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  1. Game engine and training scripts are both taking even skill decimals into consideration so I don't see your logic besides for display purposes.
  2. I am really curious to see where that "no private gyms on The Island" rule is written.
  3. He actually got mad at JW for calling GAMMA Development League "GAMMA D-League" for short lol(you can check HFC's thread) Same way he started arguing with Butch and left Madness with the same fighter in order to avoid my two fighters and CK's beast. Making drama, leaving the org and shit talking it after is Camara's arsenal for dealing with org owners who refuse giving him easy fights.
  4. counter strikes are using the striking distribution you have set for the aggressive sliders
  5. D League means development league you fucking moron Good way to dodge fighting Silva btw
  6. Yeah, I've really enjoyed Andrade vs Kahn rivalry so far. Probably the best 350k fighters in the game.
  7. Madness closing totally sux.
  8. Yeah, when you spend approx. 100 VIP days in getting a project with somewhat decent hiddens, then spending precious 1on1 training to develop him, losing him to a random event would suck lol
  9. It is in the first two sentences.
  10. http://www.mmatycoon.info/index.php?title=Fight_tactics#General_tactics
  11. SHIG is a modifier only for position changing sliders - try to clinch & go to ground(from standup), break clinch and go to ground(from clinch), standup(from ground). It is even written in the info page. I have had great success with 100% SHIG with a fighter who had takedowns - I could set up 1% takedown attempts(to avoid spamming them and have higher success rate) and 100% SHIG, and if he was struggling at standup, he was increasing his td attempts. SHIG is a nice feature, but it is not how people think it is in their imagination - a fighter changing all his sliders thanks to his IQ. If y
  12. SHIG had absolutely no impact in that fight. Congrats on the win!
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