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19 February 2019 - 08:43 PM

Alita Battle Angel 3/10. Absolutely horrid in every way except the special effects.
Green Book: 8.5/10

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17 February 2019 - 03:50 PM

The things you post here are largely true so I am not going to nitpick, but I will state that the Defense Budget is an absolute necessity and I would see it go even higher. $40 billion dollars is a huge amount of money, and something $3-5 billion of that goes to Israel so they can spend it on killing Palestinians, which causes them to blow shit up in our country. While not condones behavior, I can at least understand their frustration with regards to seeing it as the US buying the Israeli's military for them. I say fuck all of the other countries and just spend that $40 Billion dollars domestically and put some oversight in place to regulate and hopefully severely curtail graft in our spending. That should free up tons more money. I do believe that the tax laws in this country need serious overhauling as well.

A defense budget is an absolute necessity. The current funding for the military is outrageously high though. The only two countries that spend more pro capita are Saoedi Arabia and Israel.

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16 February 2019 - 11:35 PM

Albu (fuck this fight)

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12 February 2019 - 11:04 PM

you know if it were up to me those numbers would be way way less so keep on crying about that all you want -- dont care bottom line is total money given and we blow everyone away by multi billions -- i dont care if we were ranked dead last we still give away too much when our own country is in need -- i bet those other countries dont have the immigration problems we have nor the burden of taking care of them -- at this point i'm sorry but i don't care about other countries period when our own is going down the drain cause of others problems 
over 40 billion went to other countries last year -- everyone cries we have shit healthcare we have homeless and poor we dont take care of -- thats true cause we take care of others first -- got that to 20 billion and we have full paid healthcare for all citizens and major help in homeless, then our country gets better by providing healthcare and homes for its own citizens instead of providing it for other countries citizens -- its stupid no other country would do it, all other countries put their citizens first by providing healthcare and for poor then you see what you got left to help other countries -- keep draining and soon will not be america to provide that 40 billion anymore or unpaid protection

Yet you are a proud voter of the party that votes against any form of healthcare or social security. Your military spending is 590 billion, how about you shave something of of that? You have the biggest income discrepancy of any developed country, how about fixing that by proper taxation? Your using foreign aid as an easy fix, while it's only a small number on your entire budget, without addressing any of the systematic issues in the country, issues caused, and kept in place, by the Republican Party since Reagan.

Also, if you're trying to state that there are no illegal immigrant crisises in Europe, for Christ sake, read a book. Italy, Greece, Spain, the Balkan countries all have plenty of struggle with it.