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  1. i suffered from this with many fighters i became attached to them
  2. Can u change location of a gym you own
  3. May b haha I was hoping he would I could do with a good laugh
  4. no need. I have no issue. Everything is fine for me. Plus Im a MAN and can stand on my own 2 feet and dont need to get a crowd to back me up and make me feel better. I was referring to... i heard YOU was there crying and whining for the crowd to feel sorry for you like a little child. And I was saying u should be advised that u might want to stop because if i go there and post the FACTS ur gonna look pretty damn stupid. You are not the 1st crybaby who ran whimpering to the forums and not the 1st I had to bitchslap in public there. So the ball is in your court...either manup to the situat
  5. well it seems he is now going to tear me a new one in the forums ohhhhhhh im shaking in my boots
  6. haha i had the very same message from him also like how he mentions fucking fighters over so giving a title shot to a 0-0 fighter then stripping me when i decline only to set that fighter up again with some on that is about 2-0 while fucking over the fighter near the top of the div on a win streak also had one saying about me declining fights even though i had a mail saying the opponent had declined ha here is a thread i made http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61536
  7. Shhhhhh that's a secret 😎 Haha I've just seen grumpy has booked the fight for the vacant title with jugs guy v a1-0 guy haha
  8. That's as much a shock to me as well Bjorn lol
  9. i knew he had some weird rules about age and points for match making or something like that but i thought he would of been willing to deal with me but i should of known really ive read the threads about him well live and learn and all that
  10. doesn't matter now any way my guy has been stripped of the belt
  11. i wouldnt of normally turned it down but as there was higher ranked fighters with a winning record i thoughts it wasnt right i can c where tim is coming from if u cant play nice gtfo of my thread there was a couple of higher ranked fighters with a winning record i would of gave it to first
  12. i normally do except most fights with in reason as well haha only got to look at my historic record for that its no surprise to me but up in till now he had been a ok with me im not one to normally but with the no fights etc and only going to get 2 weeks training time as he would need a week to recover from last fight i thought it for the best thank you i thought so to wouldn't of declined it either but i would of missed a week of training time b4 i could train them up and i felt i need more than 2 week to make him competitive i would of taken it if he had of messag
  13. guys i just turned down a fight with my fighter which would of been his first defense of title and yes i know who the org is owned buy so you will b wasting your time typing about that http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=316023 ( my guy ) against http://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilepublic.php?FID=310822 ( opponent offered ) these where the reasons i gave 1.no fights in org and is bottom of ranking 2.im out gunned on 3 of the four primaries 3. It's to quick a turn around as I'm going to lose a week's training time to recover reply to my decline mail from
  14. i actually have a fighter in his org and i haven't had any of these problems people have said about
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