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KIFC 72 Pay Per View

Org name: King of the Island Fight Club
Fighters signed: 251
Number of events: 85
Base: The Island
Owner: Thomas Forrester
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
KIFC 77 2023-06-03 The Island
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KIFC 79 2023-06-03 The Island
KIFC 80- 2023-06-09 The Island
KIFC 82- 2023-06-10 The Island
Weight Name Last Win
135 Nicky Manu Viggo Andolini
145 Lyman Hicks Small Dayton
155 Darstknasset Oystenteller Tommy Fury
170 Roger Glover Cody Wyldin
185 David Thompson Jack Dawson
205 Hrvoje Kovacevic John Entwhistle
265 Wang Jang Jai The Wilson
265+ Jack Bruce Tokoni Soaki

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26 May at the Hard Knocks Arena on The Island is when KIFC 72 will be held. In what many are calling the Memorial Day Massacre it is a showcase of the massive amount of talent that is current on the Island and on the King of the Island Fight Club roster. There are 5 total Championship Fights...five you heard that right.

Recent Hall of Famer Darstknasset Oystenteller (10-0) vs Tommy Fury (8-1) for the 155lb Title

This will be a interesting fight with Darstknasset not only having never tasted defeat, having never really been tested is a ground specialist. Who averages 4.7 takedown attempts a fight, getting his opponent down to the ground 2.1 times a fight. Where he uses accurate ground and pound to soften them up averaging more than 15 strike attempts a fight on the ground with a 60% accuracy rate before going for the submission. He has finished 70% of his fights with a submission and had stoppages in 80% of his fights. He will face Tommy Fury who is also a Brown Belt in BJJ. Tommy has finished all 8 of his wins by submission for a 100% stoppage rate. What Tommy does is get his opponents to the ground and apply well timed submissions. He is so effective at it he has three submissions in less than 1 minute already under his belt.

The key to this fight is that these fighters have fought before were Oystenteller won 4 out of 5 rounds and kept Fury on his feet. In a change of tactics Darstknasset threw 62 strikes on his feet, more than all his other 9 fights combined. And focused on keeping Fury on his feet, stuffing 40…that’s right 40 of 43 takedown attempts. Even when Tommy got him down, he couldn’t submit him. But this was in March both Tommy and Darstknasset have grown and been tested since then. This fight will be the one to watch.

Tokoni Soaki (6-2) vs Jack Bruce (8-1) for the 265+lb Title

Tokoni is another Brown belt BJJ grappler that has a knack for taking arms, with 5 Armbars to his credit. Both of his two losses have come by TKO early in the 1st round. If he is able to get you into the deep water, he will break your arm. Jack Bruce on the other hand is a heavy-handed assassin who prefers to put people to sleep the old fashion way by disconnecting their souls from their body with blunt force trauma. He has KOed every fighter he has faced but 1…Tokoni Soaki. Tommy held the title for 5 championship fights before losing it to Soaki and plans to take it back. Tommy is not a high-volume striker but a very accurate striker that is good in or out of the clinch who had never been taken down until he fought Tokoni. This will be a style match up if it goes to the ground Tokonia will collect another arm, if it stays on its feet to long, Tommy may take another soul. Don’t go to the bathroom during this fight.

Coldy Wyldin (6-0) vs Roger Glover (5-0) for the 170lb Title

Coldy will be defending his title for the first time. A brute that has KOed every fighter brave enough to get in the ring looks to continue that streak vs Roger Glover. Roger is also a striker that has never tasted defeat who has shown himself to have a solid chin, but he has not been hit by someone with Coldy’s power. This fight will not go to a decision these men throw hands with murderous intent.

Recent Hall of Famer Small Dayton (11-1) vs Lyman Hicks (5-1) for the 145lb Title

Small Dayton is a ground specialist who has been destroying fighters left and right, which has earned him his induction into the KIFC Hall of Fame and the #1 P4P fighter rating on the island. Lyman Hicks who is just one of those crazy tough dudes that will fight anyone at any time at anywhere. Took this fight without hesitation. Hicks isn’t a stopper with only a 40% stoppage rate but is not a easy out. He grinds fighters down like a machine. But his one loss is to a submission against a grappler that is not in Dayton’s league. If he can keep it on his feet he has a chance…not a great chance but a chance.

Hrvoje Kovacevic (6-0) vs John Entwhisle (7-1) for the 205lb Title

Hrvoje is an undefeated fighter that has 4 KOs under 25 seconds to his name…under 25 seconds…He faces another knockout specialist in John Entwhisle who has also shown quick KO power with a 5 second knockout. His one loss was to heavy hitter Killer Mike so there maybe cracks in his chin. But this one will be a banger that could last less time than the walkout.

And while not a title fight, it is a title contention fight Colby Taylor (9-1) vs Stan Man (8-3) at
Colby a former Champion who is a submission specialist looks to show why his BJJ Brown belt is better than Stan Man’s BJJ Purple Belt. Both fighters are ground fighters with no fear. Who know they are fighter to be the next challenger for the title. This one looks to favor Colby Taylor who has a stronger ground game but Stan has some power to go with his BJJ and can KO you on the ground.

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