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Fighters signed: 196
Number of events: 38
Base: New York
Owner: Outlaw Bleak
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Bellicose XXIII 2023-02-04 New York
Bellicose XXIV 2023-02-05 New York
Bellicose XXV 2023-02-11 New York
Bellicose XXVI 2023-02-12 New York
Bellicose XXVII 2023-02-18 New York
Weight Name Last Win
135 Bethania Valverde Tommy Harinck
145 Lewis Pendragon Matija Maestro
170 Jack Adlehyde Rock Romero
185 Tim Horton Pate Mfer
205 Charles Luciano Iso Paa
265+ Isopaa Mfer Alexander Rozhkov

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A big night tonight as Bellicose XX is already upon us and we have a huge card on tap tonight. With three titles on the line tonight, and the card is headlined by our 185 division as Horton squares off against Mfer. With the huge hype of this card, we’ll be promoting another PPV for this event as more will come as the hype grows. We have an amazingly talented roster, and if you question that just tune in to any fight on the card.

For this occasion, while we’re still waiting on working out a deal with a potential writer, I’ll be doing a brief preview of the title fights. I won’t be doing a full card, but you guys are more than welcome to chime in with your own fight analysis.

Middleweight Title Fight

Tim Horton Vs Pate Mfer
Tim Horton. If you’re Canadian, you love him. If you’re a fan of MMA, you love him. If you’re an American while he’s on one of his rants (or any other country he focuses on) then you love to hate him. Either way, there’s no denying, or ignoring, the “Great White Hype.” Unless of course, you’re Dean Howard and are in protective custody to avoid the rematch long awaited.
Horton is by far one of the worlds top mixed martial artists and his run at Bellicose is his resume to back it. He’s been in 9 title fights in his Bellicose career, having won 6 of them and in two different weight classes. He’s a two-time title holder, and current undisputed middleweight champion. Currently looking to make his third consecutive, and 5th title defense of his career against a dangerous challenger.
Pate Mfer has one single blemish on his record, and one that he no doubt wants to run back to remedy that mistake as he was defeated by a doctor. With an impressive 9-1 record, and 5-1 since joining Bellicose, Mfer just knocked off the #1 contender in Dakota Thibodeaux Jr. Having overtaken the top contender spot, Mfer is finally ready to make his title fight debut as he steps into the cage with a legend. While the champ as a slight edge in boxing, Mfer has a sizable edge on the ground, or at least in his BJJ game. These fighters match up so well in every other aspect that you have to wonder if Pate will try to use that BJJ to his advantage. But nothing in his history suggests he would do that, so chances are we’re about to see a last man standing slug fest. Strategy will come into play for sure not only in determining who wins this fight, but how this fight ends. Will the champ look to lay the hammer down, or will he look to dance and score and win over the judges? Will Mfer give a shit? What if Mfer is the next big thing and make his case for a “legend killer” title?
I don’t know about you guys, but I am absolutely stoked to see how this one turns out. And I’m sure the whole division is tuning in to see who the king of the mountain is after tonight.

Featherweight Title Fight

Matija Maestro Vs Lewis Pendragon

While Maestro is new to Bellicose, he wasted little time in establishing himself the champ. Mind you, his opponent was not a highly ranked fighter, but at the time, many of the roster wasn’t here and he was the most worthy at the time. Now, all of our roster has come on board and we have a much deeper division. Now, Maestro will be facing a former Bellicose champion as Lewis Pendragon stakes his claim to the title in his quest to reclaim what was not long ago his.
Maestro is an absolute machine. He tore through the LAFC division with reckless abandon and shows no signs of slowing down. Sitting at a perfect 17-0, the submission specialist must be chomping at the bit to start mowing down all the new talent around him. More challenges lay ahead for Maestro as this is healthy division, but he better keep his eyes on the fight in front of him and not stare into he future. While there is no question to Maestro’s talent or skill, and he’s never shown any sign of letting off the gas, you also can’t deny that Pendragon has squared off against some great fighters and found ways to win fights that he’s been the underdog for. For some reason, he seems to fight at the level of his competition and then capitalizes on his opponents mistakes. He’s been very good as mixing up his gameplan for different fighters and not being too predictable, allowing him to keep his opponents managers off balance in their game planning efforts. And sometimes, that’s all you need to level the playing field.
If Pendragon can find a mistake to capitalize on, or Maestro looks ahead and lets his guard down, then we could have an upset of the year nomination. I’m glad I’m not picking fights here because I no longer pick against Pendragon, I’ve learned that lesson. But there’s no way in hell I’m picking anyone over Maestro until I see him display some form of a weakness.

Bantamweight Title Fight

Bethania Valverde Vs Tommy Harnick

Bethania has had her ups and downs, but she’s consistently improved and has wheeled off 4 strait wins with the last being a title fight win over Stuart Burrows to capture her first belt. While Burrows was a very dangerous opponent and the favorite to win that fight, she faces another challenge in the form of the last fighter to defeat her in Tommy Harnick. Bethania was able to avenge her earlier loss against Natalia Pisswater, and she will be looking to do the same as she defends her belt against Harnick. And this fight has everything on the line, and there’s no bigger chip than the last loss on your record.
Tommy lost his fight following the win over Valverde but hasn’t lost since. Gaining traction up the division as he’s win 3 strait and has to have all the confidence in the world knowing that he’s fighting at the top of his game and facing off against a fighter he has already defeated. If he can get he fight on the ground, there’s a very good chance he repeats his victory rather via submission or just controlling the fight. However, if Valverde can spend a good amount of time on her feet, she will pick apart Harnick with her striking skills and may very well get that revenge win that ensures she hangs on to her belt.

I’m not sure who’s going to win any of these fights and the rankings are sure to be shook up with the results of this card. While I won’t predict who will win any of these fights, I’ll make a bold prediction… One of our belts will change hands tonight! Who, I have no fucking clue so you’ll have to buy a ticket and tune in to Bellicose XX!!

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