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Let the Good Times Roll

Editorial by Brother Hec

 The Tycoon Times is finally back! 

The infamous mma newspaper that reaches hundreds of managers to keep everyone updated is back and is aiming to solidify some of that which has been lost for the past several months. Bringing you those classic event previews, reviews, and interviews you love so much, the Tycoon Times will be steadfast in helping your mma game become more well informed on the mma scene! 

How did it happen? There was a void and it has been felt for quite some time. So, Mentor Guru Corleone and BrotherHec have approached Mike Tycoon to start the revival of the Tycoon Times and after many conversations we are proud to say The Tycoon Times is finally here! 

To celebrate the bringing back of MMA's beloved paper we are offering an mma trivia competition! The first three persons who respond to BrotherHec with the correct answers of the following questions will win $5,000 each. 

Chuck Liddells Nickname is what? (UFC

Knockdown Clothes

Knockdown Clothes, Clothing Company, Sydney
Company profile by Mac Little

Knockdown Clothes is the latest news in fighter's apparel!

Based in Sydney, Knockdown is specifically catering to the new generation of fighters! Up and coming young competitors who are trying to stand out from the crowd and make a name for themselves will find that Knockout clothing will be in their corner.

Mac Little, a manager who himself has just begun his journey into the MMA world, has at an early stage identified the need for fighters to make an impression not only in the octagon, but outside of it as well. "MMA is after all a spectator sport," Mac Little said, "fighters need to communicate with the fans in everything they do, including what they wear."

The new clothing brand is looking to establish itself through a massive campaign of sponsorship! Mac Little is looking to sponsor a lot of new fighters who are about to enter into their first competition.


Taps On The Island

, Nutrition Company,
Company profile by Jake Parkinson

 TOTI is a New Nutrition company on the island. we offer tap water at a quality of 140q for just $100!!!

YES $100!

We also offer a 10% discount to an of our sponsored fighters!

Get in touch with Jake Parkinson if you want to be sponsored and hydrated!


Writer for hire

Editorial by Les Grossman

 I am looking to some work writing for an organization or manager. I can write exciting event recaps or fight previews. I am a long time fan of MMA with deep knowlege of the sport 


Prize Fighting Championship

Prize Fighting Championship 320k+, 328k+ & 330k+, Fight Organization, New York
Company profile by Psycho Serrano

 Prize Fighting Championship is where winner takes home the prize.

Currently the organization is focused on recruiting Heavyweights. 265+ Id 320k and 265 id 328k+ restricted.

There is a 265 weight class that will be used for our youth tournament and new tv series reality show called, 'Prize Fighter!'

Also the organization is looking for Writers, Graphic Designers, and a Recruiter/Promoter. Reach Psycho Serrano if you are interested


New Bookmaker

Editorial by Rico Strong

 Best Bets has opened its doors and will be bringing you bets and odds soon!

  We will do our best with our professional odds makers on bringing u the best bet lines out there.  Come place your bets and try your luck at making some money!


Eagle Wolf Combat Club

Eagle Wolf Combat Club, Gym, Las Vegas
Company profile by Marco Anguiano

A new gym in Las Vegas, I am looking for members to join the gym and help get it up and running. I will create one of the best gyms in Las Vegas to help fighters get the best training possible. As more members join, more elite level coaches will be added.

Come join Eagle Wolf Combat Club! 



Do you want to be cool? Don’t be a fool! You want to look brighter? Shop at New York’s Urban Fighter!

Contact: Alika Webb
Need a poster logo or banner? Well for 4k a poster and 2k for a logo or banner I can give you something that i guarentee you'll love. Message JDV916 for more info.

Contact: Jay Veers
NJMMA is looking for fighters for our new 320k+ org. Fair fights and a chance to win titles and make history. Get in touch if you want to sign!

Contact: Peter Dry
Straight out of Sydney I bring you a new fight organization called Electric Caged Fighting, looking for fighters of all weight classes, I will need a manager and a designer also please message.

Contact: Aaron Hill
If Your Fighter is 320k ID and higher and you need a contract feel free to pm Me! Based in RIO

Contact: Peter Daan Mostert
Bookmaker Needed For Pulse280k+ Events ** 2 Events Per Week ** Contact: Andrew Anderson (117105)

Contact: Andrew Anderson
Pin Up Clothing London An old store back in a new world. Classic designs back in store alongside new and updates designs. Laundry availabl on request

Contact: YodRon Daan De Jong
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