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    • SUCKER PUNCH PREVIEW Sucker Punch Pro Series 74 Hey Sucker Punch fans, Hare Rumpler here and we’re going to get into this with a quickness tonight!  I’m currently down in North Carolina at a National swim meet with Nati Batti and she’s over at the pool rooting on her teammates who made finals this evening.  In the meantime, I’m going to give you guys the quick low down on SPPS 74 and the NINE, yeah…not ten, nine…fights we have on tap tonight over at the Bondi Outdoor Arena! As I said, I’m out of town, working directly on a laptop, no additional display…bah, I cannot work in these conditions, I’m entirely too much of a diva for this! Ha.  So skip the big intro other than for me to say we’re one fight short as I mentioned due to yet more folks going MIA on us and we have no title fights on the line tonight.  But, we do have a bunch of fights that mean a ton to those involved and their chances to climb up the rankings, so…with that, let’s get a quick word in about our sponsor and merchandise partner and move on to the good stuff! Do you find that you’re resting your fighters too often? Two, three, maybe even 4 times a week sometimes?  If that’s the case, you’re probably not supplementing their training, and if you are I’m thinking you’re not doing it with Shadow Warrior Tea 160Q, which is Shadow Warrior Nutrition’s outstanding energy loss reduction supplement.  It’s the best money can buy and will keep your fighter in the gym training rather than sitting days out resting!  Stop on over there today, you will NOT be disappointed! Now, let's get to it! *********************** Undercard Bout #1: Welterweights Ryo Hamada (6-2-0) v Justin Kulina (3-3-0) Two Welterweights both primed and ready to go this evening here with Kulina and Hamada!  Kulina was on a run with two wins in a row until last month when he fell to Dennis Dalborg via KO Punch. Hamada, previously with HFC and BFC until his SPPS debut this evening, was on a three fight winning streak until he fell in August to Matsuzaka.  Yes, our very own Matsuzaka…and yes, almost an entire year ago.  That’s how long he’s been out of action and in between he also changed managers as he’s now being led by Johnny Tirado. It’s hard to say what we should expect from Hamada tonight.   He has a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and previously pulled off more than a couple wins via submission.  But, there’s been a big gap in between, his standup skills would appear to be much improved, and his wrestling isn’t as strong as you’d expect for a guy who wants to focus on getting wins on the ground.  So yes, he’s an enigma until we see this first fight back. Kulina has a nasty boxing game and lands a good portion of the shots he offers up.  But can he defend on the ground?  Tonight we might find out.  He’s got the better boxing tonight and slightly better Muay Thai.  I expect him to want this fight to stay standing, despite his brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. Donkey’s Pick: Hamada via Submission (Armbar) I’m going to go with the enigma, as Hare puts it, and say he pulls off the surprise ground win tonight.  Although the lack or wrestling focus does worry me and Kulina has KO ability.  If Hamada catches one the wrong way this could go sideways fast! *********************** Undercard Bout #2: Featherweights Carlos Villarreal (11-8-0) v Yellow Belt Casey (6-7-0) Featherweights Casey and Villarreal both come to the cage fired up, gas tanks full and ready to get at it this evening in a fight that could set one of them back on the path towards contention again.  Both were previously in the discussion at one point or another but the inability to keep the winning alive had both take a few steps back.  Casey got back to winning last month after four losses in a row.  All it took was finding his way back to his good ole submission ways.  He’ll have the advantage in Jiu Jitsu this evening against Villarreal and you have to figure he’s going with the same approach.  “The Checkmate Gatekeeper” hasn’t been with Checkmate since January but doesn’t seem to realize that a) he left that org and is fighting in Australia now and b) his manager ditched him, and he’s been picked up by Jim Gold now…and still isn’t with Checkmate!  With three losses over his past four fights, all under his old management, Carlos really needs this change of direction that new management could bring.  We’ll see if the Gold Team gets him rolling with a boxing approach or some Muay Thai up close and personal. He has the advantage in MT and wrestling tonight, so that certainly lends itself to some slow dancing and dirty stuff.  But that also sets him up for takedowns from the clinch which he’ll want to avoid. Donkey’s Pick: Casey via Submission (Kimura) I’ve said it many times before and it’ll guide my choice tonight.  Sometimes it takes a fight or so for a new manager and his boy to get on the same page and work things out.  That might be the case here for Villarreal and Gold, so I’m leaning towards Casey getting the ‘W’ this evening. *********************** Undercard Bout #3: Heavyweights Petter Persson (6-2-0) v Jeppe Bjoergen (6-7-0) Our third fight of the evening was one I was hoping would be a huge, well fought fight between two big boys in the Heavyweight division! Instead, one of these two is coming to the cage unprepared with low morale and we know what that means for Donkey’s picks!  Persson’s manager has been MIA now for most of July and that is not just affecting him but quite a few of his teammates that are fighting here at Sucker Punch with him.  Needless to say we’ll be addressing that soon as these fighters finish up their currently scheduled fights. Bjoergen was desperate for wins as he crossed over from WPFA and then finished up at GC.  With one win at GC coming into Sucker Punch he managed to split his first two fights here with us, showing that he could get back to winning via his strikes after his prior win at GC came via submission.  He’s got superb boxing, exceptional MT and a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu.  His wrestling also isn’t half bad!  So he really can swing this any way he wants tonight against an opponent with poor morale. Donkey’s Pick: Bjoergen via Submission (Armbar) I’ll never, ever pick a fighter with 50% morale to win.  I expect Bjoergen to try to capitalize on his better wrestling and Persson probably won’t have the heart or desire to keep this from going to the ground.  From there, it should just be a matter of time. *********************** Undercard Bout #4: Light Heavyweights Andrei Averyanov v Artyom Meyer (5-5-0) Back to some boys who are fully ready to get at it here after that last fight where Persson was just a shell of the fighter he should be heading into the cage tonight.  Not these two though, as both have full energy and morale! Averyanov could very well be getting a Top Contender battle soon as he continues to move up the ladder, taking on tougher and tougher competition as he builds his skills and develops.  He’s got an impressive run going with a perfect 5-0 record and his win over Joe Junior most recently shows he’s ready for some of the tough stuff!  That’s what he’ll get tonight with Meyer who would love nothing more but to be the “stopper” that keeps Averyanov from moving forward and makes it two wins in a row for himself in that process! Averyanov has exceptional boxing and Muay Thai. Meyer has sensational in both, just a notch ahead.  Both love to box and strike in a serious way. Averyanov’s advantage tonight is with the better wrestling so we’ll see if he changes things up and goes for the clinch in an attempt to pair his MT and wrestling for the win!  Donkey’s Pick: Meyer via TKO (Strikes) Really not easy to pick this one here tonight but I’m going with that tingle on the back of the neck again and calling for the “upset” so to speak, which really wouldn’t be given the skill of these two fighters.  I have no good reason other than a hunch here and that everybody has to lose one eventually.  Or so they say. *********************** Main Card Bout #1: Heavyweights Bobo Brazil (7-3-0) v Peter Beardsley (6-2-0)  Our second Heavyweight battle of the evening will kick off the Main Card here.  Beardsley comes in with the better boxing tonight while Brazil will hold the advantage in both MT and wrestling.  Both have brown belts in Jiu Jitsu! Brazil dropped his debut at SPPS last month to Rock Silva which made it a pair of losses in a row dating back to his stay with BBFC.  Manager Craven will hope to see his boy win tonight to even up the record under his management at 2-2.  Brazil can work both the boxing game as well as the up close and personal stuff but given his advantages in MT and wrestling tonight you’d think he’ll try to work that clinch a bit. Beardsley has an impressive five win streak going that dates back to his Pride HW tournament days.  He loves to swing those hands and swing em hard!  With another win he could move himself directly into the Contender conversation.  At the same time, Brazil could start working towards that himself if he can start a streak of wins by defeating Beardsley tonight! Donkey’s Pick: Beardsley via KO (Strikes) This should be a slugfest this evening.  It’s going to come down to strategy, defense potentially and who can land the key shot at the right time. Big stuff on the line and I expect a big finish.  I may not have the pick right, but I don’t expect this to go to decision. *********************** Main Card Bout #2:  Heavyweights Patrick Murphy (8-4-0) v Rock Silva (2-3-0) These two Heavyweights, our third battle of the behemoths this evening, will see two guys who like to strike go at it.  Silva has the boxing and MT advantage while Murphy has the advantage in Jiu Jitsu, but given Murphy has typically used that ground skill for defense I don’t know that it’s going to tip that area in his favor from an offensive perspective.  Murphy has faced tough competition of late and Silva is no departure from that. Considered a Contender recently and given a shot to earn a title opportunity, Murphy is trying to find his way back into the win column.  Silva, at 2-2 but with a couple wins in a row, is looking to move himself up the ladder and this battle will certainly show us which of these two is closer to rising to the top.  Who wins may very well come down to strategy tonight.  Actually, it will heavily come down to that. And I’m curious to see which of these two departs from their normal approach and goes after it by putting it on the line!  Donkey’s Pick: Murphy via TKO (Strikes) I’m picking Murphy but I’m not sure HOW it’s going to happen. On the feet?  On the ground?  Has Murphy perhaps been working on the ground game in preparation for this one?  This should be one of the best fights of the night I believe! *********************** Main Card Bout #3: Lightweights Repus Revorg (5-3-0) v Ramon Rabbit (10-8-0) I’m going to have to admit to some bias here this evening!  Revorg is my own boy as he heads into this Lightweight contest against Rabbit tonight.  Rabbit will have every advantage on the feet.  Not a huge one in each area, but enough, and also a bit on the ground in wrestling as well.  Revorg’s only advantage is with his Jiu Jitsu, but there’s no guarantee he’ll attempt to utilize that as he was originally built to throw hands as evidenced by his string of TKO victories early in his career. Revorg has lost via decisions on the feet with two such losses in his past three.  Rabbit has a habit of winning via decision after mixing it up with some solid kickboxing.  Expect him to attempt to do the same this evening while Revorg leans on any advantage he can gain, even if it means having to work the ground. Donkey’s Pick: Rabbit via Unanimous Decision Rabbit has a considerable MMAT ID and training time advantage over Revorg and I expect that to show up in his secondary skillsets and physicals.  Those are what would allow him to control this fight and win the points he needs.  I think that’s why we have to lean in his direction tonight.  Sorry Hare. *********************** Co-Main Event: Featured Lightweight Bout Kurt Cobain (10-5-0) v Montesh Dominguez (4-7-0) Two almost identically skilled Lightweights will be featured in our Co-Main Event this evening with Cobain having only the slightest advantage in wrestling. Otherwise these two are mirrors in primaries. However, one thing we have to factor in here is that Cobain’s manager has pretty much walked away from things at this point and that’s demonstrated by his energy being low coming into this fight.  Something that will absolutely factor into Donkey’s pick! Dominguez is a striker as well but typically wins via decision.  Given Cobain’s seriously heavy hands we should expect Dominguez to take this into the clinch tonight in an attempt to bleed Cobain of what little energy he brings to the cage tonight. Donkey’s Pick: Dominguez via TKO (Strikes) The game plan should be very similar to what Hare suggested. Maybe it won’t go into the clinch heavily, but it should involve wearing down Cobain and then going for the TKO.  But Dominguez better watch out for Cobain’s hands before that as Cobain can end things in an instant!!! *********************** Main Event: Featured Welterweight Bout Rick Segura (5-1-0) v Dennis Dalborg (5-2-0) Our Main Event of the evening features Rick Segura who is a fast riser in the Welterweight division. He’s been running through opponents left and right as he builds a resume.  Tonight was supposed to be a heck of a battle to see if he was ready for the Top Contender shot in the next couple months. Unfortunately, Dalborg’s manager has been MIA and he comes to the cage unprepared with low morale and likely a lack of direction and plan.  Dalborg will  have the boxing advantage while Segura has the MT and Jiu Jitsu advantage.  But it’s the wrestling and those nasty fists Dalborg has to worry about tonight.  Expect Segura to take it to the ground and Dalborg to lack the care to stop it due to the lack of morale.  With FIVE wins in a row already, Segura will be licking his chops to add yet another here and won’t care one bit if his opponent is prepared or not, a win is a win! Donkey’s Pick:  Segura via TKO (Strikes) Hare said it all.  With low morale, Dalborg won’t stop whatever Segura wants to do and that’ll likely involve some abuse on the ground! *********************** So there we have it Sucker Punch fans! Well, there we go folks! Get on over to the Bondi and let’s have a blast tonight!  We kick things off in just about 7 hours now…so be there! Till then, have fun and don’t forget… Keep it cheap and dirty…Sucker Punch Pro Series 355k+ style!
    • Another tough fight for my guy Emelinanenko, but I honestly thought Sakala would win the whole thing so today’s win was the final for me in all honesty. Bonaparte has a punchers chance though 
    • 265 Finals!  vs Roman "The Penultimate Emperor"Emelianenko vs Maximilian "The Lion" Bonaparte
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