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Aspire MMA

Org name: Aspire MMA
Kickboxing Hype:
Fighters signed: 109
Number of events: 88
Base: London
Owner: Adam Holland
Ranking (Global): 5
Ranking (City): 2
Satisfaction rating: 92% from 37 ratings.
Website: Aspire MMA - Official Thread
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Merch partner: Aspire Clothing
About us: Aspire MMA is a competitive 280k ID organisation, we aim to be the kind of org we would want to be part of and we are always open to engaging with our managers be it to negotiate deals or fight opponents, we want to be the org of choice for fighters in this ID range and we would love to have you join us.
Latest News: Aspire MMA 280k+
  About us:
Aspire MMA's goal is to bring competitive match up's focusing on WC/P4P bouts that make common sense, we will never offer you a fight that we ourselves would not take, when you decline a fight we will explain our reasons for the match-up and seek to find the most suitable alternative possible, we want to work with our managers to provide the fairest, straight talking, up-front organisation possible for our fighters.

We are also part of a conglomeration of companies including Aspire Clothing, MMATycoon's #1 ranked sports apparel vendor located right here in London and offering sponsorships to all fighters on the Aspire roster who desire it, sponsorships include a store discount and as an additional perk newly crowned division champions are sent especially limited edition shirts that feature Aspire title belts. If you require a sponsorship feel free to contact Tyson Mitchell at Aspire Clothing today!

We also have our fantastic energy recovery supplement, Aspire Energy 160, developed by our consistently top-ten ranked Aspire Nutrition operated by Aspire Alliance member Tom Bickle who is also more than happy to send out sponsorships to anyone in Aspire MMA who may require it, including great store discounts on a product you can trust.

Aspire Clothing -
Aspire Nutrition -

Pay scale:
Regarding pay scale, I like to be as upfront and open as possible and to give you a brief overview of the kind of numbers we aim to deal with currently as a default offer for a given P4P the following are the figures you can expect from us as a baseline but on a case by case this can vary based on hype, pop, tenure with the company, proven main-event draws and frankly more exciting fighters in particular can and will be paid more, conversely people coming off several losses and or low rated fights may see a drop in pay upon renegotiation, we want to be fair and upfront about that going in. In addition we will never hold a fighter hostage to a contract, if you sign with us and a super fight come's up someplace we are willing to trust you to go do it and return, if you for some reason cannot fulfill a contract with us we will work with you to arrange a release based on a return of a percentage of the signing bonus vs fights remaining basis.

1-50 P4P - 5 Fights - 80k/50k/50k
51-100 P4P - 5 Fights - 70k/40k/40k
101-300 P4P - 5 Fights - 50k/30k/30k
301-500 P4P - 5 Fights - 35k/20k/20k
501-750 P4P - 5 Fights - 25k/15k/15k
751-1000 P4P - 5 Fights - 20k/12k/14k
1001-1500 P4P - 4 Fights - 15k/10k/10k
1501+ P4P - 3 fights - 10k/8k/8k

If you have a fighter whose contract is coming up shortly and you want to contact us directly to get a more accurate estimate offer please feel free to direct all inquiries to Shiv Redux our head of talent relations and he will be in touch within 48 hours.
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Division Fighters Avg. Age Avg. ID Avg. Hype Notes
135 0 0 0 0 Closed.
145 17 27 285878 215 280k+ Recruitment Open: 1 - 1500 P4P.
155 13 26 284424 196 280k+ Recruitment Open: 1 - 1500 P4P.
170 19 26 287210 204 280k+ Recruitment Open: 1 - 1500 P4P.
185 17 26 282653 209 280k+ Recruitment Open: 1 - 1500 P4P.
205 27 26 286978 194 280k+ Recruitment Open: 1 - 1500 P4P.
265 14 25 284747 189 280k+ Recruitment Open: 1 - 1500 P4P.
265+ 2 18 322836 27 Closed.
Upcoming Events
Aspire 85: Hardy v Savkov 2017-10-22 London
Aspire 86: Skovgaard v Tsoko 2017-10-29 London
Aspire 87: Brophy v Zaitsev 2017-11-01 London
Aspire 88: 2017-11-08 London
Today's Events / Recent Events
Aspire 84: McGee v Yamaguchi 2017-10-18 London
Aspire 83: Souvlaki v Green 2017-10-15 London
Aspire 82: Brophy v Boston 2017-10-11 London
Aspire 81: Susi v Skovgaard 2017-10-08 London
Aspire 80: Yew v Sklemin 2017-10-04 London

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Top 20 Ranked Fighters (MMA)
  Name Rank
1 Outlaw Hardy 24
2 Yef Yew 33
3 Blake Green 37
4 Valentin Skovgaard 39
5 Kai Yamaguchi 54
6 Riff McGee 83
7 Pavel Savkov 85
8 Red Brophy 88
9 Bonerz McGee 91
10 Karl Denke 93
11 Donsone DeNeville 115
12 Michail Podolski 120
13 Taiga Jim 123
14 Tero Susi 133
15 Koulouraki Souvlaki 141
16 Tsoko Chikatchawan 159
17 Russell Tyrone Jones 168
18 Dmitri Zaitsev 174
19 Paul Warror 175
20 Aharon Sarkisyan 183
Weight Name Last Win
145 Blake Green Koulouraki Souvlaki
155 Kai Yamaguchi Bonerz McGee
170 Outlaw Hardy Paul Warror
185 Yef Yew Sergey Sklemin
205 Valentin Skovgaard Tero Susi
265 Red Brophy Brent Boston

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Staff / Contacts
Owner:   Adam Holland
President: Rei Rei
Head of Talent Relations: Shiv Redux
Associate Producer: Mikkjel Robson
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