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  1. Cool, looking forward to seeing this kick-off! I assume the rules are like TWGC, i.e., single elimination? Can you please put the seedings and fighter IDs in the bracket above? I'm just curious about the match-ups.
  2. I'll sign-up another if we're allowed more than 1 and you're struggling to fill it.
  3. I'm open to this, but how did it turn out last year? Because I could easily see this taking too long/too many days if people don't login/post their picks regularly. The good thing about live, is if a person cannot make it or logs off the software will can just auto-draft for them and everyone is not stuck waiting indefinitely.
  4. Cool, that's my preference as well. There are so many options out there, but I'm only interested if it's standard/simple and doesn't take much time to keep up with or for the draft/ E.g., Standard scoring (not PPR), standard snake draft (not auction), only team defenses (not IDP), etc.
  5. Interested, but what's the format (scoring, team composition, draft)?
  6. This was exactly my thought too. I love the idea in theory but it's effectively an honor system that helps your competition, so I anticipate anything put there would quickly become meaningless in practice.
  7. Count the big "Dog" in: Jay "Dog" Simon (345449)
  8. Very nice of you; I'll take #4 if it's available.
  9. Kudos KBW 👏, very impressive performance in the entire tourney, capped off with a sweep of us in the semis. The creation pts/build strategy that the whole team used was smart, and you've got a team of very highly ranked and talented managers. Don, I was screaming at my PC when Omer "dropped back for a leg" from top position near the beginning of the 3rd round! I knew that would clinch the final round for Bofur. Bofur had masterful ground control in our 2 fights; very well done. Good luck in the finals.
  10. Great write-up, appreciate the dedication Alfred. Now let's get it popping!
  11. Here's mine: Tetro Llamo https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=370540
  12. Wow, very nice analysis and write-ups Alfred! Big kudos for seeing this long tournament thru and organizing everything!!!
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