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  1. Colossus after a brief hiatus is back! and this time we're returning on the Island to bring banging fights! Bring your island fighters here to become the Colossus and control the island!
  2. This season of the island needs a little violence! So I'm bringing back Ring of Violence from the grave! For now there will be 2 weight classes, 205lbs and 170lbs 205lbs will be 18yr old creation only 170lbs will be 25 yr old There will be a custom trophy for any fighter that gets 5 (t)Ko in a row I think that will be suitable for the time being, I will be around all season without a doubt so with help from you guys we can make this the most Violent season yet! You can either drop your fighters into here or message me in-game.
  3. Hi, I have few questions. Thanks for any answers. 1) How to weight cut? I read something where it says that fighter will be automatically drop weight. Is that right? I think it cost energy. Can you explain to me exactly how it works and how long it takes? I need cut 5lbs right now. 2) Flight to location If i have a fight outside my fighter location so how does it work? Will the flight arrange itself? What does it mean for a fighter? I read somewhere that the flight can be canceled and it teleports me. 3) Recommended minimum condition for 3x5 fight? 4) How old fighter is good to create on island? Template: 1) How to weight cut? 2) Flight to location. Cancellation and teleportation. 3) Recommended minimum condition for 3x5 fight? 4) How old fighter is good to create on island?
  4. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1545589214Tree%20kick.jpg Kickboxing Island League of Legends! Welcome to KILL! We are looking for the best kickboxers the Island has to offer this season. If you have the ability to kick down a palm tree like Van Damme, we want you! Recruiting now in 155, 205 and 265+. Feel free to PM me for a contract. The fighters who hold the title belt at the last event of The Island Season will receive the award of 1 year of VIP for each division, awarded to the champion's manager. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/belt/20181224032627kill%20belt.jpg Any questions and smack talk from fighters are welcomed in this thread.
  5. I just started playing about 3weeks ago again ,but I see guys with island fighters and I can't create one ,why is that or is there no reason?
  6. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/149650072514614828111451999125ifclogo.png The Return of Island FC INTERVIEWS PREVIEWS REVIEWS AND MUCH MUCH MORE You know what it is!! Welcome to Island FC
  7. http://i67.tinypic.com/1115v8o.jpg Taco Tiki bar & grill on the island is home to the islands #1 talk show http://i64.tinypic.com/208dvmv.jpg Taco does sports talk mma fighter interviews you never know what Taco will do or say !!
  8. http://www.mmatycoon.com/buzz/uploads/1465255670icombat.png Just trying to give island fighters another spot to get fights for the last month of the season. combat 1 06-06-16 Has been booked to run in 6 days so far it has 0 fights on the card so if you want to fight on the card please pm thanks
  9. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/14519091131451904819Leviathan_logo.png Leviathan Clothing is going to bring high quality clothing at low prices to the island NEW STOCK IN THE STORE NOW. $20 for Tees $20 for Shorts http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1454333338tee.pnghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1454312085teeb.pnghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1454351616tee5.png http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1454333644bshorts.pnghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1454312321shortsb.pnghttp://www.mmatycoon.com/images/products/1454351726islanshorts5.png Leviathan Clothing
  10. http://i66.tinypic.com/2dgtb0m_th.jpg Voljin "Medicine Man" Ulfzaar (285993) Voljin spent all of his life in a friendly neighborhood called JoyJoy Street located in the Island. Even tho he is called the Medicine Man he does not have any idea on how to doctor or how medicine even works. He's been always making his living by bullying and forcing his peers to buy his "medicine". This medicine contains of sand, water, and the juices of some random plants that he can find. Sometimes, when the people around him refuses to buy his products he just simply hugs them and then beat them up to pulp WHILE he is hugging them. We all know what will happen after all of this hugging. Of course he will sell them more medicine! One day in while he is living his peaceful life with his friendly neighbors, something strange happened. Fight organization has been forged left and right. Gyms that trains people how to fight got developed. Nutrition companies dedicated for fighting erected. This is all weird for him at first but he heard a lot of buzz that fighters there can make a good money, fame, and a lot of beautiful ladies to flirt with. Thinking that this is what he does everyday anyway, he gave this fighting thing a shot and this is his journey to greatness.
  11. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1462664842rotr.png Rumble on the Rock: The Island Rumble on the Rock is a new MMA promotions on the Island. The Island needed another fight org and we are that org. We don't expect to be the best right away but we look to one day be the best and continue to grow by the day.
  12. "The Jester" http://oi58.tinypic.com/fn7q5s.jpg Jester Kiwi (272813) THE NAME The JESTER I REPRESENT THE Masochists,Freaks,Perverts. I REPRESENT The sickness of the mind IT is called by many name but, All crave the same thing. The need the release, That can only come from wounds physical Torment tearing of they own tortured flesh Smell the sweet nectar that comes from the taste of my blood the blessed agony of pain from sheer cruelty Those who taste it are eternally addicted i am a Infliction Those who show the scars within or on the skin Are those who have tasted this bitter-sweet nectar. THE NAME The JESTER
  13. Let the Island Season 3 war begin, smacktalk and buzz right here! Enjoy http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/PKTlg2b_zpsf781f1eb.png PRIDE KT would like to welcome everyone who has joined thus far. We have already signed 60+ fighters and will always be looking to add more for everyone to get more opportunities for fair fights. If you didnt know we do have a 170lb division devoted to 18YO builds only to accomodate guys who would rather have that build. We are currently "BROKE" lol, i have booked out 2 and a half events and will look to get about 6 fighters who won in the first event to add to the third providing more income via hype. This way i can book more events for our fighters. Please Adhere to the rules posted on the first page, 2x10, whole fight, KT, Cage matches. Title bouts will be 3x10, in other words... We are looking for FINISHERS! Please revert back to the first page of the smacktalk thread linked here- http://www.mmatycoon.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45574&page=1 this will be where you will want to look for updates, news and awards. While i may not be able to award your fighter on the island due to financial constraints, i will award your manager account where i have a higher ceiling. Lastly, WHENEVER you have a problem, questions or just want to talk... PM me, i have no problem communicating. Hit the smacktalk threads, talk trash and most importantly ENJOY! I want this to be fun for you and you guys will make it fun for me. The answer to our first contest (for those who knew about it and where scheduled in our first event) Wolf got the correct answer, the fighter in the avatar i linked was originally Michael Jai White. The avatar was created by former tycoon player Eveas (Kojiro Sasaki) We will pay out a monthly 25K to the top two trashtalkers of the month and Our season long contest will be skill based, i will pay 150K to the manager account(s) of the fighter(s) with the best (Boxing skill + Most wins inside the org as well as the best Muay Thai skill who stays with the promotion beyond the island) As i think of more contests and award opportunities i will relay them to you so HAVE FUN!
  14. For all current Island fighters, if there is interest in a KT tournament on the island (Separate) from the MMA tournament to wrap the island up please post here. Understand this is NOT creation but only for current Island fighters. Mike has considered to go with just a 185lb and less tournament and a 265+ and less tournament Please post your interest as this will start March 1st when the island season ends. Afterward you will be able to chose the base for your island fighter or allow him to be sacked.
  15. PRIDE KT on the island will provide the Tycoon world with an opportunity to win some prizes and have some fun! Provided that we have enough interest in this tourney, we will host an Openweight (BUILD RESTRICTED - Explained later) Creation tournament that will see VIP prizes (Open for Donation) I wanted to offer a different style tournament that gave us a little bit of diversity from the normal bracket style tourney, 16 fighters will compete and the first two fighters to win SIX fights will win the tournament. (This is not a "lose and you're out" tournament) After each event there will be a "picking" process determined by the person who lost the fastest to the person who lost the slowest and so on. Basically if you get your ass whipped, you get to choose your next opponent first and attempt to turn the tide, win the fastest and you will wait to be picked. (managers will get 8hrs to make their pick after i pm them that it is their turn) All fighters who lose 4 fights will receive 25K if you do not lose 4 fights but complete the tourney, you will receive 25K -All Fights take place on the island -2x10min whole fight CAGE KT rules -18YO Creation (On a Set Date) -2 weeks between events, provided injuries will allow -First place will receive 500k and 3 months VIP -Second place will receive 250K and 3 months VIP Build Restrictions: You must choose a build from these archtypes (dont fret, they are all sizes of actual MMA fighters except for H, this is to make it interesting) A: 160cm - 143lbs B: 170cm - 158lbs C: 178cm - 264lbs D: 180cm - 180lbs E: 188cm - 196lbs F: 193cm - 202lbs G: 201cm - 245lbs H: 150cm - 300lbs (In honor of our boy Calvin Hobbes LOL) Donation list: Castor has donated 300K for the top smacktalker of the tournament Donated by Negi Fastest KO of tournament -50k Every font kick KO-10k Every spining back fist -10k Every superman punch ko -10k 5Seconds TKO-75K 5Second KO-100K Most brutal one sided beatdown(at least 1 round of action)-50K Official Sign up list: 1: Khal Drogo 2: Dan McGrew (Not on Island Must be remade) 3: Ranjid Infuriated 4: Krzysztof Szczesny 5. Eduardo Patrik 6. Abed Infuriated 7. Sanjay Infuriated 8. President Obama 9. Smelly Fartsmells 10. Number Six 11. Beast Mode 12. Muhammad Infuriated 13. Jason Hunt 14. Metatron Halo 15. Master Nesquick 16. Huey Freeman
  16. http://www.mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/13887359184285.jpg Come and join the set at The MMA General Live where we will unleash big news worldwide! Big, Emotional news from your favorite guy! http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/1-6.png UPDATE http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/Capture-20.png
  17. Guys, please post all of your fighters here so i can send them contracts and try to organize some events. Im gonna go with under 155, under 205 and 265+ openweight divisions. Im considering a 135 because of the demand and 170 for 18yos but anyway post here http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/PKTlg2b_zpsf781f1eb.png
  18. http://mmatycoon.com/images/layout/the_island_circle.gifhttp://mmatycoon.com/gallery/0/13887359184285.jpg Zongtang Tso here to inform Fightfans Island-wide about our re-branding of BEEF's Burning Bush tournament. Details are cut and dry... Island Season Fighters(25YO Builds) ONLY until further notice. Do not fear, on invite day i shall not appear!!! This Season will also be OPENWEIGHT. Openweight is an unofficial weight class in combat sports. It refers to bouts where there is no weight limit and fighters with a dramatic difference in size can compete against each other. 25YO Ex-Island fighters will compete for an invite. TEN winners and the TWO losers who lasted the longest in the cage with the highest fight rating will join the SlaughterSeason House for season TWO! For the “Play-In” fight, these 20 fighters will go into a cage for 3x10 minute rounds in BEEF's Ironman rules. This entry event will also set the two divisions of fighters apart. These two divisions will have 6 fighters and every fighter will get one fight with EACH fighter in their division. After the season, the divisions will fight each other based on standings (Season Finale) and the first place fighters will fight to decide the winner of the season as well as the winning division, decided by amount of winners in that event + 2 points for finishes. Fights throughout the season will be decided on championship bout rules 5x5 minute rounds. PRIZES(Direct to manager Account) * First Place winner will receive 3 months VIP + 200K + any other bonus * Runner up will receive 100K + bonuses * First Place DIVISION (Division-mates) will receive 30K each (including 1st) * KO of the Season will receive 25K * Sub of the Season will receive 25K * Fight of the Season will receive 25K * Any fighter to lose all of his fights after invitation will receive 50K * 1st and 2nd place fighter will receive a 10K/10K/10K contract from BEEF as well as HOF induction. *BEEF intends to continue to add more prizes. Contracts will be given to ALL 20 fighters as 4000/4000/4000K for 7 fights in our 265+ weight class If you lose the invitational fight, you can become an alternate for the tournament but they MUST pm me within 24hrs of your failed invite asking to do this.Losers of the invitation are allowed to move to a weight division of their choice but remember 265+ is for 25YO Builds only so the fairest fights will take place there. I plan to have fights 2 weeks apart based on injuries. PM me if you are interested in making any type of donation towards this season and thank you all for cooperation. Sign Up list 1. Byron Benjamin 2. Edvan De Moraes 3. Arnold Khmer 4. Satoshi Ishii 5. Raf Fernandes 6. Stepan Razin 7. Chance The Rapper 8. Liam O Connor
  19. http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/logo/1388924582wqwgg.jpg Official Hangout for the fighters of Island Freedom Fighters http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/thumbnail/1388640360AoS-Small.jpg Proudly brought to you by Ace of Spades Clothing http://www.mmatycoon.com/images/company/thumbnail/1388640360AoS-Small.jpg So whether you are a fighter in IFF of you just want to pop in for a cold drink and some chicken. Come on in, make yourself comfortable and talk about some of the battles that will be taking place on Season 2 of The Island.
  20. http://i1177.photobucket.com/albums/x359/8133805422/Capture-17.jpg After many future contract offers flooded my mailbox for many different organizations all across the globe, some not even in existence yet, i have decided to not ignore everyone and openly address the media. I would like to focus on the tournament with no contractual clutter in my mind as i need inner peace to compete. Where i am headed is so important to so many fans and organizations, ALL WITH GOOD OFFERS, i need to weigh my options and handle this quick and efficiently. Lebron James expressed how much [Personal Relations] success he had by holding a 3-hour special to announce where his (Change base) would be when his contract ended so i decided to have the four letter network cover my decision instead. Monday at Roughly 21:00 GMT I shall announce my decision to the world. Please, ALL, join me
  21. Hello All, I'm currently looking for a private gym for one of my fighters on The Island. I don't have any alliances with anybody and I'm still fairly new to this awesome game. If anybody has an open spot I'd really appreciate it. Even if you have any tips for me I'd greatly appreciate it as well. Thanks Fighter: Farid "Relogio" Ismail (243120)
  22. A Union for mistreated 25 Year Old Builds has now emerged and is actively searching for your 25YOs to join the cause! Angry petitioners lined up and Scooby Jr found a way to satisfy them all. Whats Happening?: BEEF will now announce the first and only 25YO Build Division in the game.As an attempt to resolve an issue for at least some people in the game, there was a thread earlier this week in the forums speaking on the fact that most 25YO builds are sacked due to lack of ability to reach the top level skill in the game. This will be OPEN-ID! The only requirement is that your fighter was created at 25 years of age. How will it work?: Ex island fighters and ALL fighters who came out of their mother's wombs at age 25 will get fair fights FOR A FULL CAREER, building hype against fellow 25YO builds permitting you to keep the fighter rather than sacking them due to age and unfair fights. These fighters can sign to BEEF and will never have to fight 18YO projects or other fighters who reaped the benefit of 7 more years of faster learning. This will take place in my 265+ weight class so it will be OPENWEIGHT but fighters can choose to fight with only a 30lb weight difference if it is their desire. HOLDER OF THE BELT WILL ESSENTIALLY BE THE BEST 25YO BUILD FIGHTER IN THE WORLD What About Pay and Fair Fights?: Have no fear, i plan on scheduling all fair fights, Also, i will pay big money for good hyped fighters and slightly above average pay to attract regular 25YO Builds that were close to hitting the FA page for their shortcomings. 3 successful title defenses will grant the winner a $$$ bonus based on BEEF's event income at the time as well as NEW title holders will receive a $$$ reward for their success! BEEF Montreal provides a home! If many people ARE interested in this opportunity, I will have a 25YO Build tournament of some sort for VIP considerations to kick this off. If you have a fighter that needs a contract, post him in this thread and a contract will come shortly
  23. I have 20 available fighter slots. I currently only had 19 fighters to keep my roster open for FA's. I created my 'The Island' fighter due to the extra fighter slot. But now it won't allow me to make my 20th fighter. Says I have reached my maximum. Also on the profile page under 'Fighters' it says "You have one slot left for an island fighter." I've already created him and it's taking up my regular slot. Please fix.
  24. When I look at my own fighter's page where p4p rank is it shows p4p (the Island) 37 but when I look at my opponent is shows his true p4p in the world, p4p 7095 it would be better to see his p4p (the island) as well
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