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  1. No need for popcorn no one posts here anyway. Bunch of scared bitches in this game
  2. Chuckw94 bwang jong sr johnny lee alex k bobby heyman andrew rock gbk16 hellbent give money to me you cocksuckers. I win tourney. Louis has measles.
  3. Cursed tournament. Everyone who blows, sends me all the money. I find you on the street and inspire me. Louis is a pussy and everyone here. I am sick of you and your help helps blood transfusion.
  4. Ranking wise, Kim Lee Ho Chit Skill wise, no idea.
  5. Just fyi ive only trained my original entry into the tournament and none of my other fighters. Just stating that so people know if louie adds any of my fighters to keep the tournament going, they havent been sitting around training for weeks getting an advantage.
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