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  1. RozzaD

    GONY 4

    The Story of GONY It all started in the cold winter of 2013. There was great unrest in the city of New York due to a number of reasons. Clothing and Nutrition stores were being looted and used for money laundering, Illegal potency narcotics were being sold to the masses on the black market, some of the most powerful names in Manhattan were using dirty tactics to control and fuck over the people for personal gain, hell even the most trusted members of the community manipulated the system to make it big in this god forsaken city. The NYC Governor, once praised by all for his iron fist ag
  2. Let's inject some fun into our Featherweight division! TOURNAMENT DETAILS: Single Elimination 8 - 16 Participants 3 Rounds of 5 Minutes 3 Weeks between rounds Multiple prizes FIGHTER RULES: Fighter must weigh no less than 145 lbs Fighter must be able to cut to 145 lbs PARTICIPANTS: Jackson Boone Finnish Experiment II Samuel Cooke Nathan Wallace Segey Taranin Walter White Futoshi Matsunaga Samak Ruenroeng Great Tiger Patrick Seery Ryan Rodriguez Pablo Noriega Akihiro Gomi Hratch Tzien J
  3. Welcome to the League - an OPEN ID + 350k, year-long competition that will culminate into three separate 'Crowning Tournaments' in November/December. The Crowning tournaments will be 8-man tournaments seeded from a 6-month regular season. The 'Kings' will all be awarded with custom trophies and a cash prize. The sum is yet to be determined as of today. Weight Classes Open ID Lightweight - 170 and below (Contracts signed at WW) Middleweight - 171-204 (Contracts signed at LHW but all competitors will have to be able to make 204 lbs) Heavyweight - 205 and above (Contrac
  4. So I have a fight in a QFC tournament and my first-round opponent is NOT going to make weight... How is this going to work out? Because normally it would be canceled but this is a tournament so there HAS GOT to be a winner... Is he going to forfeit? Is he going to lose morale or energy because he has to cut extra weight? If so how? There is no training and he isn't apart of a gym... Will the tourney let him fight overweight?
  5. I think it's time we shake up the scene a tiny bit. Hello! I'm Zeke Williams, owner of Honolulu-Hilo MMA, and it's my proud pleasure to announce to you: The First Ever Amateur Olympics! For those that wish to participate, this is how it will work: Your job, as a manager, is to "sponsor" a rising fighter from his country. However, with limited spots in the tourney, and possible double-ups that I don't want, the country list will be pre-determined. A certain date will be decided to "sponsor" your fighter, as this will be a creation tourney. Depending on how much ap
  6. In my completely biased opinion, MVP is taking home the belt at the end of the Bellator welterweight Grand Prix. None of the fighters in that tournament have met a fighter like him. He was so devastating that he made Rickels quit in the middle of the fight! No fighter there will be able to stop his strikes or be fast enough to hit him hard enough to really hurt him. Prove me wrong...
  7. You have information in this link: http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61601&do=findComment&comment=854297 Trying to do something new and good in this game, I Hope that you will write opinion about it 😄
  8. http://i.imgur.com/lGBjsdh.png This is a calling to all eligible Middleweights far and wide. Bushido seeks only the best world has to offer for a one-of-a-kind tournament. Hello everyone, we at Bushido are hosting a 185 lb Grand Prix in which 8 ( or possibly 16) of the world's greatest young Middleweight fighters will battle it out for a chance at greatness. One man will go down in history as the first Bushido Grand Prix winner, and will earn a shot at Championship gold. Each round will be held in a different city across the globe, and a
  9. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1484925009Taijutsu.gif JUTSU! 310K will be hosting a 135lb Creation Tournament This tournament will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION This is a PRIDE rules organization, all fights will be whole fight scoring and 2x10 rounds except for the championship bouts, which will be 3x10 rounds! -All Fights will take place in Tokyo -3 Weeks to train after fighter confirmation -2 Weeks to test fighters from creation date -18YO fighters who must make weight at 135lbs -2 to 3 weeks between fights PRIZES are TBD (UPDATING) 1st PLACE receives 1
  10. Looking for lightweights to compete in the upcoming tournament, based out of Las Vegas, hoping for the best all around the world to compete and showcase their skills. 16 man bracket, 3 rounds, 3 events, 1 winner. The winner will be awarded 10 thousand dollars cash, a custom trophy, and the Vacant UFC lightweight championship. The only restrictions is the 310k+ I.D limit. Anything below will not be looked at.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/QgZFZDE.png Would like to present: http://i.imgur.com/1TIHri6.png To celebrate the opening of our Bantamweight division, we are proud to announce that we will be holding a Non-Creation Tournament to decide our very first Bantamweight Champion! In addition to earning yourself a place in the annals of the company's history, there will also be cash prizes up for grabs! Even if you don't manage to finish in poll position, you can earn other bonuses! Tournament details: - Non-Creation Bantamweight Tournament - Round-Robin follow
  12. http://s33.postimg.org/7kywe5vu7/surv.gif No-one is safe in... SURVIVOR Have you got what it takes to be Tycoon's first survivor? 4 tribe captains will select who they want in their tribe and battle against the other 3 tribes in an attempt to survive through to the individual stages of the tournament. The losing tribes will be forced to vote out 2 of their own fighters, the choice is yours - do you want to vote out one of your own strongest team mates so you won't have to risk facing him in the Individual Stages? Or do you want rid of your weakest member so your tribe has a higher
  13. Hardcore Fighting Championship 155 lbs Tournament (title and 300 000 $) http://s020.radikal.ru/i714/1609/e2/c50fa30b0ade.gif http://s018.radikal.ru/i510/1609/97/c9645f8f88b2.jpg Tournament rules: 16 fighters 270+ id 3000 top p4p Fighting every three weeks 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on the result of the tournament signed a new contract with HFC Prizes: 3rd place in the tournament: $ 70,000 2nd place in the tournament: $ 130,000 1st place in the tournament: $ 300,000 and the championship belt 155 lbs Contracts: All fighters the same contract 5 fights on the contract Signing bonus:7
  14. Hi all, Recently I joined my first QFC tournament. For several days, it has been sitting at 6 of 16 joined. For those who have done these before (specifically, the VIP version), how long does it typically take for the bracket to fill and the tournament to launch? Obviously it will vary, but I am hoping for a range if possible. Thanks!
  15. http://mmatycoon.com/images/company_banners/1419523298banner.jpg This is a creations tournament to build up the future of KT. I really hope people will support this Tournament "The Future of KT" and the winner will be the new NACF welterweight champion 2015! Create a 18 years old KT fighter when i post the start date to create for the 170lbs! CREATIONS date coming soon. As soon we have enough peolpe the date will be released. Location: London Weight Classes: welterweight (170lbs) Concept: If we hits 16 fighters the tourney will be : Maybe there will be a elimination round first if yo
  16. As all of you know, Syn legend and olympic gold medalist Santiago Colon retired at the age of 34 after defending his Syn MW belt succefully again early february. A sad moment for the sport, as it always sucks to see a legend hang up his gloves, but we can't blame him as I've been to the Bahamas before as well and must say that it's tempting to not want to stay there. The Syn-staff wants to thank Colon and his manager Duphus, both absolute legends of the sport, for having been such a pleasure to work with and look forward to seeing some of his stall come to Syn again in the future. Congrats o
  17. BlackStar MMA Presents The Sara McSlamm Invitational Hello everyone There is a new org in the Los Angeles area called BlackStar MMA, we are a 290k restricted org, and we are looking to showcase what the Bantamweight, Featherweight, and Lightweight divisions have to offer. To kick things off we are gong to hold a creation tournament in the name of Sara McSlamm, with the winner being crowned champion of the Lightweight division, the runner up will receive $10,000, and semi-finalist will receive $5,000. All who are interested in entering are welcome, you just have to wait for the 290k i
  18. Guest

    GONY 3

    A Brief History of GONY http://imageshack.us/scaled/large/34/dw08.png The beginning of the (what was later called) 'GONY' series. For a couple of years now, the city of New York has been under the puppet strings of 2 different gangs. The outbreak of gang violence started back in the winter months of 2013. Six ferocious gangs battled it out for control of the city and at the end of all the bloodshed the first ever gang to emerge victorious was The Five Pointers. http://mmatycoon.com/images/products/1431716276Pueblo1.png Mickey Shanks last photographed before fighting Carlos Marion
  19. INTERNATIONAL TEAM FIGHTING LEAGUE SEASON 4 REQUIREMENTS/RULES: 1. Tournament would consist of 6 teams of 7 guys. 2. Each team can be purchased for 500K 3. The ID for this season is going to be 225k! 4. The Weight is going to be split between 170 and below, and 265 and below! 5. Fights will happen on a bi-weekly basis or every 14 days. 6. Teams will be in one group of all 6 teams. 7. You will face each team in the group 2 times, having a HOME match, and an AWAY match. 8. Each team will have a coach/captain to do fight picks. The HOME team will make the 1st, 4th and 5th picks. W
  20. Hi guys, how can I get my fighter out of tournament? He is new, and I decided to make him fight in tournament for fighters, who are max 1 day old. But it is maybe 2,3 day and there are still only 8 fighters, from beginning to now, there are just still 8! There have to be 16 of them. What can I do? Can I get him out?
  21. WORLD COMBAT GAMES Boxing Tournament 16 man single-elimination tournament Fights will happen every 14 days. ID # 230k + fight contracts will be for 5k/8k/8k 205 and up Rules: PUNCHING ONLY NO KICKS NO TAKEDOWNS NO ELBOWS or Knees CLINCH is OK allow opponent break clinch must be checked all bouts will be held in a RING all bouts will be 5- three-minute rounds There will be a 5k bonus for every Ko PRIZES WILL BE Grand PRIZE: 6 months vip
  22. Its time for the first ever season of the Las Vegas Fight League. Brought to you by Slaughterhouse Fight Club http://mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1449117301thelogo.gif Team Tournament- 6 teams(open to more) 5 fighters per team 155lb weight class(155 min) 270k+ id Fights every 3 weeks Once all 5 cards are done, the top fighter from each team will enter KO style tournament. (seeded by record with finishes as 1st tiebreaker, total fight time as 2nd tiebreaker) 25K entry fee goes in towards prize fund. After signups, each team manager will submit his teams fighters with a 1-5 #
  23. Problem: I've got five vacant titles and four divisions that could use a shot in the arm. Solution: Bribery? I want to run (ideally 8-man) tournies in December+ to crown new champions at 155, 170, 185, 205, and 265. Winning manager of each division gets $250k. As with the org, ID restriction is 257k+ and age under 25. I will start booking for the tournament in two weeks. Shoot me a message or post here if you're interested.
  24. http://mmatycoon.com/images/company_banners/1419523298banner.jpg This is a creations tournament to build up the future of KT. I really hope people will support this Tournament "The Future of KT" Create a 18 years old KT fighter when i post the start date to create for the 170lbs! CREATIONS date coming soon. As soon we have enough peolpe the date will be released. Location: London Weight Classes: welterweight (170lbs) Concept: I hope we can get at least 16 fighters. Then i put the fighters in some brackets with 4 fighters against eachother. Then quarter, semi, and final. Its only the
  25. http://i.imgur.com/1tLWSFk.gif Insanity’s Mad Cash Tournament Insanity proudly presents their next tournament, the Mad Cash Tournament. The tournament will be for the 155lbs division, and the 185lbs division. The winner of each respectful division will win 3 million each. The format is simple – single elimination bracket style. No points, no hassle, just bring your a-game every fight to get to the finals! You got to be mad not to join! ID restriction: 220k RULES Fighter has to be able to make either 155lbs division, or the 185
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