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GAMMA: August Part 2 by James Isaac Abraham

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Base: Las Vegas
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145 Maxim Jericho Bunt Jernit
155 Pat Verbeek Harry Kane
170 Lee Sin Cheik Imbula
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205 Iosue Nicu Rudi Dassler
265+ Diarmuid Curry Jason Steele

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Super Heavyweight Title
Dustin Kruger vs Thorbjorn Heimendahl

Kruger was on his way to defend his belt for the 4th time in his current run. After making a name defeating the legend Bubba Gumption, he’s been unstoppable since with consecutive KO wins. Heimendahl on the other hand has fought well in his 4 fights prior to the match, winning 3 of them and earning the rights to the title.

As opposed to the initial predictions, we could’ve said that this was Kruger’s match from the get-go. It was different though as Heimendahl proved to be a worthy contender. Trading blows and going on the same pace with the champ. Heimendahl won the first round comfortably but Kruger retaliated in the second round. However, the continuous strain caused by the damage of Kruger’s hits were to much to sustain that the challenger fell in the 3rd round with consecutive brutal knockouts.

Great match, but it was the champ that proved to be a monster. This makes it four successful title defenses for Kruger.

Result: Dustin Kruger retains Super Heavyweight Title (4th defense) via 3rd round KO(Punch)


Featherweight Title Match
Karol Mirowski vs Felipe Feltre

As a well-known top 5 featherweight, Karol Mirowski has solidified his claim to the GAMMA 145 lbs division. He’s defeated big names in the league and has suppressed different rivals such as Gareth Keenan and Kira Miyata. This time, he faced an opponent who he faced long ago, the challenger Felipe Feltre. They last met in GAMMA#702, where Mirowski just recently lost his title to his rival Keenan. Mirowski succeeded with a 2nd round TKO victory.

This time, they faced as opponents and the title was on the line. As expected, it was no easy match for both fighters. Feltre’s strategy was more well rounded. He’s been circling around the champ and he’s getting a lot of points off of him, securing the first 2 rounds comfortably. Excellent use of variations with leg kicks and punches. However, the champ Mirowski went on with the same goal and strategy as their first meeting, trying to look for a TKO finish.

In the 3rd round came a brutal knockdown that just caused Feltre to lose control. I would say it was the plan all along and Feltre was not able to hold on. Tremendous TKO finish by the champion Mirowski.

Result: Karol Mirowski retains Featherweight Title via TKO (Strikes)


Light Heavyweight Title
Ghazi Okah vs Donsone DeNeville

After the era of the legendary Menace Defoe, it was time for Ghazi Okah to make a name for himself. Defeating the legend twice makes him another all time great in the making. He’s faced with a new challenger in Donsone DeNeville who’s been racking up wins, winning 5 of his 6 matches prior to the match.

The champ was the clear aggressor in this one, making a statement that he is the champ and had the goal of applying pressure to the challenger and controlling the match. Okah was throwing a lot of punches and landing a great percentage of them while DeNeville was struggling to connect punches. I wouldn’t say it was one sided but with the form Okah has been showing, he is en route to another victory sooner or later.

The first round was a close call but those 19 head strikes mixed with different low kicks may have dealt a lot of damage already by the 2nd round. It was eventually over in the middle of the 2nd round where he landed a brutal straight to knock the challenger out cold. Outstanding power by the champ, as he is only the 2nd fighter to KO DeNeville in his whole career.

Result: Ghazi Okah retains Light Heavyweight Title (3rd defense) via KO (Punch)

Middleweight Title
Dao Sonnen vs Razmig Grigorian

The man who defeated Saul Goodman, Dao Sonnen is on his way to make a name in GAMMA. He’s been here for a long time but it was only until then that he pushed himself to the top of the fight scene. As a champion of different organizations, and going through the struggle of climbing the org through the GAMMA: Contenders, Sonnen is a success story.

This time, he faced a young rising star with a tremendous 17 fight win streak. When it seemed like Grigorian was like a fighter who can’t be defeated, Sonnen was not fazed by the challenge. He’s used his experience and did what he does best, a well rounded strategy with a good use of his ground skills. If it was only striking, Grigorian would have won the match with his KO power, but Sonnen was smart to focus on his strengths also.

With 7 successful takedown attempts, Grigorian lost control of the match, going down the mat at least once in each round. The champ Sonnen was not able to secure the finish but it was basically a great display of skill and technique. He outplayed the challenger this time. Grigorian is still young and he can still get another shot sometime around, given that he is indeed a great fighter. Let’s see how this one will go about.

Result: Dao Sonnen retains Middleweight Title (1st Defense) via Unanimous Decision

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