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GAMMA: New merchandise partnership

Org name: Global Association of MMA™
Fighters signed: 93
Number of events: 730
Base: Las Vegas
Owner: Mentor Guru Corleone
Website: GAMMA Historical Archive
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
GAMMA#693 Volkov vs Shin 5 2018-02-24 Los Angeles
GAMMA#694 Bubba v Simmons 2018-02-24 London
GAMMA#695 Keenan v Mirowski 2018-03-03 Los Angeles
GAMMA#696 Goodman v Asai 2 2018-03-10 Los Angeles
GAMMA#697 LA 2018-03-17 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
135 Karol Mirowski Kira Miyata
145 Gareth Keenan Cullen Castrello
155 Mathew Ridgeway Bruce Diehard
170 Ilya Mstislav Volkov Lao Shin
185 Saul Goodman Jutta Hanolla
205 Menace Defoe Yuri Boyka
265 Hennan Hoyce Charles DaCoca
265+ Bubba Gumption Hennan Hoyce

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Two dragons roamed the kingdom of the sky in absolute freedom and tranquillity. Surfing on the clouds they flew, gliding over gusts of wind. Beating their wings and lashing their tails as they danced above our heads … until that fated day came. These two mythical beasts of legend in their slumbering state flew directionless amongst the ghastly white smoke of the clouds. Unaware of their collision course, they locked horns in a massive blow that thundered through the air. The rays of sunshine intensified and blinded their sight for the impact made their fluffy cage of clouds vanish like a thief in the night. These aerial behemoths awoke from their blissful slumber with a thirst for vengeance as their carefree life was taken from them by brutal force. These two magical winged serpents of the sky turned to face their mysterious attacker, flaring their nostrils burning with ember, talons at the ready and fire surging from their bellies to engulf their new foe in a torrent of fiery rain. But when their eyes met, their talons clashed not with animosity but rather with amicability. Encountering a member of their own species made their hearts melt with joy and their alliance spelled doom for all those who dwelt the earth beneath them …

The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts and Urban Fighter are proud to announce their new merchandise partnership. Both Gamma and Urban Fighter have been a strong force to be reckoned with in the MMATycoon universe for a long time now and with this partnership we hope to continue this streak.

Urban Fighter:

Do you want to be cool? Don’t be a fool! You want to look brighter? Shop at New York’s Urban Fighter!


GAMMA is the oldest, most active and organized promotion in the world! We pride ourselves as being the leader in unbiased booking since our creation in May 2009. We have our own site with full historical analysis of all fighters and events.

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