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Org name: Sucker Punch Pro Series
Fighters signed: 160
Number of events: 320
Base: Sydney
Owner: Hare Rumpler
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
Sucker Punch Pro Series 211 2022-12-04 London
Sucker Punch Pro Series 212 2022-12-07 Tokyo
Sucker Punch Pro Series 213 2022-12-11 London
Sucker Punch Pro Series 214 2022-12-14 Tokyo
Sucker Punch Pro Series 215 2022-12-18 London
Weight Name Last Win
145 Jihadi Joseph Diogo Jimenez
155 Frankie Logan Leon Lentz
170 Keisuke Matsuzaka A. Mere Con
185 Tanaka Matsuda Mickey Garcia
205 Sammy Beach Jeremy Jones
265 Pedro Fuentes William Riker

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Huge kudos to all of you folks out there in Sucker Punch land!!!

*WE*, and I do mean 'we' because this is as much you guys as it is me, have just broken into the Top 3 Worldwide for the first time as an org!!! A fantastic event last night for SPPS 204 pushed us over the top and while we'll bounce around quite a bit, this is still a great achievement!

I absolutely love seeing this, folks!!! As an aside, if you haven't given us a feedback rating, feel free to do so, good or bad! If there's something that holds you back from giving us a 5* rating, please, give me a holler and we can discuss! I'd love to work on some constructive feedback if it's there peeps.

FWIW, for those who don't know, contract ratings/feedback are given by going to your contracts page, and then clicking on the red X/green check up in the top right! No obligation to do so folks, but for those who wanted to know!

Thanks again for all the support that our SPPS faithful provide on an ongoing basis that makes this such a great and fun venture for Donkey and I!

And don’t forget…

Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series style!

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