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  1. Hey I remember this fighter! https://mmatycoon.com/fightcommentary.php?FTID=933925 I thought Blitz had an even more impressive come back here.
  2. It's an april fool's thing Mike does every year. They will go back to normal tomorrow.
  3. I was hoping someone would eventually open an ID restricted division or org for grappling. Best of luck guys!
  4. Did this same concept about a year back. https://mmatycoon.com/orgpublic.php?oid=5956 It was such a headache to manage with little to no benefit for my troubles. A lot of cherry picking (ex. I only want to fight grapplers, strikers, etc) because they are so young & aren't well rounded yet.
  5. yeah that cardio bug still happens from time to time with my fighters but like you said it never actually changes anything with their cardio so I never reported it. I initially thought this was going to be the same thing but unfortunately it wasn't.
  6. Mike was able to resolve the issue but it only seems temporary. For future reference if anyone else runs into this problem. Messages w/ Mike: Error Reporting: Skill Went From Elite to 0 2021-02-18 10:08:45 Hi Mike I made a post in the error reporting forum about the issue in full detail if you could take a look. I had a skill go from 15 Elite ++ to 0. https://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66544-skill-went-from-elite-to-0/ Re: Error Reporting: Skill Went From Elite to 0 2021-02-18 16:22:50 you went over 150. i've sorted it for you now but don't keep train
  7. I have a fighter David King (358812) that after the morning training session of 2/18/2021 went from "Elite 15 ++" in Escapes to " ,". David King (22) 2021-02-18 Escapes Elite, 15 , 16 On his fighter profile page it shows his Escape skill as "()" Escapes () On the tycoon assistant page when you scroll down to his section, it shows ", (0) ++" Escapes , (0)++ Has anyone else encountered this
  8. Bardia "The Fisherman" Farrokhzad (350088) "Championship gold in two weight classes in many orgs. I fear no man. As Allah as my witness I will smash you & introduce your mother to my harem"
  9. Yeah same thing for me as well. Has anyone reported the issue to Mike?
  10. Theo Von Bert Kreischer Joey Diaz Lavell Crawford
  11. Naw no real end goal for Udovich. Just his continuous weight gain until I eventually retire him. As far as fight engine stuff, he loses about 60-80 % energy from throwing one punch (whether it lands or not). He's also been knocked out in 5 seconds despite still showing Granite Chin (depending on which side of the TOTT he's on). To add to that last statement, he'll be down that same 60-80% without doing anything & taking no body shots. https://mmatycoon.com/fightcommentary.php?FTID=1024332 On the flip side, it seems any head punch he lands scores a knockdown paired with a cut
  12. Something you don't see on Tycoon everyday folks! Thought everyone would enjoy this quick, funny play-by-play from my nearly 1,000 lb Big Mean Gassing Machine's latest match. Enjoy! https://mmatycoon.com/fightcommentary.php?FTID=1032368 Udovich vs Smith 225 cm 35 953 25 - 27 - 0 195 cm 34 280 19 - 22 - 0 Good wrestling World class boxer Insanely flexible
  13. Sad to hear. Looking back at it now almost all of his L's came from some of the best guys of his era (Abbott, Ruas, Barreto, Severn, Igor, Kerr). It would've been cool to see him go against Shamrock, Rutten, Frye, Yvel, or Patrick Smith back in the day.
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