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Coming up we have a featherweight MMA rules bout between Graham Mantle (ranked 406 p4p, 334 weight class) and Juan Corona (ranked 46 p4p, 40 weight class). The crowd seem to be enjoying Corona's choice of entrance music: Lil Baby, Lil Durk - How It Feels. Both fighters look fresh as a daisy as they make their way towards the cage.

169 cm
17 - 5 - 0
185 cm
20 - 8 - 2
Great wrestler
World class boxer
Insanely flexible
Good wrestler
World class MT
Good gas tank

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Ladies and gentlemen. This fight is 3 rounds, in the featherweight division.
Introducing the fighter to my left, fighting out of the red corner.
With a record of 17 - 5 - 0, fighting out of Sydney, Graham Mantle!
And introducing the fighter to my right, fighting out of the blue corner.
With a record of 20 - 8 - 2, fighting out of Montreal, Juan Corona!
The judges for this bout are Chris Edwards, Daniel Bishop and Richard Clark.

The bell rings for round one and we are underway!
Mantle shoots in but doesn't get the takedown
and Mantle takes a counter punch right on the button for his troubles.
Corona is looking to slow Mantle down with leg kicks.
Corona misses with a left hand
and Mantle counters with a crisp hook to the side of the head.
Mantle tries to shoot in for a takedown. He's got hold of a leg but Corona swivels and escapes.
Corona throws a right hand that misses
and Mantle counters with a good right hand that lands right on the jaw.
Mantle misses with a body shot.
Corona throws a hook but Mantle avoids it easily.
It looked like Mantle was trying to counter with a body shot coming off that last attack from Corona.
Corona lands a body shot.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
A lazy left from Corona finds it's target.
A telegraphed right hand from Corona misses the target.
Mantle fails to land with the punch combination there - jab, cross, hook, miss, miss, miss.
Mantle misses with a straight left.
Corona looks like he wants to counter punch here.

That's one minute gone in the round.

Mantle has Corona up against the cage in a clinch.
Mantle blocks a couple of punches on the inside.

Mantle works for the underhooks and manages to get a trip takedown into guard.
Mantle being controlled here momentarily.

Corona had isolated an arm as going for a kimura. Mantle defends it easily.
Mantle controlling from the top position.
Corona controlling the position.

Corona escapes his hips to the side and looks to be working for an armbar. Mantle gives him a little smile and shakes his head. No chance.
Mantle scoring with some ground and pound.

That's two minutes gone in the round.

Corona looking for a guillotine here but Mantle defends easily.
Corona keeping moving, preventing Mantle from controlling successfully.
Mantle working from the guard for now, landing some ground and pound.
Corona is a painfully thin specimen of a man. You do wonder whether a good body kick would snap him clean in two.
Mantle trying to control the position from guard on top but Corona is wriggling around, looking for whatever he can.
Corona is trying to keep Mantle in close.
Mantle stopping the sweep attempt from Corona.

Corona throwing his legs up looking for a triangle.

Corona is looking for a guillotine. You can't force these things though and Mantle defends well.

That's three minutes gone in the round.

Corona working from the bottom, still in full guard. He's managed to get a loose triangle. Mantle doesn't seem to be doing much to defend here, obviously he feels comfortable in the position. Mantle manages to throw the legs off his shoulder and he's back into guard - no problem.
We've been hearing that Mantle has been drilling a lot of ground and pound in training, so let's see if he get the finish.

The fighters are going at a pretty good pace and they're both starting to sweat now.
Corona working for a triangle but Mantle defends it easily.
Mantle is frustrating his opponent with some stalling tactics from top position.
Mantle is working Corona over from the guard. He should look to pass the guard and do a little more damage with these strikes.
Corona wants to stand up but Mantle is controlling him.

Corona working away from the bottom but not quite defensive enough there because Mantle has passed into half guard!

That's four minutes gone in the round.
There's not a lot going on here and the crowd are letting the fighters know they're not willing to tolerate a lack of action.

Corona actively working from the bottom here.
Mantle is scoring with some nice ground and pound from the dominant position.

Corona looking to work for a kimura from the bottom.
Corona pushes Mantle off looking to stand but Mantle dives back in and keeps control.
Mantle is trying to control. Corona wants to improve his position but can't escape this time.
Mantle looks to score some points with some ground and pound.
The crowd thankful this round is nearly over.
Corona looks like he's trying to stand up.
Mantle drops an elbow to the side of Corona's head.
Corona is trying to control but can't.
Corona is trying to defend against the ground and pound but Mantle scores with a couple of nice shots.
And that is the end of the round. The fighters go back to their corners.

Graham Mantle dominated that round.
OK. That's time! The bell goes and we're back to the action.

Mantle swings for the body but Corona moves out of range.
Corona dips down and scores with a jab to the body.
Jab by Mantle.
The crowd cheers as Mantle lands an impressive looking overhand right. Corona doesn't seem phased though.
Mantle misses with a wild body shot.
Corona misses with a looping right.
Corona throws out a token jab with nothing on it.
Nice body punch from Mantle.
Mantle lands a nice shot that snaps Corona's head back.
We've had a slow start to the round here - hopefully the action picks up.
Mantle pushing out the jab but it's not landing.
Mantle steps to the side to avoid the strikes from Corona.
Mantle looks to score with a jab to the body but Corona is just out of range.

That's one minute gone in the round.
Corona showing good head movement there, avoiding the strikes from Mantle.
Corona misses with a low kick.
Juan Corona is looking to keep the fight on the feet at all costs.
Corona looks shocked there as he takes a right hand to the temple.
Mantle throws a body punch but Corona moves out of range.
Mantle is really dominating this fight. Is there anything that Corona can do to turn this around?
Corona is looking to chop away at Mantle's legs.
Corona scores with a jab.
Corona fakes high and swings low for a body shot but Mantle manages to avoid it.
Corona throws a lazy right hand but Mantle sees it coming a mile off and sidesteps it easily.
Corona keeps his opponent at a distance with a nice jab.
Mantle wants to clinch but Corona slips to the side
and Corona counters with a lovely straight right hand!
Corona throws a leg kick but Mantle moved away.

That's two minutes gone in the round.

Mantle closes the distance and gets a double leg, slamming Corona to the mat! Corona manages to get full guard.
This has been an exciting period of action!

Corona looks to be working for a triangle here. Oh, it looks like he might have it! Mantle has picked Corona up and slammed him! Corona can't keep hold of the triangle and Mantle manages to pass to side control!
Corona is trying to get back to half guard. He's pushing on Mantle's leg. He's managed it. Nice work.
Mantle perhaps working for something from half guard, or maybe not. It looks like he's just sitting there.
The two fighters exchange a few words. I couldn't hear what they were saying but maybe it's more fun if you make it up yourself. Mantle connects with a nice short shot to Corona's temple.
Mantle wants to control but Corona is keeping him busy.
Corona wants to control the action here but instead Mantle manages to pass to full mount!
Mantle in mount throwing good strikes here, bouncing his opponent's head off the canvas.
Mantle avoids the attempt from Corona to control.
The ref warns both fighters not to hold the cage as they work up against the meshing.
Mantle with good strikes from the mount here!
Mantle has been looking to land a fair amount of strikes on the ground. He might be looking to soften his opponent up in order to work for a submission.
Mantle lands with some strikes.
Mantle putting on the heat here with some good ground and pound!
Mantle scoring with some good ground and pound from mount here. Will he manage to finish Corona?

That's three minutes gone in the round.
Mantle raining down hammerfists from mount.

Corona is rocked!
Mantle lands a nice shot to the head.
Corona is still in real trouble! Can Mantle finish him?
Corona takes a big shot to the dome and his eyes have rolled back in his head! Mantle's killer instinct has kicked in as he finishes the fight with more strikes. Impressive finish.

Ladies and gentlemen, after 3:29 of round 2, we have a winner by way of TKO (Strikes). Graham Mantle!
Graham Mantle thanked the fans post fight for their support.
The defeated Juan Corona had this to say: 'Damn'.
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