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Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 342
Number of events: 82
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
Ranking (Global): 21
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 95% from 71 ratings.
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Merch partner: Forge Clothing Co.
About us: SFC is a Org in Sydney, we offer valuable fighting experience and chance for glory at 322k+, we really would like to move to the Top. Consider us a Member of the Evil Empire, and be sure to check out Premium Gym Doherty's, which can be offered as a training facility, if you move to Sydney(not necessary, as locations are off)
Latest News: SyFi - Weekend Recap
  SyFi - Weekend Recap:

With both title fights packed on Sunday, the other 2 days were kind of a runup, but all 3 days once again brought great action and new fight stories.

New No.1 COntenders, well known faces, new and old champions, filled with upsets, decisions, submissions and banging KOs the cards had everything.

Here is a look at the days:


Bondi Outdoor Arena saw a packed and nearly sold out Venue, the SFC fight fans came down wanting to see who will be the next 265+ No. 1 COntender. Mongolian Muslim a fresh import from NJMMA faced SFC youngster Wladimir Yaroslev. Yaroslev needed to take the fight to the ground, but failed with both his takedown attempts, Mongolian Muslim was all over him with his big hits, being very accurate and powerful, in the end Yaroslev got cut and knocked down, while Muslim celebrated his No.1 spot at 265+, ready to end the ANDERSON ERA.
In the Co-Main Event at 155 Bob Madden stayed unbeaten and won a BJJ demonstration against former Challenger Max Luther, who got dropped by his management after a tough loss. Bob Madden climbs the rankings, and is set for a title run soon.
In the undercard at 265 Travis Dillon continues his winning run, and claims to be back in title contention with a KO over King Hippo.
At 205 Kazuma Kawabura stayed unbeaten by holding off Isiah Cooley, the rest of the undercard featured talent and youngesters making their debuts.

Fight of the night: Trevor Lee vs Gary Red
KO of the night: Tony Parks

Sub of the night: Bob Madden


Not packed with a title fight as usual the Saturday present brought two No. 1 Contenders fights and more than 6500 fight fans to Schooners Bar, which hosted both Weekend Events just like last weekend.

The Main Event saw Joey Hatton in his 2nd SFC fight, and his appearance was controversial, as his road to the title was critizised as having some cans by fight fans, well, whatever you wanna call Sammy Kilbach, he tried his best to deny Joey Hatton, but the 4th takedown attempt by the favourite was succesful, and a few seconds later Kilbach had to tap, bringing a smile to Hatton, and an almost sure title fight next.
At 265, it was the first Rick Piano Challenger Bill Shorton, that fought his way to another title shot, Mark Borrego looked a bit helpless, and Shorton cracked him soon, after 2:33, the ref had to stop the fight. With that Shorton will watch next weeks title fight on his heals and toes, and see, if he gets another crack at Piano, or if we will get a new champion.
The undercard was classy as ever, Dai Zexi at 205 won another fight, and moved close to title contention beating veteran Unknown Combatant.
Unbeaten streaks continued for Victor Creed(185), Krit Leekpai(205) and Mika Allu(265), all 3 move up in the Top 10, and on Monday, when rankings are out, may be found closer to a title shot than ever before.

Fight of the night: Carlyle Gate vs Reiner Brawn
KO of the night: Corey Mercer
Sub of the night: Joey Hatton

After all the action on Friday and Saturday, Sunday finally brought the belts out, and also the hungry fight fans, that wanted to see, if the Anderson ERA stayed in affect, ot if Matt Wills could score the upset.
The Main Event held the 265+ title fight, and Arn Anderson tried to make it a 4th succesfuil defense, and win No. 7 in his career.
Matt Wills came highly motivated, and indeed it was his 2nd takedown attempt, that worked, and brought the fight to the ground. Wills made the first submission move, being on top of the champ, but was denied, move after move, both scrambled for better position and submission, and then the champ sunk a giullotine from the bottom, to end Wills hope, and defend his 265+ belt.
At 185 Apollo Reid made his first title defense, and it came against the former champ and man he shocked Big Asznee. Lots of experts thought that Apollo Reids first win was a fluke, and that he will not be able to keep Asznee standing in a rematch. Well, they were perfectly right, the 2nd fight looked a lot different, Asznee took down Reid in both rounds, and in Round 2, the 12th attempt at a submission came through for Asznee, who celebrated big time with his fans, as he reclaimed his 185 title.
In the undercard at 135 Glass Joe showed his class, as he beat former challenger Dieselnoi Por Pramuk, who now lost 2 in a row. Glass Joe outboxed the Muay Thai specialist, and won his 2nd in a row, after his title loss, looking to get a run at the title going.
In other action at 170 Pahani Julmu and Egar Arvestiyan stayed unbeaten, both present such great talent, that the organisation will focus on them in the future.

Fight of the night: Glass Joe vs Dieselnoi Por Pramuk
KO of the night: Edgar Avetisyan
Sub of the night: Jorginho Marcelo
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 26 22 325981 49 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
145 26 21 326134 55 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
155 48 22 325757 54 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
170 50 22 325987 49 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
185 50 22 326100 54 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
205 67 22 326810 54 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
265 46 22 326860 54 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
265+ 29 23 327008 57 322k+ fighters - sent PM for contract
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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Mister McNasty 513
2 Rick Piano 523
3 Arn Anderson 565
4 Daichi Kishimoto 655
5 Justin Sane 714
6 Big Asznee 780
7 Melvin Comeau 785
8 Mike Johnson 787
9 Santu Avisu Kona 800
10 Mongolian Muslim 806
11 Joey Hatton 973
12 Murphy Brown 1112
13 Sergei Geng 1120
14 Jason Harris 1147
15 Dai Zexi 1207
16 Jazz Clementine 1209
17 Bill Shorton 1212
18 Glass Joe 1234
19 Akimbo Spice 1262
20 Victor Creed 1277
Weight Name Last Win
135 Daichi Kishimoto Pinched Nerve
145 Jazz Clementine Marcos Santana
155 Justin Sane Akimbo Spice
170 Mike Johnson Kevin Daughtrey
185 Big Asznee Apollo Reid
205 Mister McNasty Mauro Carnera
265 Rick Piano Ross Barkley
265+ Arn Anderson Matt Wills

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Owner:   Boble Lineman
Private Trainer: Vincent Valenzio
Chief Designer: Steven Hanks
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