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Elite Pride Glory and Honor

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Posted 03 September 2017 - 08:14 PM


Talk all the shit to each other that you want but there's a few quick rules that if broken will result in your fighter (s) being released from their contracts.

Limit foul language

If your fighter is trying to challenge someone he has lost to by sub or ko he has zero room to talk shit to the guy he lost to.

If you've lost your fight you will not be granted an immidiate rematch unless it was a split decision victory

If you request a title fight don't throw a fit if your not booked for one in the next fight.

More to come....
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Posted 15 September 2017 - 07:13 AM

Hello this is your owner and main operator of Elite Pride Glory and Honor, Where fighters go to prove there Elite, Fight with Pride, To gain Glory or lose with Honor. I will be doing a preview of our first EPGH Card which will be a fantastic show. I do have some announcements to make first.

THE EPGH TITLE BELT HAS BEEN REVEALED! Look on the orgs home page and see the title for yourself.

I would love to announce that EPGH now has an official Bookmaker. Ran by Chris Esken Monkey Business Betting is brand new in the Tycoon world much like EPGH, Chris is offering odds on all the fights on the EPGH 1 card as well as in real life events such as UFC Fight Night 116 so put some money down, No risk no reward!

But I would like to warn you purposefully throwing a fight will result in you getting booted from your contract (s) early.

Other Sponsors include Helsinki Extreme Fightware the official merchandising partner of EPGH 1 is the #2 clothing company in Helsinki and #26th globally. shop HXF for great cheap clothing to keep your fighters happy.
Fanatic Inc. Just re-opened by Tristan Thonglao with yours truly as Creative Director, at Fanatic Inc. We have outstanding designs that will make your fighter happy as hell! Cause 1 chicks will see you wearing the best gear in the world and just wanna have sex, and 2 everybody likes sex. So make your fighters happy get them laid, get them Fanatic Inc. Fightware TODAY!
I would love to announce that EPGH now has a brand new sponser Mockstar Energy Drinks coming out with their first stamina reducing 160 quality product the same day as EPGH 1. In celebration of both events Mockstar was ever so generous in putting up a 5k Fight of the Night Bonus of which I will match to make the bonus 10k. KO/Sub of the night will gain you an even 2k each. Goodluck to all fighters competing at EPGH 1!

Link to Mockstar Energy Drinks Homepage

Also on that note we will be offering the top fighters in the EPGH banner sponsorships which will include a signing bonus and 20% off all in store products oh and did I mention that our fightware gets you laid? Well imagine what will happen if we sponsor you. That's right swimming in women (or men we are not homophobic).


TJ Goodard vs Francisco Junior
TJ has won his only fight by tko in the third round to avoid the decision while his opponent Francisco Junior has yet to compete in MMA. Not really much to say but both are supposedly adept at the ground game, and the first fight of the night may very well give us our first victory by submission.

New Beggining vs Baron Von Duesche
Neither fighter has competed in MMA before but it will be interesting watching 2 18 year olds with zero previous experience mixing it up. Goodluck to both competitors!

G.I. Jane vs Junsuke Okazuki
Another fight where neither competitor has any experience in a sanctioned MMA fight. With very little to none to talk about regarding this fight I would like to thank the managers of these 2 for being the first confirmed fight in EPGH history!

Jansen Harumafuji vs Lyfe Wrecker
Harumafuji is coming off his first victory while Wrecker is coming off a terrible first defeat to an underdeveloped 18 year old. Will Harumafuji get 2 in a row or will Wrecker pull his head out of his but and win one for the gipper? Wreckers stand up is quite good while Harumafuji has the ground advantage so this should be an interesting fight.

Our first show has 4 fights with future championship implications these fights are.

Bjorg Hrjinski vs Miguel Sanchez
Sanchez is on a 4 fight winning streak a fifth win will earn him a shot at the Middleweight Title in his next fight. He's going against Hrjinski, this will be his MMA debut. He isn't fighting for a future title fight but fighting to make a name for himself, the odds are against him but who knows maybe he just might pull off the major upset.

Nate Diaz vs Dirty Thrower
Nate is coming off his first win and is looking to capitalize on an offer I made to the first group of fighters I signed that the winner of a qfc fight and winning a fight at qfc 1 would grant them a future title shot (first show was hard to book needed to give people a reason to fight) Nate is the bigger fighter of the two but Thrower is coming off a loss and is looking to avenge that with a huge first victory under the EPGH banner.

Makonouchi Ippo vs Leonardo Laiola
Ippo is 2-0 and gaining some traction in the p4p rankings a win for him here will put him in serious consideration for a title Fight with newly aquired DSF Lightweight Champion Matthew Theil to determine the first EPGH Lightweight Champion. Ippo however will not be overshadowed by his opponent Laiola has better boxing and BJJ than Ippo according to his trainers so maybe he can take this one away from Ippo.

Frank Curtis vs Rafael Van Der Moot
Our Main Event is a spectacular one Curtis is close to eclipsing the top 3000 in the p4p rankings and is undefeated with 4 straight victories. Needless to say a win will grant him a shot at the Light Heavyweight Strap in his next fight. But before he gets too comfortable Rafael Van Der Moot may very well be his toughest test to date as the Dutch import has much better muay Thai than his opponent and has 3 victories and 1 defeat. This fight is truly worthy of EPGH's first Main Event.

Goodluck to all competitors and to place bets on all the fights above and more use the link below




Mockstar Energy Drinks
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Posted 24 September 2017 - 06:50 AM

"Venemous “Mechete” Unbreakable vs Girkul Noseflame

This in my opinion is a very underrated fight and could end up with a ko of the night bonus. Both fighters have won by knockout in their only 2 fights and will be looking to jump into the middleweight championship discussion."


No more discussion, dusted him off in 39 seconds and spinning fashion! (KO (Spinning Backfist))


Give grirkul his belt!

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BloodOath Laundry 85%   Stock: 1407 (Will keep updating here)

Mail for a deal with me or the owner

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Posted 30 September 2017 - 07:09 PM

*Updated Version of Weekly News and Review*


1. No longer doing a review until further notice in the future may be willing to pay 25k per review but at the moment I'll just fit everything into a weekly newsletter so I won't be filling your inboxes with stuff that doesn't pertain to your fighters individually.

2. I would like to apologize to all the managers of fighters who have signed to fight on the first 2 original October cards and since signing onto those fights we have added 3 events which could have gotten your fighters in the ring sooner. I am sorry once both fighters agreed to the fight I couldn't do anything to reschedule the fight to make it take place on an earlier card.

3. Ultimate Fighting Fridays will be held in a cage opposed to the ring like in our Saturday Night Pride Fights I am doing this as a homage to both of the major irl organizations that inspire EPGH. UFF will occur twice a month, SNPF will occur weekly, and a monthly EPGH Supershow.

4. Monthly Supershows will always be headlined by a title fight and the champion of said title fight will get to chose the location of the entire event.

5. Nothing new on the tournament front, still in the beginning stages and need to solidify the org before proceeding with a tournament atm. Stay tuned as a couple more suggestions have been added and will be brought up again hopefully in the next couple weeks.

6. Official EPGH Forum. I am currently working on a Forum for the Org that will serve as the orgs information hq. Records, monthly rankings and so much more will be included and will accurately detail the orgs history. Possibly have it up and running and fully functional asap.

7. Closing of the Super Heavyweight Division. I am going to discontinue the 265+ division. Not enough new fighters are being created in order to keep this division working properly. No one wants to fight the same 3-4 people repeatedly.

8. New Openweight Kickboxing Division. In accordance to dropping the Super Heavyweight Division EPGH will be adopting a new Kickboxing division that will be open to fighters of all sizes and will facilitate our bi-weekly kickboxing events in the future. It will be kicked off by a tournament to decide who will become the first Glory King with an undisclosed prize reward that will be revealed prior to the first event. PM Jay Veers for more details


Overview of SNPF 1


Show was fantastic overall as far as the org goes it did accomplish 1 goal while making big progress in the other. Getting a 77 event rating was a big boost in hype but it certainly wasn't enough as we still didn't make a profit. But progress is progress.


As for the fights every one of them delivered in one way or another. Saw some quick finishes by way of KO 2 of them finished within a minute by a spinning backfist. Steve Johnson was victories within 24 seconds by Spinning Backfist to not only claim the record for fastest knockout but the record for fastest finish congrats to him and better luck to his opponent in his next go around. But the big winners of the night were Makonuchi Ippo and Isaac Sparks both of whom impressed hugely and have injected a huge amount of excitement into the lightweight division. Sparks came away with both fotn and sub of the night awards with the upset victory over the former DSOF lightweight champion Matthew Theil winning with a kimura in less than a minute and a half. Ippo on the other hand dismantled James Lancaster and earned the tko victory in the first round. This makes Ippo the first fighter to win by both tko and submission. Though these two men came out the big winners of the evening doesn't mean the rest of the winners didn't go unnoticed. Bobby Cheif won his 5th in a row to insert himself in the Heavyweight Title Picture, while Girkul Noseflame and Muffin Wonder asserted themselves in their own divisions. The same could be said for Mikael Joshua, Ricky Stephenson, Jerry West, and Jasper Van Den Berg. Congratulations to all of them!


Saturday Night Pride Fights 2 Preview

As for an event overview this card isn't nearly as stacked with clear cut contenders for a title opportunity like the last card but each one of these guys will be looking to make a major impression. There's a great mix of experience and inexperience on this card with a couple career journeymen to this point in their career looking to cement their spot in their divisions pecking order. Every fight has a story and each one will be a good one!

James "Magnificent" Maverick vs Gavin "The Destroyer" Mcinnes

This fight is another great example of our ultra competitive Heavyweight division. Both of these guys are contenders for a future title shot. Winning this fight for both men would be a major step in either one's career.

Demetrius Jones vs Gunnar Bjorkson

This fight is on the complete opposite end of the weight class spectrum, this Bantamweight showcase involves two fighters with only one win between them. But with that inexperience comes a crazy amount of popularity from Demetrius Jones who without stepping a foot in the ring has garnered a serious amount of hype. Gunnar on the other hand looks to show Demetrius's popularity amongst his peers means nothin in the ring.

White "Venum" Snake vs Alfredo "Dominant" DeAngelis

This is shaping up to be a grwat battle of stand up vs ground game in which both men will look to make a big impression on the EPGH crowd. Who will come out on top? A KO for DeAngelis or will the Venum strike with a submission from Snake?

Ryan "Leg Breaker" Shawcross vs Coach Eddie Boxing

Another fight pitting solid standup vs a solid ground game. If coach can stuff the takedown this fight is surely his but if Shawcross can get Coach to the ground his nickname doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Bjorg Hrjinski vs Francisco "Orelhinha" Junior

In this next matchup we have a big loser from EPGH in Hrjinski facing a big winner in Junior who finished his opponent by way of submission within his first EPGH contest. Can Hrjinski win and get a win in the books? Or will Junior decimate Hrjinski like his last victim?

"Da Norwegian Nighthawk" Norris Norton vs Timur "Big Trouble" Soloedko

Da Norwegian Nighthawk may have found himself in big trouble for this matchup as Quadruple N as I like to call him is riding a 4 fight losing streak coming into this contest vs Big Trouble who is riding a 2 fight win streak.

Ethan "Assassin" Adams vs Ginekes Poutanes

A matchup between 2 fighters looking to gain a winning record. Both are stuck at 500 and looking to make an immidiate within EPGH.

Leonardo "Caveira" Laiola vs Noah "Son of God" Hensley

Laiola looks to embarass the man they call Hands of God and make him eat that nickname. While Noah Hensley looks to prove to the Hawaiian audience why they call him the Hands of God.

Benjo "Tank" Clifton vs TJ "The Titan" Goodard

In the opening bout of the evening we will witness a fight between two fighters whom I believe have a lot of potential to make waves within the middleweight division. Though Goodard lost his first EPGH matchup I am confident in his ability to bounce back and get back into the win column. While Clifton is riding a 2 fight win streak to start his career heading into his EPGH debut.



Fanatic Inc. Official EPGH Clothing Brand. Bringing you the best clothing styles since just a few weeks ago.


Mockstar Energy Drinks official OTN award sponsor. Pumping out the best 160q products.


Helsinki Extreme Fightware Official Merchandising Partner of EPGH. HEF is a fantastic place to get quality clithing without paying for looks.

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Posted 01 October 2017 - 01:53 AM

EPGH will be doing a 320k+ id restricted Kickboxing Tournament to launch our Openweight Kickboxing Division. Winner of the tournament will become the first Glory King. Glory King will essentially be the title belt of said division.

Length of tournament will be determined based on how many people join would prefer a 32 man KT Tournament but 16 is probably what will be done based on demand.

Contracts for the first round will include zero bonus and will be for only 1 fight. Base salary and bonus will both be 500$. Winners of round 1 will be offered a second contract.

Round 2 Contract. Will again include zero bonus but the base and bonus pay will be raised to 1k each. Winners of round 2 will then be offered a Semi-Final Deal.

Semi-Final Contract. Fighters who enter the semi-finals will be offered a 2 fight contract, and a 1k bonus along with 1500$ base and bonus pay. Winners of the semi-finals will face each other for the Glory Crown and undisclosed cash prize (at the moment)

The plan is to start at the beggining of November and have the first Glory Crown decided by the end of January. 2 rounds a month giving fighters time to recover and a bit of time to train and improve.

Fighters are welcome to crossover from mma within EPGH and are welcome from other organizations if they get the blessing from their org owner.

PM Jay Veers for more information regarding rules
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Posted 03 October 2017 - 12:37 PM

Benjo Clifton is going down, I'm going to choke the tears out of him.

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Posted 06 October 2017 - 08:07 PM

EPGH Weekly News and Review In Full


Goodbye Super Heavyweight Division

EPGH will be discontinuing the ultra thin Superheavyweight Division. In doing so we will be crowning a first and last Super Heavyweight Champion. The fight will take place at EPGH 2 and will be between Norris Norton and Muffin Wonder. Goodluck!

Hello Openweight Kickboxing Division

In letting go of the Super Heavyweight Division we will be making room for the brand new EPGH Openweight Kickboxing Division. Fighters of any size will fight each other void of weight classes in stand up fights. All fighters are welcome to join this division and any EPGH contracted fighter is still encouraged to join especially if things having been going to well in his MMA career. To kick off this new Division we are holding the first Glory King Grand Prix.

EPGH Glory King Grand Prix Information and how to enter


EPGH Website/Forum

I am currently looking for VOLUNTEERS to help me run and get a few things done for the forum I have created for the site. Though I am not ready to unveil it I could use some people who are familiar with running forums and have slight knowledge of html coding. The forum soon will have the following features.

1. Monthly EPGH specific Rankings by Weight Classes

2. Record Book, Hall of Fame (managers/fighters)

3. Easy to find results from past cards

4. Poster archive (Bigger & Better graphics of posters, belts, and trophies)

5. Editorial Pieces based on EPGH fighters and the org itself (will pay in the future)

6. Voting Booth

7. Rule Book

8. Tips and Tricks for new managers

9. EPGH News

10. Smack Talk Section

11. Meet n Greet

12. Tournament results/Information/Brackets

13. League Standings/Information/Team Locker Rooms (Team Specific Forum)/History

14. All things Kickboxing

15. How EPGH Alums have been doing outside of the Org

And much much more!

EPGH Team Oriented League

I have gotten a pretty good amount of people liking the League idea so I have came to conclusion that EPGH will be adding a Team Oriented League. As of right now there are zero plans on when League play will begin or for how long it will commence. As of Right now I will be looking for Owners/Sponsors of Teams and would effectively act as the teams GM as well.

1. Owners must own either a clothing/Nutrition/Public Gym (No Private Gyms the idea is to help promote your products/gym through competition with each other, to help make money for everyone involved.)

2. Owners Must Also have every Fighter on their roster sponsored by your company

3. Owners must come up with a team name (optional logo for the EPGH Forum)

4. Owners are only allowed to have 1 fighter per a weight class on their roster at any given time

5. Owners will be able to switch Fighters out but the frequency to do so will be limited based on how long the season will be.

6. Points will be given for wins, title wins, defences, tournament wins, super fights. Fights vs other teams fighters will have extra points.

7. Rewards will be given to each fighter that participated in a fight for the winning team as well as the owner of the team.

The issues looming are That we need owners, possibly chipping in from each owner to create a large pot winner takes all kind of thing. Once we have a group of at least 6 owners we as a group can discuss terms, rewards, etc….. but not in a rush.

Losing 2 out of 3

For warning if you lose 2 out of 3 fights on your first contract I will probably ask you if you'd like to try out your fighter in our Openweight Kickboxing Division. Not an issue if you reject the offer just an fyi and losing 2 out of 3 doesn't exactly hamper your chances at getting an offer to resign with us. Just don't lose all 3!


Ultimate Fighting Fridays 1 Preview By Smash Mathers

This Friday, Elite Pride Glory and Honor presents 10 cage fights featuring some of the top talent this organization has to offer.

brought to you by Helsinki Xtreme Fightwear. Bringing you the best bang for your buck in clothing for the best results in keeping your fighters morale High so your rank soars higher!

Mockstar Energy Drinks wheather its bulking up, sliming down, reducing energy loss, or if its gains o'clock go to Mockstar for all your nutritional needs!

Fanatic Inc. Home of the official EPGH clothing line and clothes that will for sure get you laid bruh!

185 lbs Salazar vs. Sanchez

Making his debut here in EPGH, Ramon 'Sicario' Salazar hails from Mexico City, and shows up with one win under his belt. Word is he has good hands but the question is can he keep the fight standing against Miguel 'Rocket To The Top' Sanchez who's looking to grab his second EPGH victory. He showed excellent takedowns and a relentless top game in his first bout. He will definitely be looking to get this fight down to the ground, but this is mma and anything can happen.

170 lbs Souza vs. Taylor

For the second fight of the evening we have another debut fighter, with a record of 2-0 the Brazilian Tulio 'Espartano' Souza. He will arrive to show off his skill set against another fighter making his debut Marshall 'Black Hammer' Taylor who has a win to his name. Seems to me like the submission fighter vs. the well balanced fighter and it will be interesting to see if Souza can get this one to the ground where he has the distinct advantage.

145 lbs Diaz vs. Okazuki

Next up we have Nate 'Ninja' Diaz returning for his second EPGH bout as he looks to prove himself after losing a unanimous decision to Dirty Thrower in his debut. His opponent, hailing from Japan, Junsuke 'Baby Dragon' Okazuki also lost a unanimous decision in his debut against GI Jane. Both of these guys kind of had lackluster performances so they should show up hungry and determined to redeem themselves.

135 lbs Duesche vs. Morya

Baron 'Mr. Bag' Von Duesche is back looking for his second win, after his impressive armbar victory over New Beginning, getting the tap in the last second of the first round. This time he faces a newcomer, his opponent Alberto Morya, and it seems to me like we have an exciting ground fight here.

155 lbs Sommer vs Sparks

Next up, making his debut, all the way from Fiji we have Blayze 'Fire Starter' Sommer. He has a win under his belt, and looking to show off his talents against Isaac Sparks who, in his debut, pulled off an upset victory over Matthew Thiel with a sneaky kimura within the first minute and a half of the fight. Will Sommer pick up his first EPGH victory or will we see another highlight reel submission?

265 lbs Sevilla vs. Page

Eddie 'Huero' Sevilla had a rough go in his EPGH debut, suffering a tko loss to Mikael Joshua in the first minute of the bout. He's back to redeem himself against newcomer Brad Page. Hopefully he's been training his clinch game, as he'll be trying to pick up his first win.

170 lbs Munoz vs Harumafuji

A well rounded fighter, Mike Munoz is making his debut against Jansen Harumafuji who is returning after his unanimous decision loss to Lyfe Wrecker. He showed some good wrestling and he worked but he didn't get the nod in the end. He's back to try and prove himself and pick up his first EPGH victory.

155 lbs Lancaster vs. Thiel

Next up we have two returning fighters looking to bounce back from losses, first up James Lancaster hopefully recovered from his devastating tko to Makonouchi Ippo inside the first minute and a half of the fight as he looks to take on Matthew Thiel, previous DSOF champion. Thiel suffering a submission loss in his last bout. Both of these men have been working hard in the gym without a doubt, and look to prove themselves.

170 lbs Lancaster vs. Schwartz

Next up a bout between 2 debut fighters, 2-0 Nick Lancaster will be taking on 2-0 Pavel Schwartz. Both of these men will look to assert themselves as contenders with a victory. Nothing says welcome to EPGH like a punch to the face.

185 lbs Khan vs Noseflame

Last but not least we have the newcomer Ameri Khan in his debut, he'll be facing very game opponent Grirkul Noseflame who, in his debut, KO'd Venomous Unbreakable in the first minute of the fight with an impressive spinning backfist. This will be a tough challenge for Khan, as Noseflame looks to solidify himself with another EPGH victory.

Well that's it from me folks! Good luck to all the fighters, see you at the fights!


SNPF 2 Quick Review

James Maverick won in convincing fashion to make himself certainly one to beat.

Francisco Junior wins his second straight EPGH fight by submission with a third round win of Bjorg Hrjinski adding to his resume for a title shot.

Fighters who made their debut in a EPGH ring and certainly raised their profile include.

Gunnar Bjorkson, Coach Eddie Boxing, and Norris Norton who earned the opportunity to become the first and last Super Heavyweight Champ.

FOTN/KOTN winner Ginekes Poutanes came away huge in his debut fight and made a huge impact on the Light Heavyweight title picture. Along with the strong performance from his opponent Ethan Adams these two look to make a big impact on this division as a whole.

White Snake definitely infected his fight with venom coming up with a huge submission victory locking in a kimura mid way through the first round with a kimura to lock up the SUBOTN award hopefully he continues having performances like this and inserts himself into contention for a title opportunity.

Congratulations to both TJ Goodard and Leonardo Laiola for coming up with victories to avoid being the first 0-2 fighters in EPGH history a distinction that solely in the hands of Bjorg Hrjinski.

Show Overview

As a whole the show was a bit disappointing but nothing that can't be fixed because there were a few really big positives that I think outweigh the negatives. We turned a mutha fuckin profit! Huge positive considering we were in a smaller venue and another big one is we had 6 fighters get below 5k in p4p rankings which will help our event rating and attendance figures in the future. Though we did have a no contest and a lot of fighters were hurt due to auto flights (easy fix go to maps, then schedule flights, then cancel your fighters flight.) The show was more positive then bad. Just keep this in mind winning is cool, but I need your help to make sure your fighters are fit and ready for each fight. I need you more than you need me, but in order for EPGH to improve and grow we need to work together to help each other grow. Better fights = more money/more hype = Fighters get paid more. I will do anything I can to make the EPGH experience better than any other org in Tycoon world, so ask questions, if your new we have a mentor on staff in Lucky Lefty I recommend gaining mentorship with either him or one of the many other mentors who are 100% willing to help improve your game. Improving Morale is easy go to one of our clothing sponsors (Helsinki Extreme Fightware/Fanatic Inc.) Buy some clothes and switch em out every few days till his morale is back to 100. Energy just don't train it's that simple. Aside from that everyone does a great job you guys do you and let me know if you have any problems.


SNPF 3 Preview

This weeks Saturday Night Pride Fights includes a qfc rematch between 2 solid bantamweights with big implications going forward and a whole heap of great talent with the potential to blow the roof off the building. I would again like to apologize to all of the managers competing in this event you guys were among the first fighters booked within this organization but we've had 3 events already I would have moved this event up a few weeks but I wasn't able to due to how the games booking process works. Goodluck to all of the following fighters!


Main Event

Austin “Smackdown” Bostin vs Pocong Kranang

A rematch of a qfc match from a month ago these two had a hell of a war in there first match up. Bostin came out the loser but by the end of the fight Kranang realized the fight could have gone either way and offered a rematch to Boston who suffered his only loss in the bout. This fight is a huge pillar in the Bantamweight title picture and one of these two will make huge progress towards a title shot.

Co-Main Event

Aaron “Tidal Waves” Atlantis vs Bobby “Punkrock” Pickledoo

This heavyweight matchup features 2 undefeated fighters one with 2 wins another with three wins all by ko/tko again right now everybody who wins increases their chances at gaining a title shot ten fold so good luck to both of these guys. But seriously I want an old ozzy man reviews classic. “NAH FUCK YOU NAH FUCK YOU NAH FUCK OFF”.

Christian “Money” Shaw vs Reese “Big Toe” Worthington

One of the last Super Heavyweight Division bouts these two fighters will duke it out in another preverbial slugfest with the winner leaving with his brain fully intact. Goodluck and godspeed on your future (unless you decide to try out Kickboxing ;D)

Sylvester “Big Dog” Stallion vs Coach Sua Wrestling

I have a really good feeling that we may get a sub of the night contender from this fight as Coach Sua is obviously into wrestling and Stallion has his lone victory by way of submission. Hopefully we get a good clinical ground fight that ends with an amazing submission hold or vicious ground and pound.

Blaze Max vs Deshawn “Money” Shaw

This Heavyweight fight could become a treat for the fans looking for a ko. Shaw has a victory on his record but Blaze is unknown with zero in ring/cage experience. Both men are big and generally that means one man is getting knocked the F out.

Brendan “Backwoods” Bennett vs Soitoi “Chief” Wanalaiiea

A fight between 2 18 year old prospects one coming off 2 straight loses looking for his first victory and another one with a convincing victory in his first contest at EPGH 1. Goodluck to both competitors!

Varun Khumar vs Ralph McGucken

Only 1 fight seperates these 2 from both being completely inexperienced in the cage. But regardless of that from my initial reports are that these 2 are completely even. Goodluck in this battle of attrition.

Luke “Cocky” Cockhold vs Yury “The Assassin” Konstantin

An 18 year old vs a 22 year old both these fighters have had plenty of time to prepare who trained better Will be the real question of this bout. Goodluck to both managers!

Rusi “Psycho” Kostov vs Rich “The Money Maker” Tyme

This fight is between 2 mostly unsuccessful fighters in mma thus far in their careers one of them will right the ship Saturday and come away with a victory.

Ezekiel Marley vs Deair “King” Shaw

This will be the first ever fight between 2 fighters with multiple loses. Goodluck to both fighters!


Event Rating Expectation : 70

Goodluck to all fighters! Remember to cancel all auto flights


Mockstar Energy Drinks Official OTN Award Sponsors giving you the highest quality nutrition for the highest quality competition.


Fanatic Inc. Bringing you the highest quality designs and the official clothing sponsor of EPGH.


Helsinki Extreme Fightware bringing you the most bang for your buck in clothing. Official Merch Partner of EPGH


Also looking for owners of companies to get involved in our team oriented league contact Jay Veers for more information.

Any questions or concerns contact Jay Veers
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Posted 10 October 2017 - 05:14 AM

EPGH Weekly News and Review


Sign ups close on the 28th of October
The following link has all information contact Jay Veers or reply to thread in the link to sign up.

KT Test Fights
Due to not being able to test fighters in a KT fight through qfc EPGH will become a vessel for KT Test fights for projects and anyone who wants to participate. Test fights will be between fighters of similar weight classes and contracts for said fights will not include a bonus and pay 500$ for base salary and win bonus. Winners and impressive losers will be offered a contract to join our openweight KT division.

First Championship Fights Confirmed
I would like to congratulate the managers participating in our first title fights.

Norris Norton vs Muffin Wonder First & Last Super Heavyweight (265+)OCT 8th EPGH 2

Makonouchi Ippo vs Isaac Sparks Lightweight Championship (155) NOV 4th SNPF: Japan

Girkul Noseflame vs Miguel Sanchez Middleweight Championship (185) NOV 10th UFF: Sydney

The rest of the divisions are generally Wide Open with plenty of fights in the next 2 weeks that will go a long way in determining who will face off to determine a first time champ in each respective division.

New Bookmaker
I am opening a brand new bookmaking company by the name of Kamahamaha Betting. The name is based off of the great Hawaiian chief Kamahamaha and mostly Son Goku's in Dragon Ball (Z, Kai, Super, GT). Kamahamaha Booking will aim to stay small and will only be taking bets for EPGH sanctioned fights.

Odds will be made public 2 days prior to each event along with the events preview. No bets over 1k will be allowed for the time being and Managers who are caught throwing fights will be reported and all fighters will be released.

Any profits gained by Kamahamaha Betting will go towards future Tournament Prizes and is the sole purpose of the Bookmaking Company.

Next Odds will be out Thursday Night.

EPGH Custom Avatar Discount
Starting today I will do Custom Avatars for fighters signed to an EPGH contract for 5k.

Fighter cannot already have an existing avatar.

Must give a description of what you want the avatar to look like.

Pay once satisfied and avatar is accepted.

Looking for a partner to start a Gym for strictly KT

Due to the lack of gyms being devoted soley for stand up I am looking for a partner to run a gym exclusivly devoted to Kickboxing and stand up.

Gym would include 15 Elite Coaches (5 Boxing, 5 MT, 5 Wrestling)

All Coaching sessions will be devoted to Secondary Skills

Looking to be exclusive to EPGH KT fighters thus Invite Only.

All profits would go to whoever the partner is.

Membership Limit will be 30.

Contact Jay Veers for more information.

Improving Morale
A lot of managers have issues with managing morale I'm noticing. If your fighter is hurting in the morale department buy clothing (shorts & shirts) from clothing companies and equip your fighters with bought clothing in the possessions section. Changing clothes daily gets the best results within a week you can go from hardly any morale to a full morale bar. A lot of fights have been lost or became really boring due to one or both managers neglecting their fighters happiness. If your strapped for cash go to Helsinki Extreme Fightware for cheap clothing. If you have money and require fresh designs go to Fanatic Inc. Links to both companies will be at the bottom of the page.

Energy Management
First and foremost if your fighters conditioning physical stat sucks you should train that asap. The better the conditioning stat the better your fighter can reduce day to day energy loss from training. To further help reduce the effects of Stamina loss you can buy and apply any Reduce Energy Loss products specifically Mockstar Energy Drink for example (Cheap sponsor plug :D). That will help reduce the costs of daily energy lose from training. Also never let your fighters energy dip below 80% as training isn t effective, to regain energy simply sit your fighter out of training sessions (especially useful prior to a fight as the less energy your fighter has the less likely he is to win.)

Sacking Fighters Prior to Contract Ending
If you plan on sacking a fighter prior to the end of his contract please let me know prior to releasing him. A bit of heads up is just nice and generally I don't care if you plan on sacking someone.

Inactive Managers
If your going to be inactive for any long period of time longer than 2 weeks please let me know. Generally if you have a fight scheduled during your absence this isn't an issue. If you don't have a fight scheduled and agreed upon prior to your Leave of Absence then Let me know of your absence and for how long so I don't cut your fighter for having an inactive manager. We've already had a few fighters get cut due to inactive managers and it's a shame because a few of them could have made real noise in their weight class early on.

Volunteers Needed
Looking for Volunteers to help get the EPGH Forum up and running clean and efficiantly , must have experience with html coding.

Also looking for volunteers to write interviews, power rankings, etc.
All Volunteer work will be greatly appreciated and sometime down the line will receive compensation for your efforts.
Quick UFF Review and Thoughts

Main Event

Girkul Noseflame called for a title shot the week prior to this bout and he seriously delivered with a big knockout and thus propelled himself to the top of the pound 4 pound rankings within his division. This is Girkuls 4th victory second under the EPGH Banner and he'll meet Miguel Sanchez for the EPGH Middleweight Strap.


Nick Lancaster and Pavel Schwartz put on a great fight and really made a huge impression on the division. Lancaster came away with the win but Schwartz has to come away with his head held high and ready to put some work in to put himself over the top vs Lancaster.

Match 8

James Lancaster doubled down on Matthew Theil and came away with a submission victory further proving Matthew Theil has a problem once the fight gets to the ground.

Match 7

Jansen Harumafuji won with a tko with 3 seconds to spare in the first round of his fight with Mike Munoz, this was a big fight in the Welterweight landscape and Harumafuji will find himself facing the winner of the Lancaster Schwartz bout

Match 6

Brad Page won this fight in 30 seconds disposing of Sevilla before Sevilla even got a chance to warm up. This fight puts Page in title contention.

Match 5

Isaac Sparks wins another fight and gained the opportunity to fight Makonouchi Ippo for the right to be crowned the first EPGH Lightweight Champion.

Match 4

The D bag himself Baron Von Duesche won 1 for holland with a solid guillotine choke win over fellow teenage contender Alberto Morya

Match 3

Junske Okazuki won his first career match after losing in his first fight.

Match 2

Marshall Taylor raised back up the rankings after losing his first career fight.

Opening Match

Miguel Sanchez put on a show to record himself his 6th victory in a row. Though it does not reflect in his ranking Miguel Sanchez is quietly becoming a huge threat with the EPGH ring/cage. He earned himself a title match against the nights main event winner for the first Middleweight Title Fight.

Show Rating 66.74

Fight of the Night: Lancaster vs Schwartz

Sub of the Night: James Lancaster

KO of the Night: Girkul Noseflame


Saturday Night Pride Fights 3 Quick Review

Main Event

Pocong Kranang won their rematch by unanimous decision putting himself in striking range of a championship opportunity.

Co-Main Event

Aaron Atlantis defeated Bobby Pickledoo by tko in the first round extending his win streak to 3

Match 8

Reese Worthington won his second fight in a row and has announced that he'll fight in a KT fight then plans on moving down to the heavyweight division. Good on ya mate and goodluck in all of that really will be rooting for ya!

Match 7

Sylvester Stallion had possibly the biggest win on the night and getting in a good position to challenge for a title if he continues to win.

Match 6

Blaze Max quickly put away his opponent with a tko and will move on from this event undefeated after his first career fight.

Match 5

Chief Soitoi won his second EPGH fight and continues to climb the Lightweight ranks.

Match 4

Varun Kumar established him as a threat within the middleweight division.

Match 3

Luke Cockhold won by submission.

Match 2

Rich Tyme won by unanimous decision in a tough fought battle.

Opening Match

Deair Shaw won by decision as well in his first career fight.

Event Rating 58.07

Fight of the Night: Rusi Kostov vs Rich Tyme
Sub of the Night: Sylvester Stallion
KO of the Night: Reese Worthington


Mockstar Energy Drinks: Improve your fighters with Mockstar Energy Drink Products!

Fanatic Inc. Get all your awesome designs at Fanatic Inc.

Helsinki Extreme Fightware Bringing you the best in cheap clothing.

Contact Owners About possible sponsorship opportunities.

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:15 PM

Suksapet Sitsongrit (322085)




"Please set up a fight for me at the November, 3rd KT card. I'm getting bullied at the gym, everybody is doing padwork and sparring while I'm left out in a backroom lifting weights and stretching all day long. This will never change if I don't fight. My manager wants me to get smacked so he finds out if I have a granite chin or not. I didn't even want to come to Rio...Life's not fair."

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:58 PM

Fight offers for that card will be sent out within the week.

If anyone else would like to test out a possible KT fighter and would like to be featured on the card let me know asap.

One Night only contracts will be for one fight with 0/500/500 being the pay, our KT Division is our 265+ division so that's the weight class that will be offered.

Will try to match your fighter close in weight but no promises.

If you wish to enter our Glory Crown Grand Prix tournament please test out your fighters prior to asking for a contract.

Registration will close at the end of next month.

Odds and Preview for Saturdays card will be up later today. Around 3 or 4 PMT (I live in california)
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Posted 12 October 2017 - 11:16 PM

Cancel All Auto Flights

If your on the card for SNPF 4 cancel any auto flights the MMA Tycoon team may put your fighter on. It drains energy and kills morale. Hurting your chances of fighting.

Stop Training

Also stop training a day or two prior to your fighters fights. 5% of energy is gained back per missed training session. 2 days is 20%

Low morale Change Clothes

Magic whites look bad and make your fighter unhappy buy clothing and switch em out often to regain fighter morale, making training and fighting more effective.

All sanctioned EPGH Events are available to bet on through Bet Kamahamaha.

Bet Kamahamaha is a fund raiser for future EPGH events and is not intended for personal use by the Owner Jay Veers or any bookmaker underneath the Bet Kamahamaha Banner.

Bookmaker stake is 15% remember the main purpose for this is a fundraiser but you can make a good amount of cash. For this week the max amount you can bet per fight is 1k. Max amount will change pending on how many bets are placed per a week.

Throwing fights is strongly discouraged any suspicious activities will be investigated and possibly reported.

Go to the following link to place all bets.


Odds are subject to change prior to the card due to energy and morale changes in fighters.

Odds are based on win/loss, manager, primary skill level, match up, morale/energy

How the Odds Work

For novices to gambling Bet Kamahamaha uses the American style of odds.

+110 and above represents how much money you stand to earn on top of what you gambled per dollar . So if I bet 100 and the odds are +110 I could win 210. It added 10 dollars to an even pay out.

-110 and above represents how much money you stand to lose on top of what you gambled per dollar. So if I bet 100 amd the odds are -110 I could win 190. You still win money just not as much as a positive odd.


EPGH Sponsors

Mockstar Energy Drink: Get alk your 160q supplemental needs from Mockstar!


Fanatic Inc. Bringing you the freshest clothing in Tycoonland!


Helsinki Extreme Fightware: The cheapest clothes with the best quality.



Main Event

Scott Ward (-173) vs Julio Ramirez (-106)

I was really close to making Julio a positive odd just due to the fact that I don't know if he'll be able to get ward to the ground and finish him off like his first two fights. But considering his BJJ skills compared to Ward it would be pretty tough for Ward to escape without taping. Edge to Ward in stand up, Key of the fight is Wards takedown Defense if he's able to keep this fight standing he should win easy. Ramirez could be worth a flyer.

Co-Main Event

Brantley Carter (-149) vs Tyron Troublesome (-122)

This fight is really even and I wouldn't be surprised if this fight went the distance and went to a split decision. Both are set up with negative odds as I feel both have a legitimate chance to win but due to track record I'll pick the winner being Brantley. Brantley has been having morale issues lately though that is countered by Troublesomes poor fitness level approaching the fight thus far. Stay tuned the line on this one may flip flop in the next day so pay attention to that energy level on troublesome.

Fight 8

Steven Bonner (-115) vs Bryan Harold (-159)

Harold should be seen as the overwhelming favorite here but coming off a lose in his last fight he'll be tested by an unknown fighter with a lot to prove. The unknown quality is what is keeping Bonner from being a positive odd. I'll pick Harold with caution.

Fight 7

Daren Altmen (-153) vs Adam Hastings (-119)

Altmen has a huge ground advantage in this fight and going with the recent history Muay Thai fighters have had thus far in EPGH's history with fighters like Altman. Hastings will need to keep this one standing in order to win but I question his ability to do so. Hastings could knock him out as he does have 2 tko victories and there is more to learn from young Altman. Hastings a decent bet but Altman could make this quick work.

Fight 6

Don Aguilar (-112) vs Gunnar Madsen (-163)

Don Aguilar can easily take this fight to the mat and win this fight there, but I'll give the edge to Madsen. I think he'll stifle Aguilars takedown offense keep his distance and deliver a swift KO. Aguilar has other concerns aside from his stand up game being that he hasn't had the greatest relationship with his manager which could rear it's ugly head and keep him from gaining the necessary focus in order to win this fight. Pick is Madsen Aguilar does have a chance.

Fight 5

Rickie Lutz (even) vs Knuckles McKill (-185)

I'm going to give even odds on this fight as I'm not sure how long Lutz will last with his percieved glass jaw. It certainly doesn't help that Knuckles has proven capable of finishing a fight with his hands. Lutz will need to get this to the ground in order to win. I sense a lot of stand up clinch work from Knuckles controlling the fight until Lutz is through.

Fight 4

Eric Lunsford (-108) vs Alex Joshua (-170)

Alex Joshua is a bit more polished after having a better training camp prior to this fight, but again the vicious unknown qualities of Lunsford gives him a chance to win this fight. That keeps me from giving him from getting the even odds treatment. Joshua has won a fight so that helps balance the scale in his favor.

Fight 3

Wayne Rosenburg (-135) vs Luca Ghiotto (-135)

Fighters are even at -135 a piece that kind of sums up how I feel about the match up. I'll give the slight edge to Luca on the ground but overall I feel like these fighters are generally even and could put on a hell of a show.

Fight 2

Mai Pai (100) vs Roman Boesku (-185)

Roman is better trained for this fight and based on how well Mai Pai has been getting along with his manager I think his 3-0 undefeated record is in serious jeapordy. The only thing getting in the way of Roman is that he needs to cut 2.1 pounds prior to the event in order to make weight.

Opening Fight

Bryan Becket (-127)vs (-143) Valerio Fattori

Valerio will get the slight edge in this one but again I think this one is pretty down the middle. If Becket has good hiddens (I think he might ya never know). Then this could easily tip in his favor. Pick is Fattori but with caution.


Place all bets at Bet Kamahamaha in Hilo the link is:


Any questions or concerns contact Jay Veers.
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