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#912985 Real Life T-Shirts

Posted by Rei on 06 May 2020 - 10:37 AM

I would invest nothing more than designing some tees. Print on demand on some store and then use this probably as some merchan giveaway initially.
But what do you thing of these?


I think you should make your own designs, not just bang a logo on top of someone else's hard work

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#912955 Real Life T-Shirts

Posted by Rei on 05 May 2020 - 11:29 PM

Wouldn't bank on trying to make merchandise out of artwork that isn't your own though mate, real life aint as lenient as mmatycoon lol



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#912405 Avatar Rejected

Posted by Rei on 30 April 2020 - 06:46 PM

Well I am glad we have a guide now at least. Despite all of the ridiculous examples accepted in the past, its good to now know clearly what Mike is looking for.

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#912238 Fighters named Covid

Posted by Rei on 29 April 2020 - 12:07 AM

I'm asking the managers in this game to stop using Covid, Covid19, Corona, Virus, or any other permutations of the name when naming their fighters.
It's not funny, it's not cute.
There are players in the game who have been directly affected by Covid19. Family members, friends, acquaintances have been seriously sick, have died.
Let's please show some respect and compassion for those who lost someone, or endured days without contact while a family member fought for their lives in an ICU. No contact with parents or grandparents locked up in nursing homes.
When it visits your family you may think differently about how funny your fighter's name is. I pray that doesn't happen.
I'm asking for all the guys in the game who wince when they see those names.
How about maybe you spend a few VIP days and change those names. Seems to me the right thing to do.
Thanks everyone.

Embarrassing if serious
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#911783 Avatar Rejected

Posted by Rei on 23 April 2020 - 01:21 PM

You accepted these.





That's all that needs to be said lol

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#911623 Check retired fighters hiddens

Posted by Rei on 21 April 2020 - 03:04 PM

Some very interesting results that would have likely changed these guys' careers big time had I known about them. Shit like this makes me love this game lol
Jackson Bishop - Hiddens Report.
Intelligence: 16/150.
Heart: 107/150.
Chin: 113/150.
Injury Proneness: 119/150.
Self Confidence: 124/150.
Cuts: 51/150.
Fast Learner: 126/150.
Natural KO: 148/150.
Average: 100.5/150. Rank: 21,392 out of 193,190 (top 11%)
Experience: 147/150.
Potential: 118/123. (Min 96).
Age Drop Off: 28 years.
Days of Cuts: 5 (Rank: 37,315)
Days of Injuries: 196 a(Rank: 4,928)
Marat Magomedov- Hiddens Report.
Intelligence: 37/150.
Heart: 60/150.
Chin: 111/150.
Injury Proneness: 148/150.
Self Confidence: 16/150.
Cuts: 9/150.
Fast Learner: 146/150.
Natural KO: 140/150.
Average: 83.4/150. Rank: 94,260 out of 193,190 (top 49%)
Experience: 147/150.
Potential: 118/123. (Min 96).
Age Drop Off: 32 years.
Days of Cuts: 19 (Rank: 13,239)
Days of Injuries: 259 (Rank: 2,933)
Sendou Kitano - Hiddens Report.
Intelligence: 27/150.
Heart: 140/150.
Chin: 43/150.
Injury Proneness: 99/150.
Self Confidence: 95/150.
Cuts: 22/150.
Fast Learner: 132/150.
Natural KO: 107/150.
Average: 83.1/150. Rank: 95,214 out of 193,190 (top 49%)
Experience: 147/150.
Potential: 120/123. (Min 96).
Age Drop Off: 32 years.
Days of Cuts: 179 (Rank: 377)
Days of Injuries: 307 (Rank: 1,968)

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#911561 Avatar Rejected

Posted by Rei on 20 April 2020 - 05:17 PM

What is 'too avatary' really, can we address that? 


It can be whatever Mike feels, because its a subjective criteria.




Bear in mind that this is just a single example lads, I'm not being a crybaby over one avatar getting rejected lol. It becomes a problem when there's tons of examples of hypocrisy because Mike disregards the rules he himself established. I have on occasion submitted the same avatar twice, without changing anything about it and had the piece accepted on the second attempt - more than once.

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#911526 Avatar Rejected

Posted by Rei on 20 April 2020 - 10:06 AM

Haven't posted in about a month as I'm trying to step back from the game a bit but something has irked me enough to come back to the forums. 



Avatar Rejected 


Note: not avatary enough






So I ask you, the general public - would you have approved or rejected the above? and is Mike's rejecting of it fair or arbitrary?



For some help answering the questions, here's some examples of recently accepted avatars that mike calls "avatary enough". This is by no means a criticism or attack of the avatar creators or the managers that use them, I only chose these subjects as I believe them to go against Mike's supposed "guidelines"





I mean come on, three of them are the same dude's real face just blurred and placed on a stock image lmao



Stay safe boys and try not to get the kung-flu

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Posted by Rei on 21 March 2020 - 11:17 AM

First of all, I must apologise. The decision to close up TOKYO REBELS was made very quickly and I had no message nor materials prepared to let you all know what was going on. You can imagine with how the world is currently reacting to this pandemic, that the daily lives of most people are being affected and in some cases completely turned upside-down. Right now I'm stressing about making rent this month and all sorts of other boring, grown-up real-life shits and sadly don't have the time to commit to MMATYCOON - a game I love. I had neglected all of my events by forgetting to put in advertising / production numbers and only booking half a card - tanking financially as a result. My fighters haven't trained in weeks and It's been months since I set any sliders. During my short break I realised just how much more time I would have to spend on the things I really need to sort out in my personal life, and as a result I'm choosing to put them first.
I also believe that the managers signed to ANY promotion deserve the best attention and response that an owner can give, and that is not something I can provide at the moment.
Sorry to all of those who had their fights cancelled so suddenly, I hope you have found a new place to scrap. There are some amazing orgs out there and I personally recommend my favourites - Pulse FC and Inferno CS. 
I have no plans on opening an org any time soon, and likely not for a long time still.
Cheers boys. Stay healthy.

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#908136 UFC on ESPN+ 28 Lee vs Oliveira Pick'em Thread

Posted by Rei on 14 March 2020 - 01:57 PM

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#906938 TOKYO REBELS Featherweight Grand Prix (UNRESTRICTED)

Posted by Rei on 29 February 2020 - 02:49 PM

Now, the bracket for round 2 is as follows




and these are the results so far



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#906937 TOKYO REBELS Featherweight Grand Prix (UNRESTRICTED)

Posted by Rei on 29 February 2020 - 02:46 PM

Well, this morning (evening in Tokyo) our opening round took place - and what a way to kick off the tournament! From the come-from-behind KO by Finnish Experiment II to the razor-thin split decision separating Akihiro Gomi and Pablo Noriega, spectators were on their seats throughout the entire card.



The official results were as follows




The updated round 1 bracket is as follows




Awards for the night are as follows


Sub of the Night - Great Tiger




Knockout of the Night - Finnish Experiment II




and finally, Fight of the Night - Ryan Rodriguez vs. Samak Ruenroeng


14885647152430.jpg 41w28.jpg



​Congratulations to all fighters who have found glory this evening, and commiserations to those not as fortunate. 

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#906593 Jessica Penne and Bec Rawlings Basically Resorting To Porn

Posted by Rei on 22 February 2020 - 05:06 PM

Yeah right, there will be no nudity at all other than maybe a couple of arse pics. Any simps who get scammed by it deserve to be

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Posted by Rei on 17 February 2020 - 05:25 PM

Hey guys, figured I'd drop in and talk about some things. This last couple weeks have been real rough for me, the last one being exceptionally stressful and testing. I haven't had a lot of time to myself and have spent what little time I did have resting or wallowing. But we're on to better things now, and I'm excited to get back into the swing of it



Firstly, I'd like to give congratulations to Sameh Mahmoud and Hugh Honey for their emphatic victories this weekend, both dominating the reigning Champions and securing the crown for themselves. They now join the likes of Chamuaknoi Sitsongrit, Arthur Menezes & Orpheus Boagrius as the kings of their respective divisions. Well done boys.



7w19.jpg 14738864895677.jpg


20191130155602TR.png                  20191130155602TR.png



Secondly, our next event will mark a very important step in the development of our promotion as we make our first move into PPV territory. TR11: BOAGRIUS VS. GARCON will be live on PPV as we are set to witness the return of the Spartan behemoth Orpheus Boagrius as he looks to defend his throne from the always dangerous CEC veteran, Jean Paul Garcon. In the co-main event, top welterweights collide as former Konflikt and DKCW Middleweight Champion Buddy Barnett meets the former EMP and ABW title-holder, Wilson Brooks. The third fight available live direct to your living room will see the crowning of our inaugural 205 Champion as the streaking striking sensation Wallace Cobb looks to retire the always dangerous Dutch kickboxing legend, John Brophy.



We are very excited to be experimenting with PPV events and will put our best efforts forward in securing and building the talents required to cement our place at the top of the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Just yesterday we managed to put pen to paper with #28 P4P ranked Budokai Fighting Federation Hall of Famer Ross Kemp as he joins our already exciting Heavyweight division. A fighter I know and love all too well, we can't wait for Ross to make his promotional debut.







Additionally, and finally, talks are in place for the aforementioned TOKYO REBELS Welterweight Champion Sameh Mahmoud to return to SYN and take on their Lightweight Champion Elgin Turner in what would be TOKYO REBELS' first official cross-promotional superfight! The first of many I am sure.

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#905922 TOKYO REBELS Featherweight Grand Prix (UNRESTRICTED)

Posted by Rei on 12 February 2020 - 08:12 AM

Patrick Seery is confirmed, and we will not have to look for a replacement. Success!
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