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Heartless Fighting Championship 385K - Official Smack Talk Thread


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1 hour ago, Skenoj said:

This will be the first contract you will get to fight in Heartless Fighting Championship!


Do you like it? Do you want to change something? If you want to change something, let us know!

We will probably start with LW and HW weight classes!

Two weight class only?

Hope to see more in the future!

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People will fight under this judging system

Fight rules: MMA

Judging system: 10 point must

Fights will take place in cage

Title fights will be 5 rounds and 5 minute each round

Main event will always be 5 rounds and 5 minute each round

Special co main event will also be 5 rounds and 5 minute each round

Standard fights 3 rounds and 5 minute each round

We will try to get every fighter a fight or two fights per month! It all depends on you guys, we need fighters to make fights!

Bonuses will start from 1,000$!

Events will have at least 7 fights!

A quick update about divisions, we will start with all of them!

No age restrictions, fighters will get fair fight offers, we will try to match everyone correctly! 

We will try to get the best out of every fighter, prepare!

See you soon!



We're currently looking for a guy who can cover all the events, payment will be per event!





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       Heartless Fighting Championship


Now then, we all know that showing heart and determination to succeed in any part or event in our lives is of paramount importance right? Well, I guess your answer Is a yes… So, I know a lot of you might be thinking why the name “Heartless” Fighting Championship then…Well, it’s got a very simple reason, which is that in HFC we test the limits and stretch the boundaries of what one particular individual is capable of, and that means, if you wanna accomplish your dreams in this organization, then you cannot show emotions, remorse for an opponent and even forgive someone who tries to take a dig on you and basically sell your heart to the devil and destroy anything and everything that stands in between yourself and glory.
So I got one question for ya, are you ready for HFC?
Cause if you are, then down below is where you need to head off to for contract requests (Click the link below the managers name)

Owner: Marius Catalin

But before I end with the official intro of HFC, Let’s go throw a few rules and regulations that each and everyone associated with HFC needs to follow, and they are:-


Fight rules: MMA
Judging system: 10 point must
Fights will take place in cage
Title fights: Five-Five minute rounds
Main event: Five-Five minute rounds
Special Co-Main event: Five-Five minute rounds
Standard fights Three-Five minute rounds


ID restrictions: Since this is a 385k+ id restricted org so any fighter with an id below that cannot join this beautiful yet brutal organization unless our owner allows you to.
Minimum age requirements for contract requests: 16 years
Type of matchmaking that you can expect: Well I can’t write anything but, fair. Or else I’m getting fired so for more details on this matter you can contact our owner. (Link to his profile above)
Number of events that you can expect per week: 1 for now. (Could change in the future)
What can get your fighter released and yourself blacklisted: If a fighter rejects fights multiple times or is asking for a favor to get a easy match so they can get the win, they might get released, but you as a manager will be on the organizations blacklist.


Win Bonus: 5k
Base Pay: 5k
Signing Bonus: 5k
(They will increase depending on performances)
Performance bonus after events: 5k for now

So with that we’ve come to the end of the HFC intro, I hope I have been able to give y'all a much clearer picture of what HFC will be all about, so until next time, fight on, and peace!


Article done by our writer, Sam.

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