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      Talk about fighters, events, clothing brands - anything you like as long as it is interesting or relatively important. If you want to talk about the UFC, do it in the General MMA forum in the section below.

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      All discussion about fight organizations in MMA Tycoon. If you are building the next UFC, tell us about it in this forum.

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      All discussion about MMA gyms, nutrition companies, clothing companies and alliances

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      Discussion on in game and real life betting. Promote your bookies or discuss appealing odds for upcoming fights.

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      If you're new to the game, ask any help questions in here. The more senior members will help you learn the ropes!

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      If you have any suggestions for game improvements, please let us know. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

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      If you get any in game error, please report it here. Error reporting is essential and encouraged, so please do report every error you find.

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      Discussion and awards

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      Discussion in Languages other than English

  2. The Real World - MMA Forum

    1. General MMA / UFC Forum

      A general Mixed Martial Arts forum for UFC discussion - all MMA and Ultimate Fighting Championship discussion in the same forum.

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      Talk about anything non-MMA related in here.

    3. Pictures & Multimedia

      Photoshop to your hearts content, post pictures of ladies with big boobs... You know the sort of thing - just keep it clean - no porn, no nudity, no copyright infringement.

    4. UFC / MMA News Forum

      News as it happens from around the Mixed Martial Arts world. News feeds from our friends at MMAInsider and the UFC.

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      If you want to talk rubbish, do it in here.

    6. Fantasy Sports Games

      Fantasy sports leagues for Football/Soccer, American Football, NBA or whatever anyone wants to set up a league for.

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    • I want ~450 000 to launder. pm me in game.
    • Clinching is somewhat frowned upon in boxing just last week now former world champion Okolie lost multiple points for doing it excessively and in MMA Tycoon there is not point deductions. It can be effective but this way we get the see best pure boxer, also in MMA Tycoon I have never seen a ref break clinch for stalling so if it does happen it is rare whereas in boxing after just few seconds a ref would intervene.  
    • Its not a cap it is just about the quality of training. If your fighters are in Cozad gyms then boxing, kickboxing, muay thai and bjj are very unlikely to improve (especially for higher levels) but if you train at a different gym with better quality people in the gym and trainers then these skills will improve. It also depend on the age of your fighters and their learning speed. An 18 year old will learn much quicker than someone 25 (on average). 
    • Ayooooo gotta question. So I have been wondering. So I see how all the big boy fighters have 15 as there rating for their best attributes, but all the attributes I have seem to cap at 12 or 11. So like, how the heck did those folks go from 12 to 15
    • I disagree with you to a point. I understand the difference of MMA and Boxing clinch, but I didn't think the flavor text of the current fight engine included things like holding and hitting. If it does, then I agree. From my memory (as bad as it is), the tycoon fight engine breaks up grabbing (stalling) as they do in boxing. If fighters are punching in a "clinch", or in other words while "in close", it's allowed to continue. That's the same as it is in boxing, as long as you don't allow knee/elbow sliders.  Regardless, we've removed clinch so it's a non-topic, I was just curious more than anything.
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