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Full Carnage Rankings Apr-30-2017 Carnage (295k+)
AD441: Sakura Preview Apr-28-2017 Aggressive Damage
HFC 100.... Apr-28-2017 Hardcore Fighting Championship[270+]
GAMMA: Tamias Poochyena HOF Induction Apr-28-2017 Global Association of MMA™
AD440: Redskins#21 Review Apr-27-2017 Aggressive Damage
SFC 4: Fautanua x Brah FW TITLE: Preview/Keys To Victory. Apr-25-2017 Sydney FC (310k+)
AD440: Redskins#21 Preview Apr-25-2017 Aggressive Damage
300k+ events Apr-25-2017 Spartan Fight Club
GAMMA: April 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb Apr-23-2017 Global Association of MMA™
Ranked 10th Globally! Apr-22-2017 Bushido 武士道 (290K+)
LATEST RANKINGS - 4/22/17 Apr-22-2017 Sydney FC (310k+)
Rankings Top 5 (04/20/2017) Apr-20-2017 MMA Gladiators (300k+)
Syn Supernova Event Preview Apr-20-2017 Synchronicity
AD Rankings 19.4.17. Apr-19-2017 Aggressive Damage
Three events booked! Apr-19-2017 Combate Fighting Championships 🇧🇷
Beginnings Apr-18-2017 Los Angeles Wars
Pulse Fight Night Apr-18-2017 Pulse Fighting Championship 280k+
Aspire MMA 280k+ : Rankings Update 17/04/2017 Apr-17-2017 Aspire MMA
Post Carnage 35 Rankings Apr-17-2017 Carnage (295k+)
Sydney Fighting Championship 2 Preview Show Apr-15-2017 Sydney FC (310k+)
Any signings welcome! Apr-14-2017 Combate Fighting Championships 🇧🇷
Full Carnage Rankings Apr-10-2017 Carnage (295k+)
Events Schedule Apr-09-2017 Devastation Fighting Championship (290k+)
Venom Fight Nigh 1 Awards Apr-09-2017 Global Association of Muay Thai™
Sydney FC 1: Apr-07-2017 Sydney FC (310k+)
GAMMA: Top managers by profile fights Apr-06-2017 Global Association of MMA™
Title Tournaments Fighters Apr-05-2017 OG Cardinals Fighting Org
Aspire MMA 280k+ : Rankings Update 02/04/2017 Apr-02-2017 Aspire MMA
GAMMA#626 Wolek v Donowitz - key points to victory By Alika Webb Apr-02-2017 Global Association of MMA™
Rankings – March 2017 Apr-01-2017 Steel Penn - ICON 2.0 (300K ID)
RANKINGS - 4/1/2017 Apr-01-2017 Sydney FC (310k+)
Plans - title tournamets starting soon Mar-31-2017 OG Cardinals Fighting Org
GAMMA: March 2017 recap part 2 By Alika Webb Mar-30-2017 Global Association of MMA™
Aspire MMA 280k+ : Rankings Update 21/03/2017 Mar-29-2017 Aspire MMA
Dignity will send Private jets for you to fight Mar-28-2017 Dignity!
OFC 271: Tokyo Drift REVIEW Mar-28-2017 OFC: Ontario Fight Club
Looking for all weight classes fighters! Mar-27-2017 KAMIKAZE Mar-27-2017 KAMIKAZE
Carnage Rankings Mar-27-2017 Carnage (295k+)
Aspire MMA 275k+ : Rankings Update 21/03/2017 Mar-26-2017 Aspire MMA
Carnage 33 Review Mar-26-2017 Carnage (295k+)
GAMMA: Most total Wins Mar-23-2017 Global Association of MMA™
Title Strip Mar-21-2017 Duel Fighting League
Re-Open Mar-21-2017 Tokyo Rage Fight Club�
Title Strip Mar-21-2017 Duel Fighting League
Aspire MMA 275k+ : Rankings Update 21/03/2017 Mar-21-2017 Aspire MMA
Signing Brand New Fighters! Mar-21-2017 Sydney FC (310k+)
Fighter's Needed! Mar-19-2017 Kimura Fighting Championship 305k+
GAMMA: March 2017 recap part 1 By Alika Webb Mar-19-2017 Global Association of MMA™
Carnage 32 Preview Mar-18-2017 Carnage (295k+)
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