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The following is a summary of our terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions please see the following page - terms and conditions in full.

1. ONE ACCOUNT PER USER. A simple rule which too many people don't follow. If you have more than one account, they will all get deleted, irrespective of whether you are a VIP or not. No refunds will be issued on VIP purchases for closed accounts - you have broken the rules - you don't get your money back.

2. When you sign up for MMA Tycoon, use your real name and address information. This makes it easier for us to verify your identity and to help you if you run into problems on the site.

If you are under 18, you may have to have your parents’ permission to play if the law of your country requires it. If you are under 13 and are subject to the laws of the United States, you may not play MMA Tycoon.

3. You should always follow the game rules. You may not cheat or try to hack MMA Tycoon or somebody else's account. And don't forget your Netiquette, behave nicely please. You may not threaten or insult other users or send spam to them. And always respect other people's copyrights.

4. If you don't follow these rules you may lose your VIP membership, companies, fighters or be banned from the game by a Game Master.

5. We try to operate as good a service as we can. But we cannot make any guarantees that the service will always be available and that no data will ever be lost.

6. By inputting data into our system you give us the right to use that data. But we care about your privacy and follow the privacy rules of the European Union. We will never send you spam or give a third party not connected to MMA Tycoon access to your data.

From time to time, we may send you our newsletter or other game-related e-mails, such as password reminders.

We use cookies on our site to give you a better user experience.

7. If you want to use anything that belongs to MMA Tycoon outside of MMA Tycoon, you need to get our permission first.

8. You are responsible for keeping your login information secret. We cannot be held responsible for anything that happens to your account if someone manages to hack into your account - that includes any loss of affiliate earnings that you may incur.

We may have to make changes to the terms and conditions. In that case, we will let you know about it on the web site.


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