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Global Association of MMA™

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 112
Number of events: 645
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Ranking (Global): 5
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 37 ratings.
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Humanoid Nutrition (160Q for 160$)
About us: GAMMA is the oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world! We pride ourselves as being the leader in unbiased booking since our creation in May 2009. We have our own site with full historical analysis of all fighters and events, 9 private gyms for elite level training and provide travel to all our events via Las Vegas.
Latest News: GAMMA: #1 in total events held
  GAMMA has officially become the #1 organization in the game in total events held!

Last year we had surpassed UVT of Rio for the 2nd place, but ever since our local Las Vegas Prizefighting went inactive, this was one of those targets we set for our ourselves and i even put in the exact week i planned to achieve this target.

I would like to thank all the managers and fighters who participated in the 6070 total fights offered so far, that is a ridiculous feat and one i never expected to get to back in 2009 when GAMMA was opened.

Salute to you all!
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Inactive
145 9 33 218464 302 NA
155 29 32 208395 223 All fighters weighing 155lbs+ compete in both 145lbs and 155lbs.
170 15 34 217338 257 NA
185 17 33 215916 261 NA
205 21 31 226539 238 NA
265 2 29 242003 441 All eligible fighters of the 265+lbs divisions also compete for this title.
265+ 19 33 219033 258 This division is a merge between 265lbs and 265+lbs.
Upcoming Events
GAMMA#609 Bryant v Jordan 2017-01-28 Los Angeles
GAMMA#610 Rutten v Fjera 2017-02-04 Los Angeles
GAMMA#611 Belliveau v Siblas 2017-02-04 London
GAMMA#612 LA 2017-02-11 Los Angeles
GAMMA#613 LA 2017-02-18 Los Angeles
GAMMA#614 London 2017-02-18 London
GAMMA#615 LA 2017-02-25 Los Angeles
GAMMA#616 London 2017-02-25 London
GAMMA#617 LA 2017-03-04 Los Angeles
GAMMA#619 LA 2017-03-11 Los Angeles
GAMMA#618 London 2017-03-11 London
GAMMA#620 LA 2017-03-18 Los Angeles
GAMMA#621 LA 2017-03-25 Los Angeles
GAMMA#622 London 2017-03-25 London
GAMMA#623 LA 2017-04-01 Los Angeles
GAMMA#624 London 2017-04-01 London
GAMMA#625 LA 2017-04-08 Los Angeles
GAMMA#626 London 2017-04-08 London
GAMMA#627 LA 2017-04-15 Los Angeles
GAMMA#628 London 2017-04-15 London
GAMMA#629 LA 2017-04-22 Los Angeles
GAMMA#630 LA 2017-04-29 Los Angeles
GAMMA#631 London 2017-04-29 London
GAMMA#632 LA 2017-05-06 Los Angeles
GAMMA#633 LA 2017-05-13 Los Angeles
GAMMA#634 London 2017-05-13 London
GAMMA#635 LA 2017-05-20 Los Angeles
GAMMA#636 LA 2017-05-27 Los Angeles
GAMMA#637 London 2017-05-27 London
GAMMA#638 LA 2017-06-03 Los Angeles
GAMMA#639 LA 2017-06-10 Los Angeles
GAMMA#640 London 2017-06-10 London
GAMMA#641 LA 2017-06-17 Los Angeles
GAMMA#642 London 2017-06-17 London
GAMMA#643 LA 2017-06-24 Los Angeles
GAMMA#645 LA 2017-07-01 Los Angeles
GAMMA#644 London 2017-07-01 London
Today's Events / Recent Events
GAMMA#608 Volkov v Williams 2017-01-21 Los Angeles
GAMMA#607 Lodbrok v Kha 2017-01-21 London
GAMMA#606 Rutten v Torres 2017-01-14 Los Angeles
GAMMA#605 Sito v Lamb 2017-01-07 Los Angeles
GAMMA#604 Gennero v Rokicki 2016-12-31 London

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Sebastiaan Rutten 11
2 Gerbert Bryant 13
3 Kai Kha 14
4 Darren Lamb 18
5 Ilya Mstislav Volkov 19
6 Lukasz Wolek 28
7 Steve Belliveau 31
8 Fernando Prado 54
9 Lao Shin 57
10 Tony Siblas 58
11 Ivar Lodbrok 61
12 Robert Sito 63
13 Saul Goodman 65
14 Piotr Rokicki 66
15 Julien Touret 69
16 Nick Fjera 71
17 Gunnar Steigelmann 76
18 Shin Dong Hyuk 86
19 Joe Gage 88
20 Nicodemo Romero 105
Weight Name Last Win
145 Lukasz Wolek Shin Dong Hyuk
155 Darren Lamb Robert Sito
170 Ilya Mstislav Volkov Stanly Williams
185 Steve Belliveau Piotr Rokicki
205 Kai Kha Ivar Lodbrok
265 Sebastiaan Rutten Luis Torres
265+ Gerbert Bryant Thomas Bannon

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Mentor Guru Corleone
Manager: Mark Harrington
Manager: Rod White
Manager: Badal Kumar
Manager: Buff Minion
Manager: Parker Lewis
Manager: Ryan Maile
Manager: Satriyo Wibowo
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