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Found 4 results

  1. RozzaD

    GONY 4

    The Story of GONY It all started in the cold winter of 2013. There was great unrest in the city of New York due to a number of reasons. Clothing and Nutrition stores were being looted and used for money laundering, Illegal potency narcotics were being sold to the masses on the black market, some of the most powerful names in Manhattan were using dirty tactics to control and fuck over the people for personal gain, hell even the most trusted members of the community manipulated the system to make it big in this god forsaken city. The NYC Governor, once praised by all for his iron fist ag
  2. Guest

    GONY 3

    A Brief History of GONY http://imageshack.us/scaled/large/34/dw08.png The beginning of the (what was later called) 'GONY' series. For a couple of years now, the city of New York has been under the puppet strings of 2 different gangs. The outbreak of gang violence started back in the winter months of 2013. Six ferocious gangs battled it out for control of the city and at the end of all the bloodshed the first ever gang to emerge victorious was The Five Pointers. http://mmatycoon.com/images/products/1431716276Pueblo1.png Mickey Shanks last photographed before fighting Carlos Marion
  3. Updated team/individual rankings will be updated here after each event: 1. Five Pointers 4-0 (16-4) 2. Blood N Gutz 3-1 (12-8) 3. The Council 3-1 (11-9) 4. Canuck’s Capos 2-2 (10-10) 5. Dead Pidasols 0-4 (7-13) 6. The Outfit 0-4 (4-16) Overall Individual Ranking: 1. Sparks 4W 4F 36:52 2. Artest 4W 3F 21:09 3. Frost 3W 3F 02:23 4.
  4. http://imageshack.us/scaled/large/94/pkve.jpg PRESENTS: Background Story of the Gangs (of GoNY) New York City, ‘The Big Apple’, ‘The Big city’, ‘The capital of the World’… There are many names for this large congested plot of land located on the East side of USA. A place widely regarded as the city where dreams are made and nightmares forgotten. Well let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that vision is far from the truth. Six rivalry gangs have been formed, each seeking total power of this concrete jungle and by no means are they planning on doing so with civilized discussion.
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