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Press conference of Malcolm King and his new managament team


Marius: Hello guys and welcome to the press conference, i would like to present our newest fighter, Malcolm King

*Malcolm walks in with a big smile on his face, shakes Marius hand and posed for a few photos before taking questions from reporters

Malcolm: Thank you Marius for this opportunity, I have a big goal this year and with my new management team I will be able to achieve it


R#1: Hey Marius, just a quick question, will Malcolm train at your private gym in Montreal?

Marius: Yes, he will start his training tonight, first session 


R1#: Malcolm, would you like to fight soon or do you want to lay out of fighting for a few months?

Malcolm: Yes, I can't stay out of it, if I stay out of fighting game I will lose a lot and I won't be able to fight at the top levels soon


R#2: Malcolm, do you have a list of opponents who u would like to fight?

Malcolm: No, I will fight anybody, right now i don't got a problem with anyone


R#3: Marius, why did u chose to sign Malcolm?

Marius: I like people that goes to war every fight, he's the type of guy who gives all in a fight, he will never quit. I see a big potential in him, we gotta develope that and get it to the highest level possible.


*last question please

R#4: Malcolm, you said you got a big goal for this year, can you tell us more about it?

Malcolm: The goal and the plan is to get a win streak then get the shot at the title this year, it will be hard but i like challenges


Marius: Thank you guys for coming, have a good one!

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