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GAMMA: Update in the greatest manager list Nov-10-2019 Global Association of MMA™
Congratulations to the first ever UnderGround Hall Of Fame Induction Nov-09-2019 UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
RISE 2019 Hall of Fame Nov-04-2019 RISE Fight League 325k+
PLANS & IDEAS Nov-04-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
Global Combat Federation Opening Announcement Nov-04-2019 Global Combat Federation
Registration Nov-03-2019 UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
265+ OPEN ID & WEIGHT CLASS Nov-02-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
UnderGround End of the Year tournament Nov-02-2019 UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
NAFC: The Island 1 Light Heavyweight Title Eliminators Oct-30-2019 New Age Fighting Championship
BIG HIT DROP Oct-30-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
Contract Offers Oct-29-2019 New Age Fighting Championship
First Show Oct-28-2019 New Age Fighting Championship
Jobs!! Oct-23-2019 Amsterdam KT (Underground Aff.)
F&BE TF2- Bonded by Blood Preview Oct-22-2019 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
Road to Glory - 16 Man 170lbs Tournament Announced Oct-21-2019 RISE Fight League 325k+
GAMMA: The joke at the old smoke or the wannabee at the Wombley? Oct-21-2019 Global Association of MMA™
ORG AND FIGHTERS HYPE Oct-20-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
BIG CONTRACTS Oct-19-2019 UnderGround Fight Club 340K+
Champs title strip Oct-17-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
Top 20!! Oct-16-2019 Island Combat Championship (UnderGround Aff.)
FARTMMA Top 10 Oct-14-2019 FARTMMA
WRITER NEEDED Oct-11-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
GAMMA: Dao Sonnen vs Hairy Scrotum Super fight Oct-10-2019 Global Association of MMA™
GAMMA: Bunt Jernit v Gareth Keenan Super fight. Oct-07-2019 Global Association of MMA™
GAMMA: Trippin Balls HOF Induction Oct-06-2019 Global Association of MMA™
GREATNESS Oct-05-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
1 Fight contract Charity Promo Oct-01-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
SMACK TALK THREAD Sep-29-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
GAMMA: Golden Era of Org business Sep-21-2019 Global Association of MMA™
GAMMA: Dao vs Masa Super fight Sep-18-2019 Global Association of MMA™
Pulse Rankings 9/17 Sep-18-2019 Pulse Fighting Championship
Recruitment Sep-16-2019 Bloody Fighting League
Pardon me!!! Sep-16-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
Title Fights Sep-15-2019 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
Sorry Sep-14-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
F&BE 3- Blood Masks Preview Sep-12-2019 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
CWC partners with Groove Gear Sep-12-2019 Catch Wrestling Championship
Crowning a 170 lbs Champion Soon Sep-11-2019 WolfPac Fighting Alliance
CATCH WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP OPENS Sep-11-2019 Catch Wrestling Championship
The schedule Sep-09-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
GAMMA: Saul Goodman HOF Sep-07-2019 Global Association of MMA™
F&BE 2- Pleasures of the Flesh Preview Sep-05-2019 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
I WILL RELEASE ALL PRO FIGHTERS Sep-05-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
I PREFER DIGNITY Sep-03-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
TEST YOUR NEW FIGHTERS Sep-02-2019 S.A Fighting Organization (347k+)
GAMMA: Darth Sidious Story Sep-01-2019 Global Association of MMA™
Fossmo retires !!!! Aug-25-2019 Always Working
BFL: The Beginning Aug-23-2019 Bloody Fighting League
Now hiring 205 lb. fighters Aug-22-2019 Flesh & Blood Espectacles (350k+)
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