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BEWARE !!! Laundry Scammer suit3cas3 nuk3 (99001) owner the business,REAR NAKED CHOKE NUTRITION (4189) located in London. He will accept u to do laundry then log out and go inactive for weeks..

SCAMMER ALERT !!   Last month I contacted suit3cas3 nuk3 (99001) the owner of REAR NAKED CHOKE NUTRITION (4189) located in London to do some laundry. I have done laundry with him several times b4. T

We should have a single thread for people who needs laundry and companies who do laundry services. ------- Looking to launder $148k, anyone willing to help?

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Howdy, I'm looking for an exclusive laundry service to start a business relationship with - it'll be an ongoing thing where I'll buy you out every month for 6-months+. Currently have $5mil+ to launder, with more always coming in. Happy to pay 15% (which works out to be $135k/month). Good opportunity for new VIP's to make consistent cash just for owning a company. PM me in game.





Edit: Found someone - thanks!

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