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Global Association of MMA™

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 92
Number of events: 726
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Ranking (Global): 4
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 98% from 26 ratings.
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Urban Fighter
About us: GAMMA is the oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world! We pride ourselves as being the leader in unbiased booking since our creation in May 2009. We are the only org with full historical analysis of all fighters, managers and events with 8 private gyms for elite level training for all our fighters.
Latest News: GAMMA: March 2018 recap part 1 By Alika Webb
  GAMMA#695 Keenan v Mirowski – 3 March

145 title - Gareth Keenan (c) Vs Karol Mirowski

Gareth Keenan "Investigates" has been investigating the global fight market and enjoying the view from above. While Gareth Keenan was taking the scenic route in a quest for global domination, Karol "Bearded Midget Man" Mirowski stayed home and took care of business in front of the Gamma crowd. While doing so Karol Mirowski – flaws and all – was truly accepted and became a true champion in the hearts of all those who had the pleasure of watching his latest efforts and struggles he faced. In the meantime, Gareth Keenan was lost in his travels. Out of sight, out of heart and it was a mere lukewarm reaction from the crowd to his entrance that proved it. Gareth Keenan knew from the start that he had a lot more to prove than he could ever have imagined.
They quickly started to get into their kickboxing mode, their engines revved and they started trading strikes at a hellish pace and kept it up until the final bell. Their first encounter this was and what an amazing sight to see as they fought so passionately. Their styles matched better than anyone could have expected as they are so similar a fighter that sometimes minds could wander, only to come back and see a mirror in between them. Never giving up, never giving in. This was a true fight from start to finish as they battled for featherweight supremacy.

Winner: Karol Mirowski by unanimous decision.

GAMMA#696 Goodman v Asai 2 – 10 March

155 title - Mathew Ridgeway (c) Vs Randy Springs

Randy "Fuckn" Springs had been tearing through the lightweight division since losing to Mathew Ridgeway. The champion on the other hand had remained at the top since that fated night and now had the chance to prove himself the better man once again while the challenger had only vengeance in mind.
These two lightweight warriors stood toe to toe and threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other. The unbelievable resilience shown on both their parts was a tremendous thing to see. Neither man was able to dominate both from apart and from close distance but they both had their moments to shine. It was a tremendous effort from both fighters and the crowd was on their feet from start to finish as they were in awe from the spectacle these two gladiators provided for them.

Winner: Randy Springs by split decision.

185 title - Saul Goodman (c) Vs Yoshihiro Asai

Saul "Slip The Jab" Goodman has been back on track, dominating not only Gamma’s middleweight division but the entire MMATycoon universe. He rules the globe with a headstrong resolve to be the best around and nothing’s gonna ever keep him down, not even a minor slip against former number one pound for pound fighter Matt Quin. Saul Goodman was hoping to face the aging legend once more in a rematch that would have undoubtedly shattered records in tickets sales so hard that it would have crashed servers across the globe from pure earth-shattering anticipation. MMATycoon’s servers would melt down from the fire these two would bring to the table in their rematch but there was one man that stood in the way of that all. One man became the hero as he beat the living legend and saved the MMATycoon universe from certain doom and absolute destruction and that man is no other than Yoshihiro Asai!
Yoshihiro Asai came on strong like a house on fire, throwing punches in bunches and constantly keeping the champion on his toes. The difference however was clear from the start. While Asai was the more diverse striker, Goodman was the more accurate striker and those strikes scored a lot of points for the champion on the judges’ scorecards. Even an Asai moonsault couldn’t have helped the challenger jump over that point difference and so the champion retained once again.

Winner: Saul Goodman by unanimous decision.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Inactive/Unused Division
145 17 32 243587 237 No Minimum weight
155 14 33 243894 266 Minimum weight 155lbs
170 13 35 229550 240 Minimum weight 170lbs
185 16 32 254004 273 Minimum weight 185lbs
205 14 33 245731 236 Minimum weight 205lbs
265 0 0 0 0 Inactive/Unused Division
265+ 18 33 238641 274 Minimum weight 230lbs
Upcoming Events
GAMMA#697 Defoe v Okah 2018-03-17 Los Angeles
GAMMA#698 Bubba v Hoyce 2 2018-03-24 Los Angeles
GAMMA#699 Shin v Hyde 2018-03-24 London
GAMMA#700 Goodman v Obama 3 2018-03-31 Los Angeles
GAMMA#701 LA 2018-04-07 Los Angeles
GAMMA#702 LA 2018-04-14 Los Angeles
GAMMA#703 London 2018-04-14 London
GAMMA#704 LA 2018-04-21 Los Angeles
GAMMA#705 LA 2018-04-28 Los Angeles
GAMMA#706 London 2018-05-05 London
GAMMA#707 LA 2018-05-05 Los Angeles
GAMMA#708 LA 2018-05-12 Los Angeles
GAMMA#709 LA 2018-05-19 Los Angeles
GAMMA#710 LA 2018-05-26 Los Angeles
GAMMA#711 London 2018-05-26 London
GAMMA#712 LA 2018-06-02 Los Angeles
GAMMA#713 LA 2018-06-09 Los Angeles
GAMMA#714 LA 2018-06-16 Los Angeles
GAMMA#715 London 2018-06-16 London
GAMMA#716 LA 2018-06-23 Los Angeles
GAMMA#717 LA 2018-06-30 Los Angeles
GAMMA#718 LA 2018-07-07 Los Angeles
GAMMA#719 London 2018-07-07 London
GAMMA#720 LA 2018-07-14 Los Angeles
GAMMA#721 LA 2018-07-21 Los Angeles
GAMMA#722 LA 2018-07-28 Los Angeles
GAMMA#723 London 2018-07-28 London
GAMMA#724 LA 2018-08-04 Los Angeles
GAMMA#725 LA 2018-08-11 Los Angeles
Today's Events / Recent Events
GAMMA#696 Goodman v Asai 2 2018-03-10 Los Angeles
GAMMA#695 Keenan v Mirowski 2018-03-03 Los Angeles
GAMMA#694 Bubba v Simmons 2018-02-24 London
GAMMA#693 Volkov vs Shin 5 2018-02-24 Los Angeles
GAMMA#692 Ridgeway v Diehard 2018-02-17 Los Angeles

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Saul Goodman 2
2 Bubba Gumption 4
3 Menace Defoe 6
4 Randy Springs 7
5 Hennan Hoyce 20
6 Karol Mirowski 21
7 Lao Shin 23
8 Russian Obama 33
9 Gareth Keenan 49
10 Ilya Mstislav Volkov 51
11 Rupert Blasts 59
12 Mathew Ridgeway 64
13 Ghazi Okah 67
14 Felipe Feltre 68
15 Vladimir Emelienko 70
16 Gerbert Bryant 79
17 Gunnar Steigelmann 80
18 Basten Sodergren 93
19 Hector Verama 96
20 Tito Hyde 108
Weight Name Last Win
135 Karol Mirowski Kira Miyata
145 Karol Mirowski Gareth Keenan
155 Randy Springs Mathew Ridgeway
170 Lao Shin Ilya Mstislav Volkov
185 Saul Goodman Yoshihiro Asai
205 Menace Defoe Yuri Boyka
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Bubba Gumption Brandon Simmons

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Mentor Guru Corleone
Manager: Taylor Made
Manager: Rod White
Manager: Marcus Wood
Manager: Ryan Maile
General Manager: Gerbert Bryant
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