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  1. I took really good data this year for KT. Glad to see some of the guys already be nominated. 2020 KT #1 P4P Rankings (Month By Month): Nero La Croix (301283) - P4P #1 for 6 month (January, May, June, July, August, September) / 2020 Record: 16-2 Marty Robbins (288521) - P4P #1 for 6 months (July, August, September, October, November, December) / 2020 Record: 12-0 Jacques Durand (294724) - P4P #1 for 4 months (January, February, March, April) / 2020 Record: 11-3 Renato Gracie (285601) - P4P #1 for 4 months (March, April, May, June) / 2020 Record: 11-5-1 Miyamoto Mus
  2. Glad to see him get recognition as MacGowan could easily be champ of his division in CWC if his manager didn't already have a dominate champion in Ribbler for said division. Edit: This was supposed to quote DoctorOctagon's nomination for Shane MacGowan. Whoops! lol
  3. As most of the top guys have already been mentioned I'd like to nominate a sleeper Joe Average (321813) went 19-6 in 2020. Current LHW CWC Champ.
  4. Tonny "Flower Power" Gomez (356346) One of the few active fighters on Buzz that doesn't spam non-sense.
  5. The avatar just got rejected If anyone is up for making one please reply here or message me!
  6. Thank you JB90! Hopefully it gets approved.
  7. Looking to make an avatar based on the AVGN Doesn't need a new background. Just needs to be "Avatary Enough" to be accepted. Reply here or message me if interested!
  8. Not digging the visual update. I enjoyed the old color scheme. This new one is hard on the eyes.
  9. Again wanted to update everyone, only 91 images left to go! With it being a single artist who also works on other things it has & will take some time but it's given me plenty of time to do the less glamorous behind-the-scenes business side of the game. Sorry I missed this reply awhile back Bwang! I don't want to post any images of the cards quite yet. I've paid the artist but not in full yet so it wouldn't feel right to post her images even in this setting.
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