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News from the top 20 fight organizations
  GAMMA: Lao Shin "To Chin" Broke a few records
The last weekend, Lao Shin "To Chin" (256055) broke a few records all in the same weekend.

First, he became one of only 10 fighters to have 50 fights as a GAMMA fighter. He is also ranked 5th all time with a total of 34 wins.

In his last 20 fights he either won or avenged the loss against the guys he lost to, with the exception of Cheik Imbula (2 losses and 1 draw).

At the age of 39y, he became the highest ranking fighter in GAMMA. Not sure if that ...[cont]

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  RISE FL Breaking NEWS
ORG has been sold, NOTHING will change we're still a 325+ org. sending new contracts and currently booking new arena's.

NEW LOCATION will be Rio De Janeiro.

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  GC 309 Results
First off well done to all of you guys for putting on a 200 rating show (last ones have been p. dire). We unfortunately still lost 60k on that event, BUT with better hyped cards we will soon turn that around. We just need good competative fights like the ones we had last night and more of them.

I also want to say congratulations to Hussein for retaining his title in an epic battle with Heimer. And commiserations to Suckerpunch who had his head taken off by a viscious shot from Bor ...[cont]

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  GAMMA: Bwang Jong Sr HOF Induction
Bwang is one of the all time greatest Tycoon managers, a former #1 and game HOFer and i am proud to announce he is now inducted to our own GAMMA Hall of Fame!

His record in GAMMA (as of May 2019) is 45-22-2 and he has been involved in a total of 25 title fights. His total of 283 points ranks him 28th in the all time list. I expect him to shoot up this list in the next update i plan at the end of the year (i expect him to be in the top 20 by then).

Bwang has had a t ...[cont]

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  Org update
Accepting all fighters who want to try themselves against the best.

Current weight classes

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  New Merch partner
Hi all, we have a Merch Partner now

Go have a look and see if there is anything you like. I for one am a fan.

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The latest Gamma Contenders bout is upon us in a few days and I'm thankful that all fighters have accepted and seem ready. Have some good fights and for everyone not involved check Gamma Contenders 310, there may be something there for you.

Im hoping to get some more events arranged so let me know if I am pushing your fighters too hard etc or you think the matchs ups need tweaked (Im new to this). ALSO, hoping to get some more straps allocated so watch this space...

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  GAMMA: New owner at the Contenders
The GAMMA: Contenders is the longing running affiliate organization in the history of the game, functioning since June 2013. In that period of time we have had 7 owners and a ridiculous 368 events so far.

I would like to thank Antonio Savage (101817) for running the GAMMA: Contenders from May 2019 till August 2019, we wish him good luck for the future.

The new owner of the Contenders is Fed SwZL (5554), he will be running the org under the supervision of long term T ...[cont]

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  New Logo
EFC decided to go with a more sleek/professional look. We changed our logo/thumb/banner and title.

A special thank you to Roger Kint (14544) for doing the designs. Hit him up for all of your design needs!

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  GAMMA: Pat Verbeek
I would personally like to congratulate Pat "The Little Ball Of Hate" Verbeek (266187) for achieving the #1 position among fighters and subsequently being inducted into the games Hall of Fame!

This is the 3rd fighter this year that has reached this position. Previously we had at most 1 fighter per year reach the #1 spot.

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Next 20 events (non QFC)
CEC 671 - 18 Aug 19 - Los Angeles
PFC 123 Slurper vs Sanchez - 18 Aug 19 - London
NSC 48: - 20 Aug 19 - Helsinki
NSC 49: - 20 Aug 19 - Helsinki
AW BASH - 20 Aug 19 - Las Vegas
UnderGround FC 32 - 21 Aug 19 - Amsterdam
RRFC Challengers 5 - 21 Aug 19 - Las Vegas
Kickboxing Event RH72 - 21 Aug 19 - Rio de Janeiro
Kickboxing Event RH73 - 21 Aug 19 - Rio de Janeiro
BloodBath Fight Night 4 - 23 Aug 19 - Montreal
UnderGround FC 33 - 23 Aug 19 - St Petersburg
EMPLA15 - 23 Aug 19 - Los Angeles
NSC ADCC TRIALS 2 - 23 Aug 19 - Helsinki
Madness Clown Chaos 2 - 23 Aug 19 - Montreal
WCF7 Lotus Style Vs Cruz - 23 Aug 19 - Los Angeles
KMK1 - 23 Aug 19 - London
Skrap Fights 75 - 23 Aug 19 - Las Vegas
KMK2 - 23 Aug 19 - Amsterdam
GAMMA#786 Curry v Pony - 24 Aug 19 - Los Angeles
Syn 645 - 24 Aug 19 - London
BFF 81: Kemp vs. Kawamata II - 24 Aug 19 - Tokyo
Smaller fight org news
If any of your fighters need a contract contact me or James McCarthy we will send you one ASAP Rocky

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CFC announces two events in one day!
CFC Owner Press Ludlow announced 2 events in one day!!! 9/7/19 will host two massive cards one featuring a big main event of CFF World heavyweight champion PSG Vs Doc Thomas for the CFC heavyweight championship!! CFC 4: Welcome to the show is still under process but the card is stacked as well!

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Peter Lane
Peter Lane is getting his first shot at a major world championship at CFC 3: Here To Party!! He puts his 4-0 record on the line with 4 straight finishes!!!

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Middleweight Grand Prix
On the 24th August we will hold the first round in searching for a middleweight champion.

Make sure to make your bets at King Of The Bets

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Crowning a 145 lbs Champion Soon
Here soon we will be crowning a 145 Featherweight Champion through a tournament.

Sultan Malt(1-1) vs Finko Naikkorine(5-7)

Martian Manhunter(1-0) vs Jose Silva(0-1)

Ken Kenny(0-0) vs Marlin Scars(0-7)

Iosefa Collins(1-0) vs Nacochata Nakashi(0-1)

If anyone declines a fight, the fighter they were to compete against will have a BYE.
I am excited to crown our FIRST EVER WPFA Featherweight Champion.

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First event done!!!
Way better then I expected!!!! We have a new heavyweight champion in top ranked PSG! We have new contenders!!! Donít worry if your guy lost we will do what we can to get them back on track!! Now as a company we did good not what I want but we did good! We sold out! And we only lost 6 grand! Next event is in 2 weeks.. fill ins can be made! Most of the guys on this card will fight in a month we have a huge huge huge main event to announce a 205 lb title fight to announce a 185 contender fight a WW ...[cont]

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Hey everyone due to the amount of players in our org we can not carry on with the 1-15 rankings now we will be using hype and popularity for the top guys in each weight classes


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Looking for active fighters!

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Just announced we since we have so many welterweights we will be doing a welterweight Grand Prix on our next card!!! Which will be announced after our first show Aug 10! The winner of the WW Grand Prix, will become the first CFC Welterweight champion! Aug 10th will be a great first show!

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Crowning a 205 lbs Champion Soon
Here soon we will be crowning a 205 Light Heavyweight Champion through a tournament.

Rick Jackson (2-0) vs ALex Waid (4-1)

Petyr Kruchevski (2-0) vs Cole Ison (0-1)

Malcolm Urlich (1-4) vs Jani Koskinen (0-0)

Mark Bunt (3-5) vs James Holmes (1-1)

If anyone declines a fight, the fighter they were to compete against will have a BYE.
I am excited to crown our FIRST EVER WPFA Light Heavyweight Champion.
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Newest events announced (non QFC)
GAMMA#811 - 15 Feb 20 - London
KOTC 11 - 07 Sep 19 - London
BCS 3 - 20 Sep 19 - St Petersburg
KOTC 10 - 31 Aug 19 - London
GDL 4: Parker v Valdaev - 07 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
Skrap Fights 85 - 21 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
Skrap Fights 84 - 20 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
FARTMMA 60 - 07 Sep 19 - St Petersburg
BCS 2 - 06 Sep 19 - St Petersburg
GC 314 - 28 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
GC 313 - 14 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
CFC 5: Challengers - 21 Sep 19 - London
RRFC Challengers 8 - 11 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
ICC 3 - 07 Sep 19 - The Island
Pride FC 43 - 01 Sep 19 - Amsterdam
CFC 4: Welcome To The Show - 07 Sep 19 - London
Kickboxing Event Striking Masters 2 - 28 Sep 19 - Las Vegas
RISE 93 - 31 Aug 19 - Los Angeles
JBL TBD VI - 14 Sep 19 - London
JBL - 07 Sep 19 - London
Other companies
Bulk coming next
When? That's a very, very good question.

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UnderGround End of the Year tournament
Everyone be looking out for the announcement of UnderGrounds 1st annual end of the year tournament.. Every fighter involved must have at least 1 active UnderGround sponser to participate. If your are not sponserd by one of our top companies reach out now. Tourney will be 340k only!!!

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Welcome to The Kegerator
Sparring Schedule:

Boxing: Tue/Wed PM
MT: Saturday PM
Wrestling: Thu/Fri PM
BJJ: Monday PM

Suggestions for improvements are welcome

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Boxing - Monday AM

Wrestling - Wendsday PM

Muay Thai - Thursday PM

BJJ - Saturday AM

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Horace norton: private coach until October 26

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New 160Q Supplements
Two new 160Q supplements: muscle bulk and weight gain, have been created and will be in stock in 3 days!

Check of the proof of quality link that shows legit 160Q quality for all products sold at DK Nutrition.

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4 Stars or more:

Boxing - Monday / wendsday AM

Muay Thai - Tuesday AM

Wrestling - Wendsday / Saturday PM

BJJ - Friday PM

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About The Project
Only for invited newbie fighters that want to get the best start in their way to championship and fame.

All fighters managers pays for coaches, so we are a private gym.

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DK Energy Loss
DK Energy Loss is back in stock.

Legit 160Q product!

Company is under new management and more 160Q supplements are coming!

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Fuck it, I added conditioning coaches. Hopefully a new gym opens up, but until then the sessions will be overcrowded.

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Price Drop!
All items are now only $60!

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House Cleaning
House Cleaning

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Most recent events
Kickboxing EventRH70 - 17 Aug - Las Vegas
UnderGround FC 31 - 17 Aug - Las Vegas
Skrap Fights 74 - 17 Aug - Las Vegas
EFC Finnegan vs Quinteros - 17 Aug - Las Vegas
RRFC 4 Doms vs Leo Nani - 17 Aug - Las Vegas
BFF 80: TWIN CROWN FINALS - 17 Aug - Las Vegas
RISE 90 Gusmao Vs. Tiger 2 - 17 Aug - Los Angeles
GAMMA#785 Verbeek v Ricard - 17 Aug - Los Angeles
Rapid Fight Night 10 - 17 Aug - New York
EFC Dyon vs Maeda - 17 Aug - New York
WPFC 22 - McDonald vs. Knox - 17 Aug - New York
BloodBath 4: Torres v Guy - 17 Aug - Montreal
Kickboxing EventRH71 - 17 Aug - Montreal
Madness 9: LW CC Rd 2 - 17 Aug - Montreal
KOTC 8 McCartney VS Adams 2 - 17 Aug - London
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