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MMA Hype -- with Brett and Jared

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 03:52 PM

Great write up Listerman 

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Posted 11 December 2013 - 05:24 PM

Another enjoyable read. Thanks for taking the time to entertain us.

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Posted 15 December 2013 - 09:34 PM

MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg  13867998945077.jpg


Brett meets with Dominance's HW champion, along with his manager, Louie DePalma


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke took a nice drive to Los Angeles and stopped at Masaru Fighting Systems’ gym, to visit Dominance’s Heayweight Champion, Damien Sepultra, along with his manager Louie DePalma.


Here is Brett, with sweaty Damien Sepultra.


-- -- --


Brett: Hey Damien! Guess it’s good timing, looks like you’re done with your training for today, so I’ll be able to bug you a little bit with a few questions. How are you doing? Not too exhausted from the training?


Damien Sepultra: My coaches make sure to work me extra hard, thats why I am learning new skills every day and getting more dangerous with every training session.  Louie has surrounded our entire team with the very best coaches money can buy and some of the young guys like myself are very close to bursting onto the scene.


Brett: Louie should be joining us soon, he told me over the phone he was on his way, but meanwhile, do you have any idea who you will defend your title against next?


Damien Sepultra: Right now I am unsure of my next opponent but really when you think about it does it really matter?  I have destroyed everyone placed in front of me, why would that change now?  I look forward to stepping into the cage soon, but in the meantime while I wait on who might be my next dance partner, I am focused on improving myself for anyone.


-- -- --

Louie DePalma walks in the gym and spots Brett along with Damien. He takes a seat with them.

-- -- --


Brett: Hey Louie, just in time, we were discussing about Sepultra’s next fight, is there anything you discussed with Sami about this?


Louie DePalma: We have talked briefly but nothing has been decided upon just yet.  We are wanting to see Damien continue his "Dominance" pardon the pun, but at the same time he is still young and we are ensuring he remains within his id range for the time being for obvious reasons.


Brett: Damien, at 22 years old, you’ve already been a champion in 2 different organizations, and you recently defended your title for the first time with Dominance against Gordon Ramsay. Did that fight go the way you expected?


Damien Sepultra: Not gunna lie to you, the start of that fight wasn't going the way I wanted it to go but in the end that only motivated me to bring the BOOM!!  Ramsay got me in the clinch and though he wasn't doing a lot of damage he did cut me which really cheesed me off, once I tasted my own blood, nothing was going to stop me from evoking a stunning beatdown of retribution and before Ramsay knew it was coming, his lights were out!!


Brett: 10 wins, no losses, all wins in the first round except for one in the second, where you dominated the first round anyways. Are you a little nervous about eventually going into a third round, or even championship rounds, and running out of gas?


Damien Sepultra: Yo man, are you a dummy?  Why would I be worried?  I train with the very best, I have experienced teammates who have seen it all and I soak up all their knowledge like a sponge, no matter where, when or for how long this monster is not afraid of anything, nervous bout no situation and really, I beg someone to finally test me.


Brett: You have 1 fight left on your contract, which will be a title defense. Maybe this question is better for Louie, win or lose, do you think Damien will or should resign with Dominance? And Damien, how’s been your experience with Dominance so far?


Louie DePalma: Why would we think about signing anywhere else?  You poaching for another company boy?  We have no plans or desire to go anywhere else but right here with Dominance.  Part of the reason we made our overall camp move from Sydney to LA was to be closer to NY because of Dominance, we are here to stay.


Damien Sepultra: Dominance has been nothing but top notch, even after that bum Louie eff'd up my flight plans when I was supposed to face Marcus Avery the first time.  He made me look like a Chump and not a Champ and Widing was a real Pro and because he showed me that respect, I intend to do nothing but the same in return for him!  I got no plans on moving on anywhere else, Dominance is my home and this is where I will stay!


Brett: There’s a big fight coming up on December 18th, between 2 undefeated fighters for the Welterweight title. Brandon Hale is defending his belt against Dominance newcomer, Mr Anderson. Will you follow that fight? Any prediction?


Damien Sepultra: I am not gunna lie, but that fight has no bearing on me at all, I am focused solely on me and my future, no disrespect to either of those guys, but right now I am in LA focused on my training and little else.


Brett: Well, it’s all the time I will take from you, thanks a lot for you time Damien and Louie. Is there anything any of you would like to add before I go?


Damien Sepultra: Thank for your time on this, and for showcasing me, bout damn time I received some recognition for my accomplishments, remember the name Damien Sepultra, before you know it it will be a household name.

Louie DePalma: Thank you, we are really hoping this springboards Damiens stock little on the Global stage, he is a monster but hope he doesn't scare all away!!



Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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Posted 15 December 2013 - 10:17 PM

Great work, keep it up this is what the game needs more of!  Glad I could be a part of it

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 05:03 PM

MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg   Burningbush.jpg?t=1387068722


Jared received Scooby Jr to talk about Burning Bush Season 1


Tonight on MMA Hype, Jared receives Scooby Jr, Owner of BEEF in Montreal, to talk about his upcoming tournament, Burning Bush, that generated a lot of interest really fast.


Burning Bush is the first of many seasons to come, and it will feature the Openweight class. Who’s eligible? Any young prospect looking to prove himself in the big leagues. 20 fighters will start in the tournament, but only 12 will be retained to enter the “Burning Bush House” to start the show. If you’re looking for something to follow starting 2014, this is the real deal!


Here is Jared with Scooby Jr.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hello there, MMA Hype fans! I’m sitting comfortably in our new cozy chairs, with BEEF owner, Scooby Jr.

Hey Scooby, how are you doing?


Scooby Jr: I'm excellent, just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico! Thanks for having me on again.


Jared: When I first heard of the season tournament “Burning Bush”, I thought it was a really great idea, and a really good way for young fighters to start their career. How did you come up with that idea, and why?


Scooby Jr: Well, I was watching Raquel Pennington and Jessamyn Duke go at it in a fight I would absolutely love to see happen again when I realized I would be excited to trade finance for extreme fun in a season style setup. At that time I was not yet owner of BEEF and Steel Lion Elite in Rio was my sole focus. The thought became real once LFC went up for sale, it was such an excellent opportunity I pinched myself twice.


Jared: One thing I notice about the tournament, is that it will be Openweight. For the people who are not familiar with that weight class, it’s basically no weight restriction, so a 155lbs fighter could face a 300lbs. Was Openweight your first choice when you came up with the idea?


Scooby Jr: Yes sir. I was interested in seeing how fighters perform with weight or speed advantages and after testing it, I noticed that it made fighter’s strategy much more important. I also noticed that in this Tycoon world, Super Heavyweights have a hard time finding organizations to thrive in so I wanted to see if openweight would get their attention better.


Jared: The signup phase is currently completed, it was pretty fast, and we will know the names of all fighters after Sunday, December 22nd. The great thing about this is, no one will know who’s got the most potential to do well in there, until we see the first elimination round on January 15th, is that correct?


Scooby Jr: Yes sir, Wednesday January 15th, this gives fighters enough time to test their fighters in QFC matches if they decide to and a way to allow determined fighters to fill out their skills.


Jared: There are a lot of prizes fighters can receive throughout the season, and that’s very interesting. Usual prizes for good performances are giving, of course, but I like a certain prize, “$50,000 to any fighter who loses all fights”, this is very interesting, because it’s not something we usually see. Do you think this will give hope to struggling fighters?


Scooby Jr: This 50K is going to ANY fighter who loses all their fights specifically to retain participants. This is a season that you must be invited to. Only 12 fighters get to enjoy the ups and downs of a season. Of course when it comes to any competition, you always want to win and fight to your best, but by staying involved rather than exiting the season there may be a lot a fighter can learn. They say you learn more from a loss rather than a win and I can imagine it actually is hard to lose a fight against someone trying to lose. I think this will be fun.


Jared: The season will be supported by some great sponsors, like Kaiser, Rush Supplements and us, MMA Hype. Was there any other sponsors for the season that we don’t know of, or will those be the major sponsors throughout the season?


Scooby Jr: These will be the main sponsors, PIN UP in London has just joined us and will be assisting but we are always looking for sponsors. Eventually Burning Bush will become a worldwide event and I cant wait for that to happen so every sponsor involved will give us the exposure we need, Along with the best exposure between MMA Hype and BEEF: Tree Of Life.


Jared: Well, I was informed before the show to make it official during the interview, so here is what MMA Hype is going to give out. First of all, we have a small collection of clothing with our branding at the Elite Canadian Threads store. We will give out 2 outfits to all 20 participants. All 12 fighters entering officially the season will then receive 3 outfits each (total of 5 outfits for them). On top of that, MMA Hype will be giving $100,000 to put in the prize money giving out at the end of the season. How’s that?


Scooby Jr: Wow that’s awesome, I’m sure all the fighters will enjoy that and can't wait to wear their threads in combat during the season.


Jared: Thanks for coming Scooby, I’m glad we had a chat about this season tournament, which I’m looking forward too, as are a lot of fans and managers all around the community. Is there anything you would like to add before we go?


Scooby Jr: Actually I do, in this hat there are 4 pieces of paper with either a letter or number on it, go ahead and pull one out.


Jared: Hmm, okay. Got one right here, here it is.


Scooby Jr: Thanks Jared, you pulled a letter "R" do you know what that means guys? All 20 managers will be ranked from 1-20 by their current rank and scheduled in pairs #1 vs #2 and so on... Gosh you’re tough. Good luck to all the fighters and may the best man win! Thank you all for hosting this, send my regards to Listerman and Tree of Life will hope to see you at the weigh ins for the house invitational. Thanks buddy.


Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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Posted 18 December 2013 - 10:53 PM

Intresting very intresting
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Posted 19 December 2013 - 06:54 PM

25b25.jpg MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg 39w3.jpg


Brett meets Dirk Copeland and his fighters, Christopher Samba and Juan Sebastien Veron in Hilo


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke travelled to Hilo to meet manager Dirk Copeland, and his 2 superstars, Christopher Samba, EVO’s Heavyweight champion, and Juan Sebastien Veron, ITFL and Syn’s champion.


Christopher Samba is a well respected fighter in the Heavyweight division. With only 1 loss in his last 19 appearances, he’s been dominating EVO’s roster for a while, and will be looking to defend his title for the first time, on December 25th, against Austin Powers.


Juan Sebastien Veron, a very well decorated fighter, is the ITFL champion, and recently new champion of Synchronicity, who will be looking for his first title defense on December 27th, against Jan Sobieski.


Here is Brett with Dirk, Christopher and Juan Sebastien.


-- -- --


Brett Clarke: Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to another edition of MMA Hype. Again, I travelled to Hilo, and man do I love this place, but this time, it’s to meet with well known manager, Dirk Copeland, along with 2 of his superstars.

Hello Dirk, how’s it going and how are things here in Hilo?


Dirk Copeland: Hi Brett, thanks for having me on the show, it's great being in Hilo this time of the year while the sun is still shining, it certainly makes the stress of training every day and competing at the top that little bit easier.


Brett: First of all, congrats on the success you’ve been having in the past years. You’ve been developing great fighters, and it’s starting to show more and more lately. I’m sure a lot of credits can go to the coaches at Rage XXX Elite?


Dirk Copeland: Oh for sure, a lot of the credit has to go down to the boys at Rage XXX Elite, we put together that fight camp a couple of years ago now and have some of the best coaches in the business training the team in every facet of the sport.


Brett: We have the pleasure of having 2 of your best fighters here with us. Let’s start with Juan Sebastien, who’s currently holding 2 different championship belts. Juan, first of all, welcome to the show. How was your experience during your participation at the biggest tournament of the year, and how did it feel to come out on top?


Juan Sebastien Veron: Well it was great to be part of such a tournament, I was lucky to go in at late notice after there was a withdrawal earlier on in the tournament, perhaps early on you could say it was an advantage going in fresh, having not competed in the earlier rounds, but I think I proved that I was more than deserving of being there when I went on to win the whole thing and handed Tweedle Dee his first and only loss of the tournament.


Brett: You also won Syn’s Light Heavyweight title in your last fight, which you will be defending on December 27th. A fight is a fight, but is it a different preparation when it comes to a regular org fight, instead of a tournament?


Juan Sebastien Veron: It's no secret that I had a bit of a tough run in EVO prior to the tournament, but winning the ITFL trophy just filled me with confidence and I knew from then on that I could compete with anyone in the world, preparing for fight's is still pretty similar but now I feel I have that mental edge to keep on pushing through.

Whether I have one day or one month to prepare for a fight I'm still going to get in there and give it my all.


Brett: Well, best of luck against Sobieski. If I may direct this question to you, Dirk, you must be very proud of Juan for those accomplishments, do you think he still has a lot to learn, since he’s only 27 years old, and that his career is still in early stage?


Dirk Copeland: In all honesty I think it's the opposite, Juan peaked at an early age and I believe his performances in recent times have proved just what a talented fighter he is. He doesn't have a whole lot to learn from here on out, it's up to others to learn how to beat him and up to Veron to just carry on doing what he does best.


Brett: Now let me turn towards the Congo native, Christopher Samba. You became EVO’s Heavyweight champ in your last fight, and you will be defending the belt against someone you already faced in the past, Austin Powers, who you pretty much controlled and dominated during 3 rounds. Do you see the fight going any differently, or do you think this time, you will finish him off?


Christopher Samba:  I think the previous fight with Power was quite a while ago now, we've both evolved as fighters and given his current form I expect him to be doing his upmost to make things difficult for me. While I'm prepared for everything come fight night and expect things to play out differently, the outcome won't be any different, it'll be my hand getting raised come the end of the fight.


Brett: You are still undefeated with EVO, currently holding a record of 6-0 with them. Being the champ now, do you think you’ve reached the highest step on the ladder in your career, or is there still things you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming years?


Christopher Samba: There's still plenty for me to establish in both EVO and the sport as a whole, I don't want to just be regarded as one of the best, I want to be remembered as THE best. It's taken me a long time to get the recognition I feel I deserve and now it's about creating a legacy and prove those doubters who ignored me wrong.


Brett: Now Dirk, Christopher is one of the best fighter in the world, no doubt about that. I’m sure you’ve been in contact with other fight promotions, with the possibility of having “Super fights”. Is there something you can give us regarding that subject?


Dirk Copeland: Well the good thing about EVO is that the competition is stacked, there is no need at the moment to go out chasing other super fights. Samba fully plans on beating Powers on the 25th, then I'd assume there's a good chance he’ll face the winner of the EVO heavyweight tournament, with the final pitting Dustin Douglas up against Mitchell Stehling, two men he already defeated admittedly but he’s always keen to prove that they were no fluke results.


Christopher Samba: In terms of super fights I'd love to get a crack at the SHW champion Neo Kable as that kid is looking unstoppable right now, but perhaps that's only because he hasn't faced someone on my level before. If I can achieve those goals then we won't have to go searching for fights, they'll all be coming to EVO to take on the very best in the heavyweight division.


Brett: Well, thanks a lot for your time guys, it was a pleasure to meet you all. I wish you luck in your fights guys, if you want to add anything, go right ahead, the fans are listening.


Juan Sebastien Veron: Keep your eyes on me because I'm about to start making waves in the MMA world, starting with a long run as champion in Syn, if you feel that you have what it takes to beat me then you know where to find me.


Christopher Samba: My time is now and I plan to establish myself as the greatest of all time. I've given it my all to get where I am and I don't plan on slowing down now. It's bollocks those that say "Good things come to those who wait", let me tell you right now, "Good things come to those who go out and fucking earn it!"


Brett: Thanks for having me here Dirk, I brought my swimsuit and I’m off to the beach, Hilo is now my favorite spot. If you have free time later on, you can join me, have a bunch of chicks coming my way this afternoon.


Dirk Copeland: I'm always happy to spend some time on the beach with a few beautiful ladies, I'll call a few of the locals for you, I'm a bit of an icon around here ;) Thanks for having me and the guys on the show.


Hope you liked this edition of MMA Hype!

If you would like an interview with one of your fighter, or yourself as a manager, send me a message and we can work something out. As long as we can make something interesting out of it!

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 07:55 PM

Great stuff, thanks for having me on.

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 10:43 PM

Excellent writeup as always J

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 11:12 PM

Great work Listerman as always keep these coming!  As for that Dirk character, well hope he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame...

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 02:54 PM



MMA Hype is back from the Holidays, Brett and Jared are with James Listerman


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett and Jared are back from their Holidays, and are inside our Amsterdam’s studio, along with MMA Hype’s owner, James Listerman.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hello to all MMA Hype fans! We are finally back after nearly 2 weeks of vacations. We would like to kick off the new year by saying Happy New Year to everyone who watches us or not, we’re not fussy, and wish you all a year full of happiness and great surprises.


Brett Clarke: We’ve only been around since late 2013, but the new year shall be the greatest of all, since we plan to keep doing what we’re already doing, and even more. We have MMA Hype’s owner here with us, how are you doing James?


James Listerman: I’m doing great Brett, thanks to you and Jared, MMA Hype is nominated as “Writer of the Year 2013”, so this is simply amazing to see. It’s an honor to be nominated along such great writers, and the only reason we are up there, is because our fans are just so great with us. We’ve been having really good feedback from fans all over the world, and this is greatly appreciated. Win or lose, we will still see ourselves as winners, since the nomination is a big accomplishment for us here.


Jared: For sure. I mean, all we’re looking for, is to please all the fans, and to give opportunities to all managers and fighters to make a name of themselves. We like to work with everyone, because we see any fighter or manager as the best.


James Listerman: Exactly Jared. 2014 should be a year full of excitement and surprises for us. Like Brett said earlier, we already have plans for a lot of things. We are sponsoring a few tournaments, like BEEF and Flocorps’ for example, and we are even thinking of expanding MMA Hype, by hiring a new employee. That’s something really big for us, and should be even bigger for the community.


Brett: There’s also the partnership with Ascension, and a few contests that we will be doing in a near future that we could discuss.


James Listerman: Of course. As you already know, we’ve been partnered with Ascension as their official press conferences hosts. It’s been really with them, even if we’ve been with them for only a month or two. Ascension is one of the best fight org around, and they helped us grow into a respected business. Thanks to all the staff there, everyone’s been really generous with their time.


Like Brett added, we will be doing a few contests here and there in our shows. We’ve done one before, which was a clothes giveaway, and it worked pretty well. We won’t give out any more information regarding contests at this time, but all I will say is, there will be clothing giveaway, and even bettings involved. So to all you, tycoon gamblers, stay alert ;)


Jared: It will be a great year for sure, I’m glad to be back at my post. Thanks for taking the time to be with us James.

James Listerman: My thanks are going back to you guys, for being so dedicated to MMA Hype. You guys are the reason we’re doing so well. Keep up the good work, and to all viewers, happy new year!

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 02:47 PM

Great work! You are the guy!

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Posted 04 January 2014 - 01:40 PM

MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg 1387397701BarbarianLogo.jpg


Brett is in Rio with Barbarian FC’s owner, Pedro Fernandes


Tonight on MMA Hype, Brett Clarke made a quick trip to Brazil, to meet with Pedro Fernandes, owner of the fight org Barbarian Fight Club in Rio de Janeiro.


With over a hundred fighters signed, and 2 events in the books, they sure are looking sharp, and are welcoming all new fighters who are looking to start their pro careers.


Here is Brett with Pedro Fernandes.


-- -- --


Brett Clarke: Greetings ladies and gents, I have the pleasure to be here in Rio, with owner of Barbarian FC, how are you Pedro?


Pedro Fernandes: I’m great Brett, thanks. Hope you saved some energy for Barbarian Weekend, you’re our special guest for this weekend.


Brett: I’m all set at the hotel, I’m ready for the fights for sure!

Rio sounds like a really nice place to have a fight org, was it your first choice when you started?


Pedro: You know… I’m from Rio, and when you work in this area, you eventually get to know lots of fighters from the circuit. When I started I put my fighters in Notorious Fights in the very capable hands of Rory Daly and Butch Harris, but I didn’t agree with Brazilian fighters having to do their debut in other countries because of the lack of interest of our own organizations, so I took the decision to do something about this, that’s how Barbarian Fight Club was born.


Brett: Since you are located in Brazil, the country who brought BJJ to the sport, do you find yourself with more BJJ practitioner in the organization, or is it well mixed? Also, do you concentrate on signing local fighters, or outsiders are not an issue at all?


Pedro: It is well mixed, but I need to be honest, the BJJ is doing better in the first events. We have the TWGC Champion #1 Jared Gracie in 170lbs, #1 in 205lbs Aderbal Maia with 5 wins by submission in the first 2 minutes and other BJJ raising stars. About the local fighters, they all have open doors to the event, that’s the goal of Barbarian Fighter, keep them active and show to new managers how you can enjoy MMA Tycoon when you interact with other managers. We are looking to other cities which may have this lack of opportunity too, in fact our first act will be to buy a Jet to the org, so we will be able to offer 1st class flight for free to these fighters 1 or 2 days before the event.


Brett: The org seems to be off to a good start. Barbarian FC 2 was sold out and had a really nice rating for a new org, you must have been really happy about that?


Pedro: Couldn’t be happier. We have contracts with over 115 fighters and only for this weekend we will have 2 events and other 4 events booked. We have partnership with Mango Nutrition, the #1 nutrition company in Brazil and recently made contact with the famous Luan Dovik who is the best poster designer that I have ever seen, he will be designing  a few Barbarian Fight Club posters.


Brett: As we speak, like you just said, you have 115 fighters signed on your roster. What is your main goal, is it to have a big roster, or will you be looking for quality over quantity?


Pedro: To be honest, I’m not looking  for quality or quantity. We want to give the managers the opportunity to see how the game works, to make them enjoy MMA Tycoon. I’m doing my best with the help of guys like you with MMA Hype, Tony Rossi who can give a spectacular writing to make the managers feel like they are really in a professional event and can live it. We don’t want to have the bigger roster or the best fighters; we want to have the happiest managers, this is our goal.


Brett: You hired Tony Rossi as the writer for the org. Is he helping with work around the org, or is he just focused on the writing? Have you guys known each other before?


Pedro: He is focused on the writing, doing all our news, previews and possible fight interviews in the future, but I can’t say he is just our writer, he is much more than this, I could say he is the head of Barbarian Fight Club, the one who can make it look really professional. My friend Aderbal Maciel who was the one who got Barbarian made the first contact after be amazed by his work in Warrior Fight League from Helsinki. I’ve heard he is also doing free lances:  if anyone is looking for a writer, Tony Rossi is the guy.


Brett: You seem to be working real hard to please all the fighters and make them like it at Barbarian FC. I see it as a great org with a lot of potential, I’m sure I’m not the only one to think so. Do you have any specials plans or specials events that you plan on throwing out there for the fighters?


Pedro: I’m really trying my best. For the next week we will be starting our Smack Talk thread and probably making a 4 man tournament to get our first champion. We are looking to get a Jet to close this distance that makes some of the new managers scared to join Barbarian Fight Club.


Brett: What’s great about an organization for new fighters like yours is that, you may have, in your roster, the next big thing in MMA Tycoon. Some of the fighters will outgrow the others and move on elsewhere, but that’s part of the business.


Pedro: In real, I’m very excited to see one of our fighters getting to the next level. It will be great to announce in the future that a fighter who made his debut in Barbarian Fight Club is the new #1 p4p. It would sound great, right?


Brett: Well, it’s been really great to be here, that’s all the time I will take from you, and thanks for having me. Is there anything you’d like to add, or anything you’d like to tell the fighters and managers from all around the world?


Pedro: Thank you for the opportunity Brett, it was a great pleasure. I would like to thank Tony Rossi, Luan Dovik and all the great managers who are part of Barbarian Fight Club and do their best for the show. We have our door open to any manager who has 230K+ fighter and want to join us. Happy new year to you Brett and to all managers.


Brett: Happy new year to you too, and I'm looking forward to the Barbarian Weekend!

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 02:06 PM

MMA-Hype_zps77ee8eb1.jpg 1383642563Logo.jpg


Jared receives Xtreme K1 Combat owner, Aaron ThaiGuy


Tonight on MMA Hype, Jared Asante receives Aaron ThaiGuy, owner of Xtreme K1 Combat, inside our Amsterdam’s studio.


Xtreme K1 Combat, like it’s name states, is a K-1 fight organization based in London. They are 220k+ ID restricted, except for the 145lbs division, which is open ID.


Here is Jared with Aaron ThaiGuy.


-- -- --


Jared Asante: Hello to all MMA Hype fans. We are live inside our Amsterdam’s studio, with owner of Xtreme K1 Combat in London, Aaron ThaiGuy! Hi Aaron, hope the trip wasn’t too bad, how are you doing?


Aaron ThaiGuy: The trip was great thanks Jared, I’m glad to be here with MMA Hype!


Jared: I want to start off the interview with something different than a question. It takes a lot of guts nowadays to start a K-1 fight org, and you showed everyone that it was indeed, possible and doable, because you did it, and I want to congratulate you about that, you’re doing one heck of a good job with it, it’s been amazing since day 1, and I keep hearing great things about the org, well done.


Aaron: Thank you very much, at first I’ve got to admit it wasn’t easy and there were times when I felt like throwing in the towel but I just stuck at it and kept going and things have really been going well! I never expected the success we’ve had in such a short time and the buzz Xtreme K1 Combat has built is satisfying to see.


Jared: When you first started the org a few months ago, did you only have K-1 in your mind, or were you leaning towards MMA a little bit?


Aaron: No, K1 was always my plan from the offset! Although I have had times when I’ve thought F*** it I’ll just do MMA it will be so much easier but in the end I stuck out and I feel things are starting to pay off.


Jared: I think London is the perfect location, but did you study the market before establishing the org there, or did you have a few more locations in mind?


Aaron: London was the place I always wanted to start my org in so I got lucky really that things did turn out so well in London.


Jared: You hired Mr knowledge as a Recruiter for your org, what is the relationship between you guys? Did you know each other before, and how is he helping around the org?


Aaron: I have actually recently had to fire Mr Knowledge from his role within the org. He just wasn’t up to the work which cuts it around here and I will actively be seeking a recruiter over the next few weeks. If anyone is interested in this role then they can message me through my profile account.


Jared: You recently did a 8-man tournament, which was a huge success. You then decided you take it one step further, by announcing a Xtreme K1 World Tour, that is currently open for signups, and should start at the beginning of April 2014. I personally think that it’s the greatest way to make a name of yourself by participating in such a big event, did you receive good feedback and interest?


Aaron: The 8 man tournament was fantastic, the fighters and managers loved it, I loved it and the people around the tournament loved it but after it I just didn’t feel satisfied, I guess I always just want to do bigger and better which is where the Xtreme K1 World Tour came to mind, the tournament originally was going to host 96 fighters with fights taking place in all 12 of the cities but due to the slow sign ups and the possibility of the tournament not filling as quickly as I would have liked I have decided to cut it down to 48 men. A lot of people have been very supportive of the tournament although I have had a few remark from managers regarding the K1 rules as to why they won’t sign there fighters up but with over 2 million in prizes and much much more then to me they are the ones missing out for sure!


Jared: I have a question for you, not as the owner of Xtreme K1 Combat, but as Aaron ThaiGuy the manager. One of your fighter, Thomas Dijkman, recently fought one of Listerman’s fighter, Frank Damozzi, down in Helsinki. Damozzi is a good friend of mine, and he was devastated by that loss, but I saw you chatting with Listerman before the show. Will we see a rematch between those two in the near future?


Aaron: I am hoping that they can have a rematch soon yes, Thomas has a fight in 4 days and I know that Frank has a fight coming up also. They both had some kind words to say to each other before the fight and they put on a great show for us all to watch! Especially me as my fighter won his first submission of the night reward! I did speak to Listerman about having a rematch and we mentioned in a month’s time as after his next fight Thomas will go to a training camp in Las Vegas.


Jared: Well Aaron, thanks a lot for coming here in Amsterdam to see us, it was a pleasure to meet you, and I wish you the best of luck with Xtreme K-1 Combat, it looks promising, so keep it up!

Is there anything you’d like to add, to all the fans, fighters, or managers watching the show right now?


Aaron: I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported Xtreme K1 Combat in our growth in the game and all the fighters who have battled it out on our show and gave the fans what they’ve been to see! I’d also like to thank MMA Hype for giving us the chance to have a chat with you!

Everyone should be ready to expect big things from Xtreme K1 Combat in 2014!

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 02:54 PM

Aaron is such a nice guy, My next fighter gona be KT to join Xtreme :)


Good work buddy.


Great interview. 

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#56 markyosullivan


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Posted 07 January 2014 - 03:48 PM

Always love coming on this thread and having a read through the MMA Hype interviews, nice work Listerman!

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 02:30 AM

These are brilliant - How do I go about being interviewed about my new fight org in Las Vegas? No worries if this is not possible

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#58 listerman


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Posted 18 January 2014 - 06:27 PM

Trying a different approach, hope you guys like it.




Ascension: The Heist live Weigh ins with Brett and Jared


Click for more info

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Posted 19 January 2014 - 07:05 PM

Hi guys not sure if you forgot about me or not? Things have changed a bit since we spoke anyway so would it be possible to do the interview in a few weeks(if you still want to do it that is?) as I have decided to withdraw my org from the Steel Penn ICON project and will be undergoing a rebranding and would like to be able to give you all the info regarding new name etc. Cheers

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#60 listerman


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Posted 19 January 2014 - 07:54 PM

Sure thing. Never forgot you, I just didn't get much free time to work on it, you are on my list of interviews, so send me a message in game and we'll work it out.

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