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  1. Here's mine: Tetro Llamo https://www.mmatycoon.com/fighterprofilemanager.php?FID=370540
  2. Wow, very nice analysis and write-ups Alfred! Big kudos for seeing this long tournament thru and organizing everything!!!
  3. Hell of a write-up for a hell of a card! Spectacular as always!
  4. Cheers bro, thanks! This was the match-up I was most worried about. I'm glad Diaz blocked all those shots with his head; he could have gotten hurt otherwise.
  5. I haven't made any avs in a a looooong time due to a new and very busy job, moving, and now the coronavirus shit. But I finally found myself with some free time this week and decided to have one more go. While historically my style has been to be a as realistic as possible, I'm so sick of having avs rejected that I just decided to go full av on this one. Only complaint Mike could have is that the face is a little small, but it's still clearly an avatar face and the sizing was intentional to evoke the disparity between this lone explorer and the vastness of space. Ok intros asid
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