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#896108 Are people ok with 3 big unrestricted orgs/arena availability

Posted by Rei on Yesterday, 04:03 PM

It would be nice if there were more bigger arenas and limitations in place so that the richest orgs don't just monopolise them. Also, I personally hate to see perfectly good orgs get bought out by bigger ones for no reason other than big bags of cash being thrown at them. If Pulse was to meet this same fate I'd be terribly upset.

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#895281 Condemned Avatars

Posted by Rei on 03 September 2019 - 04:17 PM

The auction has ended , kinda disappointed with the lack of bids but maybe I need to up my game or something. Anyway, Gator001 you got Wyatt, let us kmow if you have any issues with it being accepted.


the mox got accepted, ill send over the 100k now bud cheers


also I definitely prefer non-wrestling avatars so I didn't bid on the latest bunch, and it could just be a case of that

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#894898 Condemned Avatars

Posted by Rei on 27 August 2019 - 03:54 PM

Any issues with those avatars being accepted lads?


just waiting on it getting through :)

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#894270 Budokai Fighting Federation - Official Media Thread

Posted by Rei on 19 August 2019 - 04:30 PM

After three rounds of exciting action, the Budokai Twin Crown Tournament finally comes to a close. In the opening round, under the bright lights of the Saku Dome, Angostura and Android Ten put on a spectacle as the former put on a striking clinic and the latter showed true heart and determination. In round 2 we traveled to London in what was Budokai FF's first ever international event, one that saw Disco Kid hand "The Prospector" My Time his first career loss by way of submission. The third and final round took place in the fighting capital of the world - Las Vegas - as Max Chaos and Disco Kid emerged victorious, both earning a shot at the Champions, and each cementing their place in the annals of Budokai Fighting Federation's history.
Congratulations to our winners, Disco Kid and Max Chaos.
Similarly, well done to those who placed in 2nd and 3rd, Motoso Angostura, Hratch Tzien, John Lawrence and Luiz Franca.
Prizes will be handed out shortly and the title fights will be booked as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for taking part!

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#894090 Budokai Fighting Federation - Official Media Thread

Posted by Rei on 17 August 2019 - 12:01 AM

Appologies for not being able to format it properly just now, but it's 2am and I'm on mobile.

The final round of the historic Twin Crown tournament takes place on August 17th. The winners of each of the final bouts will receive a title shot against Bantamweight champion Seamus Macnamara or Middleweight champion Caesar El Toro Jr. The Final round will also feature a bronze match, Now, a look at the bantamweights:

Bronze Match

“The Prospector” My Time (7-1) vs Hratch Tzien (2-2)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Atlin, BC, Canada ------ Kadwan, Burma
Fighting out of: London ------ Las Vegas
Age: 22 ----- 22
Height: 176 cm ------ 170 cm
Specialty: Muay Thai ----- Muay Thai

My Time suffered his first career loss last round against Disco Kid, via submission in the second round. However, Time remains a dangerous prospect. Heavy Handed and having never been rocked before, he has six KO victories to his name.

Tzien is 2-2 in Budokai, losing his last fight via decision to Angostura. Tzien is still an inexperienced fighter but has a great chin and has a high fight IQ. He is a Muay Thai specialist but has also shown skill on the ground, with one of his wins coming via submission.

Now, for the Twin Crown Bantamweight final-

Disco Kid (13-5) vs “The Boss” Motoso Angostura (9-4-1)
The breakdown-
Hometown: New York, United States ------- Bucaaramanga, Colombia
Fighting out of: London ------ Los Angeles
Age: 24 ------- 24
Height: 164 cm ------ 170 cm
Specialty: Wrestling ------- Boxing

Disco Kid has steamrolled through the Twin Crown tournament, with two second round submission victories. Kid has lost twice to current champion Macnamara, but has dominated almost the entire bantamweight division, with a 6-3 record in Budokai thus far.

The Boss won both of his previous fights in the tournament via decision. The Boss is 9-3-1 in Budokai, with two of those losses coming to Macnamara. Motoso is a former bantamweight champion, and has eight decision victories. Motoso is always the favorite when the fight goes to the judges.

Now, for the Middleweights:
Bronze Match

Ikemba Onazi (4-2) vs Luiz Franca (11-6)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Awka, Senegal ------- Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fighting out of: Las Vegas ------ Sydney
Age: 21 ------ 31
Height: 193 cm ------ 188 cm
Specialty: Muay Thai ------ Wrestling

Onazi lost against Max Chaos via TKO, but has three submission victories to his name, and is always looking to drag his opponent to the ground for some ground and pound. Onazi looks to get another Submission of the night bonus to his name with this fight.

Franca is the oldest fighter in the tournament. At 11-6, most of his victories have come via submission. However, he was submitted last round for the second time in his career. Franca has five submission of the night awards to his name.

For the Twin Crown Middleweight final-

Max “Captain” Chaos (14-5) vs John “Johnny” Lawrence (9-2)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Sydney, Australia ------ Los Angeles, United States
Fighting out of: London ------ Las Vegas
Age: 24 ------- 22
Height: 180 cm ------ 180 cm
Specialty: Wrestling ------ BJJ

Captain Chaos has been on a terror, winning his last three fights in a row. He is a former IXF champion, and also competed for a belt in MMAHelsinki. Under new management, he has won 3 out of his last 4 fights. He is a threat on the feet and on the ground, with four KO victories and seven submission victories.

Johnny Lawrence has only one loss in Budokai, a decision loss to Jesse James. Lawrence has been dominant in Budokai, with a 5-1 record. All nine of his wins have come via submission, most commonly via Guillotine. He has won submission of the night in both of the previous rounds of the twin crown tournament. Chaos will be his toughest opponent yet, as Chaos is someone that can match his ground abilities.

Now, for the rest of the card-

Light Heavyweight bout
Roy “Full Tank” Gaston (8-8) vs Abdullah “KrAzEE” Zaire (0-1)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Pittsburg, United States ------ New Dehli, India
Fighting out of: Las Vegas ------ Los Angeles
Age: 24 ------ 22
Height: 188 cm ------ 189 cm
Specialty: Muay Thai ------ Muay Thai

Gaston is a long time Budokai veteran, having 13 fights within the organization. He has proven his aptitude as an all around fighter, with 3 TKO and 4 submission victories, as well as one decision victory. Gaston has won 2 out of his last three.

Zaire is making his promotional debut. He lost his debut via submission. However, “KrAzEE” has been tearing it up in the gym ever since, and has become a serious Muay Thai and BJJ practitioner since. His manager says he has a Granite Chin, and has some solid power behind his fists.

Featherweight bout-
AB Positive (9-4) vs Henry “The Taco Bell Strangler” Wallace (9-10)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Durweze, Turkmenistan ------ Barnwell, United States
Fighting out of: St. Petersberg ------ Tokyo
Age: 30 ------ 24
Height: 172 cm ------ 177 cm
Specialty: Muay Thai ------- Boxing

Positive is a former Budokai champion, having won the belt twice. However, Positive is one for his last four. Positive looks to break this streak and return to Budokai gold. Positive looks to keep the fight standing, having six KO’s to his name.

The Taco Bell Strangler has yet to strangle anyone inside the ring, having zero submission victories but eight KO victories. Nearly all of his fights have ended in the first round, win or lose. In his last win, he received an “Of the night” award for his spectacular KO of Alex Stern.

Lightweight bout-
Deez Nuts “2020” (7-2) vs “Officer” Jason Stackhouse (7-2-1)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Louisville, United States ------ Bon Temps, United States
Fighting out of: Los Angeles ------ Las Vegas
Age: 22 ------ 22
Height: 189 cm ------ 180 cm
Specialty: Boxing ------ Muay Thai

Deez Nuts “2020” is making his promotional debut for Budokai. At 7-2, he is a PSE and BANDAI veteran. He is 4-2 under new management, and has won his last two fights. He lost a title shot at PSE 22 against Jock Strap, but bounced back next month with a win over Harry Mcquirre. Most of his wins have come via submission, but has shown glimpses of KO power.

“Officer” Stackhouse is a former High School quarterback and police officer. He started his career off 5-0 in DCS, and received a title shot. However, the fight was ruled a draw, and DCS closed down soon after. Now, Stackhouse is making his promotional debut.

Welterweight bout-
Dylan Peterson (9-1) vs Bo Nickal (9-4)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Kelowna, Canada ------ Allen, United States
Fighting out of: St. Petersberg ------- New York
Age: 23 ------- 24
Height: 180 cm ------ 178 cm
Specialty: Wrestling ------ BJJ

Peterson is one of Budokai’s top young prospects. Peterson won his first nine fights, steam rolling through most of the division, but lost a title shot to Stanley Steele via submission. All nine of his wins have come via KO, and he utilizes some heavy ground and pound every chance he gets.

Nickal is a former Budokai and MMAHelsinki champion. Of his 4 losses, three have come against current champion Stanley Steele, in 2 championship fights. He has shown his versatility as fighter, with 3 submissions and 4 KO victories. Nickal looks to string together a couple wins and force a fourth fight with Steele.

Light Heavyweight bout-

Early Grayce (13-2) vs Jessie Kilpatrick (12-5)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Lexington, United States ------ Seattle, United States
Fighting out of: New York ------- Los Angeles
Age: 23 ------ 23
Height: 178 cm ------ 178 cm
Specialty: BJJ ------ Wrestling

Grayce is a phenomenal boxer, with 12 KO victories to his name. Grayce is 4-1 in Budokai, winning his first four in a row but losing his last via majority decision. Grayce has a solid chin and has only been KO’d once in his career.

Kilpatrick has spent his entire career in Budokai, and is a former champion. He won the inaugural LHW tournament at Budokai. He lost his crown to Caesar El Toro Jr., losing via submission twice. After losing his last fight, he is looking to regain his footing and have another run at the title.

And now for the main event, for the Super Heavyweight title-

Samuel “Bodo” Nti (22-3) vs Mark Lesnar (20-7)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana ------- Minneapolis, United States
Fighting out of: Los Angeles ------ London
Age: 29 ------ 31
Height: 172 cm ------ 185 cm
Specialty: Wrestling ------- Wrestling

Samuel “Bodo” Nti may already be a Budokai hall of famer. With 4 belt defenses, Nti looks to add a fifth over an opponent he has beaten previously. Every single fight he has ever taken apart in has ended via KO, and he has KO’d 22 different men in his dominant Budokai/LoL run. However the fight turns out, it can almost be promised that a KO will occur.

On the other hand, Lesnar has almost an identical track record with his fists, knocking out 19 of his opponents. Lesnar absolutely dominated on the Island, defending the belt 6 times. Lesnar has faced Nti before, in a losing effort. Lesnar is known for his dominant wrestling and his ground and pound. After beating Phil Coleman and Hijack Dabutt, he earned another title shot.
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#893451 K-1 (I miss those times)

Posted by Rei on 07 August 2019 - 03:22 PM


I was wondering, where the hell has all that talent vanished? I guess a lot at involved in MMA now, but still, it is almost like that stand up fighting died.


Same thing that happened to MMA really, they lost to the west and it's $. The spectacle that was golden age JKick and JMMA was truly like nothing else. Sadly we can't go back to that scale just due to the money not being there in those areas anymore. Heavyweight talent went to other sports that pay more or were simply held back by modern drug testing lmao







(longest low-blow break ever btw)

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#893275 Want to sell your org?

Posted by Rei on 05 August 2019 - 04:19 PM

Sure, 25 Million in game cash


thars 15m more than what I told him for mine hahaha

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#893154 League of Madness

Posted by Rei on 03 August 2019 - 09:53 PM

Brought one back for the team!

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#893088 Budokai Fighting Federation - Official Media Thread

Posted by Rei on 02 August 2019 - 03:08 PM

Budokai 79: Trump vs. Schaub

Event Preview by Gut Punch




 Budokai 79: Trump vs Schaub takes place on August 3rd in the historic Saku Dome in Tokyo. This card features two title bouts, at both Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight. The card features 8 professional bouts in total, from all different weight classes. Lets take a look at the prelims:


Featherweight Bout
Omar Cunningham (3-3) vs Alex Stern (6-4)
The breakdown- 
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV, US ----- Sydney, Australia
Fighting out of: Las Vegas ----- Sydney
Age: 23 ------ 24
Height: 169 cm ------ 178 cm
Specialty: Muay Thai/Wrestling ------ Boxing
Cunningham is 2-3 in Budokai, having fought in the Bantamweight division. This is his debut at Featherweight. He has shown some knockout power at Bantamweight, and is hoping that cutting less weight will increase his KO power. 
Stern is 5-4 in Budokai. He is a knockout artist with 5 KO victories to his name. Only one of his career fights has gone to decision, so you know you’re going to get some fireworks every time he steps into the ring. He has lost his last two and is looking to turn the streak around by connecting with Cunningham’s chin here. 
Lightweight Division
Conor Larkin (5-1) vs Ryan Rodriguez (8-4)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Kilkenny, Ireland ------ Southampton, England
Fighting out of: New York ------ Las Vegas
Age: 24 ------ 24
Height: 186 cm ------- 178 cm
Specialty: Wrestling ------- Boxing
Larkin is one of the top prospects in Budokai. He has proven his ability to finish fights in every manner, whether it be KO, Sub, or Decision. His only loss comes in a title shot against current double champ Vadim Golovkin. Larkin considers this only a temporary setback and looks to give a fight performance worthy of a rematch with the double champ. 
Rodriguez has gone 2-3 under the Budokai banner. However, He has shown promise in his short career, and was Drop Kick Cage Warrior’s last Lightweight champion. Now under new management, Rodriguez had a fight go to decision for the first time in his career. Rodriguez looks to go back to the Amazing KO finishes he’s known for in this fight.
Middleweight Division
Rogiero De Souza (9-9) vs Scott Hill (6-5)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil ------ Lincoln, NE, US
Fighting Out of: Rio De Janeiro ------ Los Angeles
Age: 23 ------ 21
Height: 190 cm ------ 185 cm
Specialty: BJJ ------ BJJ
De Souza is a strict BJJ practitioner. All nine of his victories have come via submission. Most of his submission wins have come via triangle choke. His only loss via submission came in a title shot against Brown belt Caesar El Toro Jr. While he has faltered since then, losing his last fight, Souza hopes to string a few wins together and get another shot at the title.
Hill made his Budokai debut in the Twin Crown Tournament, losing to John Lawrence via submission. However, the former ABC champ is a well rounded fighter, having won from TKO, submission, and decision.
Light Heavyweight Division
Tomomisan “Jumbo” Tsuruta (7-3) vs Keijo Maki (6-2)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Yamanashi, Japan ----- Tampere, Finland
Fighting out of: St. Petersberg ----- Helsinki
Age: 23 ------ 22
Height: 192 cm ----- 205 cm 
Specialty: Wrestling ------ Muay Thai
Jumbo is 1-1 in Budokai. A RISE and UCF veteran, Jumbo has six KO’s to his name. His loss in Budokai came in his debut via submission, however he bounced back and TKO’d his next opponent. Jumbo looks to continue his winning streak, and establish a winning record in the organiation.
Maki is 2-1 in Budokai. This is his first fight at Light Heavyweight, as he has fought at Heavyweight in every professional bout he’s had. He is a former MMAHelsinki Heavyweight champ. He made the transition over to Budokai after the org closed and looks to become a contender in the Heavyweight/Light Heavyweight Divisions.
Welterweight Division
Stanley “The Knife” Steele (13-4) vs Santino Lombardo (3-1)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Sydney, Australia ----- Lombardy, Italy
Fighting out of: London ----- London
Age: 24 ----- 20
Height: 179 cm ------ 184 cm
Specialty: Wrestling/BJJ ----- Muay Thai/Wrestling
Steele is a long time Budokai veteran, and is 12-4 in the organization. He was the Welterweight Champion of Budokai until he lost it in his last fight against Roli Poli. However, he had defended the belt three times, and hopes to get a shot at reclaiming his title soon. 
Lombardo is a young prospect that keeps getting better. In only his fourth professional fight, Lombardi defeated former Welterweight champ Bo Nickal. He has also beaten promising fight Mario Rossi. Can Lombardi keep the hype trip going? He certainly has some steam going into this fight.
Super Heavyweight Division
Highjack “Smash” Dabutt (11-6) vs Mark Lesnar (19-7)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Yayama, Congo ------ Minneapolis, MN, US
Fighting out of: Hilo ------ London
Age: 29 ----- 31
Height: 190cm ------ 185 cm
Specialty: Boxing ----- Wrestling
Dabutt’s first fight in Budokai was a title shot, which he lost via TKO. However, the LoL veteran has plenty of potential, Having 11 KO victories to his name. His remarkable wrestling ensures that the fight will stay on the feet, and his sensational boxing will finish the fight.
Lesnar is coming off of a TKO victory against Phil Coleman. One of the most experienced fighters in Budokai, he is a professional wrestler and former NCAA collegiate wrestler. Lesnar has 18 (T)KO victories to his name, and one decision.
And now, for the Championship fights:
For the Heavyweight Championship
Kay “Horizontal Kiss” Bone (16-2) vs Ross Kemp (12-5)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Coleraine, Northern Ireland ------ Stanhope, England
Fighting out of: London ----- London
Age: 23 ------ 24
Height: 215 cm ------ 205 cm
Specialty: Boxing ------ Boxing/Muay Thai
Bone is one of the biggest names in Budokai, especially after receiving a KO of the night award for his last performance. At 16-2, Bone has only been defeated in Budokai once, by Felix Inarritu via KO. However, since then Bone has reclaimed his title and gone on another impressive streak, winning his last four fights. This is his second title defense, as he looks to cement his legacy in Budokai history. 
Kemp is no stranger to Budokai gold. A former champ with two successful title defenses, Kemp was both the Fighter of the year for Budokai and the recipient of KO of the year in 2018. After losing 2 in a row, Kemp fell of the map but has resurged by winning 3 out of his last 4. Given the history of both Kemp and Bone in Budokai, this could be one of the best match ups of the year.
And now, your main event
For the Light Heavyweight championship
“President Elect” Donald Trump (14-3) vs Bryan Schaub (18-5-1)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Compton, NY, US ------ Colorado, US
Fighting out of: London ------ New York
Age: 24 ------ 24
Height: 182 cm ------ 179 cm
Specialty: Boxing/Wrestling ------ Wrestling
The President Elect has a lot on his plate. Already the Light Heavyweight champion at Skrap Fights, Trump came to Budokai to take on Middleweight champ Caesar El Toro Jr as he attempted to become a double champ, and won via TKO. after two defenses in Skrap Fights, He’s back for another super fight. 
Bryan Schaub has been on a tear as of late, winning his last three fights. He has 14 submission victories to his name, and has shown that he can box with the best of them. Schaub is a former IXF champion and has competed among the best in every organization he’s been a part of. 

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#892919 League of Madness

Posted by Rei on 29 July 2019 - 07:47 PM

My name is Magnus Gunnarson, I am 18 and I'm from Akureyri, Iceland. I currently train in London with the Diamond Unbreakable team.

As the son of a fisherman I can not claim fighting was always in my blood, as it honestly wasn't. I spent my childhood doing the ordinary things that boys around here do, and have clocked many hours at sea on my Father's boat which I will inherit one day. Apart from a few fights with kids in the neighbourhood - if you can even count them - I had zero experience with martial arts before beginning my training for this competition. 
All I cared about was swimming, fishing, biking, romancing and knitting. All what you'd expect!
Why sign up then you ask? The answer is pretty simple. I'm a university student and need the money to pay my expenses - If I don't pursue an MRM in Coastal & Marine Management then who will? After hours of researching ways of getting rich quick and finding myself on the wrong end of a number of embarrassing Nigerian credit card scams, I stumbled upon an advertisement for League of Madness and decided to check it out. 
With no idea what Mixed Martial Arts was, I JewTubed some fights and was particularly intrigued by one Benson Whyte, especially his bouts with Orlando Diggs. After watching hours of matches I realised that most competitors at the amateur levels had terrible technique and it could not be too hard to beat them. I tossed a coin and found myself heading to London.

Training has gone well and I am starting to feel things coming together, improving every day. My time at the Madness Mansion has been interesting to say the least, as there are many strong personalities and some rather different characters in here. Morale amongst the team is on a high too, with our boy Kahn taking home the first W. I promise I will follow in his footsteps and do the same when I step in there this weekend.

I am Magnus Gunnarson, The Northern Light.

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#892916 Budokai Fighting Federation - Official Media Thread

Posted by Rei on 29 July 2019 - 04:19 PM

Congrats to the winners, commiserations to the losers. Matches for the next round as well as for third place are all booked!


The updated bracket is as follows










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#892833 League of Madness

Posted by Rei on 28 July 2019 - 06:08 AM

Nice first match lads, excited to see how things play out from here!

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#892751 Budokai Fighting Federation - Official Media Thread

Posted by Rei on 26 July 2019 - 06:46 PM

by Gut Punch
Budokai kicks off the second round of their historic Twin Crown tournament on the 27th of July. This is the first ever Budokai event outside of Japan, taking place in the Camden Conference Centre in London, England. There are two Bantamweight fights and two Middleweight fights in this round, to determine who the finalists are. Let's take a look at the Bantamweight match ups:
#1- Disco Kid (12-5) vs “The Prospector” My Time (7-0)
The breakdown-
Hometown: New York, NY, US ------ Atlin, BC, Canada
Fighting out of: London ------ London
Height: 164cm ------ 176cm
Age: 23 ------ 22
Specialty: Wrestling ------ Muay Thai
Kid defeated Santiago Junior in the first round of the tournament with a submission victory in the second round. After defeating Junior, Kid may be the favorite in this tournament, especially considering how recently he faced current champion Seamus Macnamara. He lost that fight via unanimous decision. Kid is known to take the fight to the ground, and it will be interesting to see if he decides to stand with a Muay Thai fighter. 
Time is an undefeated prospect, a task that is hard to do in Budokai, especially in their stacked Bantamweight division. However, Time has only one fight in Budokai, which resulted in a KO victory in the first round of the tournament against Yeu Fei. Known for having heavy hands, he has six KO victories, and his opponent will have to watch his P’s and Q’s as one punch could end this fight.
#2- Hratch Tzien (2-1) vs “The Boss” Motoso Angostura (8-4-1)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Kadwan, Burma ------ Bucaramanga, Columbia
Fighting out of: Las Vegas ----- Los Angeles
Height: 170 cm ----- 170 cm
Age: 22 ------ 23
Specialty: Muay Thai ------ Muay Thai
Tzien Submitted his opponent Uramoto Susseu in the first round of the tournament, in only his third fight as a professional. Known as a striking sensation, he looks to continue his success in what will be only his second fight in Budokai.
The Boss is a former Budokai champion looking to reclaim the title. He is a long time veteran of Budokai, and the hall of fame may be in his future if he can reclaim the title. He won the first round of the tournament via decision over Android Ten. His only losses in Budokai are to Santiago Junior and Current Champ Macnamara. 
Now, for the Middleweight Bouts:
#1- Max “Captain” Chaos (13-5) vs Ikemba Onazi (4-1) 
The breakdown-
Hometown: Sydney, Australia ----- Awka, Senegal
Fighting out of: London ----- Las Vegas
Height: 180 cm ----- 193 cm
Age: 24 ------ 21
Specialty: Wrestling ----- Muay Thai
Captain Chaos beat Rogerio De Souza via decision in the first round of the tournament. This marked the third decision victory of his career, and his second decision win in Budokai. Although only 24, Captain Chaos has 18 professional fights to his name, and holds an experience advantage over everyone else in the Twin Crown tournament. 
Onazi beat Christopher Blackburn in the first round of the tournament via Submission. This was his debut in Budokai, having fought in North Star Combat previously. How he cuts to Middleweight defies physics, as he is one of the biggest fighters in the division, and looks like a heavyweight when he’s not cutting. This fight will most likely be spent on the ground as both fighters have the majority of their wins coming from Submissions.
#2- John “Johnny” Lawrence (8-2) vs Luiz Franca (11-5)
The breakdown- 
Hometown: Los Angeles, US ------ Sao Paulo, Brazil
Fighting out of: Las Vegas ------ Sydney
Height: 180 cm ------ 188 cm
Age: 22 ------ 30
Specialty: BJJ ------ Wrestling
Lawrence defeated his first opponent of the tournament, Scott Hill, via submission. Lawrence only has one loss in Budokai, a decision loss to Jessie James. Every win for Lawrence has come via submission, and Lawrence will most likely pull guard to bring the fight to the ground.
Franca is the oldest competitor in the tournament, and has been in Budokai for almost his entire career. He won the first round of the tournament against Dragomir Savic via decision. Seven of his eleven wins have come via submission, and it is unclear who has the advantage on the ground in this fight.
Now, for the rest of the card-
Uramoto Sussue (3-1) vs “Red Ribbon army’s” Android Ten (4-8)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Rocinha, Brazil ------ Arundel, US
Fighting out of: Montreal ----- New York
Height: 163 cm ----- 160 cm
Age: 21 ----- 23
Specialty: Wrestling ------ Boxing
Sessue lost during the last round of the tournament to Hratch Tzien via submission. This was the first loss of Sessue’s career. However, Sessue still has a bright future ahead of him, and is looking to bounce back against Android Ten. 
Ten is on a six fight losing streak, and is looking to break that streak against Sessue. Ten was defeated via decision in the first round of the tournament. However, Tenis known to have a granite chin, and fully believes that he can bounce back from this losing streak. Ten is a former champion in Evolucion. 
Arlo “Flower Power” Rochester (3-3) vs Rocky “The Brockton Blockbuster” Marciano (5-1)
The breakdown- 
Hometown: Wichita, KS, US ------ Brockton, MA, US
Fighting out of: Los Angeles ----- Sydney
Height: 189cm ----- 185cm
Age: 21 ------ 29
Specialty: Boxing ----- Wrestling
“Flower Power” won his first fight in Budokai via Submission against Chief Bull. He originated as a boxer that transitioned into MMA, and has two KO victories to his name. After tightening up his BJJ skills, he received “submission of the night” honors in his last fight. 
Marciano is 5-1, and his only loss comes in a title shot in PSE. He has 3 KO victories, as well as 2 decision victories. He has one submission loss, however, he has not faced a grappler as good as Rochester, and his ability to stuff Rochesters submission attempts will make or break this fight.
Marcos “Black Magic” Sanchez (6-5) vs Yeu Fei (10-5)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico ----- Anyang, China
Fighting out of: Las Vegas ----- New York
Height: 167cm ----- 184 cm
Age: 24 ------ 31
Specialty: Boxing ------ Muay Thai
Black Magic has been in Budokai for his entire career. All six of his victories have come via KO, and made his last opponent tap to strikes after some vicious ground and pound. He has won “KO of the night” honors three times, and looks to add a fourth award in this fight. 
Yeu Fei lost in the first round of the tournament via KO against My Time. Fei is a former Budokai champion and believes he can reclaim the title. Fei himself has won KO of the night honors four times. Expect fireworks from this bout.
“The Mad Monk” Frank Martin (10-14) vs Mario “The Artist” Rossi (7-5)
The breakdown-
Hometown: Shirebrook, England ------ Toronto, Canada
Fighting out of: New York ------ New York
Height: 178 cm ----- 180 cm
Age: 29 ----- 24
Specialty: BJJ ------ Muay Thai
The Mad Monk is a long time Budokai veteran. He is also known for his warrior spirit, and recently had two fights within a three day time period, winning both. All ten of his victories have come via submission. A LoL veteran, Martin has a long line of notable fighters that he has fought. 
The Artist looks to turn around a three fight losing streak. Rossi is 3-4 in Budokai, but has faced some tough opposition, including some title contenders. Known for his never give up attitude, Rossi has shown big heart in every fight he has been a part of, even in his KO losses. Rossi is known to pack a powerful punch, and looks to get back to his winning ways with a cracking knock out. 

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#892675 One Championship

Posted by Rei on 25 July 2019 - 01:25 PM

I was gonna ask how much Chatri was paying you but then I saw the anti-doping comments lmao. I love watching ONE but they are far from flawless (like everyone else), and have much they could improve on. Their production value is the best in the world currently, more so than the UFC, as they are just too cookie-cutter and boring these days.

I rate ONE below RIZIN and UFC but slightly ahead of Bellator.
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#892372 Watch Elon Musk’s Neuralink presentation: scheduled for human trials.

Posted by Rei on 21 July 2019 - 06:14 PM

Are you a bot now lmao

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