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Batoru Fighting Championship - Offical Smack Thread

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#1 Curix


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Posted 12 September 2018 - 04:36 PM



Welcome to the offical smack thread of Batoru Fighting Championship!

It's the new MMA org based in Tokyo, Japan for all kind of fighters - starting soon!

If you need a contract, just PM me.


*MMA rules

*fights in cage

*normal fight 3 rounds x 5 minutes
*title fight/ME 5 rounds x 5 minutes

*all divisions

*fair fights


If you want to help me with something, you can PM me. I really need a help sometimes.

Let's start the org.



Greetings to all!



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#2 Curix


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Posted 20 October 2018 - 12:36 PM

Hello all!

We are after first event - Batoru FC 1 in Tokyo, The Underground. Every fight was finished before full distance. That is really impressive!


#1 Ben Johnson (8-4) def. Petr Kotrc (4-7) via Armbar R2 01:49

#1R In first round Ben was dominated. Kotrc was trying to win this fight on the ground but Johnson was faster and mostly escaped from the bad possitions. The ground game was very simillar from this two fighters. Johnson was much more active in the standing game, scored a few Times in the clinch.

#2R That round was very simillar because of the gameplan (ground game) of Petr. He was trying to submit his oponent but Johnson escaped from the bad position quite fast. After short time in standing game, Petr took his oponent down and loose the arm. Johnson won by Armbar!


#2 Jan Molby (5-8) def. Saville Clavet (2-2) via KO (Strikes) R1 0:55

#1R Molby took down his oponent very fast and dominated him in the ground by multiple punches. Brutal strikes and Saville was finished.


#3 Nabuje Winger () def. Shima Udo (0-0)


#4 Igor Larionov def. Paul Akahito (0-0)


#5 Yusuke Yamanashi def. Vladimir Malkova


#6 Sam Bellafontane def. Magnus Fjeld via KO (Punches) R1 0:11

#1R Sam lands a great combo and finished Fjeld ver very fast.


#7 Danny Duff def. Timothy Rex via TKO (Strikes) R3 1:35 - FIGHT OF THE NIGHT

#1R Rex was dominated all the time in clinch and scored multiple strikes but he coudn't finish Duff.

#2 Very simillar gameplan from Rex. Multiple strikes in the clinch but Duff was still standing and showed that his chin is very very strong.

#3 Still same situation. But after multiple clinch attempt and strikes, Duff broke the clinch and return to the middle of the mat, droped Rex with the right hand and finished him easly.


#8 Mateusz Biernat def. Kyoji Kubota via KO (Punches) R3 01:28


#9 Mustafa Wagdy def. Gustav Berglund via Submission R1 (RNC) 03:42


#10 Petey Bartlett def. Huberto Arnaboldi R1 TKO (Strikes) 03:39

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#3 Curix


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Posted 04 November 2018 - 02:06 PM


more here - www.mmatycoon.com/buzz/conversation.php?id=40292



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#4 ssanders


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Posted 08 November 2018 - 03:24 AM

Batoru FC 2


Welcome to Hayashi's Lounge in beautiful Tokyo, Japan for the 2nd event of the Batoru Fighting Championship. The 1st event at the Tokyo Underground almost sold out and hit at just above 115 for the event rating. All of the 1st events fights ended without any going to a decision, which makes it very exciting for the fans and gets the word spread around that Batoru puts on great entertainment! For Batoru FC 2, my colleague Mike Doldberg and I will do a breakdown analysis and prediction for the top 5 fights on the card. We start from the top so lets get this started!


265 Lbs Main Event


Johnny "Cyborg" Twborg (268753) vs. Charles Kamen (232888)


We have an excellent fight here for the main event of Batoru FC 2. A heavyweight extravaganza of champions. This is the 1st ever meeting between the two and both are coming into this fight on winning streaks. Kamen (20-5) is on an impressive 14 fight win streak while Twborg (15-6) is 12-1 is his last 13 fights with his current streak at 3. Both are former champions as Twborg was a champion at Kamikaze while Kamen has 4 different titles won from organizations such as Lupe, Kamikaze, Duel, and WFC.  Now that we have the career basics, lets look at scouting.

This will be Kamen's 1st fight since July of this year and he is 39 years old, this could affect his performance. Kamen also has an impressive 90% KO/TKO ratio where he mainly is a stand up fighter rarely getting onto the ground. He hasn't been known to throw kicks, and now at 39 years of age I doubt he will start. He will strike outside, but also doesn't mind dirty boxing as well. Twborg is also a striker, but really likes the clinch game and pressing up against the cage. He has also mixed up some kicks into his game plans in the past, so you never know when that head kick could sail into an unprotected temple. Twborg's biggest hype win to date is his 2017 win over GAMMA's David "Tuaman " Tua (274202). 

This fight will not go to ground and I suspect that a complete victory will be at hand.


Prediction: Twborg by TKO


205 Lbs


Frank "The Tank" Lloyd (323400) vs. Dirtee "Bad Boy" Donderson (317231)


For the co-main event we have a couple proven veterans looking for a fresh start here at Batoru FC. We have got a junkyard specialist and an all around bad boy fighter. Close in size and reach, no real advantage for either in that category. Both fighters are anxious to show the crowd an entertaining fight. Lets look at the breakdown.

Lloyd (12-5) has won 10 fights by KO/TKO in his career and recently signed from now defunct CCF where he went 3-1. Arriving back into the fight scene from managing junkyard underground fights with his pitbull kool. He is very strong, has a good wrestling base and an excellent muay thai skill set used to batter his opponents. He throws very few kicks and looks to get back up when on the ground. Known as "The Tank" Lloyd wants to run over the "Bad Boy". Dirtee "Bad Boy" Donderson is a few years older than Lloyd (11-7) also looks to put himself in a good position by taking out Tank. He was an Island creation that had ups and downs in his career. With gaps in training and fighting this year he still possess lethal high kicks, great cardio, and has some reinvested interest in changing up his style from old management. He uses his legs well and can strike in all levels at his opponents.  This fight looks to be a good test for both opponents and for fans alike. This is a tough one to call.


Prediction: Lloyd by KO


170 Lbs 


Rocco "The Finisher" Dangerfield (317246) vs. Leszek Sobota (300883)


Rocco ( 19-8) is a former 7 time world champion, with 6 of those coming from the Island Title. With 17 wins by KO/TKO at almost 90% of his wins lets the hands fly, but he has more in his game with some kicks and ground game peppering about. Sobota (8-3) doesn't have the amount of experience as the older Rocco, but Sobota made an extremely skilled Settakian Fett (303516) submit to strikes and won by TKO as biggest win of his career back in 2015. Sobota has bounced around since fighting in notable promotions from the likes of Dare and Knock Out FC. 

Rocco possess a granite chin and Sobota has KO power, but something is gotta give in this match up. Experience, including Championship experience is a great advantage for Rocco. He also has a more polished bjj game over Sobota as he has a purple belt. Sobota has been training recently as Hell Academy Ground Academy but he is still on his 4th stripe on his white belt and he hasn't rested up well before this fight, so interesting things could occur if this ends up on the ground.


Prediction: Dangerfield by Submission ( Americana )


155 Lbs


Ambrose "The Mule" Chisholm (236478) vs. Lu Wai Ping (274314)


Chisholm (24-13-1) hasn't fought since July of this year and at 38 years old, this is what older people say the twilight of his career. But he is not done quite yet and with great experience and good wrestling knowledge loves to fight in the clinch. Nicknamed "The Mule" as he likes to damage opponents with kicks to soften them for the final assault is what seems to be his forte. Chisholm also has 4 submission losses and will also go the distance in some fights where his only choice to win is by using his strong clinch to control his opponents. Too many decisions, but not making one could cost him a title shot if he was to fall to Ping (10-13). Ping's record doesn't do him justice as all mma fighters are dangerous wether they are 10-10 or 20-0 but because of bjj he is ready to go every morning. Boosting morale and mood can only get you so as Ping would like nothing more than to work on Chisholm with his own brand of Kicks and combinations and then if the opportunity presents itself make him submit to defeat. 


Prediction: Ping by Submission (Kneebar)


155 Lbs


"Crazy" Tim Slater (325003) vs. Lodzov Hugs (320962)


Last main card fight as we have as "Crazy" Slater (5-2) who hasn't been very active in a long time takes on Lodzov Hugs (8-11) .  Both fighters have almost identical size and shape, as both are young bucks looking to drive the other out of their division.  Hugs has Slater outdone in all 4 primary skills so this will be a great advantage for him to carefully choose his plan of execution as he is the primary favorite. Hugs needs to rebound quickly as he is currently witnessing his worst losing streak at 5. Lets get deeper.

Slater's game revolves around a few kicks, maybe a little time on the ground, but ultimately his granite chin that can only go so far with defense as his strengths. Slater has won by KO, Sub, and Decisions, some say his training his suspect at best as he trains at his best friends garage gym. Hugs likes to hug! Noooo really? His name is his game as he will use his striking to set up those takedowns where he grapples and strikes trying to smash his opponent into a tko. He has not yet won by any submissions, but his chances only get better if he can control the fight where he wants.


Prediction: Slater by ground n pound TKO




There you have it ! Batoru FC 2 has some interesting main card fights that some are quite hard to predict. The main fight between Twborg and Kamen should be a great headliner to make the winner a serious contender for a challenger to fight for a belt, and who could forget the junkyard tank fighting the Dirtee Bad Boy as the co-main that is sure to bring the crowd on their feet!


Bookie odds are made availabe at 

The Vampire's Bank



Write up: Slade Sanders















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#5 ssanders


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Posted 16 November 2018 - 03:55 AM

Batoru FC 3





NOV 24, 2018



Good evening everyone and welcome to the land of the rising sun! Batoru Fighting Championships brings you their 3rd installment here in Tokyo, as they hope those hardcore fans are ready for another exciting nights of cage fighting. The last event had six stoppages as the event rating rose ten percent higher, and Johnny Twborg continued his streak with a TKO victory over Charles Kamen in the main event. With another group of veteran and aspiring challengers on the card lets look at the top five fights of the evening!


Main Event 145 Lbs

Alejandro "Osito" Sepulveda (274884) vs. "Reaper" Lachlan Cassidy (270091)


A five rounder here with two tough ass veterans looking to show why they deserve a title fight with a statement win here tonight. Osito (22-15-2) a former MMA Helsinki Champion has been in past championship mode, but as of late has hit a bit of a slump and looks to rebound here at Batoru FC. He is a fighter that has world class thai fighing abilities where he is also 2-1 as a KT fighter, but he also has excellent grappling to support the stand up for those mma fights on the ground. He has 9 KO's and 9 submissions along with 4 wins by decision, there is no where he can't fight and if his gameplan is solid and he is focused he can begin a new streak with his elite boxing and black belt around his waist. He will have to do so against veteran Cassidy (19-6) who also was a champion with MMA Helsinki, but never crossed paths with Sepulveda before. Cassidy went on a 3 fight losing streak where he changed management and since the change he is 1-0 and signed with Batoru FC. Cassidy is right up there with abilities in the stand up and on the ground, just slightly behind his opponent. He tendencies show that he wants more of a stand up fight as 14 of his wins are by TKO/KO. Cassidy will need to ready to defend takedowns from his well versed opponent who may want to exploit his advanced jiu jitsu skills.


Prediction: Sepulveda by Sub, triangle


285+ Lbs


Brandon "Hippopotamus" Bowen (319186) vs. Sam "Cannonball" Bellafontane (335382)


Bowen (4-4) is hungry for a finish in this fight and get his 5th win of his career. He owns all 4 wins by KO/TKO and with excellent boxing with a big ass right hand he can knock a hole in a brick wall, especially for a super duper cheese deluxe bacon burger and fries! He has cut back a little to prepare his cardio for the fight, so you know afterwards he will splurge himself to food. Now, just because he is 300 lbs doesn't mean he can do jiu jitsu, they have what is called big man jiu jitsu, and its about using your weight as an advantage and strength to brutalize your opponent into a submission. Brandon has yet to show off these abilities to finish a fight, but you never know because his opponent Bellafontane (3-5) uses his strikes to set up takedowns, and being the shorty, uglier, fatty he will use that leverage to get up under his opponents and smother them on the ground into ground n pound tko. So, Brandon will want to stay on his feet to stop the takedowns as that is Bellafontane's bread and peanut butter, but watch out he does have heavy hands as well. If the fight does go down, look for Brando Bowen to show us some jiu jitsu and we may even see some crazy submission.


Prediction: Bowen by KO, uppercut super sized



185 Lbs


Rumpel Stiltskin (310214) vs. Ziyardi Batukayev (329120)


The main event features an two brawlers with similar basic ideas of fighting, but two different approaches with their style. Both fighters are brawlers with better than your stock of the mill blue belt blues in jiu jitsu. Instead you have some high level grappling experience as both fighters have a combined submission wins of 12. Lets try to examine a little more closer.

Stiltskin (8-0) has a one track mind, and its no trick. Stiltskin a former EFL Champion wants you down and he will do what he needs to do to make you go there. As it has been his only way to win, all eight wins have come by submissions. He has an excellent gas tank and has some punch if he ever intends to throw one. He is shorter and stockier than Batukayev, which gives him a takedown advantage as long has his opponent doesn't have the better use of footwork and escapes. Batukayev (5-2) has lots of amateur experience, and he too likes the ground game, with four of his five wins have come by submissions. What he does differently is that he is more of a versatile fighter who likes to include different attacks into his game plan. Looking back on his past fights, he is a brawler that will throw kicks at you where most brawlers don't. He fights in clinch, in boxing, and in muay thai. Will this be enough to give him a slight edge? 


Prediction: Stiltskin by Sub, armbar


Co-Main Event


185 Lbs


Christopher "Mr. Takedown" Blackburn (337374) vs. Theophile Bonnet (329124)


Blackburn (1-0) easily took care of the opposition as his nickname "Mr. Takedown" spoken true. He took his opponent down and in a manner of a few ground and pound flurries with a monster elbow and that was all she wrote as the referee intervened to save the opponent from further destruction. A younger fighter at 19 years of age, he will come in against an older Bonnet (2-1-1) who has some more experience but also cuts like he is a paper man is looking for a grinding, deeper fight as all his fights have gone the distance. Blackburn will need to be careful about the take downs, because Bonnet has some decent wrestling and a blue belt in jiu jitsu as well. Don't count anyone out! Bonnet will look to keep this fight on the feet, and if he succeeds then it could be a hard lesson to learn from the younger Blackburn.


Prediction: Bonnet by Dec


145 Lbs


Yusuke "The Ninja" Yamanashi (339389) vs. Perdue "The Spider" Willshire (323383)


Yamanashi (1-1) defeated Malkova by submission in his Batoru FC debut. He has respectable boxing and also working hard to advance his two stripe blue belt in jiu jitsu.  Both fighters compliment each other as they are almost identical in size, but Perdue (3-10) has definitely not had the luck and some say the proper skill to compete at the highest levels.

Yamanasi likes to set up his takedowns with strikes, or combination attempts used not exactly to land flush, but to make his opponent cover and hide in order to get the takedown. Perdue, has lost seven of his past eight fights and this fight makes it no easier. Perdue is a counter fighter that may need to become more aggressive, because he has the KO power to displace his opponents head. Perdue or "The Spider" has had issues with taking some punishment on the chin and he must protect himself better in this fight to have a strong chance to bite the Ninja.


Prediction: Yamanishi by KO


170 Lbs


Jesus Maria "Leon" Zeledon Castro (328199) vs. Wen Chou (329121)
A respected leader of the Lions, Jesus Maria "Leon" Zeledon Castro is the man of many names.  "Leon" (0-1) is making his second fight against a veteran Chou. He lost his first fight by a three round decision and he has shaken that fight off and used it to fuel his lion heart to face Chou. Chou (1-2-1) fights with a high motor and looks to be very unorthodox and wild. Leon has exceptional wrestling and a purple belt, while Chou still holds a white belt and no strong grappling training leading up to this fight, I wonder what his fight camp was doing? With not much background on either, is it not obvious to see that Leon will look to immediately take down Chou and ground his motor to run in the direction of his choosing. Chou will look to keep the fight up on the feet, but will ultimately have a hard time of doing that as long as he can fend off those countless takedowns by Leon.
Prediction: Castro by Submission, Keylock
135 Lbs
Frank "Frankson" Irrozios (299527) vs. Petr "The Bee" Kotrc (318479)
Irrozios is a boxer and he owns 14 KO's out of his 16 wins. Kotrc is jack of all trades, with some standard training in all fields, but not enough to stop a talented fighter who can easily defend. Irrozios (16-11) loves to let those hands fly and will go to the body and sync up combinations when he thinks he's got them almost gone. His killer instinct proves to be his downfall at times when exchanging he forgets to cover himself and leaves his chin or temple out there to be countered with a nasty punch. Irrozios shoud protect better and not be as aggressive. With over 30 total fights, he has the experience that should guide him when adversity confronts him inside the cage. Kotrc, six years younger that Irrozios has tremendous knockout power, but that is for when he gets close enough to actually land it first. "The Bee" (4-8) has a huge size advantage over Irrozios, and he must use good agility and jab his way to set up his takedown which seems to be where he has the best advantage because he has five KO losses and if he stands with Irrozios, he will have number six.
Prediction: Irrozios by KO
There you have it folks, Batoru Fighting Championship 3 looks to showcase these talented fighters to Tokyo as entertaining warriors! Looking to continue building up their hype and brand and building a future star from within the land of the rising sun!
Write up: Slade Sanders

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