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Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+

Org name: Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 148
Number of events: 102
Base: Sydney
Owner: Hare Rumpler
Ranking (Global): 17
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 100% from 42 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Shadow Warrior Nutrition
About us: Our Sorter Series Divisional tournaments have come to an end and we are fully into core SPPS event mode! Belts have been awarded or will be in the next week or two, so you know what that means! Everybody else now has a target for those kicks to the dingle-dangles! Let the cheap shots fly!
Latest News: Sucker Punch Pro Series - Morale & Energy Notes
  Hey Sucker Punch Fans!

So I mentioned in our last Event Review that I'd throw something out here to help out with the morale and energy questions.

I just put a new post up here with more information to help out:

Managing your energy and morale going into fights, as well as when training, is crucial to getting the most out of your fighter and removing any disadvantages he may have. You don't want to go into a fight already with the odds stacked against you!

Morale can drop or be lost in a number of ways. The fastest is to lose fights. But also, training in a dirty gym can drop morale, as can a number of other issues. Morale is raised by changing clothing on the fighter. If your fighter is still wearing his original default white clothing that he was born with, he will not improve his morale by continuing to wear it, as the quality of that clothing by default stays at "100" (out of 150), which is NOT 100%, forever. Custom clothing that you may have placed on your fighter, if it is old and has dropped in quality also will not help morale, and can hurt it instead. All of this is managed on the "Possessions" tab from the menu on the right.

When you change your clothing, new custom clothing will have a quality of "150". Anything over a certain quality, and I forget exactly what the level is, but I tend to treat it as 140, will raise morale. As mentioned, when a fighter's clothing becomes too old and dirty, or the gym he is training in is not kept clean, he will start to drop morale due to that. And losing fights will also hurt morale. If your fighter's morale has dropped significantly, you will definitely want to work on getting that morale back up before he fights again and also so that his training when sparring and such will get the best gains. You do that by closely managing his clothing for a few days or weeks, depending upon how low his morale is and what it takes to get it back up. If you're trying to raise the morale, change the clothing every couple days before it drops below "140" in quality and his morale should start to improve.

Hope this helps everybody! Shout at me if you have any questions!

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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Not recruiting.
145 26 21 357546 53 355k+, Min. 140 lbs uncut.
155 21 22 358211 57 355k+, Min. 150 lbs uncut.
170 25 22 358268 57 355k+, Min. 165 lbs uncut.
185 25 21 360404 58 355k+, Min. 180 lbs uncut.
205 27 21 358118 50 355k+, Min. 200 lbs uncut.
265 22 22 358687 56 355k+, Min. 225 lbs uncut.
265+ 2 22 366979 37 Openweight Test Card Fights Only.
Upcoming Events
Sucker Punch Pro Series 12 2020-09-26 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 13 2020-10-03 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 14 2020-10-07 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 15 2020-10-10 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 16 2020-10-14 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 17 2020-10-17 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 18 2020-10-21 Sydney
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Sucker Punch Pro Series 10 2020-09-19 Sydney
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Sucker Punch Pro Series 8 2020-09-09 Sydney
Sucker Punch Pro Series 7 2020-09-05 Sydney

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Wanderson Machado 520
2 Diego Diaz 587
3 Frankie Logan 700
4 Thoth Chontamenti 818
5 Luke Skywalker 940
6 Ronnie Bass 959
7 Aleks Kuznetsov 985
8 Tyrion Lannister 1122
9 Valery Bokov 1169
10 Juan Christiano 1185
11 Kurt Cobain 1330
12 Igor Vovchanchyn 1349
13 Hemmo Karhu 1369
14 Nyah Hirst 1378
15 Jake Drake 1402
16 Andy Veidt 1406
17 Konrad Wagner 1553
18 Vinicius Verreira 1561
19 Boris Balkan 1584
20 ZaDarius Haden 1603
Weight Name Last Win
155 Frankie Logan Frank Diaz
170 Ronnie Bass DJ Costune
185 Wanderson Machado Psiris Fuhren
205 Aleks Kuznetsov Sacrificial Lamb
265 Thoth Chontamenti ZaDarius Haden

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Hare Rumpler
Interview Wench: Yamashita Craven
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