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Giuseppe Folioli (120427) - VIP Manager

Mixed Martial Arts Management - Giuseppe Folioli
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Historic MMA Record

Record   167-94-5 (0 NCs)
Wins   96 (T)KOs (57.49%)
    22 Subs (13.17%)
    49 Decisions (29.34%)
Losses   50 (T)KOs (53.19%)
    10 Subs (10.64%)
    34 Decisions (36.17%)
Current 78-33-2 (0 NCs)
England England (P:15)
Month Rank
Best Rank
Opp Rank
  15 of 30913 (0.05%)
26 (+11 gain)
151 average
Div 4. League 21 (P: 1)
Top Fighter   Cole Reynolds
Fighters   6
Alliance   The Stepdads
Bank   $2,265,108.69
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Last login GMT (y/m/d):
2020-03-28 09:36:43
Joined (y/m/d):
2017-09-08 22:04:47
Username: joseppe
Seppes Gym
Recent Events

22 Mar, 2020 Sunday - Won a free custom avatar on Spin and Win!
22 Mar, 2020 Sunday - Picked up Jerome Steel from the free agents list
14 Mar, 2020 Saturday - Ushat Belov celebrated his birthday - 29 today!
03 Mar, 2020 Tuesday - Released the fighter - Jan Paul Valens
29 Feb, 2020 Saturday - Giuseppe Hopkins celebrated his birthday - 24 today!
23 Feb, 2020 Sunday - Won $4,185 on Spin and Win!
23 Feb, 2020 Sunday - Won 72 Lottery Tickets on Spin and Win!
17 Feb, 2020 Monday - Picked up Ushat Belov from the free agents list
15 Feb, 2020 Saturday - Jeremy Jones celebrated his birthday - 27 today!
14 Feb, 2020 Friday - Picked up Jan Paul Valens from the free agents list

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Last 20 MMA & Kickboxing Fights (View all Fights)
  My Fighter Opponent Method Event Date Rnd Time
   W Cole Reynolds Sarfraz Ali TKO (Strikes) ICS 15 2020-03-15 1 04:14
   W Jeremy Jones Mohsin Zaidi TKO (Strikes) ICS 15 2020-03-15 1 02:57
   W Cole Reynolds Hillary Trump Decision (Majority) CEC 695 2020-02-22 5 05:00
   L Jeremy Jones Scotty Bapp Decision (Unanimous) EMP Toivonen vs Bolleke 2020-02-09 3 05:00
   L Jeremy Jones George Peterson TKO (Strikes) EMP Toivonen vs Asham 2020-01-19 3 01:58
   L Cedric Lancaster Garegin Balayan Decision (Unanimous) CEC 690 Vilson vs Grande 2020-01-18 3 05:00
   L Aydan The Wandering Spirit Xafan Kong Decision (Unanimous) CEC 690.5 2020-01-18 3 05:00
   L Nikolay Panayotov Gunnar Wylde TKO (Strikes) RS 1 2020-01-18 1 00:23
   W Cole Reynolds Iker Ramirez KO (Punch) ICS 3 2020-01-15 1 03:20
   W Giuseppe Hopkins Jackson Trigger TKO (Strikes) RapidFC NYE 2019-12-31 1 01:48
   W Cole Reynolds Joseph OByrne TKO (Strikes) Pride Xmas 2019-12-25 1 03:57
   W Cedric Simard Mamadu Camara Submission (Triangle Armbar) FARTMMA 76 2019-12-21 2 01:52
   D Solomon Kahn Matt Cooke Draw CEC 687 2019-12-14 3 05:00
   W Aydan The Wandering Spirit Mike Reilly TKO (Punches) CEC 687 2019-12-14 1 03:59
   W Nikolay Panayotov Master Blaster TKO (Cut) CEC 687.5 2019-12-14 1 04:32
   W Jeremy Jones Corey Smith Jr Decision (Unanimous) RISE 121 2019-12-06 5 05:00
   W Cole Reynolds Do Ho Joy TKO (Strikes) Pride FC 64 2019-12-04 1 02:08
   W Giuseppe Hopkins Gok Won Khun KO (Punch) RapidFC Tokyo 35 2019-11-30 1 04:16
   L Aydan The Wandering Spirit Pauke Murhaa TKO (Cut) CEC MNR 2019-11-18 3 03:09
   W Solomon Kahn Geordie Power KO (Punch) CEC 683.5 2019-11-17 2 02:54
Top Fighter - Cole Reynolds

Inferno Combat Series 5499
Record 22-6-1 (W-L-D)
Wins 16 (T)KOs (72.73%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
6 Decisions (27.27%)
Losses 2 (T)KOs (33.33%)
0 Subs (0.00%)
4 Decisions (66.67%)
TWGC 0-0
Next Fight None
Last 5 Fights
W Sarfraz Ali TKO (Strikes)
W Hillary Trump Decision (Majority)
W Iker Ramirez KO (Punch)
W Joseph OByrne TKO (Strikes)
W Do Ho Joy TKO (Strikes)
Fighters (see upcoming fights)
Name Weight Record Last 5 fights W/C P4P
Ricky Wells Retired - (4-1-0) W,W,L,W,W - NA
Cole Reynolds 145 (22-6-1) W,W,W,W,W 3 22
Ushat Belov - (15-9-0) L,W,L,L,W - 3162
Jerome Steel - (14-13-0) L,L,L,W,W - 2241
Jeremy Jones 205 (15-5-0) W,L,L,W,W 56 368
Giuseppe Hopkins - (12-0-1) W,W,W,W,W - 60

Hall of Fame - Retired / Previously Managed Fighters
Name Weight Record Highest Rank
Joey Hatton190lbs(14-9-0)437
Garrick Head154lbs(26-22-1)75
Solomon Kahn213lbs(31-14-3)7
Buzz at Giuseppe Folioli (Logged in as )
Mike Tycoon
Mike Tycoon replied Giuseppe Folioli's Buzz buzzed at Giuseppe Folioli (Jan 11, 2020)

I don't know what you want me to say other than repeating myself. You might find it pointless. Some people might like it. If I got this done and a few people liked it, it would feel good and I would do other stuff; stuff that you might like. I get complaining about me not having done stuff... That's doing a bad job. But there is ZERO positive that can come from complaining about me starting programming new stuff for the first time in ages.

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Giuseppe Folioli's recent buzzes
Giuseppe Folioli replied Ibrahim Camara's Buzz buzzed at Spanky Loco
This from the guy who left RFC so he didnt have to face Hopkins GTFO clown (Feb 07, 2020)
Giuseppe Folioli replied Mike Tycoon's Buzz buzzed at Mike Tycoon
Ok hey mike its awesome that you are back into programming for the game its a great idea lets get it in the game and onto the next one. Great job Mike (Jan 11, 2020)
Giuseppe Folioli replied Mike Tycoon's Buzz buzzed at Mike Tycoon
If thats the case why even put it out there in the first place just put it in the game and fuck what we think. As customers if we think youve done a bad job its our right to say so. This hidden VIP decision is totally pointless (Jan 11, 2020)
Giuseppe Folioli replied Mike Tycoon's Buzz buzzed at Mike Tycoon
Wow if you cant deal with customers not being happy with things you need to get out of the game. Remember its us who keep this going because it certainly isnt you. Us coming back day in day out should be enough for you to expand or change the game. Im sure any business will have more "fails" than not. You throw an idea out once a blue moon then run off with your tail between your legs because no one likes the idea. WTF (Jan 11, 2020)
Giuseppe Folioli buzzed at Clubber Winger
Not so elite won a fight its red panty night #celebrate (Sep 10, 2019)
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