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Org name: CALIFORNIA MMA (360+)
Fighters signed: 232
Number of events: 121
Base: Los Angeles
Owner: Logan Heath
Smack talk: Smack talk thread
Upcoming events
CMMA 103 2021-05-08 Los Angeles
CMMA 104 2021-05-09 Los Angeles
ALPHA-1: Contenders I 2021-05-14 Los Angeles
ALPHA-1: Contenders II 2021-05-15 Los Angeles
ALPHA-1: Contenders III 2021-05-16 Los Angeles
Weight Name Last Win
145 Zai Druggs Middle Finger
155 Rod De Minaur Da Lusen
170 Konrad Wagner Dude McWrestler
185 Manny Tavares Nick Barkley
205 Joe Dinapoli Dempsey O’Neill
265 Adils Hallbjornsson Drew Barnes
265+ Sean Harrison Koskisen Hanski

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California MMA is now under new ownership. We are currently merging with fellow 360+ Org, C4 MMA (Montreal) and are absorbing their fighters within the 360-369 ID range.

Once the C4 fighters are under contract, we will be rebranding to Alpha-1: Contenders, which will then become the official feeder for the #5 Org in the game, Alpha-1 Promotions. The big show holds weekly PPV's in Tycoon's largest arenas and features a top tier roster of Tycoon's finest fighters. Once your fighter is ready to make the jump up and compete at the Open ID level, simply message management here and we will facilitate your move. Any Champion with Alpha-1: Contenders will be given the opportunity for an immediate title shot in their division with Alpha-1 Promotions. This will of course be dependent on the booking schedule at the time of the move.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work out the wrinkles in this transition and promise to do our utmost to keep this a great experience for our managers and promote the health of the game.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Jimmy Normal (121872)
Kishion Matthew (35926)

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