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Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)

Org name: Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
Kickboxing Hype:
TWGC Hype:
Fighters signed: 340
Number of events: 30
Base: Sydney
Owner: Boble Lineman
Ranking (Global): 35
Ranking (City): 1
Satisfaction rating: 97% from 37 ratings.
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Knockdown Clothes
About us: SFC is a Org in Sydney, we offer valuable fighting experience and chance for glory at 322k+, we really would like to move to the Top. Consider us a Member of the Evil Empire, and be sure to check out Premium Gym Doherty's, which can be offered as a training facility, if you move to Sydney(not necessary, as locations are off)
Latest News: SyFi 17 - Preview
  SyFi 17 - Preview

February 25th - The Underground - Sydney

This event looks disappointing following Saturday’s fights which will crown our first SFC champion, but do not underestimate any of these fighters here as they could be eventual title contenders as well. I asked Boble if this card was just a filler to get us to the next Title card and his response was “On first glance SyFi 17 may not look like our best card, but I have the feeling we are gonna see a future champion tonight, perhaps not a champion to rise within the next month, but one, that will cut it over the next 2 or 3 months. Look at Max Luther and Glass Joe, they both can get their 2nd SyFi victory, and be potential challengers in their weight classes. Gennady Golovkin or Victor Alexandrov could shine, the possibilities, what can develop from each card are endless right now.”I couldn’t agree more and I hope this event lives up to the hype Lineman places on it. Without further ado Lets get to our opening fight.

(1-1, 265+ lbs) Andrew “Browntown” Brown


(0-0, 265+ lbs) Ben “Money” Morro

Brown lost in the second round of a QFC tournament showing he has something to bring the table, but still needs improvement to be a contender. His opponent Morro is yet to make an appearance in the octagon and being a middle of the pack fighter, Brown is the perfect person for Morro to test himself on.


Brown is a fighter who concentrates on his boxing, but has showed an inability to land punches well, and this fight will ultimately come down to whether or not Brown has improved his striking accuracy enough to be a solid boxer.

Winner: Ben “Money” Morro

Brown just hasn’t shown himself capable of landing shots regularly enough for me to give him the edge even against the unknown that is Morro, I expect a close fight that will end in a knockout relatively early in the fight.

(0-1, 265+ lbs) Voshon “The Pain Train” Daniels


(1-2, 265+ lbs) Jigga “Black Magic” Boo

A key part of any MMA fighter’s career is how well he recovers after a lost and both of these fighters are looking to do just that. Both lost their SFC debuts and need to prove themselves or risk falling down to the bottom of the rankings. Daniels lost in a tough decision where he failed many many takedown attempts, and due to this could not utilize his greatest strength. Boo on the other hand fought in his strength, but was just outfought by a similar opponent.


If this fight stays standing Boo will have the clear advantage whereas if it goes to the ground Daniels will have a clear advantage.

Winner: Voshon “The Pain Train” Daniels

Boo has very poor wrestling and as such I expect Daniels to be able to take Boo down where he is the clear underdog. With this Daniels should be able to ground and pound his way to victory.

(0-1, 205 lbs) Haven “WezzyDog” West


(3-1, 205 lbs) Aapo “Flower Power” Kukkanen

Two fighters making their debut and looking to add their name to the list of fighters clawing their way to the top. West had a very disappointing debut not being able to show anything, but his toughness was no joke as he lasted late into the third round being punished throughout the fight. Kukkanen doesn’t much care if his opponent is tough, because he doesn’t have the power to knock someone out anyways, preferring to win the fight via decision with his very technical boxing skill.


West is probably one of the toughest fighters in the SFC, but his opponent in this one has shown inability to knock anyone out and still achieving decision victories repeatedly making this fight a very interesting one to watch going in.

Winner: Aapo “Flower Power” Kukkanen

This should be a fight that Kukkanen controls from start to finish from his feet. He has shown he can stuff takedown attempts, and his opponents’ chin is irrelevant to Kukkanen’s overall strategy.

(0-0, 205 lbs) Kent Schoenfield


(0-0, 205 lbs) Gordon “Irish Madman” Marlow

Schoenfield has been said to be a very impressive Jiu Jitsu artist with competent wrestling to try and help him utilize it. Marlow is kind of the opposite as he looks to use his boxing to fight standing. Its easy to speculate that since these two have the same manager he is pitting them against each other to test their own capabilities and motivate them to see each other as rivals.


Next to impossible to predict this one as they have the same manager, were created at the same time.

Winner: Kent Schoenfield

With the current advantages wrestling seems to hold, it is reasonable to guess that Schoenfield has a slight advantage over his opponent coming in.

(1-0, 265 lbs) Jack Kingson

(0-1, 265 lbs) “Black” Nathaniel Strong

Kingson is a unique fighter in that he uses his skills in the bedroom on the mat via takedowns and his BJJ game. Making opponents uncomfortable giving himself the advantage on the ground seems to be the name of his game. Strong didn’t get to show much in his last fight landing only a single head kick before being taken down and submitted summarily.


If Strong hasn’t shored up his weakness against wrestlers he will once again lose having shown none of his skills, while Kingson will hope to show that his bedroom warfare skills will be useful once again.

Winner: Jack Kingson

Hoping Strong made miraculous improvements in his takedown defense is like buying a lottery ticket and I have to give Kingson the edge as he the exact type of opponent that defeated Strong before.

(0-1, 265 lbs) Michael “MJ” Johnson


(1-0, 265 lbs) “The Bucharest Hangman” llle Constainou

Johnson started his career in the grappling world, and then switched over to mma, but lost his debut. Now coming back for his first fight since October, he will look to show he became better during his hiatus. Constainou won his debut in a very sloppy QFC decision victory in which he barely won. He will need to prove that he has more to show than what happened in his previous fight.


Both of these fighters want to meet on the ground and show who is the better ground fighter.

Winner: Michael “MJ” Johnson

Johnson looked pretty good in his grappling matches which is what this match will most likely end up being, and his brown belt should give him the clear edge against this opponent.

(2-2, 155 lbs) Gennady “Gennadyevich” Golovkin


(2-2, 155 lbs) Logan “Kircaldy Killa” Reid

Golovkin is making an appearance in his second career SFC fight having won the first with an impressive first round knockout. His opponent Reid is making his SFC debut after leaving the UVC with a 1-2 record as part of the org. Golovkin will look to impress upon Reid that the SFC is just as difficult to make a career in as the UVC while Reid wants to show the things he learned in the UVC will make him a contender in his new org.


Golovkin would love nothing more than to keep this fighting with his exceptional boxing few opponents can fight him toe to toe. Reid on the other hand has a very diverse skill set and will most likely want to bring Golovkin down to abuse his weaker ground game.

Winner: Gennady “Gennadyevich” Golovkin

Golovkin is equal to his opponent in BJJ and is only slightly worse in wrestling, but much much better standing and as such he is the favorite for this fight.

(1-0, 135 lbs) Glass Joe


(1-0, 135 lbs) Ondrej “Bald” Plesoun

Time for the little guys to fight with two people who made successful mma debuts, Joe winning at SyFi 8 and Plesoun winning in a QFC bout. Both fighters are stand up oriented fighters so we can expect this one to be an exciting showcase where each fighter tries to knockout the other.


Joe appears to be your stereotypical boxer with solid stand up abilities and decent wrestling geared around keeping his feet against other wrestlers. Plesoun on the other hand is a man who blends boxing and Muay Thai together, although in his debut he didn’t clinch at all we can expect him to try and clinch this opponent.

Winner: Ondrej “Bald” Plesoun

This is probably the hardest fight for me to predict in this event, because both fighters looked extremely strong on their feet, but I’ll give the edge to Plesoun, because Joe’s ability in the clinch is very questionable.

(1-0, 265 lbs) Viktor Alexandrov


(1-1, 265 lbs) Cj “The Mauler” Morrison

Alexandrov had a rather poor showing that, while it earned him a victory, did nothing to show he is near contending for the top. Now as part of the SFC he gets the chance to make a different debut and start fresh with what he hopes will be a good showing. Morrison lost against a very impressive fighter in Bill Shorton and can not be dismissed due to this loss, because his opponent was so impressive. Against an opponent with a lackluster win we will see how much of Morrison’s loss was due to his opponent and how much was his own lack of skill.


Both fighters like to fight in the clinch, but Morrison can also box whereas Alexandrov has good Jiu Jitsu. If it goes to the ground somehow, Alexandrov will be the clear favorite but if fought at a distance Morrison is the stronger fighter.

Winner: Cj “The Mauler” Morrison

Morrison is the better clinch fighter, and Alexandrov has little skill to get Morrison to the ground making Morrison the clear favorite.

(1-0, 155 lbs) Israel Hill


(2-0, 155 lbs) Max Luther

Hill gets to make his SFC debut in the main event showing just how well Lineman thinks about his talent as the quote in the intro shows. He is doing so against Luther who won his SFC debut via TKO in the first round. This clash could be one we see again at the top of the rankings.


Part of what makes this fight so interesting is the conflict of opposite styles. Hill is a wrestler/BJJ artist who thinks only about getting his opponent to the ground. Luther on the other hand is an amazing boxer who knows he can win against just about anyone as long as he keeps to his feet.

Winner: Max Luther

Luther’s wrestling is actually better than his opponent’s and Hill will have trouble getting him to the ground making this look to be a very uphill battle for Hill.

-Eric Leoanrd
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1 Damatang Camara 1600
2 Pat Williams 2167
3 Sammmy Kilbach 2258
4 Marcelo Barbosa 2327
5 Cornelius Albatross 2424
6 Pyotr Petrov 2433
7 Bill Shorton 2551
8 Zabit Samedov 2575
9 King Hippo 2610
10 Kevin Daughtrey 2733
11 Jeff Messer 2748
12 Mister McNasty 2787
13 Paulo Lopes 2813
14 Arn Anderson 2827
15 Mirko Filipovic 2840
16 Petchuangtong Sitsongrit 2846
17 Hodi Garbandit 2854
18 Илья Муромец 2860
19 Big Asznee 2863
20 Rivo Riitta 2892
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