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  1. with the 170lbs division cleared i have decided to step up to 185lbs if Atunes will accept. I only joined SFL for the big fights and that private jet Karter bought me and i feel there is no bigger fight than Atunes. Win or lose ill give it my all and everyone will remember Rishkinov only fought the best. Ill be ready to fight the start of April
  2. JB90

    Arena owner

    You shoyld be able to build and own your own arena on this game . Start off small then pump in the money to make the arena bigger . Uograde seats , production lightning and sound effects . Maybe upgrade from food stalls to full on restaurants. Vip suites and so on. Upgrade the amount of toilets which determines how many fans your allowed. Make partnerships with figjt orga to stage there events at your arena . Whatever profit you make maybe you get taxed so you dont earn too much ????? Every few months or after a certain amount of events
  3. 200k masvidal 200k polish power
  4. If anyone has intrest in running a company on the island you can use my vip days . Ill set whatever company up that you want and give you all permissions to run it . I dont have time and have vip so might aswell let someone use it
  5. Sorry to everyone but looks like im quitting the game . I have no time really to play so ill have to cancel the tournament if no one wants to take over or ill just split the 15miion between all fighters
  6. Cheers mate ill update everything tonight
  7. Shamelessly nominating my own fighter RISHKINOV 11 wins out of 12 in 2020 and the one loss he defeated in his next fight . 8 of them fights were for a title Champion at underground and now SFL Im a shit manager and hes somehow winning and upto the top 6 at 170lbs. A better manager would have him number 1 easily
  8. 200k - herb 200k - mahomes
  9. Currently every fighter gets 200k if they finish the tournament to keep everyone interested . We have an open slot in the 185 division as we have a drop out
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