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Coming up we have a heavyweight MMA rules bout between Bam Bam Gigolo (ranked 2134 p4p, 5959 weight class) and Sayid Dawit (ranked 261 p4p, 520 weight class). Bam Bam Gigolo has the edge in experience - let's see if he can make that count tonight.

202 cm
8 - 4 - 1
173 cm
0 - 1 - 0
Good wrestling
Granite chin
Good wrestler



Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the heavyweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 8 - 4 - 1, fighting out of Las Vegas, Bam Bam Gigolo!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 0 - 1 - 0, fighting out of Los Angeles, Sayid Dawit!
The judges for this bout are Chris Edwards, Andrew Berry and James Atkins.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!

Gigolo darts in and lands a nice takedown into half guard.
Gigolo content to control rather than advance.
Gigolo passes to side control.
Dawit tries to get back to half guard but can't.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Dawit wants to control but Gigolo postures up.
We get told so often about how wrestlers don't like to be on their backs. Let's see if Dawit can do anything to dispel that myth.
Dawit is looking to regain half guard here but Gigolo keeps moving and retains side control.
Dawit looks more muscular than last time we saw him. He must have been on the weights.
The fighters are pressed up against the cage, both looking to find a bit of space to work.

That's one minute gone in the round.
We've been hearing good reports from Gigolo's training camp. Apparently he has been rolling around with some good quality BJJ practitioners and has been sharpening his skills. Let's see if that has an impact on the fight today.
Gigolo happy to just control the position for now.
Dawit tries to work a leg under to get back to half guard but Gigolo wriggles his own leg back out and remains in side control.
Dawit should think about turning a few of those tyres round his middle into muscle if he wants people to take him seriously as an athlete.
Dawit trying his best to control but Gigolo has mounted him.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
The crowd are getting on the fighters' backs, as the pace has dropped off in the last minute or so.
Gigolo unloading with bombs!
Dawit wants to improve position but instead he's given up his back.
Gigolo just keeping the dominant position. He can't wait too long though, otherwise the referee will stand them back up.
Dawit wants to control his opponent's hands but Gigolo gets his hands free.
Watch the back of the head! Comes the shout from the referee towards Gigolo.

Gigolo is working for the rear naked choke. He has one arm under the chin but Dawit has hold of the other arm. A bit of a stalemate here.
Gigolo is trying to stick to Dawit's back but Dawit is turning into Gigolo. He's managed to reverse the position - now he's in Gigolo's guard. Polite applause from the crowd in appreciation of some nice Jiu Jitsu by Dawit.

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Dawit won't allow Gigolo to sweep him here.
Gigolo is working the butterfly guard. He manages to land a nice scissor sweep and is now in half guard on the top. Nice move.

Gigolo frees up his trapped foot and advances to mount.
Dawit is trying desperately to improve position.

That's four minutes gone in the round.
Gigolo avoids the attempt from Dawit to control.
Gigolo seems to be looking to move to his opponent's back but Dawit is holding on tight.
Dawit can't escape the position.
Gigolo looking to control and managing it successfully.
Dawit is trying to escape the mount.
Gigolo lands with some vicious ground and pound - can Dawit hang on?
The crowd thankful this round is nearly over.
Dawit is just holding on here. Gigolo manages to take his back.
I would not like to be Dawit right now.
And that is the end of the round. The fighters go back to their corners.

Bam Bam Gigolo dominated that round.
The fighters get back to their feet, the hooter sounds and we're back to the action!

Gigolo fakes high and shoots in for a takedown but Dawit avoids it really well and circles away.
Dawit is definitely looking for the counter takedowns here.
Dawit darts in trying to clinch

and Gigolo counters with a nice double leg into side control. Dawit won't be happy with that.
Dawit tries to buck Gigolo off but Gigolo is having none of it.
Gigolo working away.
Gigolo passes to full mount! That's big trouble for Dawit!
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Gigolo sitting in mount, just looking to control for the moment.
We're hearing some news coming in from back stage. It's official - Dawit has eaten all the pies!

That's one minute gone in the round.
Dawit is looking to improve his position but Gigolo isn't that keen on the idea.
Gigolo is really dominating this fight. Is there anything that Dawit can do to turn this around?
Gigolo controlling the position easily from mount.
Gigolo avoids the attempt from Dawit to control.
Dawit is just holding on here. Gigolo manages to take his back.
Dawit takes a big shot to the side of the head.

That's two minutes gone in the round.
I really don't envy Dawit right now.
Gigolo will need to keep those long limbs tucked in whilst he's on the ground, to prevent any submissions.
Gigolo looking to soften up his opponent with punches.

Gigolo is working for the choke. He's slipped one arm under the chin. Dawit has to defend the other arm for all he's worth... but Gigolo has managed to get that arm free too and he's tightening the choke! Dawit taps out and looks absolutely disgusted with himself. Gigolo doesn't care though - he's delighted!

Ladies and gentlemen, after 2:39 of round 2, we have a winner by way of Submission (RNC). Bam Bam Gigolo!
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