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Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 330
Number of events: 128
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
Ranking (Global): 13
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 98% from 70 ratings.
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Merch partner: Combat Wombat (90% Laundry)
About us: SFC is a Org in Sydney, we offer valuable fighting experience and chance for glory at 322k+, we really would like to move to the Top. Consider us a Member of the Evil Empire, and be sure to check out Premium Gym Doherty's, which can be offered as a training facility, if you move to Sydney(not necessary, as locations are off)
Latest News: SyFi - Weekend Preview
  Weekend Preview

It's likely one of the biggest upcoming fight weekends, SFC presents 3 title fights, and 3 cards of bonanza action, with the 265,205 and 135 title on the Line, with such a huge overhead, let's dive into those cards:

265 Title Rick Piano vs. Milton Friedman

With SFC fighters shying away from fighting Rick Piano, SFC owner Boble Lineman was looking for options to sign thrilling Heavyweights, that would sign the dotted line, gearing up, he found Milton Friedman, so here is the fight former NJMMA veteran Milton Friedman (11-3) faces the Champ of the Champs Heavyweight King Rick Piano (11-0). Whoever has watched SFC fighting saw Piano, well, you have likely seen him more on posters, Merchandise or TV ads, as you saw him in the cage, as his fights all are quickies. Making his 7th title defense Piano won all of them by KO, and only 1 fighter (famous Ross Barkley) made it into Round 2. With a gazillion of KO power by Piano, what to expect by Friedman. Well, Friedman matches Pianos wrestling skills, but lacks that serious KO power, he went the distance twice, and has some nice (T)KO wins, but he for sure hasn'T faced a fighter like Piano. Both his losses at NJMMA came to Tabatabai, a 7-4 veteran, best described as average Muay Thai Fighter. So if anything else than a first Round KO win for Piano happens, well.....don't mind....Santu Kona at least should have a first round seat, as we heard he was confirmed as the No. 1 Challenger for a likely rematch with Piano afterwards.

205 Title Melvin Comeau v Marky Mark

In the CO-Main Event on Saturday Melvin Comeau will defend his 205 belt for the first time, he shocked the MMA scene, when he battled Mister McNasty in his 5th title defense, and ripped the belt from him. A 13-4 veteran youngster Comeau finally in his 4th try at a title (at RISE and here) got a unanimous decision. Comeau is a pure stand up fighter, that can excel when asked to, while in the beginning of his career he was a quick KO specialist, he transformed into a long distance veteran, going 5 rounds with McNasty twice. Marky Mark (10-2) on the other hand will bring action to the ring, but have a similar fighting style, unless one of the two sees reason to change his style, expect a thrilling stand up battle with the veterans trying to get their head off. Marky Mark entered SFC just recently, being part of the NY Fight Night Tournament, where he faced SFC vets like Blake Phoenix and Pablo Spezziale, he won his first fight against No. 1 Contender Dai Zexi by Unanimous Decision, denying the SFC front runner a title shot. Look out for this one exploding fast, with Comeau likely needing to survive a couple rounds to get into it.

135 Title Yodsawan Sitsongrit v Brain Fog

Sundays Co-Main Event is the first title defense of new Champ Yodsawan Sitsongrit, as all Sitsongrit Camp fighters, he is a muay Thai spacialist, that showed all his class, when dethroning double Champ Daichi Kishimoto, by a first Round TKO. However the days, when fans stormed the Arena to see the glorious Kishimoto are gone, hwoever, there is all chance in the world for Yodsawan to built fame based on his win. Brain Fog, the first Challenger, is quite the opposite, under new management the eventfull wrestler and submission artist finally got a title shot, against a fighter he just lost 2 fights ago. With so much new talent at 135, and the glorious poster figure disappearing, a win over Paulie Greene in his first fight under new management was enough to earn the shot for Brain Fog. Looking back at their encounter on 1st of July, it was a great fight, where Brain Fog likely was ahead on the judges scorecards, before Yodsawan showed his class in Round 3, he dominated Brain Fog in every aspect, and knocked him down and Koed him with 2 seconds left. Well, let's see what new tactics Brain Fogs new Manager can bring to the table.


Main Event:
205 Jamison Cassidy v Mister McNasty

This fight likely is the eliminator for a title shot at the Comeau vs. Mark winner, both fighters bring great SyFI experience and records, Mc Nasty the former champ, is 11-4, but 7-1 at SyFi, with his only loss coming in the classic against Comeau, he is an exceptional boxer, that uses the clinch and his wrestling abilities to score TKOs , Cassidy is almost his counter part, solid in standup, he excels on the ground, with a black belt and a 6-0 record, with 3 clean submission wins in a row. Cassidy has beaten SyFi Legens like Camara and Leekpai, a win here should certainly qualify him for a title shot in a huge deep class at 205. Expect a good fight and some Nasty moves by both fighters.

Co-Main Event:
205 Ibrahim Camara v Hektor Hagoma

Also at 205 Camara and Hagoma are on different paths, Camara (8-7) is 1-1 at SyFi, and has had an up and down career, always showing flashs of class, he looks for a win to keep a streak going, and seperate himself from the pack. Hagoma is under new management (6-3), he lost his last 2 fights, and after looking promising at NJMMA, his career has gone backwards since joining SFC. Both fighters have similar styles, where a strong clinch game is their backbone.

In the Main Card, 185 battles are in, Shaggy Shank and Arthur Menezes both make their SyFi debut, but both are veterans of the cage, fighting at NJMMA before, Menezes (6-4) is a black belt, that should be the clear favourite, but look for Shaggy to do a good job, as long as he can keep it standing.
Michel Colucci v Travis Mitchell presents two strong youngesters, Colucci 7-0 has won both his 2 SyFi fights in style, and clearly looks to climb the rankings with a win here, Mitchell (6-3) is on a 2 fight win streak, after loosing to Bumanov and Ragnaar. As Mitchell may want to avenge those losses, he'll need all his talent vs. Colucci, who has yet to be tested.
Look out for Kazuma Kuwabara returning to action, after loosing his unbeaten record to Corey Smith at 205, where he faces Steve Roach, at 155 Lermontov (5-2) vs. Ahma (4-0) should be a great battle, both fly under the radar, and Lermontov suffered a defeat vs. Former champ Akimbo Spice, but both fighters can recommend them for a ranking spot with a win. In our youngster look 2-0 George Peterson may be something special.

With 2 title fights on the Menu, the Main Card features the big boys, at 265+ , the super Heavys, first up Jason Harris v Ole Anderson features Haris (7-0), who refugeed from the Piano dominated 265 class, not yet a true Super Heavyweight he faces veteran Ole Anderson (6-4), the younger brother of former champ Arn Anderson. Ole is a veteran, that likes to fight on the ground, while Haris matches in the classic stand-up vs. Ground guy fight.
Also at 265+ Mongolian Muslim faces Jason Imbert, Mongolian Muslim (9-4) lost to both Anderson brothers, after winning the title in his first encounter with Arn, he likely will be happy to face a stand up battle with 4-4 Imbert, who is a well travelled journeyman, that was never shy to face the top of the 265+ class.
Other action sees a lot of fighters trying to rebound from losses, like 4-1-1 Edgar Arvestiyan, who struggled in his recent fights, after going 4-0 early, but the card also has a top debutant at SyFi, at 5-0 Batang Timang comes from NJMMA and looks to collect some teaths at SyFi.


With the Co-Main Event being the title fight, the card holds two nice eliminators for a title shot,
at 170 in the Main Event: Kevin Daughtrey v Akira Harada is a rematch between the two, Daugthrey beat Harada back in April, to earn his first title shot, he lost to Mike Johnson, and came back with 2 wins nicely, to earn a crack at Gideon Navaro, who recently lost to Whitaker. With a win here, many predict, that Daughtrey will get his 3rd shot at glory. Harada himself, (8-3) is on a 2 fight win streak, and has ended a 2 fight loosing streak with a win over Putem the Nightmare, followed by a Decision win over Julmu. If he wins, it is not that certain, he will get a crack at the belt. Look for both to keep it standing.
The Main Card features a nice 135 battle, where the winner may face the winner of the title fight. Sanka Coffie (6-1) faces Pekka Pikairainnen (8-2), both rank near the top, Sanka has already made his mark at SyFi, when he beat Gary Dema by TKO, after arriving from NJMMA. Pekka , an EFA veteran, would like to make the same arrival by beating Sanka this night. Look for blood flying, with both fighters excellent all-rounders. In the other Main carder at 170, Steve Collins looks to rebound from a loss vs. Daughtrey vs. Newcomer Facundo Galley, who fought at RISE before.
Also look for EFA arrival Kai perkins (4-2) facing John Mills(5-2), who won his first SyFi fight after arriving from EFL, should be a nice 145 battle.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 30 22 327418 76 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
145 30 22 326964 80 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
155 40 22 325962 71 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
170 43 22 326342 75 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
185 48 23 325962 80 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
205 58 22 326810 82 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
265 50 23 326860 76 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
265+ 31 24 328459 90 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Chief Cheyenne 144
2 Rick Piano 203
3 Jim Bob McDonald 245
4 Yodsawan Sitsongrit 252
5 Melvin Comeau 298
6 Milton Friedman 311
7 Mister McNasty 316
8 Vick Venom 322
9 Jacob Rees Mogg 323
10 Bernardo De Barros 373
11 Roy Whitaker 374
12 Wayne Benning 378
13 Daichi Kishimoto 465
14 Steve Butabi 479
15 Arn Anderson 508
16 Xavier Merlin 528
17 Iso Paa 529
18 Dan Gee 530
19 Corey Smith Jr 550
20 Santu Avisu Kona 551
Weight Name Last Win
135 Yodsawan Sitsongrit Daichi Kishimoto
145 Daichi Kishimoto Jazz Clementine
155 Bernardo De Barros Jorginho Marcelo
170 Roy Whitaker Gideon Navarro
185 Wayne Benning Joey Hatton
205 Melvin Comeau Mister McNasty
265 Rick Piano Ross Barkley
265+ Jim Bob McDonald Arn Anderson

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Boble Lineman
Private Trainer: Vincent Valenzio
Chief Designer: Steven Hanks
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