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New XTREME era! Mar-21-2019 XTREME Fighting
GAMMA: Congratulations to Edward Kenway Mar-17-2019 Global Association of MMA™
Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures: UPF 2: Brutality Mar-11-2019 Ultimate Pit Fighting (345K+)
Signing Fighters Mar-08-2019 Kush Fight Club
News #1 Mar-03-2019 Batoru Fighting Championship
185 and 265 divisions now open for 341K+ Mar-03-2019 Kickboxing Island League of Legends
BERTO Mar-02-2019 BoxerGirl Promotions
Ray & Jay's Excellent MMA Adventures: UPF 1: Annihilation Mar-01-2019 Ultimate Pit Fighting (345K+)
Transitioning 265+ Division Mar-01-2019 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
Tips and reminders Feb-25-2019 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
GAMMA: Kira Miyata HOF Feb-24-2019 Global Association of MMA™
Rankings Feb-23-2019 RISE Fight League 325k+
RapidFC 15 Preview Feb-23-2019 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
BERTO Feb-22-2019 BoxerGirl Promotions
March Madness Feb-22-2019 BoxerGirl Promotions
Signing fighters Feb-18-2019 Kush Fight Club
Re-Brand Feb-17-2019 Ultimate Pit Fighting (345K+)
New Partnership Feb-10-2019 PRIDE
KT in Rio now open Feb-06-2019 Rio Heroes KT
Tips (1) Feb-04-2019 Some Fighting League 340K+
. Feb-02-2019 Destructive Striking Championship (332k+)
GP Future FC + 265lbs: Jan-28-2019 Future FC
Pulse Rankings 1/26 Jan-27-2019 Pulse Fighting Championship
RFLFN - 1123/01/19 Jan-23-2019 RISE Fight League 325k+
GAMMA: Game Award winners Jan-20-2019 Global Association of MMA™
RFL -60 19/01/19 Jan-18-2019 RISE Fight League 325k+
Signing Fighters Jan-18-2019 Empire FC
North Star Combat Opens for recruiting Jan-18-2019 North Star Combat
New Rankings 13/01/19 Jan-15-2019 RISE Fight League 325k+
SyFi - Good Bye Jan-14-2019 Sydney Fights (322k+ Fighters)
League of Trash - Strcutured fighting Jan-11-2019 League of Trash - No Declines - Experimental
New Merch Partner Jan-07-2019 Terra Australis Fighting Championship 320k+
GAMMA: Mike Hunt (39215) Hall of Fame Induction Jan-06-2019 Global Association of MMA™
League of Trash - Strcutured fighting Jan-05-2019 League of Trash - No Declines - Experimental
( u 01-01-2019 ) Jan-01-2019 Anti Championship Berkut
Next Bouts Dec-31-2018 BoxerGirl Promotions
News Dec-31-2018 BoxerGirl Promotions
GAMMA: Fighter of the year 2018 Dec-31-2018 Global Association of MMA™
End of Island Season Prizes Dec-25-2018 Kickboxing Island League of Legends
GAMMA: FOY Nominations Dec-24-2018 Global Association of MMA™
Dual Card weekends and Rankins coming soon Dec-23-2018 Skrap House MMA (330K+ ID restricted)
League of Trash starts soon Dec-23-2018 League of Trash - No Declines - Experimental
December Dec-21-2018 BoxerGirl Promotions
OFC: Official Rankings - 17/12/2018 Dec-18-2018 OFC: Ontario Fight Club
GAMMA: Gunnar Steigelmann HOF Induction Dec-16-2018 Global Association of MMA™
( u 15-12-2018 ) Dec-15-2018 Anti Championship Berkut
Latest News Dec-14-2018 BoxerGirl Promotions
New Previews! Dec-12-2018 Anti Championship Berkut
Welcome from Rapid FC Dec-10-2018 Rapid Fighting Championship 340k+
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