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  1. Alec Wolfe After my last fight my hand is sore from my new finisher "The Thunder Slap". Now I'm ready to beat the crap out of any opponent, they better be watching their faces for the fight. I deliver the best slap out of anyone in HFC and I've proved it in my last fight. People should be shaking in their boots at the thought of me and a slap that can shatter bones.
  2. I write all my previews on Google Docs and then copy/paste them over
  3. HFC 62 - Dos Anjos vs Lachance - Preview Hello MMA fans, I'm Alexei Smirnov and welcome to your preview for HFC 62. It’s a big event tonight and the second HFC PPV we have some big championship fights and some interesting storylines. The fans in New York are in for a great one tonight! Rimtas Kentas vs Rafaelo Gracie My pick: Kentas Via Submission (Armbar) Marcus Svensonn vs Nick "The Black Belt Slayer" Rodriguez My pick: Svensonn Via TKO (Strikes) Yago "Grande Guerreiro" Nascimento vs "Billy BarxXx" Billy Bob Brown
  4. Turns out this glitch doesn't really do anything so I can just ignore it lol
  5. So this is a confirmed fight between two of my fighters, if you go to their profiles it'll say they have a fight. In the booking screen in says "-select-" but, since it's a confirmed fight I can't change it. Now it won't let me make the event public or do anything like that until I select a second fight which is impossible for me to do. If anyone has had this glitch and can help me I'd be much appreciated 😁
  6. HFC 61 - Mendoza vs Slugs - Preview Hello MMA fans, I'm Alexei Smirnov and welcome to your preview for HFC 61. HFC has been on a streak of amazing events and I don’t think this will be any different! Even though there are no title fights there are some really big fights. The fans in New York are in for a good one! Undercard: Ginger Lee vs Alec Wolfe My pick: Wolfe Via TKO (Strikes) Shane Stead vs Paul Boxaaja My pick: Stead Via Unanimous Decision "EDL" Alan Spence vs "The Beatnik" Dante Black My pick: B
  7. League of Handsome Guys 3 - Review Hello MMA fans, I’m Alexei Smirnov here to give you your review for LOGH 3! What a great show we had, the fans in Los Angeles loved this one. Guiseppe "Ascended One" Algiorno vs Gajah "Majapahit" Mada First fight of the night, and it’s a good one. Algiorno clinches very early on in the fight but, then is quickly taken down by Mada. Once on the ground Mada starts trying to find a submission hold. The two wrestle and Algiorno tries a sub of his own but doesn’t get it. Mada stands up to then get clinched again. After these two
  8. HFC 59 - Ford vs Chai - Preview Hello MMA fans! I'm Alexei Smirnov here today to give you your preview for HFC 59! The fans in New York are in for a great show tonight! There are two title matches and both look to be exciting fights. Anyway Let’s get on with the card. Bobby "The Gypsy Warrior" Minnagh vs Aleksandar "The Great" Volkanovski My pick: Volkanovski Via TKO (Strikes) Now despite Minnagh’s better record, I do see Volkanovski winning this fight. It comes down to two main things; morale and muay tai. Volkanovski has the better morale and
  9. Not saying he did bribe the judges but, it would make a lot of sense if he did
  10. HFC 58 - Kocak vs Krylov 3 - Preview Hello MMA fans, I'm Alexei Smirnov here with your preview for HFC 58. We have a great card tonight and a great looking heavyweight title fight. You will not want to miss this one. I envy the fans in Las Vegas that get to watch this one live! Miguel "The Jukebox" Duarte vs Marcus Svensonn My pick: Svensonn Via KO (Punch) Svensonn is an amazing stand up fighter and it really shows. Svensonn could beat almost anyone whilst standing up and is great at throwing fists. His biggest weakness would be his ground game a
  11. Hello everyone, I really like this deal and have sent a PM to him. The Birth Of A Warrior Tournament will be moved to Madness MMA. He's a more experienced owner and I have good faith in him to run a good tournament. I will be releasing all tournament fighters from their contracts and you can decide to go to Madness or go else where.
  12. HFC 57 - Red Eagle vs Mendoza Preview Hello MMA fans, I'm Alexei Smirnov here to give you the preview of HFC 57. Today I will only be going over the main card but, that’s just for now. It’s looking like another amazing card tonight, the fans in New York are in for a good one! Although there are no title fights we have some great Super Heavyweight action! Nobuki Imanari vs Rafaelo Gracie My pick: Imanari Via TKO (Strikes) Imanari dominates both standing and on the ground and he can really get it done anywhere. Gracie has a great ground game so I th
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