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Nominations: Restricted Org of the Year 2020

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For me 3 excellent ID orgs in the order i rate them personally but very happy that I have fighters in all of them

1. Sucker Punch Pro Series 355K

Best write ups in the game, huge owner participation and interaction with managers

2. SFL -340k

super strong fighter depth, very well organised, helped turn 340k into a monster ID

3. Hardcore-350k

Strong roster, took over 350k , very organised, good interaction and write ups

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What was SFL before they popped back onto the scene as 340k when UnderGround went down?  Was it an ID restricted org of another name at that time or based on the work since that point?  I do not doubt the nomination, just asking for understanding.  As for Sucker Punch, no doubt they should be in this conversation.  Hare has done an absolutely tremendous job with that org.  Not to knock CK and the army of staff he's got keeping SFL running like a well oiled machine.

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