Sparring Schedule:

STRIKING - PM Sessions

1. Pay your fees every Thursday & we won’t have any problems.
2. Train to get better, not to get hurt.
3. Have fun! 😈

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Opening ceremony!
Be YouNick Apparel has been unveiled at Tokyo. Focus will be on bringing in trendy fashion to the streets of Tokyo at very affordable prices.
ANNOUNCEMENT = Sponsorships will be readily provided for fighters fighting out of Tokyo with a winning streak of at least 2 fights, others are welcome too . Sponsorships will be valid for 90 days. PM me for more details.

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Most recent events
Kickboxing EventS-1 WGP 2022 in Bangkok - 27 Jun - Tokyo
Stepping Stone 2 - 26 Jun - Las Vegas
GC 439: Str�lman VS Areni - 26 Jun - Las Vegas
C107: Brandstatter vs. Murhaa - 26 Jun - Los Angeles
CWC 310 - Peterson vs Zulu - 26 Jun - New York
Stepping Stone 1 - 26 Jun - New York
ENIGMA 111 - 26 Jun - New York
CWC 310 - Lee vs Fiso - 26 Jun - Montreal
CWC 310 - Prelims - 26 Jun - Rio de Janeiro
CWC 310 - ALL OUT WAR - 26 Jun - Rio de Janeiro
DMMA 117 Costeau vs Polus - 26 Jun - London
RISE X1: - 26 Jun - London
SYN 910 Leifsson vs. Maluga II - 26 Jun - London
OFK 206 - Okafor Vs Tiramanti - 26 Jun - Amsterdam
RISE X2: - 26 Jun - Helsinki
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