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  1. I would like to see how the election would work out in our tycoon world. Please vote. Being an American and a business owner I feel we are looking at a very scary near future in America. Not a fan of the candidates and can not find the good in either. If you could explain to me why you might feel one could do more then the other I would love to hear different opinions and perspectives from the members who are not only Americans but from around the world. http://www.thepensionplanner.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Trump-Vs-Clinton.jpg
  2. When my fighters need clothing should it not come from my managers possessions section rather then them buy more when its not needed? I feel my fighters should get clothing from my possessions supply if available. I have hundred of tops and bottoms from over the years just sitting there not being used so why not have an option to supply my fighters from my own stock pile?
  3. For over ten years I have only ever been a memeber of the less then active Steel Penn Alliance. I want to make a fresh start and be apart of an active alliance where I can grow and learn. Thank you
  4. Hello everyone, I want to get into the game again and was hoping a few of the members that I have worked with or who know of me could donate some game cash to my managers account. Looking to get the Steel Penn alliance back if anyone is interested. I also have a wealth of red belts and elite fighters for sparring if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance, I look forward to some good write ups and seeing new IQs on new fighters.
  5. Starting today we will have a Trump America. I am worried for us all.
  6. I would like to hear what 3 hiddens you like for a striker an why? Also, what you do not like for a striker and why? Knows how to adapt his game plan Has an extensive amateur record Has a big heart Has a granite chin Never gets injured Is very self confident Doesn't cut easily Is a fast learner Has natural KO power Is a popular fighter
  7. I feel the game is stagnant and needs a reboot. I would like to start a conversation about how we, key members can help the over all game. My idea is for Mike to take the game / business public allowing us to buy shares of our game we love and giving the game a boost of money to really make some fun upgrade. Hear me out, no offence Mike but by my estimation the game is worth around 35k. Now if just 100 members where to buy 1 share each @ $350 each we could buy the game out right. But that is not the goal. The goal is to help Mike make money so he can hire in game staff to make contin
  8. In a modern moral wealthy society no one should be to poor to live. Healthcare should be a human right. Ever child should have the option to go to collage or a trade school. No one should be homeless. I agree, do you?
  9. I am willing to trade VIP time, Fighter slots, Game cash or Real cash for your Bitcoin & Ethereum. Open to all offers.
  10. It will tell you on your profile page that you are ranked out of over 26k members. This is fake and should reflect how many members we really have. Lets pls bring the game back to reality and request Mike lists only active VIP members on the profile rankings. The game says over 26k members. I would bet we have no more then 6k - 8k active VIPS. Thoughts?
  11. I am taking the Patriots to win by 4 points. 500K Per bet. Taking all bets. Ties go to me. Go Steelers! Fuck you, Tom.
  12. I have been lucky to this point with getting in on stocks and crypto early and want to continue the trend. I have shared and received good info with a few members of this site and hope we can share some more. I will start with the hope you all will chime in with tips and updates. Stocks - My fingers are crossed and I would like to hear what you think? EAPH - Easton Pharma, currently at $0.01 Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a development-stage company engaged in various pharmaceutical sectors and others industries. The Company has a transdermal delivery technology (Viorra
  13. Happy 10 year anniversary of playing MMA Tycoon! Our random prize generator has selected a cash prize for your in game anniversary of $3790. We've also purchased 5 tickets in the Tycoon Lottery and have given you a free spin on Spin and Win, so good luck in that! Thanks for your support of the game and have a great day! I look forward to another ten years.
  14. I would like to hire someone or a couple people to do detailed write ups for the remainder of this event. Anyone?
  15. I have been trying to be more active lately and have noticed the forums have far less activity then I was use to seeing a while ago at 12k members. Why if we doubled in game members is there less activity in the forums? How many Bots does Mike have running in game that are listed as members on the sign up page? Very deceiving to new members who join thinking the game has 25k members to compete against, but by my guess less then half of that are actually real members playing / participating. Thoughts?
  16. I am thinking of a number between 0 - 100 each member gets two guesses. The winner gets 100k. Good luck.
  17. I would like to challenge someone to a 10 fighter, full card BJJ event. 10 of my grapplers against 10 of yours. 2.5 million buy in for your 10 fighters. 4 million to the winner with 1 million going to the org who hosts the event for us. We need an org? My fighters are, The Steel Penn Alliance (203912) http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=203912 Bob Backlund (208321) http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=208321 Freddy Lee (226333) http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=226333 The Steel Penn (231900) http://www
  18. Its been a fun time. Thanks to everyone for the fun & Screw the haters. 9 years with little to no down time but vacations or work trips. Happy 9 year anniversary of playing MMA Tycoon! Our random prize generator has selected a prize of 34 tickets in the Tycoon Lottery and we have given you 5 free spins on Spin and Win, so good luck! Thanks for your support of the game and have a great day! Here is to 9 more years. Who has a longer uninterrupted time playing? Do I hold the longest running active membership?
  19. I have been working on my cryptocurrency portfolio and would like to hear what members from around the world feel about these four forms, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. I invested in all four of these and would love opinions.
  20. In an attempt to move this game to the next level in member activity and game upgrades I have been in talks with Mike Tycoon about buying this game. No changes will be made to the rules or game play but I will focus on moving the game forward with all approved upgrades. Moving the game we all love forward in all area faster is the goal. I will look to hire 5 game members to create a diverse panel that will decide what order the updates and upgrades happen. All suggestions on making this new era of MMA Tycoon as productive and exciting as possible are welcome.
  21. I need a real life high definition high quality professional looking Logo created in Poster, Avatar and Banner sizes. I want two sets of each logo one with the words Steel Penn and the same design with just the letters SP I will hire / pay the member who I feel does the best work in the next few weeks. Thank you.
  22. I have to say if the members of this game see me in the same light as these other members - Mentor, Castor, Wolf and Aaron then I will do whats right for the game and its members. I do not want to bring this game down in anyway and will leave if the members feel this way about my membership. #Fuckthedrama
  23. I believe givers gain. I have always tried to help whoever asks me however I can in this game. But one man alone can not help everyone. With so many new members asking for help I run short with active members who have been here a while who need help. I'm going to start a new members funding Bank and would like help from all of you active members. If your reading this you know what I am talking about. New members get sent to me by the active experienced members of this game in this forum or in chat all the time. I help most everyone who writes me but its getting
  24. I do not see a current list of champs? Think it would be cool to have somewhere?
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