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Staff Restructuring - 6th Sep 2021

Org name: CALIFORNIA MMA (360+)
Fighters signed: 307
Number of events: 192
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Alfred Winterbottom II
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
CMMA 164 Big Mouth v Finger 2021-10-01 Los Angeles
CMMA 165 Slaissi v Dankovich 2021-10-02 Los Angeles
CMMA 166 Owen v Tavares 2021-10-03 Los Angeles
CMMA 167 Wright v Switzer 2021-10-08 Los Angeles
CMMA 168 Lafayette v Schrute 2021-10-09 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Tekashi Six Nine Caio Peieira
145 Yasha Big Mouth Yves Marchant
155 Evan Duvernay Frank Morrison
170 Rene Lafayette Demetrius Jackson
185 Mustafa Owens Carter Wright
205 Joe Dinapoli Leonzar Kennedy
265 Adils Hallbjornsson Sven Torvik
265+ Sean Harrison Sausage Pizza

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Dear friends, due to my borderline unhealthy compulsion to continue signing any and all free agents available to the org, the roster numbers have swollen to something quite grotesque. This has never been a problem for offering fights in a timely manner as I have never cared about profit and so have happily booked five profit destroying events in a weekend if needs be. It has become something of a full time endeavor however and so for that I am happy to announce the signing of a couple new staff members to help out with things

Andy Down (former #1 manager in game) will be assisting with matchmaking duties when he can. If any of you have had the unfortunate opportunity to speak with him in the past you will have noticed that he is largely a miserable prick and VERY quick to anger. Please don't take it personally as this is just his way and angry people deserve love too.

Squirrely Dan (sounds like a multi but isn't and has NEVER been #1 since joining the game) will be helping out with matchmaking and contracts. He is much more pleasant than Andy so feel free to piss him off.

We still very lucky to have El Butcherino making great posters for events and he is now also serving a second role as damage control for whatever Andy does. Hopefully he might do some matchmaking too as he is an experienced org owner.

As for my previous staff.

Scottie just collects a paycheck whilst doing nothing more. He currently owes me $5 for this reason. If it wasn't for the fact that he was staying in school we'd have a major problem. No one takes money from Alfred Winterbottom.

Matty Fernandez was doing interviews and occasional write ups but has now seen it fit to put real life and family before his org duties. I hope he comes to his senses soon and gets back to work.

Lastly we had Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn who was in charge of contracts and recruitment. Last seen early over a month ago. Legit hope he is ok. Reach out if you see this homie!

So as you can see, a lot of changes going on here at California MMA but the main point is that there will be multiple people offering fights. Please don't get your knickers in a twist if you are offered something different to what was discussed. Just politely decline with a note or get in touch with myself (avoid any and all interaction with Andy whatever you do) and I'll fix it. Otherwise it's business as usual and that business is making zero profit while providing all you ungrateful, demanding schlubs an awesome org to fight in.

Thank you for your support. You don't deserve me.

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